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Clark Gable publicity photo, Clark Gable February 1, — November 16, was an American actor, who appeared in 67 theatrically released films, from until , usually as a leading man, he started his career on stage, whilst making appearances as an "film extra " from until Films as an "extra" During the period —, Clark Gable established himself as a major stage actor. Also during this period, Gable supplemented his income by working as an "extra" in motion pictures.

Below is a listing of the films that Gable is known or believed to have appeared in as an "extra". Year No. Synopsis Ma and Pa Kettle are trying to raise money to send their daughter Rosie to college, although the couple are unemployed and in debt. Pa deliberately walks in front of street traffic, hoping to win a monetary injury settlement, but only succeeds in causing a collision.

Ma then decides to participate in contests at the county fair, and Pa buys Emma, an old tired horse, on credit for the Harness Race, promising to pay the owner later with Ma's fair prize winnings. Birdie Hicks tries her best to win all of the contests, but the Kettles are the ones who get the last laugh. The film tells the story of a Quaker family in southern Indiana during the American Civil War and the way the war tests their pacifist beliefs. The film was originally released with no screenwriting credit[1] because Wilson was on the Hollywood blacklist. His credit was restored in Plot The film is set in Jennings County, Indiana in Jess Birdwell Gary Cooper is a farmer and patriarch of the Birdwell family whose Quaker religion conflicts with his love for the worldly enjoyments of music and horse racing.

Jess's wife Eliza, Dorothy McGuire a Quaker minister, is deeply religious and steadfast in her refusal to engage in violence. Jess's daughter Mattie Phyllis Love wants to remain a Quaker. In the autumn of , two years after its inception, it ranked as one of seven Westerns in the Nielsen top ten in the United States. In the 1. He made a career of playing country hicks, most memorably as Pa Kettle in the Ma and Pa Kettle series of feature films. Kilbride followed up the Benny f. It was released on February 14, , by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Mary decides to go by Mary Andrews and her friend Aggie becomes a showgirl, now called Irene. Mary's father is hit by a car and killed. The car's owner, wealthy businessman Edgar Wayne, offers her a job. She eventually becomes his private secretary. She also meets the company's attorney, Jimmy Blake, and falls in love. But when Jimmy gets a job in South America, she can't marry him and go along because a birth certificate, required for a passport, would reveal Mary's true identity.

A year later, Jimmy returns because Wayne has been murdered and Ma. Long, a commercial artist who operated his own studio, and Dale McCord Long. The family settled in Evanston, where Long attended grammar school. The family relocated again in , to Hollywood, California, and Long attended Hollywood High School for his senior year.

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  4. Marjorie Main: The Life And Films of Hollywood's "Ma Kettle"!
  5. Marjorie Main.

Long said that as a teenager he had "no intention of becoming an actor. I took senior drama class because it was a snap course, and I needed the credit for my English requirement. April 16, Ray Banta Indianapolis, Indiana: PennUltimate Press. See Banta, p. Other sources report that she was born at a home her grandfather owned in Acton. Main also stated in a letter to a fan that she was born in Acton.

See: Nelson Price Emmis Books. See also: Sylva C. Henricks Winter Traces of Indiana and Midwestern History. Indianapolis: Indiana Historical Society. Retrieved July 9, Henricks, p. David L.

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  • Smith Hoosiers in Hollywood. Price, p. Smith, pp. January Smith, p. Michelle Vogel Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland. Barry Monush Hal Leonard Corporation. Retrieved August 3, Henricks, pp. Playground Daily News. Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Retrieved July 18, Observer Reporter. April 11, Axel Nissen Her name is listed on her headstone as Mrs. Mary Tomlinson Krebs, with her stage name of Marjorie Main underneath. Actresses of a Certain Character. Marjorie Main topic Marjorie Main was the stage name of Mary Tomlinson February 24, — April 10, , who was an American character actress and singer of the Classical Hollywood period, best known as a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer contract player in the s and s, and for her role as Ma Kettle in ten Ma and Pa Kettle movies.

    Marjorie topic Look up Marjorie in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Ma and Pa Kettle topic Ma and Pa Kettle are comic film characters of the successful film series of the same name, produced by Universal Studios, in the late s and s. Louis topic Meet Me in St. The Long, Long Trailer topic The Long, Long Trailer is a American Anscocolor road comedy film based on a novel of the same name written by Clinton Twiss in about a couple who buy a new travel trailer home and spend a year traveling across the United States. Summer Stock topic For the article about the theatre genre, see Summer stock theatre.

    They need a place to rehearse, and Jane and her housekeeper, Esme Marjorie Main , reluctantly agree to let them use their ba Folders related to Summer Stock: Films set in Connecticut Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Films about musical theatre Revolvy Brain revolvybrain American romantic musical films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Tish film topic Tish is a comedy-drama film directed by S. Burnett Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

    Vera-Ellen is generally viewed[3] as one of Astaire's most technically proficient dance part Folders related to The Belle of New York film : s musical comedy films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Films set in the s Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Films directed by Charles Walters Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Main surname topic Main is a surname. Lance and Dorothy argue over this and she breaks off th Folders related to Rationing film : Films directed by Willis Goldbeck Revolvy Brain revolvybrain films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain s comedy films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

    When a gambler claims that the saloon is crooked, Candy take Folders related to Honky Tonk film : s historical films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Films set in the 19th century Revolvy Brain revolvybrain American historical films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Wyoming film topic Wyoming is a Western film starring Wallace Beery. McFay, the former business partner of Nora's father, and the administrator Folders related to Another Thin Man: s crime drama films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Films based on works by Dashiell Hammett Revolvy Brain revolvybrain American crime comedy films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

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    Norma Shearer filmography topic The following lists the feature films and shorts in which the actress Norma Shearer appeared. Clark Gable filmography topic Clark Gable publicity photo, Clark Gable February 1, — November 16, was an American actor, who appeared in 67 theatrically released films, from until , usually as a leading man, he started his career on stage, whilst making appearances as an "film extra " from until Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

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      James Huff. Jean Key. Dale Gilliam. On Ma Kettle: Her whole front was dirty and spotted and she wiped her hands continually on one or other of her stomachs. She had also a disconcerting habit of reaching up under her dress and adjusting something in the vicinity of her navel and of reaching down the front of her dress and adjusting her large breasts. These adjustments were not, I learned later, confined to either the privacy of the house or a female gathering — they were made anywhere — any time. Kettle's motto.

      When Marjorie Main began her career in theater, she changed her name from Mary Tomlinson to avoid embarrassing her father, who was a minister. She worked the Chautauqua and Orpheum vaudeville circuits and debuted on Broadway in She stopped performing for a time when in she married Dr.

      Stanley LeFevre Krebs, a doctor of psychology, but with his permission she later returned to the stage and began to do film. In Dr. Krebs died, and it was one of her particular quirks that she never stopped communicating with Dr.

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      Krebs, even after his death. She would speak — and listen to his replies — sometimes in the middle of filming a scene. She never remarried, and several authors in recent biographies have said that later in her life she had a long-term relationship with actress Spring Byington. During this time Main played character roles in both big and small pictures, often as the mother of villains Dark Command , matrons The Harvey Girls , and housemaids Meet Me in St. Eventually Main came to admire him greatly. He was born in San Francisco to Irish-immigrant parents and was in theater since the age of eleven, beginning as an usher.

      Like Pa Kettle, Percy Kilbride was a quiet, unassuming man.

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      Unlike Pa Kettle, Kilbride dressed impeccably. Benny insisted Kilbride play the role of Mr. Kimber in the film version which worked out well for him, because Benny got the lead. This is undoubtedly intentional on the part of Universal. The Kettle films were part of a long line of hillbilly-themed entertainment that began in the late s and became popularized in the s. Why were hillbillies and hillbilly culture so popular with Depression-Era audiences? Very possibly because the overwhelming feature of s America was unemployment.

      Depression audiences loved any entertainments that allowed them to escape fear through laughter, and caricatures and stereotypes of many groups, including hillbillies, were abundant. Both urban and rural audiences could feel better about the economic system that had them at their mercy; so long as somebody was beneath them, they must be moving up. The s had a whole host of entertainments featuring backwoods humor.