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Doty, MD. More From Books. Jean Carroll on Those Trump Allegations. As Christina Zahar told me, it might actually represent an exciting commercial opportunity for publishers to reach a broader audience with their long tail catalogue.

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But what the e-reader will do is replace the physical warmth of the paper book with the coldness of the digital version. And remarkably vibrant popular events like the Rio Bienal will lose their sensuousness when everything is being marketed and sold on electronic devices like the Kindle or the Sony Reader. But would she have waited with such loving dedication for Cornwall to sign a copy of her digital version?

I doubt it.

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The digital revolution does, of course, represent a more convenient and probably a cheaper way for readers to enjoy their favourite authors. The traditional book is the most physical of things, a text to be bent and fingered and written on and imprinted with human signatures. Something to be physically loved. The ebook revolution changes all that.

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In the new digital age, readers and writers and publishers will increasingly come to reflect their soulless product. Yes, you can call me a reactionary, but, as a book author, I want my work to be fingered by my readers.

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I want young women like Lillian to wait in line for me to sign copies of my work. Like a character in a Stephanie Meyer fantasy, the e-book drains the blood from the physical text.

Ebooks will make authors soulless, just like their product

Go soon, however, very soon, before the digital tsunami hits Brazil and begins to suck the blood of readers and writers alike. Terms and Conditions. Style Book. Weather Forecast. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation.

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Friday 05 July Ebooks will make authors soulless, just like their product They may be cheaper and more convenient, writes Andrew Keen, but ebooks do not represent meaningful cultural progress. The Amazon Kindle. Electronic editions of The Lost Symbol have been selling faster than hard copies on Amazon.