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Hana has been to nearly 30 countries and counting. Through her experiences, she has learned to navigate the challenges that can come with visiting other countries and cultures. To learn more, visit her website at www. Brought to you by OnlyInYourState. Resources Feld Entertainment: Productions Ticketmaster. LaRock, Hana. Where to Buy Disney on Ice Tickets. Note: Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name.

This story is part of Travel Tips. Diversifying not only allowed Morrison to vertically integrate his company so that he could own and operate all of his real estate, it also meant he could keep his employees during the time of economic uncertainty. Today, Morrison Companies and its numerous affiliates focus on all three primary business interests: real estate, restaurants and movie theaters.

One of his ongoing projects, however, takes him back to his roots. By the following spring, the company had inked deals with multiple universities in the region. Today, Woolly Threads offers signature sweaters for more than colleges, sororities and fraternities nationwide. Baton Rouge, LA www. See your local authorized Jaguar Retailer for details. COM, call 1. And then opportunity knocked. After about five years of establishing his business as a Baton Rouge area leader for marble, granite and quartz countertops, Klar expanded his offerings to include flooring.

In the fall of , he further diversified the product line, launching a custom furniture division called CLOTH. This year, Klar is undertaking yet another new venture. The only problem was Clark had just 50 bottles of product on hand. They were interested but wanted to come up with a new concept. He wanted to expand his reach in the Baton Rouge area without reducing profit margins in the wholesale market. He decided to keep the physical footprint small to drive down startup and overhead costs. The business model has also allowed Iverstine to pursue additional opportunities for growth, including the recent launch of a home delivery subscription service and plans to expand wholesale products to other retailers.

Unsatisfied and frazzled, the firm dropped the consultant, let the dust settle and determined exactly what they wanted out of a rebrand: presenting themselves as a larger, people-oriented company. The sweet surprise of offering policies with added value like business-to-business promotions and seminars to our members never gets old.

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The East Baton Rouge Parish Library offers a number of free resources for small business owners, entrepreneurs and nonprofits. But, as a budding business owner, Phillips could not afford an attorney. So she turned to her local library for assistance instead. Phillips used Gale LegalForms for the documentation she would need to ensure her senior fitness program—which is called One Up and helps seniors prevent falls— is protected.

Resources like a library support system, demographic data, tools to develop marketing and a business plan—anything a small business needs to start up, they have it. Gale Small Business Resource Center: A database of detailed information for starting and operating a business, covering everything from accounting and human resources to management, marketing and taxes. Reference USA: A source of area business and residential information that helps users find jobs, research local employers, develop marketing and small business plans and locate specific people or demographics. Gale LegalForms: A collection of commonly used legal documents, covering topics such as standard leases, bills of sale, taxes and more.

Small Business Reference Center: Offers access to small business reference books, as well as business tools, videos and advice. Laurence Williams, for instance, who is a job development leader for Goodwill Industries in Baton Rouge, uses the Reference USA tool to find jobs for individuals with disabilities or other barriers to employment. Reference USA is. The program provides a step-bystep, interactive business planning tool. The resource center provides detailed information to assist users as they develop their business plans. Not everyone realizes, however, what the library has to offer in terms of small business resources, and people are often pleasantly surprised to learn their local library conveniently provides such programs like Gale—and at no cost.

You work late. So do we. Call - or visit coxbusiness.

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Minimum service term, early termination fees, equipment, installation fees, taxes, and other restrictions may apply. See coxbusiness. Ourso College of Business. The program—brought to life last year by former Starmount Life Insurance President Deborah Sternberg—allows a select group of high school students to generate business ideas, write business plans, pitch to a panel of investors and launch their own startups. Students interested in participating in the fall program can get complete details and apply online at yeabr.

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Co-developed with Gabby Sylvester. E, a retro, big-screen tabletop arcade that allows multiple players to play their favorite video games. Co-developed with Lilly Ray. Co-developed with Brea Miles. Co-developed with Jack Hosford.

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When someone sees my company name, they will also recognize a brand that represents people who want to make a difference to the general public that they serve. It takes a lot of patience and you have to learn to grow from your losses. I need other players to execute and contribute to my business because nobody gets to the top of the mountain by themselves.

Co-developed with Tyshawn Howard. Humble yourself. Co-developed with Chelsea Buckley. One of the first steps in forming any new business is to determine the type of business structure you will use. There are several structures to choose from, including sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, limited liability company and limited liability partnership.

Each has advantages and disadvantages as well as tax consequences. You may wish to consult a tax practitioner, accountant, attorney or other resource. It has a life separate from its owners or stockholders. Many corporations begin as sole proprietorships or partnerships.

It is designed to provide the limited liability features of a corporation and the tax efficiencies and operational flexibility of a partnership. Coordinating and Development Corp. What: Publishes a business plan guide. Phone: Web: cdconline. Phone: Web: dixiebusinesscenter. Phone: Web: opportunitylouisiana. Phone: Web: lsbdc. Phone: Web: lsu. Phone: Web: batonrougearea. Phone: Web: sba. The components include a current and pro forma balance sheet, an income statement and a cash flow analysis.

Start with the Small Business Development Center nearest you to develop a plan. Secretary of State What: Preliminary checks and formal reservations for corporation or trade name. Two day extensions are available upon request.

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Phone: Web: sos. Patent and Trademark Office, you should contact an attorney. What: Registration is required in the parish where an entity is doing business for unincorporated businesses such as sole proprietorships. Phone: Web: ebrclerkofcourt. How have things been going with your UAH freshman if I remember correctly, sorry if not. Are they enjoying it, any issues, etc?

Birmingham is not a bad drive, it is all interstate, DD and I flew into Birmingham for our fist visit last fall. Nashville is about the same distance to the north and also another airport option. Huntsville is not served by Southwest which is our airline of choice, they are served by Delta and United from Austin, TX where we live.

We drove DD to school, we took a 7 day road trip with her older brother, it was great fun! She flew for orientation United and will be flying home for Christmas Delta. The summer it looks like she will put stuff into storage with the help of friends with cars, and then fly home, this remains to be seen. I do see lots of parents in different geographical areas working on ride sharing so their kids are not driving alone.

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We have such an option with a parent I met here, the parents live about 3. My DD is in the Honors College, she is having a great time, loves the suite style living, gets along well with her roomies and is making friends. This is our learning semester.

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She recently learned that TP is actually kinda spendy and she should have taken me up on my offer to load her up at Costco - she didn't want to be "overly supplied". We will be flying via Delta for Parent Weekend, we are looking forward to a bit of sight seeing as the area is quite pretty. Its the ideal size that she wanted, no football as she really does not enjoy the "southern football sports culture" as she refers to it and the overall high test scores creates a campus of smart kids.

She is really into hockey so was thrilled to go to a school with Div I men's hockey. October edited October I remember being shocked by the cost of towels and sheets when I first was on my own, and "good" toilet paper. We'll keep that in mind and make sure to stock him up at the beginning of freshman semester!

Thanks for the other information - glad to hear she's enjoying it! The dorms were amazing during our tour. I checked out flights for us, and from our local airport Norfolk there aren't any directs to BHM, Nashville, or Huntsville. We do fly out of Richmond, Newport News, and sometimes from Raleigh 3 hours away, but sometimes it's a third the price!

There were some directs from our secondary airports. Will have to figure it out next year. Ride sharing is another good idea. S19 was also anti-big football schools, and enjoys hockey. UAH was perfect in that regard. He plays tuba and they talked to him about playing in the pep band, so he's excited about that, too. It's nice for STEM kids to have an artistic outlet of some sort.

SnowflakeDogMom What sort of foul weather gear do they need?