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Drucker, who would have turned 96 today, devoted much of his energy to analyzing and advising nonprofit organizations and charities. A few obituaries even mentioned churches. In fact, Mr. Drucker's prescience about the growing role of megachurches in American society could be placed alongside other insights those obituaries recorded: his anticipation of Japan's economic emergence, for example, or his attention to the rise of "knowledge workers" and the uses of "privatization.

How to embark on a spiritual journey

Religion, it turned out, had a great deal to do with Mr. Drucker's work. In , the editors of Leadership, an evangelical quarterly for pastors, asked him, "After a lifetime of studying management, why are you now turning your attention to the church? Drucker politely corrected them. Drucker was raised in Vienna in a family of intellectuals, the perfect incubator for the polymath he became.

Drucker's description of the family Lutheranism as "so 'liberal' that it consisted of little more than a tree at Christmas and Bach cantatas at Easter. Then, at age 19, Mr. Drucker came across the works of the theologian and philosopher Soren Kierkegaard -- and was bowled over. He studied Danish in order to read Kierkegaard's yet-untranslated writings. From Kierkegaard to studying General Motors and the secrets of entrepreneurship may seem like a long stretch. But Kierkegaard's stark Christian vision spoke to Mr.

Drucker's lifelong search for what he was observing while working in a Germany sliding into Nazism -- an explanation of why, in a modern world of organizations and rapid change, freedom has so often been surrendered. Beatty notes the "nakedly religious sentiment" with which Mr. Drucker ended his book "Landmarks of Tomorrow.

Secrets of Spirituality - The Man Who Did For Astrology That None Could Do - Part 3

Drucker wrote, "needs the return to spiritual values, for he can survive in the present human situation only by reaffirming that man is not just a biological and psychological being but also a spiritual being, that is creature, and existing for the purposes of his creator and subject to Him.

Such sentiments do not crop up often in the 35 books that Mr. Drucker published. Drucker as a "practicing Episcopalian. As Mr.


Stafford observed, "Drucker hardly ever uses theological or biblical terminology to express himself, even if he is writing about something that easily fits theological categories. With some other management writer this might be an accident, but Drucker is so well educated in philosophy and theology that it has to be a conscious choice. The point is that Drucker is not a man of pious gestures. So if Mr. Drucker's religious interests were not more widely noticed, it was due to his own reticence as much as to any antipathy to religion in the world of business or ideas.

Still, once one becomes aware of his religions as well as his political outlook, it is not hard to see them as underpinnings for much of his thinking about the human obligations of management and the importance of community in an unstable world. View all New York Times newsletters. His reticence disappeared, of course, when he was addressing religion and management directly.

He tossed out ideas and opinions in his usual dizzying fashion, comparing Reformation-era Calvinists and Jesuits, declaring revolutions "in the human spirit," obviously less concerned about being wrong than about not provoking thought. The future was with "pastoral churches," he argued, ones that put a higher priority on answering people's needs than perpetuating some specific doctrine or ritual or institutional structure. I've always felt that quite clearly the good Lord loves diversity.

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In he founded Southern Springs, a holistic learning center in Tallahassee, Florida. You can learn more about Marty's books at www. Listen to a message from Marty. The book encourages readers to step past the superficial and take a more conscious view of the motivating drive in all of us to take risks. In a lighthearted, sometimes laugh-out-loud, self deprecating style, the author playfully and willingly exposes his own vulnerability to the seductive lure of gambling, but then points out ways to encourage winning attitudes, which he has developed over the years, while defusing old, toxic, loser mentality.

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The Enlightened Gambler is availbable for purchase on Amazon in paperback and Kindle edition. Blindsighted is the fascinating story of Marty's struggle with his loss of vision in his early twenties, his difficulty with accepting his blindness, and eventually his revelations and insights as he adjusted to the transition to a life without sight. In an easy, page turning style he exposes a painful childhood, wild and crazy drug induced events and a desire to heal and grow that attracted him to a healthy therapeutic community and a meaningful relationship.

Blindsighted is availbable for purchase on Amazon in paperback and Kindle edition. Emotional Cleansing is a guide to psychological and physical well-being based on the concept of "emotional toxins," the tensions resulting from years of stressful situations and inhibition of natural release mechanisms. In an easy, anecdotal style, using examples from his own life and from his years as a counselor involved in the Reevaluation Counseling community, Marty Klein describes the negative side effects of these toxins and offers directions and techniques for releasing them.

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