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A holistic therapy concept with matrix rhythm therapy, hyperthermia, oxygen and anti-acidification - therapy of musculo-sceletal disorders Bernhard Dickreiter, MD, Nordrach : The costs for the treatment of back pain burden the health insurance companies by diagnostic and therapy costs as well as the companies by sick-times increasingly in the past years.

From the point of view of Dr.

Rückenschmerzen: Was sollte der Arzt tun bei Patienten mit Schmerzen im unteren Rücken? DocCheck #1

Dickreiter back school concepts of the past years have not shown the desired effects. Promising new aspects of handling of this clinical picture arise from the current results of the cellbiological basic researches and the new "matrix therapy concept" derived from it: The cause of the musculo-sceletal complaints in the sense of a myo-fascial, myo-ischemic-acidotic and myo-tendinitic pain syndrome is seen in the hardening of the musculature with an energy crisis at a cellular level.

Within the new therapy concept there is not an abundance of treatments in the center of attention as before, but a modular concept in line with effectiveness, which affects the cellbiological processes especially at the extracellular matrix level. Essential parts of the concept are the matrix rhythm therapy as depth effective micro extension method, the local warming by water-filtered infrared A wIRA or the infrared whole body hyperthermia, the physical activity for the local improvement of oxygen supply, the oxygen therapy including hyperbaric oxygen therapy HBO and the orthomolecular substitution and "healthy" nutrition.

Special emphasis has to be laid on a sufficient therapy on time among others protective, anticipating analgesia to avoid the development of a pain memory with chronification of the pain and becoming independent from causes. Further pain therapeutic, neurosurgical procedures are the therapeutic regional anesthesia, computed tomography controlled procedures, the percutaneous laser disk decompression, denervational procedures, the endoscopic sequestrectomy, the vertebroplasty, open operative procedures, the microsurgical decompression as well as implant procedures as the minimal-invasive cervical and lumbar spondylodesis.

Schmerzen & Triggerpunkte in der Rückenmuskulatur behandeln

Today, outpatient procedures can be carried out in neurosurgical clinics in the context of a modern integrated care program. Back school for primary, secondary and tertiary prevention - lifestyle change, physiotherapy - in the age of integrated ambulatory care Monika Kremer, Frankfurt am Main : Modern therapy strategies prefer - as far as possible - a conservative instead of an operative procedure, an active instead of a passive, a multimodal instead of a monotherapeutic procedure. Activities of motion and training therapy e. The working place conditions are taken into account particularly with an increasing integration of ergonomics training programs.

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The concept "preventive back school" covers the arrangement and application of effective everyday strategies to avoid great strain on the back to prevent the development of functional and degenerative diseases especially in the area of the spinal column including muscular dysbalances. An everyday behavior suitable for the back e.

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Particularly effective are active training programs for the improvement of musculature and endurance in combination with behavior oriented training programs with the objective to improve well-being and quality of life. Frequently backache can be avoided by behaviors suitable for the back and by preventive and rehabilitative back training or a painless stable health status can be reached again in a rehabilitative sense after its occurrence.

Angegeben wird [ Ref. Abbildung 1 [ Abb.

Kongressbericht: Volkskrankheit Rückenschmerz – neue Sichtweisen

Abbildung 2 [ Abb. Abbildung 3 [ Abb. Abbildung 4 [ Abb. Abbildung 5 [ Abb. ATP ist somit in erster Linie notwendig zur Herstellung des entspannten Bereitschaftsfunktionszustandes. Die Energiekrisenhypothese ist zur Zeit das anerkannte pathophysiologische Konzept des myofaszialen, des myoazidotischen und des myotendinitischen Schmerzsyndroms. Klinisch werden sie als Triggerpunkte bezeichnet, die kontrahierten Muskelfasern oder kontrahierten Teilen von Muskelfasern entsprechen.

Es wird ein multimodales Therapiekonzept angewandt, d. Dies sind insbesondere:. Funktion 4.

Behandlung chronischer Schmerzsyndrome: Plädoyer für einen multiprofessionellen Therapieansatz

Entstehung von Triggerpunkten 5. Palpation 6.

Iliocostalis thoracis Der obere Iliocostalis thoracis Triggerpunkt ruft vor allem Schmerzen entlang des inneren Randes des Schulterblatts sowie in der unteren Brust hervor. Schmerzzonen Trp X5. Schmerzzonen Trp X8. Bild re — Schmerzzonen Trp X6 —. Schmerzzonen Trp X7. Schmerzzonen Trp X1. Schmerzzonen Trp X2. Massieren Sie jeden Punkt, den Sie finden, mit sehr kleinen und langsamen Rollbewegungen. Literatur Calais-German, Blandine.