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Fairlie, Santa Cruz, California How can job creation be encouraged? Since small businesses have historically created a disproportionately large share of new jobs, this research analyzes the factors that lead new businesses without employees to hire their first employee.

This is a significant aspect of small business job creation. Given that about three in four small businesses do not have employees, these non-employer businesses present an important source of potential new jobs. To date, there has been little research on the factors leading a non-employer to hire its first employee. This study uses two unique datasets to examine several aspects of this decision. Second, what business conditions are associated with the decision for instance, assets, sales, or intellectual property?


Finally, does entrepreneurship training increase the likelihood that a non-employer will hire its first employee? One of the major thresholds that small businesses encounter as they grow is whether to hire employees. But perhaps the most important consideration for an owner is whether current and projected revenues are enough to cover the extra expenses of having employees. Current uncertainty in the economy may complicate this decision. The lack of relevant data has limited the analysis of this question. However, a report from the U.

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According to the study, over the seven-year period from to , 59 percent of non-employers in the survey group hired their first employee, 13 percent did not hire anyone, and 28 percent ceased operations Figure 1. Those that hired their first employee were more likely to do so in the first three years after startup: Non-employer startups owned by African- Americans and non-Hispanic whites had similar rates of hiring their first employee; Asian and Hispanic owners had higher rates Figure 2.

Related to these racial and ethnic patterns, immigrant owners had higher rates of hiring their first employee by the first two follow-up years than native-born owners, but their hiring rates were similar by the seventh year. Female-owned startups were roughly 10 percentage points less likely to hire their first employee by the first, second, and seventh years after startup.


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Industry differences are important in determining which non-employer startups are likely to hire employees. Non-employer startups in wholesale trade have the highest rate of hiring employees, followed by the transportation, manufacturing and professional industries. In these industries, hiring employees may be important for capturing returns- to-scale for growth of businesses. Two of the business characteristics that correlated with an increased likelihood of hiring a first employee were the availability of assets and incorporation. In addition, owning intellectual property such as patents, copyrights and trademarks was associated with a 7 percentage point increase in the annual probability of hiring the first employee.

These tangible and intangible assets give a company leverage needed to acquire capital and grow the business. Non-employers who received entrepreneurial training were more likely to add a first employee than those who did not. Of those who received training, While the study shows that entrepreneurship training had a large and positive effect on hiring the first employee, the results are not statistically significant because of the small sample size. Although this rules out making definitive conclusions, the consistency of positive estimates across all specifications and time periods at least suggests this positive effect.

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Work more as whole person and align your personal and professional life. Tap into your inner wisdom to meet a need in the world you care about. What to expect: The retreat is led by Dr. What we will do: Day 1 Becoming more aware of the stories you are living now Reconfiguring your relationship between the past, present and future Releasing old stories that no longer serve you to free up time and energy Day 2 Rewinding your stories to create new options and outcomes Working with your Shadow to reclaim what you need to be more whole Experimenting with new stories in a safe and generative space Day 3 Gathering new resources and new stories you will in moving forward Crossing a final threshold to bring your new stories to life Consolidating and anchoring what you have achieved Rather than an escape from life, this retreat is an immersion into life.

Ongoing Support: As part of your retreat investment, you will gain complimentary access to our membership community and structured support materials for 60 days. This will enable you to: Connect with your fellow retreat graduates to integrate your shifts, share your progress, and stay accountable. Receive resources and attend webinars with David and others to support you on the other side of your threshold Stay up to date with new developments and offerings from Moment Institute Takeaways: As a result of attending this retreat, you will: Release old stories and patterns; make new choices and commitments Build relationships with people who are on a similar journey Join the global community who are living and working this way Receive 60 days of structured support to sustain your breakthrough Gain access to our membership programs and opportunities Earn 12 ICF Core Competency CCEUs Have David sign your book!

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