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For starters, the E stands for energy and the m stands for mass , a measurement of the quantity of matter. Energy and matter are interchangeable.

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If you've ever read Dr. Seuss's children's book "The Sneetches," you probably remember how the yellow, birdlike characters in the story go through a machine to change back and forth between "star-bellied sneetches" and "plain-bellied sneetches. It's the same way with energy and matter. The grand total remains constant, but energy regularly changes form into matter and matter into energy. Why would you need to multiply matter by the speed of light to produce energy? The reason is that energy, be it light waves or radiation, travels at the speed of light.

That breaks down to , miles per second , kilometers per second.

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When we split an atom inside a nuclear power plant or an atomic bomb, the resulting energy releases at the speed of light. But why is the speed of light squared? Still, it's important to note that even some of Trump's harshest critics are a little reluctant to go that far. The term "nationalism" often is linked to race and ethnicity, Citrin points out, because that's how nations are built.

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Who is in, who is out? Is it ethnic — Protestant, white, whatever — or is it civic, in which anyone can belong? To some degree, Trump with his rhetoric, has blown up the issue: Is America really a nation that absorbs all sorts of people from different backgrounds? Another problem some see with Trump's brand of nationalism is that, instead of exporting American values and ennobling the rest of the world, as Roosevelt imagined, it threatens to leave the U. From The Washington Post earlier this year:.

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Maybe at the root of the problem is that, despite Merriam-Webster's best intentions, the term "nationalism" has multiple definitions and multiple connotations. It's linked, Citrin says, to the idea that all countries have a right to self-determination; the right to be what they want to be.

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In that definition, most Americans are nationalists.