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Snuck Ensure vs. Insure Home in vs. Hone in Leaped vs. Leapt Lay vs. Lie vs. For more great writing advice, click here.

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Brian A. Hi, I would appreciate a bit of help with this sentence: When doing so, it becomes the first clue we give others about whom he is or whom he wants to become.

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I chose whom because the clue is about him, but for some reason feel it may not be correct. Any help will be greatly appreciated!! Your analysis is incorrect. For example, it could be that a group is planning out a disinformation campaign. It is subject to analysis itself!!

All the jargon used to explain was still a bit confusing, but the examples really provided some light. Thank you for the clarification.

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Hopefully this will help those who were absent the day it was explained in grammar school. A good way to avoid the issue all together is to write only dialogue where all the rules of grammar are pitched out the window or use a narrator with an American high school education. Another thing to consider is the context of your writing.


As William Zinsser says, "Bad writing makes bright people look dumb. Some errors are painful, such as the wrong verb form in "I could have did better. But learning the rules is only half the problem. We also must know when the rules change. The correct use of who versus whom is an example.

Who's or Whose?

The old rule was straightforward: Use who when the pronoun is a subject, as in "Who wrote this nonsense? See if you can choose the correct usage in the following sentences:. In the first sentence who is the subject. In the second sentence whom is the object of the preposition to. In formal or traditional usage, that sentence would be reordered: "To whom should I turn? The fifth sentence is tricky. Rehabilitation WHO Rehabilitation in health systems: guide for action The WHO Rehabilitation in health systems: guide for action is a set of resources that support countries to strengthen the provision of quality rehabilitation at all levels of the health system.

  • Relative pronouns.
  • No relative pronoun.
  • Whose vs. Who's.

Ensuring early access to rehabilitation in emergencies Emergencies, particularly sudden-onset disasters and situations of conflict, can result in a surge of rehabilitation needs. Read the standards for rehabilitation in EMTs See the poster pdf, 3. Rehabilitation A Call for Action - where are we now? Read more.

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  7. Rehabilitation Rehabilitation in Health Systems: Guide for Action. Rehabilitation in health systems. Editorial: Strengthening health systems to provide rehabilitation. Rehabilitation in Primary Health Care. Video: Rehabilitation in the 21st century.

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    Assistive technology Standards for prosthetics and orthotics. Guidelines on the provision of manual wheelchairs in less-resources settings. Joint position paper on the provision of mobility devices in less resourced settings. Wheelchair training packages.