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Both men make the four years it took to put together the series sound about as much fun as the siege of Leningrad. Stone missed his deadline by two full years, and his foreign distributor almost ditched the project. It was Stone, who was about to be interviewed for the Carson Daly show and needed stats on how much the United States committed to pay the U.

Kuznick is not the first expert Stone has relied on in making his films. Kevin Costner played Garrison as an Atticus Finch type fighting an ingrained power structure, though Garrison is dismissed by many mainstream historians as a con man. Fletcher Prouty, a former Air Force colonel who, before becoming disillusioned with government, was chief of special operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Kennedy administration. Not for one moment.

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He had many theories in addition to his theories on Kennedy, including that the Joint Chiefs of Staff had foreknowledge of the Jonestown Massacre and that greedy oil barons invented the fiction that oil is made of decomposed fossils. The document is a favorite among conspiracy theorists, who, like Prouty, seem unaware that in the satirist Leonard Lewin admitted he wrote it.

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At the end of the third hour, the crowd roared its approval. The cheers got only louder when Stone sauntered onstage for a postscreening panel discussion. Just when the panel started to feel like a wonky meeting of Park Slope Food Coop members, the historian Douglas Brinkley stirred things up. Brinkley, who has written several notable histories, said he thought the series had gone too far in demonizing Truman. Brinkley mentioned how Truman presided over the end of World War II, racially integrated American troops, helped create the state of Israel and airlifted supplies into Soviet-blockaded West Berlin.

This perked Stone right up. He shook his head. But Brinkley has a point. The cold war, the series posits, was mostly a product of American paranoia and imperialist ambitions. The biggest hero of all, though, is the man who inspired the whole project: Henry Wallace.

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Smith Goes to Washington. He liked to spend evenings reading or throwing boomerangs on the Potomac. Onstage, Kuznick said that he and Stone wanted to highlight pivotal moments in history when better decisions could have been made. The conservative historian and CUNY emeritus professor Ronald Radosh said he found himself wanting to do harm to his television while watching the first four episodes, which he reviewed for the right-wing Weekly Standard. But we can agree about this. Glenn Beck does this all the time.

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And once a question gets raised in an unintelligent way, then you are off in cloud-cuckoo land. Murrow, in which he was asked if the bomb was really necessary. I had no qualms about using it. Yet Stone has always fared best as a provocateur. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act in , which precipitated the release of millions of pages of documents. We would never discover that L. On Nov. An article on Nov.

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Thank you for subscribing. An error has occurred. Please try again later. The story focuses on Judah Ben-Hur, the prince of the Hebrew house of Hur, whose childhood best friend, Messala, a Roman, becomes his bitter rival in adulthood. Only one song in the score written by Stewart Copeland, formerly a rock drummer in The Police, will be composed in English.

Franz Abraham, the show's creator, said he wanted to be faithful to the novel novel by Lew Wallace, instead of following the film adaptations, such as the movie starring Charlton Heston, which won 11 Academy Awards.

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This is proof that it's possible," he told the Independent. Boris Johnson, a long-time supporter of the continuation of Latin studies, gave his approval to the show. This is a fantastic idea. Cives londinii spectabunt et mirabuntur," The citizens of London will look on in wonder he said. Love puzzles? Get the best at Telegraph Puzzles. Terms and Conditions. Style Book.