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The miniscule fine was the most allowed under the law, but Facebook can probably find that kind of money in its couch cushions. But as many people are finding out today, GDPR applies to any site that collects user data or, in the case of publishers like Gizmodo Media… Read more But users in Europe have already filed complaints against Facebook and others today, saying the tech… Read more But some websites in the U.

Dozens of American newspapers are currently blocked in Europe and… Read more The reason? Combined with wind, wave, or solar replaced and recharged. By Louisa Beckett With a global industry like yachting She was horrified because she knew the couple that employs crew from countries all had gotten into trouble for drug use and over the world who are continually other misbehavior in the past. The Elite Crew International crew agents we spoke with reported agent and marketing director.

The actual valid license director wilsonhalligan Yacht Recruitment. The reference they provided or heads of department a candidate has worked for in the past, according from the captain of their previous boat checked out. So, the captain to the crew agents we spoke with. Some of the horror stories we hear are unbelievable and sometimes a little scary.

But, on the other hand, he has seen some captains, chief stews, or other heads of department overlook a poor reference if it dates back to a time when the candidate was simply too green for a particular job. We will also flag the account if you provide us a written reference but say that we cannot contact them to verify…. Not suspicious at all. It nothing at all about previous employees. In addition to checking for a criminal record, they also will infractions, no matter how minor, that may turn up. FRESH Andrews Ave. Relied On And Trusted Since He was having trouble hours of rest and personal levels of performance.

Crewmembers must get at least 10 times due to the rotating anchor watch schedule. He cannot exceed 14 hours. In a seven-day knocked off at 6 p. At p. The hour rest into three periods instead of two. The are many external factors to consider. He felt incredibly mindset. Being perceptive of fatigue is an tired, keeping his eyes open seemed like a essential skill that our captains need to have. In addition to the obvious risks that within your departments for when you have guests on board. The boat was launched in Today, we hear it has been proven that AI being discussed in the news and systems are able to be taught we generally just gloss over the impact and can learn these complex it has and will have on our everyday evaluations as well.

A number of lives. AI has the potential to be one of years ago, I gave a talk on the future the most important revolutions that of autonomous yacht navigation, our society will see, since its potential and I had many skeptics. But if we impact is magnitudes past anything look around us, autonomous cars we can imagine. The answer is a definitive complete autonomous operation. Intelligent, complete autonomous operation on voice-activated devices have the high seas.

The systems on board become our personal assistants. By integrating an AI contained in the Internet available preventive maintenance processes at a simple request from the tip that monitors and controls these of our tongues, but we can also complex systems, we can move control our lights, security, room towards yacht systems that are temperatures, appliances, etc. I them. Funny story about how I got started in yachting. We were able back is against the wall and I put my to slide a spare seal in and had no mind to it.

My most significant The biggest issue facing yacht achievement is earning my third engineers today is rotation. I studied every night and commercial side because of steady every weekend for months while rotations and set time off for a working full time and I was still similar yearly salary. My advice would for those looking to get started is to make The best part of my job is connections. Not all of them will get green lighted. Not all of them will spark joy. There may or may not be chatter about a scripted show called List-Less.

The episodes exploit our deepest anxieties of scrambling to fulfill last-minute demands on the high seas and shallow anchorages. The next scene opens on the sun rising pork, with a piece of bacon clinging to into a galley empty of avocados. The their lower lip. Cut to her feverishly Start looking for trailers soon featuring a harried chief stew, struggling to taxiing to the only store on the island. Cut once more to a closeup of an empty help her guest understand that there is no Goop outpost in the Exumas.

She bin — save for three shriveled dark brown avocados. We watch one squish open explains that despite their selection of more than 32 proprietary tea blends, as she pushes her finger against it. K and his guests. Back on the boat, the camera follows her pen doodling a crude conga On their preference sheets, they ticked a little box indicating that they line of avos as she talks to her provisioner back in Fort Lauderdale.

She like avocados. Their first dinner goes off without a glitch, island. Next, you see a memory montage of some of the crazier requests the no surprise Keto or Whole30 diet. Our chef is as smooth as chocolate provisioner has had to fill, including overnighting three cases of prune juice pudding and silky as nut milk. Right after dinner, all of the guests don their to a sailboat in Maine and trying to push a mini-pony up a passerelle for a tightest pants and fancy shoes, and head off to the casino. Five hours later, at 3 a. The journey sweat, spilled drinks, and cigar smoke. Three guys battle for control of the takes us through the warehouse, checkout, car trunk, into a golf cart, a plane Sonos.

Everything hold, in a customs queue, another car, another golf cart, and finally to the galley happens at top volume. One of them orders avocado toast, not looking up from counter. The chef kisses the box. A stew holds a platter awaiting avo toast. Our hapless chef The next shot is a closeup of one of these fruits banging against the galley throws an apron over her PJs, fires up the toaster, and gathers her avocados.

The noise is sharp and cracking, like a bowling ball.

She lines In the next scene, our chef suggests nachos as an alternate to avocado up eight utterly perfect avocados, which are creamy, silky, and delicious. The stew offers it to the guests, they decline. She offers chicken wings, She cuts and spreads them on the toast. The platter of the platonic ideal of they decline. Deviled eggs? Mini pizzas?

Chicken wings?

Grilled cheese? Except the avocados are no longer ripe enough. They are could have easily been remedied by the guests honestly portraying their 60 April www. As it gets close to being nothing but giant salt flakes, keep a close eye on it. It will impress the hell out of your guests and you can package it She creates and curates custom tablescapes and theme packages for yachts.

Follow her on Instagram rubistudios. Part of his generosity stems from his I was on a sabbatical from restaurant work traumatic childhood. I grew up during a war and even survived being found a job on a Dutch marketplace website kidnapped. While in Japan, I was invited by the Japanese of it. A place where we can change their lives. You can also keep up Once I had an owner who screamed at me not to season his scrambled eggs. I find it really weird to serve unseasoned food.

Coffee farmers around the Start savoring your morning cups of coffee. The study reveals that 75 wild stop growing coffee, and we will lose much of what makes coffee special. Being more responsible consumers may help halt extinction. He says responsibly. Thankfully, a lot has changed in the odd years since I started my yachting career. I am proud to say that the superyacht industry as a whole has taken a collective environmental leap forward. To begin, superyacht owners are acknowledging the changes that need to be made and are starting to invest in real, sustainable ecological changes.

Furthermore, superyacht builders are enthusiastically exploring new, practical, and applicable technological improvements aboard, you can make that will make these magnificent yachts go farther afield, with less smart energy choices energy and emissions. Last but not least, the crew are embracing small without impeding but practical green modifications by applying systematic changes, high standards of service. An easy way to immediately reduce consumption such as recycling and environmental consumerism. Reducing consumption means reducing production, energy, waste, and How to Go Green pollution.

When shopping, buy in bulk to recycle and reuse. However, in the real world, going green involves much when possible and always use recyclable shopping bags or foldable crates. Environmentalists define going green as the act of reducing your carbon footprint. Going green means living a sustainable lifestyle by Protect playing an active role in maintaining balance in the ecosystem and preserving As you know, eco-friendly products are ones that have little negative natural resources. Going green also involves taking actions to reduce the harm impact on the environment; here are a few easy hacks to help you do your you cause to the environment.

In practical terms, this can easily be managed by adopting mindful consumerism. Take some time to explore your options, especially These may not all work for the guest areas, but you can quickly when it comes to provisioning for bulk cleaners. Ask for advice from your fellow Conserve crewmembers like the captain and the engineer, who know what is expected Practically speaking, going green means conserving energy. Better yet, educate yourself on these details so you can of energy used mostly on earth are natural, including coal, oil, etc.

One way more quickly make changes yourself and adopt a mindful consumerism we can save energy is by using a greener source of energy, solar, and wind attitude. With some effort, operational planning, conscious shopping, and power. Even when guests are chief stew on yachts up to meters. She writes from her home in The Netherlands. Seafarer Marine, partnering with Teakdecking Systems, offers the finest teak decking in our store. No need to order and wait, just come by and pick it up! Any questions about products or applications? Talk to our knowledgeable staff, they are always happy to help.

We now feature an in house fabrication shop that can build to your specifications with a quick turn around. Be these totes adorbs puppy prepared to give Poochie bandanas. Make sure the A-List treatment with your pup is as stylish as these favorites. This treat-dispensing puzzle is made with an eye towards design aesthetics. This dog bed and www. This real grass potty box solves the problem www.

Mostly, you need to make sure In the old days, a good, hard crossing would wash all the decks and leave your decks are clean and free of growth, moss, fungus, and dark spots. They them gleaming. Consider keeping one or two of your best dayworkers next recovery phase. The brightwork, stainless, brass, and glass — if covered — those who proved their worth every day, adding value and good cheer as they prior to the refit — needs to be uncovered and primed. If left to the elements, muscled their way through the long task lists.

It may Your decks will probably require an exhaustive wash, and you must start feel like a monstrous job, but the results are both immediate and amazing. As you press her into the dock for this event, secure dock lines, and and perhaps even oily residue. All of it will have to be soft-brushed with lots of be sure that her fenders are properly placed to avoid any possible damage. Wash her down with lots of soap, then be sure to rinse her off well and to dry As it dries while you chamois, make note of any areas that were damaged her off with a chamois.

If not already in the yard, consider a polish if your or require attention later and take a break to discuss with your mates what was schedule allows. If so, pull out your crew tender or request a floating platform found under the film. A quick tea and snack later, get back to it and address the from the yard and sort out the other side of your boat, and within short order, decks, washing them down with water at first as another prepares buckets, you will again have the best-looking boat in the harbor.

Have at it with effort and intent, Mx is an experienced sailor and yacht captain currently managing again making note of areas of concern as you move down the decks, assuring comprehensive yacht services in Cancun, Mexico. Then again, you meet and leisure way easier and more so many good new people in this pleasant. It also scores you some line of work that it helps coping great friendships! Being someone who the teens. I absolutely loved life at sea. That means met a Brazilian captain who told always being on time, knowing me more about the area.

At the base of the volcanic cone, the underwater landscape is home to sea lions, rays, fish, and even a colony of Galapagos Penguins — the second smallest penguin species in the world. Here are Unlike most sunglasses, their new six items from eco-conscious award-winning line is made from companies that are taking recycled fishing nets. Costa teamed up action to help the planet. Last October, they unveiled bottles.

Their products are 44 Outerknown. More importantly, of the foundation, Frangipani this humanitarian company creates swim has designed a limited-edition, fabrics from recycled, discarded plastics and lightweight shirt called Blue, fishing nets. That means fewer sea creatures Blue, Electric Blue with a sail are in danger of choking on irresponsibly fish and wave motif. Twenty- discarded plastic or getting trapped in ghost five percent of the sales from nets.

Comprising a vast array of landscapes — rugged and stark volcanic formations, tropical beaches, lush highland, and even cactus-filled forests — the islands Clockwise from top: Fur seals at Punta Carola are some of the most biodiverse areas in the world, beach; Lava Tunnel in the covered in unique fauna and flora. Baquerizo Moreno on the easternmost island of Some of the best snorkeling is found at Tijeretas Charles Darwin Foundation www.

The lack of slack in the coax cables was also a little challenging, but patience prevailed. Tuning the new antenna is a breeze and so much simpler than the crank up style. Again, the instruction provided the process — turn on power, turn attenuator clockwise, turn antenna until last LED lights, turn attenuator counterclockwise until LED flickers, slightly turn antenna until if stops flickering. Less than a couple of minutes. Comparing the King Jack Antenna to the old bat-wing, every channel was received with the same strength or better.

Plus, the added benefit of not cranking the antenna up or down and the ease of locating viewable off-air TV signals. Essential if replacing an bat-wing antenna. Great for removing laps sealant from your RV roof. This is one of my favorites. I keep this multi-tool screwdriver in the RV for those times when you just need to tighten something.

Well made and a good quality product. I also check the electrical connection before I plug in the RV to make sure voltage is correct and the connection is safe. Many RVers have become so accustomed to hooking up to shore power volt electrical service that they are in somewhat of a quandary of what they should do when they find themselves without it for a night. Surviving a night without an electrical hookup, just another adventure in RVing!

Do you have your own tips and tricks for surviving without shore power? Please share using the comment box below. To some RVers, dry camping is unthinkable. Camp off-grid? The benefits of RV boondocking include:. But our earliest attempts to camp without hookups were epic fails. Our RV felt so home-like that we often forgot the backcountry conservation tips we practiced when we carried our home on our backs. For example, the two biggest hassles we repeatedly encountered in our first few years of RV boondocking were running out of water and firing up our Honda Super Quiet generator more often than we wanted.

Twelve years later, we have the art of dry camping down to a science. Most all of us leave the faucet on while dishwashing and tooth brushing with full-hookups. That bad habit must stop when you go dry camping without a water connection. Ironically enough, on-board water conservation is a critical part of dry camping comfort. Once you fill your freshwater tanks and get situated in your campsite, the last thing you want to do is relocate to find fresh water because your holding tanks are empty or full of grey water.

Make water conservation the first thing on your mind when you open the tap in the kitchen and bathroom. Some RV boondocking basics to conserve water include:. Most RVers would probably agree that this is one of biggest boondocking challenges. All of us are used to plugging in and forgetting about our electricity consumption. But once we rely on RV batteries to carry our loads, we quickly realize the value of RV solar electric power investments. Get into the habit of these RV boondocking basics and you can enjoy your rig to its fullest potential, far from crowds and the chaos of daily living.

In the United States, skin cancer is the most common type of cancer, and ultraviolet or UV radiation from the sun is the main cause. Most golfers are aware of this scary fact, but skin cancer still plagues this group of recreationalists. To help spread the word and publicize early detection of skin cancer, the Skin Cancer Foundation will be hitting the road in a foot customized RV with two private exam rooms. These include:.

Lundy Family Shares Tips in New RV Lifestyle Book

Inside the RV, local dermatologists provide free full-body skin cancer screenings, which are given on a first come, first served basis. Staff will be on hand to operate a Canfield Reveal Imager—a portable skin analysis imaging system that visualizes UV damage. The Skin Cancer Foundation is the only global organization solely devoted to the prevention, early detection, and treatment of skin cancer. The Foundation recommends that everyone, especially golfers, get a professional skin exam with a dermatologist each year.

They also strongly suggest practicing monthly head-to-toe self-exams, looking for any new or changing lesions that might be cancerous or precancerous. Since its inception in , the Skin Cancer Foundation has recommended following a complete sun protection regimen that includes seeking shade and covering up with clothing, including a wide-brimmed hat and UV-blocking sunglasses, in addition to daily sunscreen use. For more information, visit SkinCancer.

Too many good things in RVing are becoming less and less available. Of late, that seems to include free RV waste dumping stations. In recent years, you could dump your tanks at many highway rest stops, facilities behind gas stations, and of course and most commonly , at many RV parks. You have to open your wallet now to dump your waste at those rare spots. What has happened is a combination of restricted government funding, and in too many cases, a few either uncaring or uneducated individuals leaving behind a mess giving the rest of us a bad reputation.

A surprising number of RVers are getting into the lifestyle and upon purchase of their unit, they are given full instructions by dealers on how to run their RV refrigerator, air conditioner, TV, and microwave, etc. A couple of situations may make your dump station task a bit more daunting. You may encounter a dump station where the pavement is graded away from the receptacle, leaving your RV leaning away from the dump station. You may need to repeat the step several times to empty it out but it works.

By following these few steps can spare you a lot of mess. It will also keep dump station owners happy and keep their stations open and accessible for all of us. There always seems to be new and improved stuff coming at you, but living in an RV requires some careful consideration as to what gets priority over the valuable space inside. We have tried a multitude of gizmos over the years, but these four items are newer additions that have stood up to our demands. The Life Straw was initially designed as an easy portable water treatment system to help disadvantaged people across the globe fight water-borne diseases.

It uses a two-stage filtration process to quickly turn pretty much any water source into drinking water. First, the hollow fiber membrane traps contaminants like bacteria and parasites , then a second carbon capsule absorbs chemicals chlorine and pesticides. Other filter options, like the Life Straw Flex , can treat heavy metals as well. Life Straw filters up to 1, liters of liquid, surpasses EPA filter standards, is tiny and lightweight, and can be used anywhere you might not trust the water. This nifty pop-up sink is a great backup sink for RVers that can fold down to the size of a briefcase when not in use.

It is highly versatile; you can use it for dishes, washing produce, doing laundry, a washing station for kids, foot soaks, or for when the dog finds a skunk and needs a bath. You can also use it as part of your storage or organizing system instead of storing it folded. Take it with you on your hike to keep your batteries fresh.

It includes a voltage regulator to ensure stable current while charging. The design is great for beginners as well with a simple setup and an included clip ring for charging nearly anything. Mosquito-borne illnesses are quickly becoming a significant health concern for many people who enjoy the outdoors.

The Thermacell device repels mosquitoes by using a fuel cartridge that heats up a repellent mat. It provides a foot area of protection for up to 12 hours. You can take it on a picnic or just sit by the fire outside your rig and be protected. The repellent is a synthetic version of the natural insect repellent found in chrysanthemum plants.

Working from your RV. For Joan and I, this provides the livelihood needed to finance our travels. In the video we discuss the differences between workcamping and working from your RV. We typically think of workcamping as those temporary jobs requiring some form a physical labor outside of the RV, such as those required of a camp host, in an Amazon fulfillment center, beet harvest and others. Working from you RV often falls within the service industry.

The methods, technology and cloud based services discussed in the video have been derived from a number of years of corporate travel and then updating to best fit the RV lifestyle. In the video we discuss:. One key item discussed in the video are the types of work that lends itself to RV travel. We researched and found a wide range of job types that fit the home base or RV lifestyle.

As Internet marketers and web designers, our business and work was found in the top five of the list. Our research focused on the type of work that would have flexible hours, require little face-to-face time with clients and require minimal financial investment for the work environment. Click here or on the picture to the right to download a copy of this list. Here you can research for possible jobs or agencies supporting these in-demand skills. We also discussed the cloud-based services as well as the technical items needed for your work space. Of those discussed, we use each of these items daily in our RV based business and have provided the list below if you need to add to your RV work environment.

Windows Using your stove or oven on a hot summer day can heat up the inside of your RV fast. Head outside to cook or rather opt for cold meals like sandwiches or salads that do not need to be heated up. These items are very useful to have on hand for those dog days of summer when firing up the stove is just not an option. The picnic table at your campsite will only give you so much room. Carry a folding table or a few that you can set up in minutes to hold your food, beverages, plates, and other items. This Outdoor Cook Station has an aluminum countertop, a lower rack for storage, and fold-out side tables with cup holders and built-in hooks to hang BBQ utensils.

This awning screen is made to go on the front of your RV. For full coverage, you can also set up their Side Shades. Simply pull out your tabletop grill, connect it to propane, and you can cook fresh meat, veggies, and more. We love this Blackstone Table Top Grill as it has a built-in grease catcher and can be wiped clean in seconds with a paper towel. Many RV sites have their own grill in addition to a picnic table and fire ring. Keep a BBQ brush on hand so you can clean off all the burnt residue on a grill before and after you use it.

Scraping off the greasy bits will not only clean the grill, but it will also make your food taste better. This grill brush from BBQ-Aid is well made with a wooden handle and stainless steel bristles. It will allow you to cook several foods outside of the RV that could not be made using just the grill. This outdoor oven from Camp Chef heats up to degrees F with removable oven racks. It is fueled by a 1-pound propane bottle and lasts up to about 7 hours.

Use it bake anything from breakfast skillets and cookies to meatloaf, cake, cinnamon rolls, pizzas, and even chicken enchiladas. Collapsible containers are very useful in storing food for meal prep or even leftovers. Store your food and drinks in a portable cooler to keep them cold and within easy reach. There is a wide range of portable coolers varying from the top-of-the-line Yeti coolers to more simple Igloo coolers. Check out our list here for some of the best options. Keep your roll of paper towels on a mounted holder so you can tear one off as needed.

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  • Lo spettro della morte nera: 1 (racconti DA incubo) (Italian Edition)!

This paper towel holder is made with a magnetic mount so it can be moved from your RV fridge to the grill, tailgate, or any other metal surface. This portable trash bag holder can easily be slipped over the table wherever you go. No tools needed! The holder is made as a one-piece construction that hangs standard gallon garbage bags. It is much more convenient than hanging the trash bag up from a tree or just leaving it on the ground. Traveling with children can be challenging as there are more logistics to consider, more items to transport, and typically only a couple of adults to implement the needs of the entire family.

Using an RV as the primary form of transportation can make the next family vacation more enjoyable for everyone. No more telling the little ones they have to hold it until the next exit with services or a rest stop. With an RV the bathroom is always with you, cleaned to your standards. No more pulling into a gas station asking for a key only to wonder what unpleasant surprise might be lurking behind the door. With RV travel, children have their own familiar space both while traveling and when in the campground.

While traveling, children typically have their own seat in the tow vehicle or motorhome, know where to locate and how to fasten their seatbelt, and have their own cubby with things to keep them occupied. With an RV, there is no bouncing your children from an airplane, to an airport shuttle, to a taxi, etc. With the plethora of bunkhouse RVs available, each child will likely have their own fixed bed with their bedding on it, a place for their favorite stuffed animal, and a designated cupboard for their clothing.

They know where to find their toothbrush and where their shoes are located. Unlike the limitations of traveling by plane, train, or automobile, an RV can typically transport items like bicycles, kayaks, etc. Outside is always just through the entry door of the RV, not down the hall, down the elevator, and out the door like a hotel or motel which would probably exit into a paved parking lot.

WIDDERSHINS by Oliver Onions - FULL AudioBook - Ghost Story - Psychological Thriller

When RV camping, kids can play outside on the patio mat under the awning, enjoy games while sitting at the picnic table, go to the playground, which you will find in most RV parks and many campgrounds, or take their bicycle for a ride around the campground loop. Unlike at a hotel, your children will be more likely to be outside playing and will encounter other children doing the same at the playground, riding their bike, etc. In short order, they will find a friend and trade names.

You may make friends too as the children are likely to bring the parents together. It will be an adventure in RVing you will never forget! Newborn deer fawns in the wild are a precious sight. Deer fawns look so small and fragile. They are born in spring, which is when you are most likely to see one up close.

Get too close and you are asking for a deer attack on you, or even your dog. Does are extremely protective during fawn season, which occurs between late April and July in North America. Although deer mothers leave their fawns alone in the woods, they are not abandoning their offspring. Then she waits nearby, watching until nobody is around. Occasionally she returns to feed or relocate the infant to another safe spot. Domestic pets, especially dogs, are often the victims of deer attacks as shown in the video below.

The result can be fatal. Many campgrounds with heavy newborn fawn populations during spring, implement rules prohibiting dogs from certain trails. Campers are even banned from leash walking dogs in the actual campgrounds during fawn season. However, if you find a dead adult deer nearby, or the fawn was placed in a dangerous location, put on an an odorless pair of medical gloves and move the fawn to a safer location.

Just make sure the new spot is no more than 50 yards from where you found it. Next, call your nearest wildlife officials to report the encounter. The camping area are made up of a number of loops with camp site ranging from spacious wooded lots to those with a great view of Lake Delanor. The campground was very clean, lot sizes were reasonable, a number of small play grounds, water craft rentals, and several large bath houses The sites have water and electric with some having both 30 amp and 50 amp hookup.

No sewer, but a large dump station is located at the back entrance leaving the campground. The roads are paved and the lots were graveled and level. All sites had picnic tables and fire rings and most had large spaces in between. We arrive around PM on a Sunday with reservations. Reservations are recommended during the busier vacation periods, with the campground sites filling up quickly.

This is a great area to tour and hike. The Pine Mountain Trails are minutes away offering over 40 miles of trails along with primitive camping for those overnight jaunts. The valley views from the Pine Mountain Ridge are fantastic. Summer months provide a large swimming pool and picnic area, horseback riding, also within a 10 minute drive is The Little White House in Warm Springs, GA.

This is well worth the small fee to tour and history buffs will have a field day. The little town Warm Springs is nearby with shops and a few eateries. Also 5 minutes east of the campground back entrance lies the town of Pine Mountain. And a destination into itself, Callaway Gardens offers golf, water recreation, hiking and biking, garden tours, and my favorite, the butterfly house.

This is a great campground to spend a long weekend or just soak up all the area has to offer for an extended 14 day stay. Recently, the country christened its 61st national park. Joining that elite group is the former Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. In February, President Trump signed a bill that included redesignating this 15,acre national lakeshore as Indiana Dunes National Park. Though nothing dramatic will change besides the name, visitors can still expect to enjoy spectacular dunes, the seemingly endless seashore on Lake Michigan , and magnificent sunsets.

Located just 50 miles east of Chicago, Indiana Dunes attracts more than two million visitors annually. In addition to 15 miles of shoreline, visitors also enjoy the more than 50 miles of hiking trails some of which include cross-country ski routes and equestrian trails. Also, Indiana Dunes National Park has eight designated beaches, some of which are pet-friendly.

The neighboring park offers plenty of additional amenities and attractions. Some of the services and amenities throughout the state park include restrooms, showers, convenience store, seasonal festivals and retail concessions, beach access and beachcombing on 3. Indiana Dunes State Park opened in It features some dramatically shifting sand dunes, like Mount Baldy, one of the most popular.

Ever increasing in size, Mount Baldy is feet high, and is estimated to grow in size annually by 4 feet! Mount Baldy is tiny compared to the trio of dunes that make up the 3 Dune Challenge. The 3 Dune Challenge is a test for you, your friends, and your family as you hike the three tallest sand dunes on the southern shore of Lake Michigan : Mount Holden feet tall , Mount Jackson feet , and Mount Tom the tallest at feet. This is a self-directed marked route that can be conquered any time of the year. Go barefoot or try it in snowshoes!

The Nature Center also hosts a variety of interpretive programs about the unique animals, plants, and ecosystems of the Indiana Dunes. Interactive programs range from learning about reptiles and birding to studying the geology of the Dunes. For a small fee, park interpreters will host special group hikes and programs tailored to your specific needs. Also, the Nature Center has many hands-on exhibits serving as a fantastic introduction to the wonders of the Indiana Dunes. Other area attractions include the nearby eclectic community of Chesterton, which is home to several artists—like Holly Jackson and her vibrant, Matisse-inspired paintings, which she sells at her downtown studio.

Craig Berg combines his Indiana Dunes photography skills and pizza-making prowess at his two businesses: Duneland Pizza and Dunes Photography. Also located in Chesterton is the Brassie Golf Club. This hole championship facility is open to the public and is one of the best golfing values in northwest Indiana. The par 72 track stretches to 7, yards from the tips. The course officially opened 20 years ago and was designed by Jim Fazio, a member of the famed Fazio golf architect family.

The Brassie Golf Club facility also includes a well-stocked golf shop, and an excellent practice facility that offers a short game area, putting green, and driving range. They are even fancier and more spacious than many sticks-and-bricks homes and apartments. These are some of the top-dollar coaches now available at Motor Home Specialist that provide every kind of comfort imaginable.

Priced at two million dollars, the new Prevost H3 is one of the most expensive RVs available. Every detail of the foot-long coach was made to reflect the luxurious price tag. The Emperor Sauna Suite floorplan not only has a bathroom on-board but also its own traveling steam room. Prevost is known for their top-of-the-line coaches, and as expected, only high-end materials went into building the Emperor Sauna Suite.

This includes a gorgeous porcelain floor tile imported from Modena, Italy, as well as Cambria countertops, backsplash tiles in the galley, and a unique lighting package built in the ceiling that can change colors. The stylish interior has several features for a more homey ambiance, including a digital panel in the galley where you can display your favorite travel photos, as well as an electric fireplace in the living room.

Four air conditioning units with heat pumps are built in the roof to keep the space at a comfortable temperature. High-end appliances in the kitchen include a residential-style fridge and a dishwasher drawer. It also comes with a microwave, articulating kitchen faucet, and lots of pantry storage and cabinet space.

Down the hall is the laundry closet which houses the Signature Series LG washer and dryer, as well as hanging wardrobe space. Across from the closet is the first lavatory with a toilet and a sink. The lavatory has a custom-made sink that maximizes space, and a smart toilet with innovative features. The Kohler Numi Comfort Height toilet settings can be personalized to include ambient lighting, wireless Bluetooth music syncing capabilities, and you can even turn on the heated seat and foot warmer.

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Lots of cabinet and storage space is built into the master suite, as well as a large seating area. The elegant rear bath includes the largest shower ever built in a Prevost. The glass door and wall can be electronically frosted for privacy, while the temperature, water settings, and sound system are also digitally controlled. In addition to the exterior TV, the Prevost also has an exterior kitchen that is ideal for tailgating parties. It includes a small fridge, ice maker, grill, and counter space. It features four awnings as well as an integrated coach wash so you can always keep the exterior looking good as new.

You can learn more about all of the specs from Motor Home Specialist here. Two spacious bunk beds and two full baths make this diesel pusher a favorite among RVing families. The coach rides on a Spartan Premier K4 chassis at about 45 feet long with four slideouts. The lavish interior has tile floors and backsplash tiles, as well as quartz countertops and LED accent lighting throughout.

A dishwasher drawer, microwave, and induction cooktop are in the galley. It also comes with a Brew Master beverage maker and stainless steel residential fridge. The hardwood doors slide closed at night for privacy. Across from the bunks, the first bathroom includes a china toilet with a macerator alongside a small sink and vanity. The standing shower is roomy and beautifully designed with tile and glass doors. Both sides of the bed have a light, nightstand, and plenty of room to walk around.

Lay in bed and enjoy the views out your window or lower the TV to watch your favorite shows. The master bath includes a toilet as well as more cabinet space to store towels and linens. There is a small window and an electric exhaust fan with an automatic rain sensor to keep the room ventilated. The shower and massaging tub turn the master bath into a personal spa. Hidden speakers are built in to play pre-programmed music, news and podcasts, or your own custom playlist.

There are also deluxe exterior features like a dual power awning, an exterior entertainment center, an exterior freezer, and solar panels. To learn more, visit their website. At just under 45 feet long, the big rig has three slideouts and several upgrade options. Inside there is a very spacious and open living room area. The kitchen comes furnished with a full-size fridge, electric two-burner cooktop, and dishwasher concealed by a wooden door. There is also a microwave and some extra pantry storage overhead. The mid-bath includes a porcelain vacuum flush toilet and a small counter with an integrated sink.

The second toilet and residential walk-in shower can be found in the master bath. The large walk-in shower is designed with a full glass door, rainhead showerhead, and a skylight. There are also a couple of towel bars as well as a fold-down seat. A large wardrobe is included in the rear bedroom along with lots of room for shoe storage. The coach also comes equipped with an AquaHot continuous hot water system.

The Cornerstone is the newest state-of-the-art diesel pusher from Entegra Coach. They updated the model with all-new exterior paint schemes, new Infinity flooring, a larger Furrion fireplace, and an upgraded soundbar in the bedroom and exterior entertainment system, in addition to several other new features. The interior was designed with high-gloss porcelain tile floors and LED-lit quartz countertops. The lights, windows, and other coach controls can all easily be managed on the VegaTouch pad system.

The living room area has a inch TV and sound system, while there is also a smaller TV overhead up front. The cockpit is made comfortable with leather seats that are both heated and air-cooled. The kitchen includes a convection microwave oven, a dishwasher hidden behind a wooden door, and a Whirlpool residential fridge with an ice maker and water dispenser. The model was updated with a new solid surface cover for the induction cooktop to give you even more counter space.

The master bath is very sumptuous with a standing shower and Porcelain flush toilet. The room also has a quartz countertop with an integrated sink as well as a power vent. Step inside the shower for a completely lavish spa experience, every single day. The shower is designed with a clear glass shower door, skylight, and porcelain-tiled walls. There is also a large cedar-lined wardrobe with automatic lights to store all your clothes and accessories. The coach also has an AquaHot hydronic water and heating system that provides heated flooring throughout. You can get more details and see more photos from Motor Home Specialist here.

The Signature comes in several floorplans—seen here is the 40J with bunk beds and two slideouts.

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This floorplan comes with theater-style seating and an in-motion satellite system. The kitchen is just steps behind the driver and passenger seats along with a free-standing dinette. Across from the TV there is also a sofa with an air mattress to sleep extra guests. Two bunk beds are down the hall with their own door into the first bathroom. The mid-bath can also be accessed from a door through the kitchen.

The first bathroom includes a standing tile shower, toilet, and a sink. There is also a medicine cabinet along with vanity space underneath for storage. The room also hides a stacked washer and dryer as well as a roomy walk-in closet. Or how you were raised to do it. Or how your family expects you to do it. Or even how you think you should do it. Camp Sites Lake Hartwell State Park is located on the edge of a massive 56, acre lake spanning across two states.

Photo via rockinrobyn on Instagram 2. Camp Addict Camp Addict is managed by Marshall Wendler and Kelly Beasley, two full-timers with almost a decade of combined experience on the road. One: The Milepost will be your bible. A roadside emergency assistance plan is critical. Three: Your RV will get beat up. Photo via Yelp Open year-round, Kyle State Park offers several amenities and recreational activities. Make sure the bottoms of the two posts are even. Using the remaining 2 deck screws to attached the post. Set 3 attached posts upright. This hole could vary depending in the size of the solar LED light base post.

Depth of the hole should be around 2 to 3 inches. Remove the tubular post from the solar powered LED light, exposing the short base. Camp across from Athabasca Glacier. Bear Glacier used to cover this lake. Evaluate This may seem counter intuitive, but my first tip in packing your RV storage area is to pull everything out and I mean everything.

Purchase a good quality camping chair, well-made and something that has a slide slant in the back to make sitting comfortable. Also, carry the amount of chairs for those traveling in the RV. We find if visitors come by, we sit at the picnic table or for the evening campfire, everyone brings their favorite chair. A small folding camping side table. We have a both a plastic and aluminum version.

The plastic table was retired this year. So out it goes. These folding tables are very easy to store and perfect between the camping chairs for drinks or the place for your noon meal outside. This is our outdoor kitchen. Two outdoor camping rugs. These are handy to keep sand and dirt from tracking in the camper plus providing a nice area for the sitting area outside.

We have the two sizes to minimize placement in the grassy area of the camping spot. A portable air compressor. This may seem like overkill, but we often travel for several months, moving every week or two. Checking and maintaining proper tire pressure is important for safe and trouble free travel. We store in a small tool bag where everything fits. Satellite dish and stand.

We have a Winegard X2 for our Dish Outdoors service. The RV is our home and we want TV entertainment as we travel. Electrical cords, hoses, cleaning items, disposable gloves, paper towels, etc. These are those miscellaneous list of items that are similar, yet unique to the RV you own and your travel lifestyle. Why Wait for Retirement? When they find it, they camp an average of six more days a year. Use it! Avoid holes in the walls If you need to hang pictures or coat hooks, avoid using nails or screws that will result in a hole in the wall. Take care of the exterior factory installed decals As your RV ages, exterior decals will begin to crack, peel, and fade.

Valterra 45 Degree Clearview Sewer Adapter This simple item allows you to monitor your black tank waster to ensure the tank flows clear before you close the release valve. Sewer Hose Donut We use the sewer hose donut most time in older private owned, state or federal campgrounds where a screw in connection will not work. Water Pressure Regulator Valve We camped in a park recently that had 90 pounds of water pressure at the spigot.

Surge Guard Power Protection This unit has saved our electronic appliances on multiple occasions from faulty RV park power to the most violent electrical storms. Some include: The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation has a Universal Access Program that purchased many chairs used for specific programs. Image Source: Wikipedia. If You Go: Start your adventure at the north trailhead in Bemidji or in the south at the town of Baxter.

Image: Missouri State Parks. If You Go: Sedalia marks the western terminus of the Katy. Here are eight tips to get more use out of your RV: 1. Consider using it for day trips with the family. Use the RV for a spare bedroom when guests come to visit. Football fan? Tailgating is a great way to get some extra use out of your RV. Use the RV for transportation to concerts or festivals. If you have kids in sports, the RV is a great way to travel to away games with the family.

An RV makes a perfect she-shed or man cave without costly additions to your home. Use it as a home office for a place to get away from the kids when you are working and need a quiet refuge. Getting the most of your RV investment, just another adventure in RVing! Unique golf options Tapping into the creative talents of Dan Hixson, Silvies offers a reversible golf course along with goat caddies. Goats serve as caddies One of the unique aspects of golfing at Silvies is the employment of goats who serve as caddies. Testing the effectiveness of RV Digest-It In the video, we conducted a test to see how RV-Digest-It would work attempting to dissolve hard, dry dog food in just a couple of hours.

Below are a list of products discussed in this blog. Tip 1: Keep closet hangars facing forward.