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This movement is the next progressive step from Squats, in that you're doing the Squat then adding an overhead press. This exercise will help train your body to create force and momentum for more quickness and power.

The best tool for building strength is the sandbag—so long as you're prepared to suffer.

This exercise is a progression from the Clean To Squat, we are adding the press and developing additional strength in the shoulders and arms. Home - Workouts - Sandbag Exercise Guide. Shouldering This movement is about power and balance. It incorporates the entire body.

3 Rules For Effective Sandbag Training

Places full body muscle building on the front and center. Get your blood pumping, to burn fat and boost your metabolism. Developing strength and coordination so that you don't trip up as you're strutting your stuff.

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There was a nice book released by Ironmind back in the day. In all honesty, for the time the MOST extensive book on sandbag training and yet it was more of a pamphlet than book. I appreciate what the author tried to do and while there was some interesting drills there was little to no discussion on sandbag training principles, concepts, and methods. That meant digging more and looking up as much as I could in the past about the world of sandbag training. I found some cool nuggets such as some think sandbag training can be traced back to the time of Egypt.

That could easily make sandbag training one of the most ancient of strength training tools. I got turned onto this book because my research had pointed to wrestlers and martial artists being the biggest supporters of sandbag training.

Ultimate Sandbag Training the Ancient Fitness Tool

The idea of strength and conditioning and athletes using weight training for sport is a relatively new concept. Many athletes for decades thought lifting weights would ruin their sporting performance making themselves bulky, immobile, and overall less athletic. This could be partly traced back to the fact that the first instructors of weight training came from the worlds of Olympic lifting, powerlifitng, and bodybuilding.

Not really sports that look at how dynamic and movement oriented most other sports are in their design. So, how would a Powerlifter train an athlete?

Ultimate Sandbag Training the Ancient Fitness Tool

Much like a Powerlifter! How would a bodybuilder train an athlete? Guess what?

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  • Much like bodybuilder. Wrestlers and Martial Artists have had strength training a big part of their development for centuries and realized that the fluid nature of their sport required a different type of strength that you would often associate with what would be happening at a typical gym. They realized tools and methods like sandbag training would represent the dynamic type of strength they would need to excel in their sports.

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    • It is this type of lifting that truly develops a strong back. It develops the back and side muscles in movements that are identical to the lifting and pulling movements of wrestling.

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