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Environmental contaminations-related risk assessment is therefore essentially an interdisciplinary study and necessarily country-specific. As of today, many grey areas remain, that this conference will attempt to clarify:. This workshop aims to leverage a network among European and Latin American institutions on ocean and climate observations issues.

The MOSIM conferences are aiming to be an area of exchange and discussion in between researchers, teachers and business actors around these topics. The MOSIM conferences wish to promote the latest original theoretical results but also case studies or codes of practice on one of the conference topics.

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The Natural History Museum of Toulouse, which stands as a place promoting discovery, awareness and an in-depth look at topics related to the relationships between humans and their environment, proposes a vast, temporary exhibition on Easter Island. Between fantasies, discoveries and realities, this exhibition will be a unique occasion to address some universal issues and to present the latest research findings on such a particular island, with a multidisciplinary approach. This exhibition of m 2 is scheduled to be opened summer for a duration of at least 9 months. At the same time, massive changes have occurred in the legal and administrative context of entomologists, risking a negative impact on the understanding and monitoring of biodiversity.

Finally, insects are increasingly sought after to serve the development of new economical and industrial activities. Their use in both human and animal diet is finally authorised in Europe, and should expand in the countries that are traditional consumers: the latter will have to reorganise their modes of production in order to preserve their place in this field.

The symposium is largely open towards Europe, towards the North African communities and towards Southern countries, and is meant as a place for discussions between people representing several aspects of the French-speaking community. Groups of non-professional enthusiasts are equally invited to come and debate around these many questions. This BioPhiT project aims, through a short symposium in July , to account for thoughts and discussions prepared beforehand between young people, PhD candidates, biologists UT3 and biology philosophers UT2. This seeks to better understand the foundations of biology and the connections between theory and experience.

A meeting between these two groups of students will allow for refining the questions which will be asked during the Forum of July, during a dedicated session, where their respective works will be shown.

L'autoportrait bleu

The first edition took place in The number of participants expected for the 15th edition organised in Toulouse is to people. The subjects discussed concern thermal and non-equilibrium plasmas but a majority of the works presented are related to electric arcs and thermal plasmas. The aim of this congress is to bring together different scientific communities thermal plasmas and non-equilibrium plasmas and to facilitate the contacts between science, technology and industry.

It is a generalist congress that covers all chemistry-related themes. It will be organised in two steps: the Opening weekend, open to all, will take place on 30 June and 1 July in both sites simultaneously. The scientific heart of the congress will be in Montpellier from 2 July to 4 July. Le festival proposera une programmation pour les scolaires et pour le grand public du vendredi 29 juin au dimanche 1er juillet. This regional programme involving two universities explores the mechanisms for easing tensions in early modern and contemporary eras.

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The emphasis is put on the political and cultural players as well as the methods of peace-making and brokering agreements during a specific time of negotiation: that of the truce. The programme? Qui fait quoi?

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A cycle of 18 scientific conferences in Toulouse, open to all audiences with free entry and open access. For each conference, the number of members in the audience ranges from 60 to , from all ages and all levels from final year high-school and preparatory classes to students, researchers, teachers, manufacturers, working or retired individuals.

Furthermore, conferences will be filmed and accessible on our site. In , as part of the ESOF dynamism, these conferences will have particularities such as European guests from outside France, themed subjects geared towards Europe or covering the European aspect of the subjects, youth participation notably regarding the vivacity of the sessions as opposed to the implication seniors. Moreover, the opinion of young people will be systematically sought after, as we want to highlight the lessons learnt from their vision.

GEOBIA'18 est l'occasion de rassembler des scientifiques, des professionnels et desusagers venant du monde entier. They are showing the contradictions of a small oil-producing country caught between economic development and sustainable development. Que sait-on des actions sociolinguistiques en faveur des langues? Combien y a-t-il de sexes? Les algorithmes peuvent-ils contribuer au bien commun?

Lorca, Neruda, Vallejo et les autres". We are preparing, for March , an original multi-media exhibition dedicated to the king of cuddly toys: the bear. Be it in nature, in plush toys world or in book world, let us discover the imaginary related to this iconic animal, powerful and endearing. These radars probe the dynamics of the Earth's upper atmosphere, called the ionosphere, in both the northern and southern hemispheres. The planetary coverage of the network and its continuous operation make SuperDARN a critical tool to characterise the global state of the Earth's space environment.

GPE will provide an exceptionally stimulating international forum for presentation of industrial applications, emerging technologies and scientific advancements in the area of green process engineering. The language teachers of higher education are directly concerned by the internationalization of education, where mastering languages for specific or professional purposes contributes to enhancing international mobility and employability. The severe constraints on public finances are creating important debates on the economic model of social housing in France.

The Exposcience is an exhibition displaying projects launched by young people in science, technology and environmental education. Exposcience was born in Quebec and is a regional deployment aiming for the youth to develop a taste for scientific leisure practices, to promote their work and to push for exchanges between young people and researchers on the one hand, and young people and the general public on the other.

Yet the embers remaining from those fiery times still glow brightly. Whether repudiated or celebrated, the legacy of May continues to haunt the political and social arena in France owing to its omnipresence. This social mobilisation movement of unprecedented scale, whether a vehicle of hope and utopia for a generation or held responsible for all the ills of France today, remains inconsistently etched in the French collective memory.

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The legacy of May , which is now a real remembrance issue, is regularly drawn upon in politics and the media due to its particularly divisive nature. The instant interpretations of this major crisis in 20th Century France, often marked by political and ideological commitments, were initially replaced by analyses favouring cultural dimensions. The participants must present a team-led scientific project. After a first selection, all the finalist teams are gathering in Paris for the national final.

Animations related to typical themes of homeland will be illustrated with workshops and demonstrations and under the patronage of scientists who will deliver conferences for the general public. Social justice is at the heart of the debate between equality and equity in the health sector. How can we ensure an optimal health condition for all? Is it by developing universal solutions for accessing care and services or by targeting specific populations? Is it by modifying the distribution of resources which are underlying the social inequality in health SIH? And how do we determine what is fair or not?

These questions prompt us to articulate the thoughts around the concept of proportionate universalism and urge us to rethink health, SIH, and the respective role of different factors implied in the construction of these inequalities. For several years and in many professional sectors, pluriactivity has been one of the contemporary aspects of socio-professional change worldwide. This is especially the case in the agricultural world, which gave rise — before other professional environments did — to thinking about the conditions of analysis and support for this activity and its jobs.

The workers are faced with several questions in regards to these evolutions in different work environments Peters, den Dulk, van der Lippe, For instance, the economic relevance of these forms of work and jobs; the types of specific training they would now imply; the family, social and associative lifestyle that they initiate; the social, political and legal conditions for their development; the health risks which professionals might expose themselves to in certain conditions when practicing pluriactivity; the strategies to be put in place to integrate these social changes as well as possible.

Celui-ci devra en effet respecter un cahier des charges exigent techniquement. This educational project enables the sensibilisation of the youth towards non-polluting energetic solutions, to display the benefits of renewable energies as of now, and for these young people to develop a new look on energy. Indeed it must conform to technically demanding specifications. Students doing the Masters internship within the LCA for the 1 st semester of the civil year are challenged to make flash communications presenting their research in 10 minutes during a multidisciplinary seminar organic chemistry, process chemistry, analytical chemistry, biochemistry….

The targeted community encompasses condensed matter specialists on a national scale. The programme features invited conferences delivered by prestigious speakers in the form of didactic classes, with the ambition of forming the young researchers and PhD students in attendance.

Presentations will be proposed in oral and poster forms to offer the possibility for everyone to present their work.

Michel Leiris: Writing the Self (Cambridge Studies in French)

The Cabinet of Curiodiversity will be established in a conference held by the pupils at Paul Sabatier University and attended by the researchers and PhD students who will have participated. It will materialise in an exhibition illustrating current and past biodiversity. This interdisciplinary, collaborative project is aimed at primary school students all the way to high school students from the general, technological and professional educational streams.

Netea et l'autre de Singapore Florent Ginhoux. This symposium will bring together two international opinion leaders: Mihai G. Netea from Holland and Florent Ginhoux from Singapore. Shorter communications will be given by three female researchers and three male researchers from Toulouse, ensuring perfect parity. The goal is to continuously improve the quality of meteorological, hydrological and environmental forecasts and warnings for the users of the 26 National Weather Services.

The collaboration therefore covers a wide spectrum of research in the fields of numerical modeling of the atmosphere,of continental and marine surfaces, and high performance computing. A particular focus will be brought to gaze-crossing from one country to the other, as literature becomes the ideal vector for a shared history. More d'information. The students are grouped in workshops and inter-institutional twinning including some with Romania and possibly Italy.

Pupils will render their works during a congress which takes place in Montpellier this year from 6 to 8 April is the provisional date.

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  7. That will include a presentation in an auditorium in front of students, parents, teachers and researchers on the one hand, and on the other the holding of a booth during a forum. It will include plenary talks from two mathematicians. In the coming years, the NBIC convergence will be able to achieve significant progress in the medical field. Some pathologies which are currently incurable will be defeated.

    There will be concrete answers to be given faced with problems such as energetic regulation, transport systems management, or environmental surveillance. However, this also raises numerous questions regarding ethical, philosophical, sociological, psychological, anthropological, political, legal and spiritual matters. This conference proposes to analyse both the promises and the risks that these advances imply. The day, which takes place on a national scale, is dedicated to a number of topics around sustainable development.

    Its aim is to promote players and responsible initiatives from an environmental and social aspect. Nevertheless, this day is open to all: in , it has welcomed people and hosted Nicolas Hulot, the French Minister of Ecology! The 5 th of April marks the 12 th edition. After an awareness conference and an eco-forum including a mix of stalls and practical workshops, the Eco Awards will be one of the highlights of the event. Four categories make up the competition: companies, non-profit organisations, students, and researchers.

    Six candidates in each category are selected to come and present their project or thesis in front of a professional jury and students on the day. The FReDD festival combines the screening of audio-visual documents from all over the world to discussions with academics, associations, companies, directors and producers.

    The festival offers a space to debate and exchange for all audiences. It was found during operational work in and was bought by the City of Toulouse in The Museum is in charge of its scientific exploitation since the discovery. A rich fossil fauna was found on this place which is one of the major sites of Europe and the most important paleontological field discovered in France for a century.

    It is around 17 million years old. Systematic excavation campaigns are being organised since July , when the site has been laid out to welcome the public. As such it is a relevant educational tool for school pupils. The role of mathematics and statistics is at the heart of the discussion on the nature and the function of economic theory. Besides the place of mathematical modelling in economic phenomena, the empirical validation of hypotheses or results in economic analysis is based on increasingly sophisticated statistical methods.

    Access to huge individual databases coupled with the rise of near-experimental methods as well as virtually limitless possibilities in numerical computation, all significantly strengthen the weight of statistical studies - notably in microeconomics. Here we propose a didactic presentation of the state of research on this theme, illustrated with practical examples labour economics, social networking statistics, forecasting methodology….

    This conference will look into the double subject of sex-related differences in biology, but also on the impact of gender on scientific contributions. The targeted audience is largely academic, however there are no access restrictions if socio-economic or non-profit sector actors are interested. It is expected that the audience will be represented by a vast array of scientific communities as both theme and speakers have been chosen to cover different aspects of the issue physiology, mechanism, developmental biology, microbiology, toxicology, but also clinical research and history and philosophy of science.

    It aims to ease access to scientific culture for the largest number of young people. To do so, this PREAC is benefitting from an auspicious territorial context made up with numerous institutions of CSTI Scientific, Technical and Industrial Culture and the presence of large scientific, research and industrial institutions in this domain. The purpose of the PhotoMechanics conference is to provide an international forum for academics and practitioners pers. The School of the 3rd Republic has left us with an extensive scientific legacy, as a path to a heritage in which teaching was about object lessons.

    Ces rencontres leur permettent de mettre en application leurs connaissances tout en s'amusant. Plus d'information s. The Quai des Savoirs and the Natural History Museum are coproducing an exhibition on the topic of the Human of tomorrow. Funded by the Quai and carried out by the Museum, the exhibition will be presented in the sq. The exhibition will be the pillar of an extended cultural and scientific programme mediation offers, workshops, gatherings… built by the Quai with its partners. Le prix? This is a twofold opportunity for the laboratory to provide a particular scope to its birthday: promoting its research and its implementation at the regional, national and international level to multiple scientific and technological players academics, manufacturers, decision-makers, socio-economical partners both nationally and internationally, but also to younger individuals whether being entrepreneurs, such as startups in the Region, students, or simply curious about the research environment.

    Several events will thus be organized along the year, and will in particular be centered around 4 key moments:.

    Clayden Angleterre et T. Ritter Allemagne. This international event is open for clinical pharmacologists, hospital pharmacists, general pharmacists, specialists, general practitioners, medical students, laboratory technicians, regulators, healthcare insurers and others interested in pharmacogenomics. Un atelier scientifique fait partie de leur formation.

    The development of urban agriculture UA is one of the keys to providing enough food for urban populations. Many UA projects are thus being developed around the world including aquaponics production, vertical farms, collective gardens, possibly on the tops of buildings The international congress on sustainable UA will be holding five scientific plenary sessions and roundtable discussions research-education-employment thus providing a forum bringing together the various stakeholders farmers, researchers, politicians, students, associations, consultants.

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