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I love it! Thanks, Roxanne. Welcome, Yvonne. This is one of my favorite quick and easy baking recipes. I hope you enjoy it. Cream butter and sugar well, add sifted flour and cornflour. Cut into pieces, place on greased baking tray or baking paper on baking tray and bake about 30 minutes at deg F deg C. He also learns the difference between an alpaca and a llama…and he picks up a few tips on how to be warm and wonderful human being.

Important for those of you who read Cowgirl Come Home and thought Austen was a royal pain in the arse. Not before. Sorry if I was out of line, Serena. Your kids loved these. And that salad is crazy good. Her eyes went wide and she grinned. Watermelon Salad. In a large bowl, whisk the oil, lemon juice, salt, Tabasco and pepper.

Add the watermelon, feta, olives and onion and toss gently. Garnish with the mint and serve.

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I love do-over stories because they are really about finding resolution, which most of us never get in real life. What fair experience would be complete without checking out the baked goods competition? Cut in shortening, using pastry blender or pulling 2 table knives through ingredients in opposite directions , until particles are size of small peas. Sprinkle with cold water, 1 tablespoon at a time, tossing with fork until all flour is moistened and pastry almost cleans side of bowl 1 to 2 teaspoons more water can be added if necessary. Shape into flattened round on lightly floured surface.

Wrap in plastic wrap; refrigerate about 45 minutes or until dough is firm and cold, yet pliable. This allows the shortening to become slightly firm, which helps make the baked pastry more flaky. If refrigerated longer, let pastry soften slightly before rolling. With floured rolling pin, roll pastry into round 2 inches larger than upside-down 9-inch glass pie plate. Fold pastry into fourths; place in pie plate. Unfold and ease into plate, pressing firmly against bottom and side. Trim overhanging edge of pastry 1 inch from rim of pie plate.

Fold and roll pastry under, even with plate; flute as desired. Prick bottom and side of pastry thoroughly with fork. Bake 8 to 10 minutes or until light brown; cool on cooling rack.

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In small bowl, beat egg yolks with fork. In 2-quart saucepan, mix sugar and cornstarch; gradually stir in water. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until mixture thickens and boils. Boil and stir 1 minute. Boil and stir 2 minutes; remove from heat. Stir in butter, lemon peel, lemon juice and food color. Pour into pie crust. Beat in sugar, 1 tablespoon at a time; continue beating until stiff and glossy.

Do not underbeat. Beat in vanilla. Spoon onto hot pie filling. Spread over filling, carefully sealing meringue to edge of crust to prevent shrinking or weeping. Cool away from draft 2 hours. Cover and refrigerate cooled pie until serving. Store in refrigerator. Love her characters. Really enjoying this connection to Nashville, too. And wait till you try her spoonbread! Spoon Bread. In a large saucepan, over medium heat, bring 2 cups of the milk and the corn to a boil.

In a small bowl, whisk together the remaining milk and the cornmeal. Whisking constantly, slowly add the mixture to the boiling milk.

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  • Reduce heat and simmer gently, stirring frequently, for 3 minutes. Remove from heat.

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    Stir in the butter, thyme, salt, pepper, and eggs. Transfer to a buttered casserole or cast-iron skillet. Bake until golden and set, about 30 minutes. Serve warm or at room temperature. Preheat pan. OC uses good canola oil. Dry fish fillets completely. Dip in batter and immediately place in oil.

    Cook over medium to medium-high heat OC uses an iron griddle until edges turn golden. Flip once. Fish is done when meat is white and pulls apart easily. Serve with condiments of your choice. Did I mention this bundle is packed full of great stories AND recipes—some of them are mine. Warm Chocolate Puddings. Guaranteed to impress. Preheat oven to degrees.

    Place four 6- to 8-ounce ovenproof bowls on a baking sheet. Set aside. Place chocolate and butter in a medium heatproof bowl set over not in a saucepan of gently simmering water. Stir occasionally just until melted, 4 to 5 minutes. Remove from heat; mix in 2 tablespoons sugar, then egg yolks and vanilla. In a medium bowl, with an electric mixer, beat egg whites and salt until soft peaks form. Still beating, gradually add remaining 2 tablespoons sugar; beat until mixture is stiff and glossy.

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    Divide among bowls. Puddings can be prepared in advance up to this point; cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate up to 1 day. Bake until tops are puffed and cracked but insides are still quite soft a toothpick inserted in center will come out gooey , 20 to 25 minutes, or 25 to 30 minutes if puddings were previously refrigerated. Serve, warm or at room temperature puddings may sink as they cool , topped with ice cream, if desired.

    Carmichael to the blog. The recipe is actually discussed in the book when Mattie and her daughters are preparing a Thanksgiving feast. Mattie very cleverly shuffles a bunch of family recipes and lets the girls each pick one to make. And I highly recommend Good Together. See my review below. She was dreaming that she and her husband Wes were in the airport. It was difficult enough having her children leave the nest. The night was still, dark and silent. Curtains fluttered in the breeze from the open window to her left. Wes was in the bed to her right, his naked back a wall blocking the digital time display on their alarm clock.

    What time had he rolled in? She wanted to move closer and snuggle up against his warm, tanned skin. But something—a nasty stew of resentment, fear and hurt—stopped her. Pushing aside her covers, Mattie slipped to the washroom down the hall. A sign that at thirty-nine, he was getting too old to be a rodeo cowboy. As she peed, she stared at his faded Wrangler jeans, and old blue and white checked shirt. Not that long ago—definitely less than a year—Wes would have woken her up when he got home, no matter how late. And the romances.

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    Mattie stared at her reflection as she washed her hands. The low light was flattering, masking the new age-freckles that had popped out this summer. Good bones and teeth, thick hair and pretty eyes. Because that had to be the reason they were drifting apart, right? He no longer found her attractive. Mattie put a hand to her chest, feeling the pain as she entertained this new suspicion…that her husband had fallen for somebody new. But then common sense prevailed. This was Wes, her husband of nineteen years. They were a team.

    Had been a team forever. But just as they are about to debut their creation, one of them suffers a breakdown, putting the whole project—and future of time travel—in jeopardy. To protect their invention, one member is exiled from the team—erasing her contributions from history.

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    Fifty years later, time travel is a big business. Twenty-something Ruby Rebello knows her beloved grandmother, Granny Bee, was one of the pioneers, though no one will tell her more. But when Bee receives a mysterious newspaper clipping from the future reporting the murder of an unidentified woman, Ruby becomes obsessed: could it be Bee? Who would want her dead? And most importantly of all: can her murder be stopped? Don't want to miss an ebook sale?

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    Sign up for our newsletter, and you'll get the week's available deals each Friday. General Bitching Polaris Rising by Jessie Mihalik is currently 1. Amanda gave it an A- a few months ago. Kat if you bought the ebook of The governess game within the last seven days you can return it for a refund.

    Once the refund has cleared you can repurchase at the lower price. Go to Your amazon account and look for the Content and devices link. Click the little box to the left of the title of the ebook you want to return.

    There will be a number of options. If you bought the book within seven days there should be a link that says Return for a refund. And I rarely hate anything by a decent writer. I was really frustrated by the book and the silliness so finally it was a DNF one for me. Ak me too! Marja Yesss, I too am glad not to be the only one! Or at least skim the ending if I do give up. Thank you Francene. I just checked my account and I bought it 10 days ago. Good to know for next time. I guess you really have to be in the mood for it.

    In the end, I was entertained and I laughed, which is what I wanted. To me, The Governess Game is a little less over-the-top than The Duchess Deal, but still follows that kooky type of story-telling. After reading the excerpt, it may be even crazier than the first two. I want to know if she ever figures out Regency veganism. Your Website:. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail.

    You can also subscribe without commenting. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. By posting a comment, you consent to have your personally identifiable information collected and used in accordance with our privacy policy. The Governess Game. This book is on sale at:.

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