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Nurnberger spiel token, rechenpfennig, prussia, wilhelm ii - 33 mm, aunc, rare Olmpische spiele munchen vasarely modern print signed Mit Uber oder Booking. Ansiedlungen wie die von Uber ziehen die Blicke der Investoren auf Amsterdam. Als erstes Amsterdamer Start-up ist es damit mehr als eine Milliarde Euro wert. New Amsterdam, mit Trabis aus Berlin. Westergas terraildj — Amsterdam business meeting at The Next Web Photo credit: Merijn Roubroeks As far back as the beginning of the 17th century, engineers managed to hold back the sea with a sophisticated system of dykes.

Dutch seafarers and entrepreneurs with huge naval and merchant shipping fleets were exploring and colonizing foreign lands long before the Mayflower reached Plymouth Rock. Global Dutch trading necessitated the creation of global banking and transport. Citizens accustomed to foreign goods and foreigners gave birth to a penchant for trade, commerce and an outward-reaching mentality which continues today.

Rembrandt and Van Gogh created a tradition of creativity in which others still flourish. The country has some of the most egalitarian legislation and attitudes in the world: international companies incorporate here thanks to a lack of. Amsterdam remains a haven for counter-culturists. Scaling Up Startups But despite its laid-back contemporary atmosphere, the Netherlands remain serious about business. Other companies getting their kick-start in Holland include TomTom , a provider of location and navigation products and servies, and gaming giant Rovio.

Amsterdam Innovates The city is a hub of startup endeavors. Amsterdam is home to more than 2, international businesses which account for approximately 15 percent of the region's overall employment. In April, I met with Deputy Mayor Kajsa Ollongren during The Next Web conference in the Netherlands to discuss her activities cultivating the sharing economy, startup culture and the internationalization of business in the area. With more than 20 years of experience in Dutch politics, Ollongren is currently responsible for economic affairs; early this year, she launched Startup Amsterdam.

After our meeting in Europe, I conducted a formal interview with Ollongren via email: How does entrepreneurship growth in Amsterdam compare with the rest of the Netherlands? In general, we saw service-oriented businesses continue to grow in Amsterdam while agriculture and industrial production grew in the rest of the Netherlands. As far as the startup ecosystem is concerned, different areas in the Netherlands have different strengths.

For example, Wageningen leads in food and agriculture innovation and The Hague leads in security. Amsterdam's strong points include the sharing economy and mobile and internet applications. The world? In , new international companies established offices in the Amsterdam metropolitan area.

International companies in the area include the European headquarters for Tesla, Uber and Netflix. The increase in the number of new businesses shows that Amsterdam is living up to its ranking by Price Waterhouse Coopers as the fourth most competitive city in the world. As a startup city, our ambition is to secure a place alongside London and Berlin. Amsterdam's central location is an excellent connection to the million potential customers in the European marketplace. Amsterdam is Europe's best test-bed. It is a city with lots of curious and tech savvy people in their 20s and 30s.

If something works in the Netherlands, it works anywhere on the planet. The government actively provides early stage startups a fertile breeding ground. Adyen, Elastic, Usabilla and. WeTransfer grew their businesses out Amsterdam, into Europe, then the rest of the world. WiFi and Bluetooth are Dutch inventions. Amsterdam attracts the best engineers from all over the world.

That's why scale-ups open their European headquarters here, and fast growing tech companies keep their development teams here. Health Care] What is the future of the business in Amsterdam? Amsterdam is, and has always been, an innovative city that adapts to new developments.

This means we want to continue to strengthen our startup ecosystem, and we're open to international companies that want to come to Amsterdam.

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Mmm, Muffins: Kleine Kinderküche

Sustained growth within the start-up ecosystem benefits start-ups and "traditional" companies because it leads to innovation and creates jobs. We're keen that everyone joins the thought process and actively participate in Amsterdam's future. Please tell me about Amsterdam's sharing economy. This new way of thinking potentially has a significant impact on matters as sustainability, waste management, energy and transportation.

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What are the strongest industries in Amsterdam? Is this changing? For the last decade, the economic growth in the Amsterdam metropolitan area has been driven more by services than by production. There is a continuing trend toward a more service-based economy. At the moment, the strongest industry in the Amsterdam metropolitan area is wholesale. When it comes to international companies investing in Amsterdam, we see that our area is especially attractive to sales and marketing offices. Growing industries are software development, financial services and we also see that more data centers choose to establish in Amsterdam.

We focus on talent, capital and visibility. Also worth mentioning is our new regulation which allows ambitious entrepreneurs to apply for temporary residence permits to launch innovative new businesses in the Netherlands. What is the level of diversity in your growing population? Amsterdam has always been a diverse city. This goes back for centuries; we have long been attracting immigrants and free thinkers from all over the world.

As true entrepreneurs, we have crossed borders for hundreds of years as well. We are now a city where over nationalities live and work together. Approximately half our citizens have a non-Dutch background. We celebrate diversity. What are the most disruptive industries in Amsterdam now?

There are several examples, from several industries. Blendle changed the publishing industry, while Booking. Adyen did this for the payments industry. Peerby and 3D Hubs are important companies for the sharing economy, and WeTransfer for data transfer. We start early. Children in elementary school learn how to code. Programming skills are valuable to all kids, no matter what they want to be when they grow up.

The programming language is called Scratch, and Amsterdam will host the seventh international Scratch conference this August. As part of the conference program, parents are encouraged to attend with their children. Teachers are given access to scholarships for programming skills to be taught in their classes. Another project worth naming is Make IT Work. This project aims to retrain highly educated professionals to become software engineers. We also look to craftsmanship as a solution to the unemployment problem.

This is where vocational education comes in. We aim to improve job opportunities for young Amsterdammers by aligning education better with the needs of the labor market. We do this in close collaboration with companies in the area. Daarbij die molen, die mooie molen, daar woont het meisje waar ik zoveel van hou.

Ich verlasse Amsterdam und bin auf dem Weg nach Zandvoort. Die Konstrukteure kann man nur bewundern, fast alles ist aus Holz, alles sehr alt, aber noch voll in Funktion. Das Land wurde mit quadratischen kerzengeraden Parzellen von m x m und einem vollendet symmetrischen Wege- und Kanalnetz versehen. Mittendrin liegt das sehenswerte Dorf Middenbeemster mit einem. Heute gibt es in den Niederlanden noch 1. Jahrhundert, man sieht wie Schokolade und Kekse hergestellt wurden.

Alles kann man kostenlos besichtigen. The park is perfect for extensive walks and bike rides. A round trip on my bicycle led me back to the front of my hotel, NH Zandvoort. Dinner was quirky and fun. The waiter arrived with a platter of raw meat and fish and an array of salads. I was ushered to a barbecue where I cooked to my liking. Next day and my first stop was the Beemster Polder, the oldest area of reclaimed land in the Netherlands.

This area is soaked in history, architecture and science. I was lucky enough to have booked a drive through the area on a tuk tuk. I took in stunning Dutch landscapes. I also. I enjoyed a fabulous, locally unforgettable experience. A short car journey later I was in the picturesque city of Edam, famous for its cheese. I walked along the old streets and quiet canals and it is quite easy to imagine the Dutch town centuries ago.

For lunch I chose Hof Van Holland, a charming restaurant where everything was made to order.

My trip then took me to the Zaanse Schans, where you can watch from Circuit Park Zandvoort, the fabled former Formula 1 racetrack, but the setting near the beach and sand dunes was peaceful. My stylishly furnished room overlooked the sea and I wasted no time in getting freshened up to navigate back to another beach pavilion, this time for dinner. I chose a more relaxed feel as the sun was setting and the Safari Club offered a beach house setting, fire pits and loungers on the beach, complete with blankets to wrap up in as the sunset took away the last. You can relax in one of the many beachfront pavilions, all with their own theme.

The location and atmosphere were idyllic. The sunshine beating down and. Hotel the Grand Amsterdam is no exception. As the former Admiralty Building, the power base of the Dutch Maritime Empire, the hotel makes for a memorable first impression. About 30 — 40 minutes from the airport by car, depending on traffic, the property is in the historic UNESCO canal belt, flanked by period buildings and canals. Walking distance to city centre attractions.

Property History The hotel thanks to its interesting history occupies a number of buildings from different periods, located around courtyards. Dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries the present day luxury hotel is very much a historical place. Later it was to be the City Hall and then in it became the Admiralty Building — a remarkable base of world power, as the Netherlands was the greatest Maritime nation in the world at the time.

One of the other wings of the hotel is from the s, again beautifully restored. If you have the opportunity to meet the charismatic Director of Sales and Marketing, Mr. Ambiance The interior of the hotel is elegant, retaining the classical and art deco architectural details of the original buildings with additional, contemporary styling. The staff is well attired in formal suits and are professionally courteous. On arrival the lobby, sparkling with a crystal chandelier and plenty of silver detailing, was alive with colour from fresh flowers, creatively displayed in various deft china vases, set on silver trays.

The Lobby also leads out into the Garden Terrace, a courtyard green space with contemporary ambiance, where drinks, snacks and High Tea are served. Check-in and Welcome The reception staff is professional and check-in was plain sailing. This place clearly has an efficient crew. Well groomed, and smartly dressed. As seems to be fairly standard, reception requested not only a swipe of my credit card, but actually a physical financial deposit against potential purchasers in the hotel. I have to admit to not liking this at all. I always decline to offer a deposit.

It typically takes a week to make its way back onto your card and discrepancies are hard to sort out once you have left the country. The Room My room was a street view Superior Room. This is one of the simplest rooms in the hotel. The Superior Room avoids feeling cramped it is less than 30 sq. The room has quite a corporate feel, with no references to the historic building, except for the large period windows. It is well finished, to a luxury standard, but had no stand-out qualities.

I would suggest a unit integrated into the wall to maximise the available space. Integrated into the adjacent wall is the smart mini-bar with Nespresso machine and kettle with teas — that design worked very well. Steps lead up to the mezzanine shower room — very well laid out and designed with striking dark ceramic tiles, against which the white towels and shiny chrome fittings stood out.

There was space for a good sized shower; as well as a WC, and a wash basin. The requisite bathrobe, slippers and other amenities were all there. Turndown The Sofitel Legend attention to detail showed itself with the turndown service. Each night of my stay a chocolate treat was left on the bed — yet this was no ordinary chocolate.

Each was a beautiful, artisan creation. For me these were genuine 5 star luxury touches that lifted the somewhat generic accommodation to a distinctive level. The hotel has a sq. I managed to find time to enjoy a swim in the heated indoor pool. The spa, pool and changing areas are immaculately presented. A truly appetising two course meal that was light yet full of robust flavours. For example I still remember the delicious first plate of smoked salmon. The thickly sliced salmon was smoked over African podouk wood and served with beetroot and horseradish; sensational.

The second plate was a creamy and flavoursome slow-cooked skrei risotto with green herbs. The lunch was also a chance to see the Private Dining Room that seats up to 12 people — and classy environment for intimate events. Breakfast I have been disappointed by hotel breakfasts in Amsterdam before but The Grand really knows how to start the day right. To kick things off with real impact, the first meal of the day is served in the historic Council Chamber of the former Town Hall.

Presentation is excellent and service highly attentive, from immaculately presented staff. The a la carte menu includes expected hot options. The hotel also has a number of bars Raw Bar; Cocktail Bar; Cigar Lounge where cocktails and drinks can be paired with small bites. The Finances Prices for a superior room start from euros, but expect to pay for breakfast with the more competitive rates. I was not given the opportunity to view other room types, so I can only comment on the somewhat standard Superior Room, but clearly there are more impressive guest room options at this Grand Hotel.

Die Schnittmengen sind zu gewaltig. Vor allem in der Motivwahl. Ihre Bilder wurden zu Ikonen der Moderne. Getroffen haben sie sich nie. Beide wuchsen in einem protestantischen Haus mit dominanten Vater auf. Dann gab es in Paris, wo sie die neuesten Kunstentwicklungen aufgesogen haben, nochmal die Gelegenheit zu einem epochalen Stelldichein.

Aber die verpassten sich um wenige Wochen. Deprimierte Gestalten, Vampire und perverse Erotomanen schieben sich immer wieder ins Bild. Oder doch aus Angst? Munch — Van Gogh Termin: bis Det skyldes at han hadde en veldig mye lengre karriere enn Van Gogh. Den store kollektivutstillingen regnes for en av den tidlige modernismens viktigste markeringer, og der ble begge to presentert i stor bredde. Den ble laget av Pompidou-senteret i Paris. Serien inkluderer heller ingen kvinner.

Men sammenlignet med Van Gogh-museet i Amsterdam er dette hverdagstall. Da er det synd at det er Van Gogh-museet som stikker av med den internasjonale oppmerksomheten. But this Fall new museum openings and exciting exhibitions mean those of us with culture-lust should really, really waste no time: Go for the museums, and stay for the sumptuous city that comes with them.

Using monochromatic colors, mechanical ingenuity and ordinary objects like nails and cotton balls, they built grand, masterful pieces that tick, vibrate and produce optical illusions. It added a museum shop and cafe along with exhibit space in a separate adjacent museum. An audiotour guides you through sundry narratives of people who once lived there, from a beer-peddling family to a devoted Catholic priest. The best part of your flight, however, is the bit you can carry off the plane: a Delft Blue miniature traditional Dutch house filled with genever, or Dutch gin—the ultimate souvenir.

Finally, while grand marble staircases invoke classic elegance, playful design touches like glass butterflies whimsically suspended above the reception area are as funky as it gets. The Bloody Mary Sunday Brunch is not to be missed. What makes this local brewery even more perfect of a combination—over and above the organic grains and malt used to produce its unfiltered, unpasteurized beer, and the hipster-yet-stillwelcoming vibe of this Canal Ring hangout—is the social consciousness of its owners, who make a point of hiring locals facing a history of employment discrimination.

Hujen ist ein echter Aussteiger. Wasser ist das Element, von dem und mit dem hier oben in Nordholland und vor allem dem benachbarten Flevoland alle leben. Hat man doch erst im Jahrhundert seit dieses Land dem Wasser abgetrotzt und Neuland gewonnen durch Pumpenwerke und Deichbildung. Nur die Besatzung und die gut betuchten Passagiere hatten eine wohnliche Kabine am Oberdeck. Naarden — zwischen wohlhabender Beschaulichkeit und Festungsbau: die alte Garnisonsstadt Nach so vielen Erlebnissen zu Wasser will ich auch einmal etwas am Land erleben und begebe mich nach Naarden in der Nachbarprovinz Nordholland.

Und das kleine Kieselprofil. Karren die von Hunden gezogen werden? Eine Tradition? Eine abwechslungsreiche Idee. Wer wird denn gleich in die Luft gehen? Nun aber geht es in die Luft, denn von oben sieht die Welt hier noch einmal ganz anders aus. Es muss nicht immer die Metropole sein, die Erlebnisse bietet, in nur 20 Minuten mit dem Zug oder 30 Minuten mit dem Auto ist man in Flevoland.

Denn Das Markemeer und das Ijselmeer sind auch im Winter reizvoll und nicht so kalt wie in Deutschland. Das Hotel hat eigentlich drei Sterne, verdient aber wegen seines hohen Komforts durchaus als vier-Sterne-Unterkunft verstanden zu werden. Amsterdam aims to become a top European startup hub Amsterdam is selling itself to the startup community as a nice place to live with a high standard of living, and one that opens doors to the continent.

Until recently, there were no formal government policies and programmes for startups in Amsterdam. But a government and private sector initiative called StartupAmsterdam is changing this. Amsterdam offers a startup visa to help companies bring in new staff, and has a rule which means foreign staff pay less income tax. She was referring to companies being charged tax upfront, which would proved difficult for startups as they take some years to make money.

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Investing in growth and talent Bas Beekman, public lead at StartupAmsterdam, said although Amsterdam has a vibrant startup scene, it lacks companies that are growing fast. And it is not just about Amsterdam, but the Netherlands as a whole, with Eindhoven and Rotterdam close by. It is the same in Germany, where Berlin has a strong tech cluster but it is separate from others. Maurice Groenhart, product manager at augmented reality company Blippar, said Amsterdam is becoming a more attractive location for talent. Collaboration between corporates and startups Dutch corporates are also getting involved as they recognise the importance of a startup scene.

Lodewijk Bonebakker, head of the customer experience centre at Dutch bank ING, where he manages its innovation hub and reports directly to the chief innovation officer, said a local startup scene is crucial to big Dutch businesses. Having a local startup scene allows corporates to explore and collaborate on new solutions, technologies and directions.

He added that Dutch corporates have realised they have a challenge to increase the pace of implementing new technologies and have begun to actively seek collaboration with startups. ING itself buys IT from startups in certain areas. The thriving IT startup scene is a reminder of how exciting and full of possibilities the world economy still is. Bonebakker added that startup programmes initiated by the government are a good start and the next step is to develop much closer relationships between universities, corporates and startups to stimulate the transfer of knowledge and technologies.

It must go beyond IT, he pointed out. It is the cross-pollination and active collaboration between different fields that traditionally has given the largest breakthroughs. W hy Holland wants to be the tech centre of Europe With its millions of decidedly low-tech bikes and relentless tourists you could be forgiven for thinking that Amsterdam is far from being the central hub of big business in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is small but perfectly formed when it comes to infrastructure, with great transport links, including a very well-used rail network and air links to anywhere in the world.

Little wonder then that the country has been the home for countless start-ups, many of which have gone on to become global players in the field of business. But, there are currently many more waiting in the wings to try their hand at making a success of their innovative new venture. In fact, Amsterdam is home to over start-ups on its own and also boasts a proven track record when it comes to honing a business model and getting it ready to roll out to the world.

Armed with national and local government support, the Netherlands has also been successful in getting behind the likes of Netflix and Uber, both of which call Amsterdam home for the focus of their European operations. Blippar is one great example that is growing at a rate of knots with its bold and brazen attempt to exploit the power of augmented reality, a move that company hopes could transform the way we look and interact with things in our world. Blippar wants us all to be able to point our phones at objects — we saw a banana used as an example — and, thanks their database we will then be able to see all manner of facts, figures and imagery related to anything and everything, including bananas.

However, it illustrates perfectly how Blippar and other companies like it reckon that Amsterdam is the perfect place to expand the business.

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The city has also just run Amsterdam Capital Week, the first of its kind and an event that has been specifically designed to showcase new business, new ideas and allow entrepreneurs to pitch both their business concept and seek finance via a series of more than 20 events. Adyen is one of the biggest examples of this, with its slick offices that overlook the waterways right down the road canal from Centraal Station. Inside this prime location Adyen CEO Pietr van der Does oversees his technology business that provides a global payment solution for countless businesses around the world.

The Dutch are old masters of innovation and globalization. In fact, the official launch of Amsterdam Captial Week appropriately took place in the old Amsterdam Stock Exchange, the first stock exchange in the world. At a time when trade companies would form to carry out a particular voyage and disband upon its return, the VOC turned the industry upside down by establishing a permanent company that issued shares of its business in order to raise capital. Sound familiar? Unlike other major European cities which were built by empires, Amsterdam was built by merchants.

This entrepreneurial spirit is very much alive and thriving as the city evolved over the past few centuries. In addition to the Dutch history of disruptive companies, there are three main factors that propel the city to join the ranks of London and Berlin. Firstly, Amsterdamers and the Dutch market as a whole openly embrace innovation. This quality makes the Netherlands a great testbed for new products and services. Tesla, for example, has its European headquarters in Amsterdam and has been able to reach the mass market through its fleet of electric taxis that shuttle visitors to and from the Schipol International Airport.

The move towards electric vehicles is a part of the airports strategic push to become the greenest airport in the world. However, Amsterdam hopes to lead the world in more ways than just in sustainable transportation. Secondly, Amsterdam is strategically positioned for any companies looking to expand in Europe and beyond. The city is located in the middle of what is known as the European Blue Banana and has strong connections with the outlying Scandanavian markets.

Amsterdam also has historical ties with other major global markets such as India and Japan; the fact that the Dutch can easily work in English also attracts global businesses. There is a strong ethos here of collaboration and knowledge sharing. Her belief in the role of technology and innovation in Amsterdam is exemplified through the introduction of coding to the primary school curriculum.

StartupAmsterdam is a public-private partnership that connects startups with government resources and the expertise of successful entrepreneurs. StartupAmsterdam also brings in entrepreneurs to tackle challenging societal issues such as waste management, mobility, and connectivity through its Startups in Residence programme. Furthermore, the former EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes, who helped to develop the European Policy for the digitalization of society and economy, was appointed Special Envoy to strengthen the international position of startups in the Netherlands and persuade innovative foreign startups to establish their businesses there.

The Dutch capital also has a relatively lower cost of living as compared with other European capitals like London or Paris. What Amsterdam still needs in order to compete with London and Berlin- - is investment capital. The first step in addressing this capital gap is by educating the startup community on where and how they may obtain funding.

In true Amsterdam style, the organizers of the Amsterdam Capital week led a biking tourof the city where more than 30 investors opened their doors to groups of hopeful entrepreneurs for an afternoon of frank discussions on raising capital. Investors were also challenged to pitch their firms to startups during the Capital on Stage Conference. This diverse group of investors ranged from large international firms willing to invest in hundreds of millions of Euros to a start-up investment firm that officially launched this month.

A key characteristic that many investors look for is that the company has some links to the Netherlands. Several investors were successful Dutch entrepreneurs who have returned to the Netherlands from London or the Silicon Valley. Eat in the Art of Amsterdam In most places you drink in the sights but in Amsterdam you should plan to eat in them too. If time is tight then instead of heading from museum to restaurant, dine at the museum. In the last few years major museums including the Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk and Van Gogh Museum have benefited from major renovations, and they have also taken the opportunity to update their eating options too.

Here are six of the best eating options in Amsterdam's museums and other attractions:. Chef Joris Bijdendijk is not only serving his personal take on Dutch cuisine, using local ingredients as much as possible, each month he invites a guest chef to prepare a menu to run alongside his own. The result is a delightful and exciting choice for diners, and a restaurant that gets talked about in the city.

Definitely book ahead if you hope to eat dinner there. It's a light and airy space, named after one of the artist's favourite bars when he was living in Paris and which features in his work. Restaurant Stedelijk, Stedelijk Museum Not to be outdone by the Rijksmuseum, the Restaurant Stedelijk down the street at the Stedelijk modern art museum is open till midnight every day.

It has an outdoor terrace and indoor seating with large windows to give a light and airy feel, and is also open to non-museum visitors. Stalpaert Restaurant, Scheepvaartmuseum The Stalpaert Restaurant at the Maritime Museum is bright, modern and airy, with huge windows providing lovely views out over the water. Like the museum, the restaurant is open daily 9am-5pm. The menu takes its inspiration from the museum's international theme and might feature dishes such as Thai PumpkinCoconut Soup or Mexican Vegetable Pie.

The menu is simple but uses all-organic ingredients, and there's a three-course fixed-price lunch option, which includes a glass of wine or other drink. The Museum Cafe is open daily 10am-3pm. De Plantage at the Artis Royal Zoo The Artis Royal Zoo has always had a choice of eating options in the grounds, which were aimed at families and safe but not very exciting. But these days the zoo is undergoing a major makeover under a new director, which resulted in it being named the best zoo in the Benelux countries in It's open daily till 1am, with the kitchen open till 10pm.

In the Scheepvaart Museum In most places you drink in the sights but in Amsterdam you should plan to eat in them. Here are six of the best eating options in Amsterdam's museums and other attractions: The Rijksmuseum Located in the museum's newly-refurbished Philips Wing, the RIJKS restaurant is attracting the city's diners by being open seven days a week for both lunch and dinner, until 11pm. Chef Joris Bijdendijk is not only serving his personal take on Dutch cuisine, using local ingredients as much as possible, he also invites guest chefs to prepare a menu to run alongside his own.

The result is a delightful and exciting choice for diners, and a. Stedelijk Museum Not to be outdone by the Rijksmuseum, the Restaurant Stedelijk down the street at the modern art museum is open till midnight every day. It has an outdoor terrace and indoor seating with large windows to give a bright and spacious feel, and is also open to nonmuseum visitors.

Dining in the Scheepvaart Museum The Scheepvaart Museum The Stalpaert restaurant at the Maritime Museum is bright, modern and relaxing, with huge windows providing lovely views out over the water. The food matches the feel - light and fresh, with soups of the day, a wonderful apple pie, and a choice of tasty salads and sandwiches, such as a dried smoked ham, tapenade and roasted peppers sandwich or a kipper salad with red beet, potato and horseradish.

The Orangery is open daily 10am-3pm. The Plantage Restaurant at the Artis Zoo Artis Royal Zoo The zoo has always had a choice of eating options in the grounds, which were aimed at families and safe but not very exciting. His own guide, Amsterdam and Beyond, is available from Amazon. So we source our own and choose the quality. With the Direct Trade that we use, we buy direct from individual growers so the best growers get the rewards.

Roasting Coffee We start with a lesson in smelling and tasting coffee. On a work table this is work, not relaxation four cups are covered with saucers. Each one contains four grams of lightlyroasted beans, covered to keep in the aromas. You mark coffee out of a hundred based on quality. Everyone does the same process. You grind it quite coarsely. Now get your noses in there! Brazilian is great for espresso, as if you want to add milk to it you can still taste the coffee. Add milk to an Ethiopian coffee and it tastes of milk.

Jeremy then gives us an insight into the skills of the barista.

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Your grinder is really important. We always heat milk up to 65 degrees Fahrenheit, and we do that for all coffees, including cappuccinos. Martin shows us how to do it by the way you hold the cup, how close you pour it and the angle at which you pour in the milk. Naturally what he produces is a Picasso compared to our own dismal blobby efforts, but after a few tries we do manage to improve. Photos All Photos c Mike Gerrard. Getty Images. Creative Commons. Talvez a mais curiosa seja a Poezenboot, uma casa fluvial que abriga gatos de rua.

Vale cada caloria consumida. O nome original. Um passeio pelo House of Bols a marca mais tradicional pode ser agendado neste link. Media: Vash Dosug Circulation: 55 Media type: lifestyle magazine Article title: Rembrabdt and rave Summary: The author managed to tell so much about Holland, Amsterdam, its sights, festivals etc. There is a lot of interesting information about Amsterdam, its history and pecularities. The author mentioned Hilton hotel as a good advice for accommodation and Iamsterdam City Card for comforatable city experience.

The author shares his experience and advices about shopping in Amsterdam recommending where one can buy certain things, flowers, tulip bulbs, food, cheese. And of course the author shares his experience of Amsterdam Dance Festival It is highly recommended to visit Amsterdam in October for electronic music lovers as ADE is annually held at this time. For 5 days Amsterdam is in yellowblack flags with ADE letters and the city welcomes clubbers and celebrities from all around the world. Locations of ADE are very diversified: from Het Sieraad to Westerkerk, where this autumn the techno opera inspired by Stabat Mater anthem opening was held.

Amsterdam is so amazing city that only here it is possible to hold club music event at the church. The author is very impressed by the city and ilife in Amsterdam and managed to reflect it in the article. Thanks to the Holland Alliance for the trip organizing www. Media: vashdosug. The author was so impressed by Holland and Amsterdam, this trip destroyed all stereotypes about Amsterdam and the Netherlands were presented totally differently.

King cafe or dinner in De Waag. And there is Amsterdam Dance Event, the main electronic music festival. The author tells a lot about ADE, its events and head liners, parties and conferences. Anna manged to feature everything in the article, detailed ADE program with description and her personal experience and many photos from visited events, and tell abou Amsterdam as an unique city where everybody can find something special during any year time. The edition of Amsterdam dance event saw record numbers attend as it continues to grow into an annual destination for all in the electronic music industry ADE.

In mid-October, over , festival-goers and 5, music industry professionals flocked to the Dutch capital of Amsterdam to experience global electronic music culture at its very best. We will always look for ways to keep things fresh and ways to move forward and add to the festival," Zijlma finished. ADE isn't just about panels, talks and industry schmoozing.

It's at this Friday night knees-up that the annual global poll's winner is revealed, with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike controversially taking out this year's crown in front of 40, fans. ADE strives to bring people together from all over the world and introduce individuals young and old to what's new in the industry, whether that be the latest technology, genres or artists, the city of Amsterdam is the beacon of the scene and the trailblazer for the industry. ADE does not just offer the opportunity for artists and labels to gain new fans, there is also room for brands and start-ups of all kinds.

Crowdmix, which is a new social platform attracting lots of attention without. Keep you're eyes peeled for them in ! Other highlights included Seth Troxler selflessly giving his time to feeding the homeless plus the Native Instruments kitchen, that gave out free breakfast and lunch throughout the week. If you're a fan of electronic music or even a little curious, then there is no doubt where you should be come October ADE is a whirlwind experience showing off every aspect of Amsterdam, and it's hard to argue that it is edging towards being the international home of the dance music industry.

Alexandra Prado Coelho. LinkInBio Hope you enjoy it! Finally finished this little raglan dress for my girl. The neckline was too big so I ruffled it. It looks just perfect now! The German patterns to three of my cuddly animals Hippo, Octopus, Whale are available for free on my blog. Some months! I finally finished my little one's top and I still have some yarn left. So I might just make a matching bonnet.

Thanks for posting your version of my sailing boat, dear chrochetqueen! I love the colors you used, especially the light green! The crochet pattern is available for free on my blog. I vividly remember how her brother made his first steps wearing this onesie Working on the last letter I didn't work in order for baby girl's bunting today. I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned it in my feed. Can you guess 4 's name yet? Have a lovely day, dear instas! Zeigt mir Eure Kleinen unter dem Hashtag kardiomuffelchen und vielleicht landen sie schon bald als Repost in meinem Instafeed!

The mail has arrived! But someone reached the mailbox earlier than me! Want to crochet yourself some yarnaddicted Kardiomuffelchens? Couldn't finish my son's Ghostbusters costume in time. The free crochet pattern can be found on my blog. Link in bio! Nilpferde sind ja bekanntlich echte Backtalente. Link in Bio! Time to write some patterns! The new BFFs were having a great time taking selfies. And now we finally know her name: Dina the Deer. For a little over two months Kardiomuffelchen has been having fun on Instagram.

Thanks for all the likes, mentions, tags and comments! Garn: Cool Wool Big by lanagrossa Anleitung: kardiomuffelchen. Der goldene Oktober hat heute mit einer ordentlichen Portion Sonne begonnen. Ihr wisst ja, wie sehr ich Gelb liebe! Garn: "Cool Wool Big" von lanagrossa. I just saw a unicorn flying through my living-room.

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