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It is such a different book compared to what I normally read but I really enjoyed reading it. There is so much happening in the book and it makes it really unique to lots of other books. I think that there will be lots of people who will read this and also really enjoy it. I would say that this is a book for girls and boys ages 11 and up. A new drug is out-Death. Take it and the rest of your life will be amazing. The catch- one you take it you can only live another week. Adam is tempted. His girlfriend left him, his brother is gone.

So what has he got to lose. Everything as it turns out. Take it and you get to live your dream life but you only get one week to live. Overall, this book was okay even though it took a while to get into it. If you are looking for something a bit different, I would definitely recommend reading this book! Her controlling boyfriend seems happy, one of her best friends is dancing and laughing and her little sister is staying in her bedroom.

But in the exciting chaos of the party Olivia seems to have lost sight of her best friend, Nicola — is that her moaning in the bathroom? The last thing that she expects to happen is to find Nicola giving birth on her bathroom floor. One of the most interesting and original factors of this book is the way that each character has their own section. I think this works really well because you get to see the story progress through the eyes of different characters, and I like how the writing style is slightly different for every character, so you really feel as though you are in their heads, sharing their point of view and seeing their emotions.

I really enjoyed this book, as I think that it is true to life — and talks about something that is not often talked about. It also has an unexpected ending — which I thought was really good. It is in a genre that I really enjoy reading, a bit romantic, but also realistic. Maresi was a very interesting book and a pleasure to read. It is set in such a different world yet it seems so familiar and that is what drew me further into the book. The book had so many secrets and mysteries and throughout the book they gradually all spill out , this is what makes the reader want to carry on.

There is such a dark side to this story and it is very upsetting, but it shows that events like this used to happen and the book tells us how teamwork and sisterhood can help solve these problems by working together. Maresi really is a good book and would teach people lots about the world and the unpleasantness in it, but with the help of people close to you , you can make a difference.

Secrets is an overall enjoyable read. It is split into two distinct sections from different narrative viewpoints, one by a boy called Jit and the other by a girl called Suky. This leads to him sometimes being locked out with no food, and he eventually resorts to skiving off school. Then a whole lot of trouble comes up, and he is threatens with exclusion from school. Jit and his friends need to get rid of Mickey, and fast! Suky has two boyfriends.

Well, that is, one real boyfriend and one fake boyfriend. Her real boyfriend, Imi, is Muslim, and she is Sikh. So, when her parents ask to see her boyfriend, she gets Jit, one of her Sikh friends, to come instead. But what will happen if her parents find out the truth..? It was fun to read this book, as it was different to what I usually read. Rose is going to Belgium with her grandad, for a much-needed holiday, so she can escape the horrors of her past. But whilst she is there she discovers something unimaginable.

One night, Rose hears the sound of marching outside and wakes up to discover that the city of Ypres is alive with ghostly figures from the past. As she is transported into the horrifying world of soldiers, guns and trenches, she feels closer to the past than ever before…. The book is based around true events and gives the reader an insight into life in WW1. It shows the pain that the soldiers experienced and informs us about boy soldiers. This book may be fictional but teaches the audience about true events that happened in history.

I would recommend this to children who enjoy books based around true stories and war. It is similar to books by Michael Morpurgo if you are a fan of his work you will enjoy this book. Her brothers are Fenrir the wolf and Jormungand the snake. In short, they are not an ordinary family. The top part of her body may look normal, but her legs are those of a deceased human. Black and crippled, making everyone around her feel sick. When the Gods come and kidnap her and her mother from their cave, and throw her snake brother into the ocean, she can do nothing about it.

Soon, the Gods sentence her to a lifetime of ruling over the dead, and there is no way she can escape. They chuck her into Hell and never let her back up to Earth. She is forced to become leader of the dead. I really enjoyed reading it. However, since it was a prequel to the series, it could be read easily as a stand-alone book. The book is about Norse Mythology. Hel the narrator is the daughter of Loki and has the legs of a corpse. She has two brothers: a snake and a wolf. It was foretold that one of her brothers would end the reign of the gods.

I also loved the illustrations at the start of chapters and the front cover art. Well, you would be whiny if you had been exiled to the Underworld, but the complaining started to get boring after a couple of pages. Overall, this book was good. I would probably give it 3 out of 5 stars; I liked the mythology but not the narrator. If you are looking for a book about mythology with a modern twist, Percy Jackson books are the best you can get, in my opinion. But, if you are looking for something a bit different and told from an unusual point of view, I would recommend this book. This book is about a young French girl, called Oksa Pollock, who moves to England with her mother, father and grandmother.

Moving to her new school is intimidating — and even more intimidating when she meets a physics teacher who seems to despise Oksa as soon as she walks through the door. What has she done wrong? Is there more to this physics teacher than meets the eye? Oksa soon discovers that she can do extra-ordinary things, things that a normal thirteen year-old girl from Paris could never imagine. Then, all at once, the truth is revealed, showing Oksa who she truly is, and where she truly belongs.

She must learn to control her amazing powers, or she will risk endangering herself and those around her. But is Oksa ready to be trusted with a sacred secret? Will she defeat an evil that threatens everything she is fighting for? After all, she is the last hope…. I would recommend this book to preteen readers, who enjoy different fantasy books.

She lives with her evil stepmother who refuses to let Clover be who she wants to be. Who will be with her? What happens to Clover Moon? I think that this book is great for girls around the age of It is written very well, although it took me a while to get into. Leora is a girl living in a world of people that are marked with tattoos. These tattoos show a summary of all the major things in their lives, good or bad, so that their souls are unburdened and free. Some people can read about others and their lives easily by just catching glimpses of their skin.

They have the gift of reading, and can use this as a job. Leora and her mum both have this rare, special gift, which her mum uses as her job. However, Leora has always dreamt of being an inker instead, someone who gives people their precious tattoos. Will she accomplish her dream? Unfortunately, in the society, there are people called blanks, who have no tattoos at all. They are considered untrustworthy, and unsuitable for living in their society. There are many tales that go back a long time, telling them of the blanks and their evil deeds. But is all as it seems?

I started really enjoying the book after the first three chapters and found that after this the next chapters were full of excitement and adventure. Some chapters felt as if they maybe drifted apart, but the next chapter pulled the story back together and explained the previous chapter better. This book was a very adventurous book and made me want to keep reading to find out what would happen next. Some parts of this book were very emotional and as I really got into this book I felt as if whatever happened to Nat happened to me.

This really is a good book and I feel it is a book to be read by girls and boys. I loved the extra touch of a mini dictionary at the beginning. By adding this it made me wonder how these words would be relevant in this story. So this would be a lovely book to add to your bookshelf for boys and girls. Sam was supposed to be on the trip of a lifetime, but when the small plane that was carrying him and his dad back home crashes in the jungle, Sam is alone. And terrified.

Sam is growing weaker each day and with no sign of rescue, he needs to find the courage that is required to stay alive in this desolate place. Wild animals, starvation, storms. Sam needs to overcome these problems and find a way home. He has nothing to live for. No-one is coming to rescue him, there is no way to get off the island. Shark-infested seas surround the terrible jungle. It is only when he meets a giant otter cub that he finds the will to live.

But with disaster never far away, Sam must face the hardest decision of his life. Can he save his friend and make it out of the jungle alive? I really loved this book and it was very exciting. There was lots of unexpected twists and you never knew what was going to happen next. The plot was amazing and not like anything I have read before. The time spent on reading this book was not a waste of time and I will definitely read this again.

Altogether, this book is a great read. Her sister is in bed, her parents are out for the night, her friends are all having a good time — what could go wrong? Strange groaning noises are coming from the bathroom and as Olivia opens the door the last thing she expects to see is her best friend, Nicola giving birth.

I really enjoyed reading it because it was very entertaining as there were lots of unexpected twists in the story. The author used real life issues and portrayed different members of society through the characters, which some readers would be able to relate to. Riverkeep is a book about a year- old boy called Wulliam, who, on his 16 th birthday, is set to take over from his father as Riverkeep- something that Wull is not looking forward to.

The Riverkeep basically tends to the river: fishing out corpses, melting ice and lighting lanterns on the riverside. However, before this can happen, his father is possessed by a dark spirit. I thought that this book contained many good elements. For example, the plot was unique, the world created was diverse and the description was wonderful; I could picture it all. The characters were also good; very individual and likeable. It was a little slow at times, but overall, it was okay.

Red Queen is set in a world where people are separated by blood colour; the Silvers are the ruling elite and the Reds are their inferiors. The book follows Mare, a Red girl, who believes she will be conscripted into the army like her brothers and be forced to fight a war for the Silvers. However, Mare soon discovers that she has an ability of her own…. Worried that this discovery could mean a shift in power, the Silvers pretend that Mare is a long lost Silver princess. She must use her newly acquired position to aid the rebels- and get justice for the Reds.

And of course, there is a love triangle. I really enjoyed this book because the characters were so surprising and kept me guessing what was going to happen until the very end. There were so many unexpected twists and betrayals! In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I have read it more than once. I found it hard to find any fault with this book, although perhaps more description about the war and the other countries in the Red Queen world would have been good.

I think that the message of this story is one of equality and also of being careful of who you trust. So far in this series there are 3 books: Red Queen, Glass Sword the sequel and Cruel Crown, which is a book containing 2 novellas from the point of view of characters in the main books.

Children's Books for Fall: S

I will be one of the first to buy it! I would recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy and is looking for something exciting, unpredictable and unique. Pip is a coloured boy with great expectations, but he is an orphan with hardly any education, so his expectations were never that high.

Particularly the members of the Klu Klux Klan, whose strongest member is closer to Pip than he might realise. It is impossible for any person that does not meet the specifications of the Klan male, white, born in the United States to feel truly at home in the deeply segregated USA, especially for people like Dr Jack Morrow, a young Irishman who will set about to change the lives of the Dead River Farm residents forever. I enjoyed reading this book because I agree with the message that the author is telling. This book starts in a pleasant little cul-de- sac in the city. There lives a nice community with old and young but there is one boy who never leaves the house.

People regard him as a weirdo and a freak. This boy never misses a thing. All in all I would rate this book 4. This book is amazing! I really like the way that the author has written it, especially the language choices. Richard Westlake is a just a normal boy who likes playing football and is working hard for his eleven-pluses. One day he wakes up with a hard lump on the side of his neck which quickly evolves into another human head.

Together the two heads bicker and fight all the time but when it comes to football they work amazingly together, and when the time comes they are prepared to save each by going to the extremes…. I really enjoyed this book as it was a really original idea and included lots of action and excitement. The author also used death and illness in the story to make it more heartfelt and emotional, which worked well because it made you feel sorry for the characters and the reader could relate to these situations. However, I think the story was a bit slow at the start and the introduction a bit too long.

I think this story is good for older children at primary school and younger children at secondary school because it is easier to relate to the character and there is a bit of violence. Overall I think the story was well written and that is deserves a 3. One day she remembers kissing a boy on a beach so she decides to chase her memory by going to the Artic where the boy now lives. She manages to live by writing notes on her hands and arms, she also has a notebook which tells her story and reminds her who she is and how old she is. Flora along with her best friend Paige have some big decisions to make specially when Flora becomes an adult.

I would recommend this book to girls aged , I would recommend it to anyone who enjoyed Holding up the Universe and A Fault in our Stars as it is very similar. It was the morning after the storm and the house was so silent, you could hear a pin drop. He wanders outside, finding that the huge tree that stands on his garden, has been shattered into thousands of pieces of burnt bark.

A huge lightning bolt had struck it. Danny picks up a charred twig and is surprised when he learns that by holding the magical stick, he can talk and listen to nature. He must go on a heroic journey to find the book and unlock the key to finding his parents. On the way, he makes new friends- and also new enemies. Danny must learn about bravery and courage if he is to find his family.

Joining his adventure is his cousin, Tom. Tom is the complete opposite of Danny- brave, courageous, fearless, daring. Tom helps Danny on his expedition to find his mum and dad, teaching Danny how to be brave and valiant.

  1. Candy Land (Hidden Gem, #3) by Lissa Kasey.
  2. Hackers, Crackers, e ingeniería social (Spanish Edition);
  3. You are here;
  4. Long Time Coming (Mills & Boon Kimani Arabesque) (Whitfield Brides, Book 1).
  5. BRAIN IN BALANCE Understanding the Genetics and Neurochemistry behind Addiction and Sobriety?
  6. The Old Detectives Pupil; Or, The Mysterious Crime of Madison Square (New York Weekly, Nick Carter Detective Series Book 1)?
  7. Swifty And The Magic Man.

If he wants to find his parents, he will have to face his greatest fears and battle terrifying enemies including the evil Sammael himself. Danny is in a race against time to rescue everything he loves most. The only problem is, Sammael stands in his way. Can Danny battle the storms and face the demonic Sammael who controls them? I found this book very interesting, but also very confusing.

I had to re-read quite a few chapters because they were very puzzling. Even though it was a bit perplexing, I still think it was a good read and worth the time spent reading it! After reading this excellent book, I would definitely recommend it to all my friends. I found this book amazing! The whole story just got better and better. The ending was jaw — dropping. The characters were put together well and had a moderate role in the story. Also each character had a reason for being in the story.

Rebecca has made it better by using real history to bring the story to life. The topic of war is a good topic to choose. It helps people connect to the story more and you actually feel everything that Rose feels. All of her emotions. Having a dog in the story makes it even better. The fact that the dog helped Rose through everything. On the whole this was a great book , with a great use of figures of speech , like onomatopoeias and metaphors.

So this is a great book to be read by many people. Alfie Bloom lives with his farmer a poor inventor whose inventions are always almost useful in a small flat. His life is lonely and boring until he mysteriously dodges a car crash and meets a strange man called Caspian Bone. This man informs him that he has inherited a spooky castle in the countryside near his cousins house that has been closed for centuries. Soon after he moved there with his dad, it was clear that there was something strange going on; Alfie and his cousins discover the remains of an old woman who had been eaten, along with some of her sheep, by a large animal that nobody can identify.

Deep below the castle lies a dark secret that Alfie must discover and protect or risk having everything taken away from him by the two evil headteachers from his new school. The writer manages to convey the importance of strong friendships throughout this book and eventually it is this that manages to help Alfie overcome any problem he comes up against.

This book has a little of everything, time-travel, magic, mystery and some evil sisters. There are lots of plot twists in this gripping tale and it is so well written that it will not let the reader stop reading and put it down. It is a satisfying story of good versus evil and little verses big that will resonate with young readers. The characters are adventurous and the well-paced story-telling will keep you hooked right to the end.

It would be a good book for fans of J. Rowling and Enid Blyton and I would highly recommend this book and cant wait till I read the sequel. I think this book targets readers aged 10 — 14 and I would rate it a 4. This book is breath taking. It is an interesting, scary book. The title even brings suspense. I really like how she got history behind the story. Using Amelia Dyer, who is a real baby farmer, brought the story to life. The characters were used wisely and this made it an amazing book.

This is really a must read book. In the darkest depths of Whitby, Lil and Verne get caught up in the middle of ancient forces of nature. Mysterious figures return from the past causing the whole town to be put in trance. Lil and Verne must team up with the whimsical witch of Whitby, Cherry Cerise, in order to save the coast from peril. I would recommend this book for year olds because it is hard to get bored of as lots happens and it is very thrilling.

I would give it a 3. Young Mabel Jones is sat in bed; it is the dead of the night. The room is filled with a suspicious silence. All of a sudden she is snatched up by pirates but these are no ordinary pirates these are animal pirates. When Mabel is on board the Feroshus Maggot the pirates realise that she is a girl so they decide to make her walk the greasy pole of certain death but they later decide to let her live. The crewmates are on a mission to find the missing pieces of the x which unlocks a portal to our world.

The leader of the ship is not one to trust and poor Mabel Jones has to decide whether to put her trust in him…. This book is good — it has an exciting plot, not for those who enjoy easy reading. This book is good for year olds. Meet Rosa. She is a young girl who lives in the country of Mirasol, which, by all accounts, is the worst place possible for someone like her to live.

This is why she has spent all her life in hiding. Although, Mirasol may not be the best place for her, Rosa believes that she has so much more to discover about her past, and that Mirasol is the only place her questions could be answered. At a young age, Rosa experienced a terrible loss, the story of which is filled with strange and mystical doings, which has confused Rosa for the majority of her life.

She makes a friend online and she soon discovers that she may not be alone. Her head whirring with questions which a familiar stranger, who she has never met before, may be able to answer. I really enjoyed reading this book; I finished it in one sitting. I also like the way the chapters are structured — the way that the main story is told, then a background story afterwards.

The story is heart-warming and well told, making it one of my favourite books so far. My brother is a superhero is about two brothers who are as opposite as the North and South pole! Luke loves comics and hates school but Zack loves school and hates comics. One fateful night, they are sat in their treehouse but Luke needs a wee. While he is on the toilet, Zorbon the Decider- an alien from a parallel universe- gives Zack superpowers! Zack has to save two universes! This is an entertaining story that I thoroughly enjoyed! I think this book is mostly aimed towards year olds.

After reading this book I would definitely recommend it to all of my friends! In the middle of the night, men come and take Kester away from everything he knows. He is locked away, as prisoner, in the lonely depths of Spectrum Hall Academy for Challenging Children, mute to all around him; he is force fed factorium-made-formula, shut up in his cramped room. Six years.

Six years he was kept in that isolated place. In six years, a rampaging virus had fled through the land, killing all of the beasts. Every animal died apart from the humans and varmints; rats; insects. One lonely day, Kester is sat in the courtyard when he hears a voice but not a human voice. He travels through The Great Open, over The Valley of Rock and tumbles down a river, in order to save the last wild and find his dad.

This is a great adventure book and kept me really entertained! My favourite part was when Kester found Polly, and she nearly killed him because it was frightening but at the same time funny because the thought of a cat playing scrabble is ridiculous. I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it for preteens aged It is also a great book to be read to for younger children. It all begins on a ship, stuck in the ice plains of the Arctic whist on a mission to reach the North Pole. The main character, Mel, is trapped aboard this very vessel.

It seems as if all crew will die there. But, suddenly, while trying to clear a path in the ice, a gigantic body is found, preserved in the ice…. Meanwhile, in London, Britain is ruled by Queen Victoria or so it seems… but the country is in complete pandemonium. An evil chief butler is discovering monsters, and many have had to go into hiding. The hunt is on! Will Mel and his giantess friend, Eve, escape Burlington and his allies and find safety? Or will they be captured and taken away? Read the book to find out!

Wrecker Jack G. Fleming Reviewed by Elise Roberts, age Wrecker Jack is based around the adventures of 14 year old Jay and new friend Den Crowle. Jay moves to Cornwall and experiences the same nightmare; dark night, raging storms, a ship strung on the rocks and two dark mysterious men quarrelling in a cave all from hundreds of years ago.

Jay makes friends with Den, an enthusiastic boy who lives at the local Inn nearby, and learns that he has ancient blood leading back to the infamous pirate Wrecker Jack. Knocking and screams for help. Knocking that no one else can hear and there is no one on the other side of the bar. Jay finds a belt buckle out on the moors, the buckle belonging to Wrecker Jack. Jay and Den ask a local witch about the dreams and she gives them a potion that when put under the pillow with the belt buckle, will mean that the sleeper will be in the dream.

They are also given a crystal to smash as his only means of returning. Things soon go wrong when the boys encounter Wrecker Jack themselves. This is an engaging book with lots of exciting twists and turns along with colourful and mysterious characters. Unfortunately the book is written slightly simply and lacks engaging language, however the brilliant storyline makes up for this. Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone who loves pirates and terrifying adventures.

By best selling author Sophie Kinsella, this book is one of those perfect books to snuggle down with on a rainy day. After an incident in school, 15 year old Audrey has been left with various social anxiety issues- even at home, she never takes off her dark glasses. Narrated by her, the story launches straight into the action of a busy household. I really enjoyed this book. Perfect for pre teens, it really did make me laugh out loud with the hilarious, relatable plot. This book is about a boy called Raim who is a warrior, traitor and saviour.

This book is full of exotic lands, magic and adventure as you join Raim on his adventure through Darhan. During this book you will meet lots of different characters such as the wandering desert nomads, the tribes people and the exiled Chauk people. If you like books about adventure and fighting this is just the book for you. I particularly liked the scene where Raim is introduced to the other Chauk as there is lots of brilliant description that really makes the reader create an image in there heads however I would have liked the author to spend more time in the main city as I feel that Raim could have had another adventure before he was banned from the city.

This was a gripping novel that I would recommend to people that like the Spooks series and I cannot wait for the sequel. Mind Games is a fantastic book about a dystopian world where people are judged not just by their intelligence but by how rational they are. The only trouble is that something very mysterious is going on in the testing centre — can Luna figure out what is going on before her time runs out?

I love Mind Games because most dystopian novels are very similar, but this one is less predictable and has a great twist at the end. The descriptions gave me a very clear picture of what the characters were going through and the characters were also very well constructed. At times, the book linked back to certain moments which give you small clues to what is going on. I look forward to some of her other books! In a not too distant future, the earth has been ruined.

If you ride in the races, you get base points which, when you get enough, mean you can go and live on Sky Base; three human made space stations that orbit above earth, where only the rich and wealthy live. It is in this world that Adam Stone survives. His brother Frank was crippled for life in the infamous Blackwater race, where the rider who comes first is automatically sent to Sky Base.

He is saving up to ride in the Blackwater, where he will ride to victory and Sky Base. However everything changes when an Outsider, Kane, shows up and befriends Adam. Together they go to buy their tickets for the race, at the byke shop, where the beautiful Sadie Blood works. Kane stands up to them and protects Adam. This brings shocking consequences that practically force Adam to ride in the Blackwater.

With twist after twist and its dystopian imagery, Stone Rider is perfect for teenagers, David Hofmeyr sums up the post-apocalyptic world perfectly. Lemony Snicket Reviewed by Elise Roberts, age It could be said the book has a restricted audience because of the unusual style in which it is written.

I would recommend that any reader of this book reads the first two in the series before embarking on the third. Upon receiving this book I became very excited to write this review because I had read this incredible book before. Written from the point of view of the main character, Christopher Boone is a teenager with Asperger syndrome. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time offers insight to what life might be like if you are autistic, it is honest and inspiring and most certainly a page-turner.

Because Christopher has Asperger syndrome, emotion is not described or used, but this actually made the book more moving and it allowed me to empathise with Christopher. But with this I was truly shocked and impressed. An excellent piece of literature Mark Haddon, gripping, moving, honest and impressive. The Maze Runner is set, as you would guess, in a maze.

Trying to adjust to this life was hard for Thomas, and the mysterious arrival of the girl Glader who he can somehow communicate with telepathically makes it no easier. Could this be the exit they have been searching for? But how many lives will this small hope of an exit cost, and are they willing to take that chance? The theme is especially shown in how the Gladers punish Ben, a friend of Thomas. Thomas does not feel that it is ethical or humane, and that it reflects the mindset of a culture bent on survival by any means necessary.

This savagery is also expressed by the Creators themselves. They have subjected these children to a horrific experiment, though they believe their intentions to be good. This book fits into three main genres; post apocalyptic fiction, science fiction, and young adult fiction. In contrast to The Hunger Games, another book from the post apocalyptic genre, the Gladers fight together for their lives and their freedom, whereas the tributes of The Hunger Games fought against each other, each fighting for their life and their life alone.

It is this sense of camaraderie and fighting towards a common goal that made me empathise with these characters, and developed a great reader-character relationship as I felt I could identify with them on a more personal level. I really liked this book because not only is it from one of my favourite genres science fiction but also has continuous themes of friendship and trust, which brought me to really bond with these characters. I have not yet read any more works by this author simply because I have not yet had time.

I would definitely encourage others to read this book. Until one day everything changes. Liv is the narrator in this simple style of writing as she tells the story of her life during this six month period. I found the book very well written as after reading it you feel like your family has gone through the same thing. The Darke academy tells the story of Cassie Bell, who is the first scholarship girl at the academy since the previous one mysteriously died. The academy is a unique school that moves to a new city every term.

All the pupils are rich and beautiful; Cassie however, stands out from the crowd, as she has a poor background. And what else is her brother, Jake, hiding? Cassie is about to find out that knowing too much can be deadly. But who is the mysterious person roaming the corridors at night? This is a book full of trust, love, betrayal and sacrifices. I would recommend it to people who enjoy tense and mysterious books. I could not put this book down until I finished it; it was such a good read! I immediately bought the next book in the series, Darke Academy: Blood Ties, which was as fascinating as the first.

A Little In Love is the story of her life before the well known section of the characters life told in Les Miserables, where she grew up in to a world of lies and theft, when all she really wanted was love. However when she meets the man of her dreams, an opportunity still remains for her to leave the cruel life she hates, to make amends with the friend she lost, and prove that love can extinguish or restore their friendship.

The book is a relaxing escape from everyday life, presenting a chance for Les Miserables fans to delve further into the classic story, and even for those who have never heard of the original book, it will still prove a good read.

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  • Imagine waking up in a field full of dead grass, surrounded by a sickly yellow mist. You can remember nothing apart from the fact that your name is Mara. Now imagine that the mist clears and there is a church. But despite this silent alarm you feel drawn to the church and enter it. Inside is a young man dressed in a long black coat, a black shirt and black trousers, with all his buttons replaced by tiny skulls. You can stop imagining now.

    Mara is then launched on a journey that tests her very understanding of reality, pushing her to her physical and emotional limits. She discovers the terrible fate that awaits her, and even worse she discovers why she has chosen that fate. The penultimate book of the Wardstone chronicles is entertaining because it gives you an idea of what life is like for Alice. It achieves this, as, unlike the other books in the series, Alice is the one who is speaking in first person, and not Thomas Ward. It shows her opinion on things and how she feels about finding the weapon that will end her life. This is interesting as it makes you guess at what will happen in the final book of the series; will she have enough courage to bring back the weapon or will she leave it behind and save herself.

    It introduces the reader to lots of new interesting monsters and evil beings, and a lot of the questions that they had from reading the previous book. It makes you wonder about a lot of things and there is a surprise around every corner. Inside the book is a magical other land called the Dark which has lots of secrets and is completely different to the normal world and has different rules and beings. The biggest question is will Alice go over to the Dark completely or will she stay good.

    Most of the book is about Alice and her past however it includes lots of interesting information about other characters. All in all this book is the perfect 12th book for the Wardstone chronicles and I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Joseph Delaney or just wants to try a new book.

    It could be read without reading the books before it but I think it is even better if you have read all the books in the series.

    Dragons,Witches,warlocks and giants (Lolly Molly and the Lollipop Tree

    Noughts and Crosses is an exciting, fast-paced novel that revolves around the lives of its two protagonists; Callum, a Nought who is looked down upon by the ruling Crosses, and Persephone Sephy. She is the daughter of Kamarl Hadley — one of the most powerful Crosses. The forbidden friendship between Callum and Sephy quickly grows into a passionate love affair. They are separated. Sephy tries to fight for equality for the Noughts without violence, however Callum joins the Liberation Militia; a terrorist group that fights for justice.

    After rising through the ranks of the Liberation Militia, Callum is given an almost impossible mission; and soon after an even harder decision. This is not the usual genre of book that I would choose to read, but it quickly pulls you in with many shocks and surprises throughout the novel. I would highly recommend reading this book to any readers above This is a very moving novel set in World War One about the lives of five young friends.

    At first, I was unsure about this book, purely because it is not a genre I would personally have chosen and the first couple of chapters were quite hard to get into. However, soon it became a fast paced, emotion packed book which was really well-written. What I particularly liked was the way the characters were explored so well and their opinions and reactions were shown and described. Take Francis, one of the characters from the richer of the two families.

    He had really strong views on the war and why he thought it was so wrong to fight the Germans which I really liked because it was unexpected. Also his sister was one of my favourite characters, Charlotte; a strong, determined girl whose story mainly focused on her love for another character and her will to be a success as a nurse. Altogether, a wonderful read and a book which I will continue to recommend, however, I think some of the language could be quite difficult for young children to understand so maybe this is an over the age of eight book.

    Scorpia finds the teenage super-spy Alex Rider on a quest to find the real identity of his dead father. With only the words of an assassinated assassin to go to Venice, he is determined to find the truth. So when an invitation on a school trip to the floating city comes along, he could hardly refuse!

    Alex will then become entangled in a criminal organisation, a school of death and a plan that will endanger the lives of millions of British school kids. But will Alex be able to save the lives of almost every schoolchild in Britain, resist the tantalizing temptations of a terror cell and finally learn the truth about his father? It is about a teenager called Caroline. Traumatised by her parents divorce, she found herself on the doorstep of the only person who truly understood her.

    Her Grandmother. Years later, her Grandmother is taken in to the hospital; the one where no one comes back out. I did find this a little hard to grasp at first, but soon becomes a simple structure to follow. The book features love, regret, friendship, and family. Caroline learns lessons, meets people, and goes through relationships in both futures, losing and gaining friends and family. Just as you think you know which path she will choose, a dramatic twist opens a new door. It keeps us glued as she uncovers sorrows of unwelcome truths, family relationships, and the comedy parts where we are reminded that all paths can cross… This book is probably not suitable for anyone under the age of 10, due to the complicated structure, however an advanced young reader may still enjoy it.

    The book really illustrates how choices shape our fate, as well as being an entertaining novel. She is told the house rules, including never to enter the library. But that is just what she decides to do. She never expected though, to find such weird and wonderful things. Cats that can talk, fairies, bird-like creatures, a tree sprite and even a dragon! Whenever Alice looks into one of the magical books, she gets drawn in and has to beat the creature inside. If she can capture it she can then use it for her own purposes. Alice wonders who she can trust as all the other Readers seem to have hidden agendas.

    Who would have thought reading a book could be so dangerous!! I found the book quite hard to put down, as i wanted to see which book and magical creature she was going to see next. I give the book 4 out of 5 stars. Lockwood and Co. I felt ghost-touched after reading it! Lucy Carlyle, the narrator, arrives in London in search of a career in Psychic Investigations. While charismatic, Lockwood and Lucy end up in a bush after one of their cases goes horribly wrong. Will Lockwood and Co. This book is written in a humorous way.

    I really liked how we got to know Lucy first and the agency second or she might have been overshadowed by the other two characters — it provided me with a reason to care about what happened to her in the important case that Lockwood draws her into. This should be read by children who love a tense and gripping book, I read it in under a week at school!

    I wanted it to be bigger! This book I really could not put down, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! This book is about a boy Keith , a cat Maurice and a gang of clever rats. They meet up with an orphan boy Keith and decide to con money out of different towns, by getting Keith to act as a modern-day Pied Piper. They hit trouble, when they enter Bad Blintz, a town with their own dodgy rat catchers. Poison, traps, strange noises are about and they have to avoid them or end up being taken by the Bone Rat; The Grim Squeaker!! Will they find out the towns secrets and will all the rats survive the adventure?

    The book starts well, but I thought it dragged on a bit in the middle. Soon all will return to normal; families will be reunited, peace will be made, life will return to as it was. Surely nothing could be wrong? Molly and Abigail have been friends forever in their little town of Great Deepening. Everyone has learned to live with strangers. Although knitted back together, things begin to fall apart.

    Even close to the heart new people are vanishing as fast as appearing. When Adams precious pictures disappear, and others soon follow, it becomes clear that nothing is hidden or safe. I found this book interesting. It was never too slow moving or confusing and was very enjoyable. I would probably deem it appropriate for age 9- Coriander Hobie has the most wonderful life; she has loving parents and beautiful clothes, a big house on the River Thames and plenty of friends. Her mother becomes anxious and stressed, barely letting Coriander out of her sight.

    Then one day, a strange event occurs and her mother falls ill… this sickness kills her. Her father remarries to a woman with strong religious beliefs, who hates children — though has a child of her own. A truly gripping tale of love, loss, fear and hatred. Coriander must battle her way through her new life and learn to fight for everything that is still good. She is tossed through many strange events that all link together, including being forced to change her name by her stepmother, being pulled to another world and finding out a secret that has been kept from her all her life by her parents.

    Set in the 17th century, this moving tale had me hooked from the beginning and I am forever recommending it to all of my friends. The only downside for me was the fact that some events were quite difficult to understand. The Soc13ty of Thirteen Gareth P.

    World of Witches and Warlocks: Part 1

    Jones Reviewed by Ella Nieper, age This book starts with Lord Silas Ringmore on the stage. He finds a book with mysterious symbols on the cover, and inside. Hayman — novelist. They form The Soc13ty of Thirteen searching for the magic hidden in the book. They overhear the possibility of the magic hidden in the book. They steal the book and perform the creation spell under the watch of Mondriat — a talking magpie.

    They now have the ability to use magic against their enemies. They can disappear and can catch someone falling from a window high up using only their magical staff. Ringmore and his society want to catch them in order to discover the secrets of the magic in the book. The chase is on. Who will survive the magical powers of Tom and Esther? This book is a thrilling magical mystery. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants an easy book that they cannot put down. This is a brilliant book, full of magic and very imaginative creatures and plants. I was gripped into the book after the very first paragraph!

    I read it as if I was Oksa and going on her adventures.

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    Oksa Pollock and her best friend, Gus, start a new secondary school in London, only to discover a totally horrible teacher who seems to hate them and does everything possible to upset them. Oksa goes home filled with anger and without warning she throws a fire ball across the room. Bewildered by what she has just done, she is left curious, wondering what else she could do. When Oksa is at shool she is a totally different person, coping with stress typical of secondary school. I was disappointed when I had finished the book as I was left wanting more of this magical tale.

    This is an interesting book filled with imaginary creatures and lots of fighting. On their journey to safety they meet a witch assassin, who helps them survive the trial against the Haggenbrood… but she is full of tricks. Will she betray them? I would recommend this book to anyone interested in scary stories probably aged It is set partly in Victorian London and partly in the modern day. They are forced to work together to escape and ideally capture the notorious villain Garrick.

    While I was reluctunt to start reading this book, as adventure is not a genre I usually read, when I did start reading I found the plot engaging and surprising and found it difficult to put it down. Eoin Colfer fans will not be disapointed with this series, because his writing is as funny and unique as always.


    As well as current fans, some other readers will also enjoy this more than his other works as it focuses more on science fiction. For me this was an enjoyable read, however it is not something I would read again. Despite this, I can see that other readers will enjoy this more than I did.

    Therefore I would recommend this book. It follows the adventures of Lockwood, a psychic investigator, and his assistants, Lucy and George, who must deal with paranormal occurrences in a world overrun by dangerous ghosts. So, when they are offered a small fortune for staying overnight in a house, Lockwood jumps at the chance. The only drawback is that the house in question is a terrifying death trap that has led to the deaths of far more experienced psychic agents. Can the trio possibly survive? I thought Lockwood and Co was a great read. The story has a gripping mystery that runs throughout it, and has a very clever climax at the end.

    My only criticism is that like his previous books, Stroud struggles to decide what kind of world the book is set in. I found it difficult to decide whether the book was set in the present day or in Victorian times! Apart from that, the book is absolutely great! Highly recommended! This thought-provoking book will have you crying, laughing and shouting at it. The Summer of Telling Tales is about two sisters — Grace and Ellie — their mum and their abusive dad.

    Grace, Ellie and their mum run away from their dad because he hits them and runs their lives. Ellie, for example, is a liar. When people ask her about her family she lies…and lies…and lies.

    Reviews 11 – 14 Years | Scarthin Books Cromford

    However, being away from their dad has positive effects on them. Just as the sisters are beginning to rebuild their lives, an unwanted visitor arrives to tell them that they can never escape him, however hard they try. Will Grace and Ellie be strong enough to tell someone who can help the one thing no one will believe — the truth? This is a great story that I really enjoyed. I would recommend it to all my friends and hope that, after you have read it, you will recommend it to all of yours!

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