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The Distones Jazz Sextet; Nov. The Distones Jazz Sextet; All shows 8 p. All shows p. Cal Performances Nov 8: 8 p. Way, Oakland. All Shows 8 p. Jupiter Nov. MusicSources Nov. Both shows 5 p. Rose Street House of Music Nov. Cal Performances Nov. Thrust Stage, Addison St. Three one-acts that look at interpersonal, as well as societal relationships from the perspective of the disabled. Written by Adam Rapp.

Performance by member of L. East Bay performance series presents a different program each evening. Eighth Street Studio, Eighth St. Live Oak Theatre, Shattuck. Directed by Barbara Oliver. Aurora Theatre Company, Addison St. A mystery-comedy dinner show at The Madison about a murder at the home of Satin Moray, a club owner and self-proclaimed socialite with a scarlet past. Dinner is included in the price of the theater ticket.

Transparent Theater, Ashby Ave. Directed by Brian Kulick. Berkeley Repertory Theatre, Addison St. Kaiser Convention Center, Ten 10th St. Pacific Film Archive Theater Nov. Three Romances ; p. Trax Ceramic Gallery, 3rd St. Photographs of work, love, community, culture and disasters of Japan as seen by Japanese news photographers. Works included in the exhibition are mixed media paintings on panel and assemblage works on paper and canvas.

Ardency Gallery, Broadway, Oakland Gallery Hours, Mon. Photolab Gallery, Fifth St. Traywick Gallery, Tenth St. Through Nov. Kala Art Institue, Heinz Ave. Ardency Gallery, roadway, Oakland. Berkeley Art Center, Walnut St. Call ahead for hours.


Atelier 9 Ninth St. All events are free. Eastwind Books of Berkeley Nov. Noel Alumit, M. UC Berkeley, Nov. Open mic evening open to all writers and performers. Written by Andrea Mock. Speakeasy Theatre, 7th St. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Fridays - a. Call ahead to make reservations. University of California, Berkeley. Trains run Sun. Rides: Sun. Oakland Museum of California through Nov.

A 20 foot by 40 foot replica of the fearsome dinosaur made from casts of bones of the most complete T. Rex skeleton yet excavated. When unearthed in Montana, the bones were all lying in place with only a small piece of the tailbone missing. The Pteranodon lived at the same time as the dinosaurs. It will reopen in early Saturdays - p. Holt Planetarium Programs are recommended for age 8 and up; children under age 6 will not be admitted.

Using a simple star map, learn to identify the most prominent constellations for the season in the planetarium sky. Daily, p. Daily 10 a. Centennial Drive, UC Berkeley or www. Send arts events two weeks in advance to Calendar berkeleydailyplanet. Berkeley piled up total yards, including on the ground, while holding Richmond to just yards, most of them well after the game had been decided.

Six different Berkeley players scored touchdowns in the rout. Defensive tackle Robert Hunter-Ford set the tone early, stuffing the first two Oiler plays for a net of -7 yards. Hunter-Ford is playing tackle for the first time this year, having been moved inside when mammoth junior Jamal Lucas-Johnson went down with an ankle injury three games ago. The pound Lucas-Johnson, who should be back for the Pinole Valley game, has been tutoring Hunter-Ford on interior play since his injury. When their first drive died a quick death, the Oilers called on the punt team.

But the snap was low, and Berkeley recovered the ball on the Richmond 14 yard-line. Three plays later, tailback Craig Hollis ran one in from four yards out, and the rout was on. The next Richmond drive resulted in another three-and-out, and this time the punt snap was good. But Scarborough broke through and blocked the punt, recovering the ball on the 1. Fullback Roger Mason plunged over the goal line for another Berkeley score on the next play.

Second half highlights included two long touchdown runs by Mario Mejia, who has now scored all three times he has touched the ball this season, and a yard reverse for a touchdown by speedy wideout Sean Young.

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However, it became evident at the Oct. Avalon, with 75 employees, is housed in Emeryville. MU-LI codes, which were developed after the city approved the West Berkeley Plan in , specifically state that if publishers do not run their own printing press, they cannot occupy former industrial space. He said his employees physically proof the galleys of books in development, handle and gauge potential materials and do other tasks that result in a physical product — the book.

But according to the authors of the Standard Industrial Code, the U. Personally, I would rather see the heavy manufacturing move out of West Berkeley. Capitelli also said in light of the damage the ruling may inflict on the company, the city should review policies like the West Berkeley Plan. The issue of conversion of manufacturing spaces in the MU-LI district has been a major controversy of late. The Planning Commission is studying whether or not it will recommend a one-year ban on conversion to the City Council.

Thank God, there are a handful of Americans and elected officials that remember that this country was founded on the principals of free speech. I, along with the City Council of Berkeley, condemn the terrorists responsible for the mass killings of innocent people in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. But it is properly the purview of the United Nations and international tribunals such as the World Court or International Criminal Court to bring the terrorists to justice.

A long time ago, citizens of the United States decided we wanted formal trial by jury of peers vs. There are several international legal avenues available to the United States for recompense. As of this writing we have decided not to use them. I hope that you and others in the media will editorialize on means other than killing impoverished mothers and children in Afghanistan to bring justice and healing to the world.

I commend you on your vote on Oct. Your courage in the face of certain backlash, for instance death threats, is a tribute to true patriotism. You spoke for me when you passed this resolution. Anybody who is familiar with foreign players realizes that these players have done everything they could to secure their amateur status. Fortunately, the Board realized that. The policy primarily affects international basketball student-athletes who have participated in international leagues. This action changes the existing policy of the reinstatement subcommittee, which specifies that student-athletes who participated in first-tier-level professional competition in a foreign country would be withheld from one intercollegiate game for each professional game played.

As a member of the Israeli National Team, Tamir played a number of games both with and against professionals. Instead, Tamir will make his Cal debut Dec. A , pound post player, Tamir has already served a three-year commitment with the Israeli army before enrolling at Cal. The Jerusalem native led his high school team to the city championship, and he also represented Israel at the Under European championships.

It is a special time to share with her son. Olkin says she is one of 10 million parents nationwide with a disability. She has devoted much of her professional life to increasing awareness and knowledge of disabilities. Olkin is a professor of clinical psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology at Alameda and a staff member at Through the Looking Glass, a Berkeley-based nonprofit organization that provides direct services, information and referral to families in which one or more members have a disability,.

Now, she is spearheading a survey to learn more about the experiences of disabled parents raising teenagers. Paul Preston, co-director of the National Resource Center for Parents with Disabilities at Through the Looking Glass, agreed and said parents with disabilities have special concerns. What do I teach her? Do I stand up for myself? Or do I teach her to fit in? In the end, Olkin wrote a letter to the school principal, and her daughter supported the decision.

Olkin also said disabled parents feel guilty about how their condition affects their children. According to Olkin, the three-year survey conducted by Through the Looking Glass and funded exclusively through a grant from the U. Department of Education is the first study to focus on disabled parents who have teenagers. Olkin said the goal is to survey to parents and teenagers nationwide by September So far, the agency has surveyed between 60 and And the response has been positive, she said.

During the surveys, people talk to us longer than we thought they would. Olkin, who trains therapists about disability issues, said that little information existed about disabled parenting when she was pregnant with her first child. After her son was born, Olkin, who used crutches since the age of 16, decided she needed a scooter. Whether I could grocery shop. Olkin said one of her anxieties during those early years was the fear that her children would be taken away from her.

But instead of taking my crutches or helping me with my groceries, she took my baby out of my arms. I panicked. I really felt physically vulnerable. In divorce proceedings, Olkin said courts look favorably on able-bodied parents and that Through the Looking Glass receives four phone calls a week from disabled parents seeking assistance with custody issues. Though Olkin eventually got over her fears, she has faced many physical challenges since. One of the hardest tasks was getting her children into their car seats when they were younger.

Every year, for instance, we make Hanukkah decorations together. And because of that, we see a lot of our community projects around the house. Olkin also said teenagers of disabled parents often display more tolerance toward others and have higher levels of empathy.

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Olkin said the survey aims to examine unspoken issues like this as well as other challenges and benefits disabled parents and their teenagers face. The survey, conducted in writing or on the phone, can last anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour depending on format, disability and whether the respondent is a parent or teen. An online version will be available in three to four weeks. For more information about the survey contact Nancy Freed at Through the Looking Glass: ext. I wish someone would give ME a blank check.

I am a low-income, single-parent mother who has put three out of four children through college and trust me when I say that I KNOW how to make an eagle scream. As a mother, I had to learn the hard way that the use of violence, humiliation and punishment is inefficient, ineffective and dangerous. Punishment always leads to resistance. Humans all think alike. Adults are just kids that grew up. You want co-operation? You gotta use positive reinforcement!

Ask any mom. Nothing else works. After receiving several months of data from a year-long study at Harrison Soccer Fields, the Community Environmental Advisory Commission asked city staff to post notices of poor air quality around the popular field. The recommendation also asks the planning department to make sure parents have signed mandatory waivers before allowing their children to play at the field, located at Fifth and Harrison streets. Some commissioners thought the notices and waivers were critical because of the many youth soccer games at the field.

The commission approved the recommendation at its Thursday meeting by a vote of , with Commissioner Robert Clear voting in opposition and new Commissioner Sarah MacKusick and temporary Commissioner Dan Simon abstaining. Clear said he voted against the recommendation because he thought the commission did not have enough time to discuss the issue before voting.

With Vice Chairperson LA Wood chairing the meeting while Chairperson Elmer Grossman is away, the commission requested the posting because preliminary results from an air study showed the level of Particulate Matter 10 exceeded state standards an average of five times a month since July 1, when the study began. The most recent test results show that during the first two weeks of October, the particulate matter level exceeded state standards four times. The sports facility was the site of another environmental controversy earlier this year when construction of the Harrison Field Skate Park, also located at Fifth and Harrison streets, was halted because of the discovery of the carcinogen Chromium 6 in groundwater during excavation of nine-foot deep skate bowls.

Particulate matter is small airborne pieces of liquid or solid matter that originates from a variety of sources, but is most often associated with exhaust from automobiles, according to information posted on the Bay Area Air Quality Management Web site. The city contracted with Applied Measurement Science to conduct a one-year air study because of concerns about the widening of the Interstate 80 Freeway, which is adjacent to the field.

In addition there are s several industrial manufacturing facilities and a waste transfer station nearby. Al-Hadithy also cautioned it would be unwise to assume the preliminary test results mean there is an excessive health risk for people who use Harrison Soccer Field or live nearby. Eric Winegar, who is carrying out the study for AMS, said he will include a health risk assessment when the study is completed in June. Winegar said there was enough information to post notices at the field as long as they were not worded in an alarming way.

For to-date test data from the Harrison Field air study go to www. The Daily Planet received a copy of this letter written to the City Council:. I live downtown. I walk to most things, including work. In the nearly eight years I have lived in downtown, I have seen it change dramatically from a place people avoided at night to a vibrant destination. Things happen all day in downtown Berkeley.

Has anyone actually tried to park in downtown recently? The new time limited parking meters are already a major irritation for my friends when they visit. As I understand the grand vision of good intentions, more people will live downtown and they will supposedly receive incentives not to have cars I suspect they will take the incentives and park in the neighborhoods. In this vision, the city with a derring-do rivaling that of the Flying Wallendas declares a moratorium on new parking just as the Kittredge garage comes down and Vista College takes its lot out of service to build its facilities.

But the City Wallendas are fearless and want people out of cars. Did the Council fund a transit pass? What have I missed? When did John Ashcroft approve the alternate transportation check points? Just as actions have consequences, so can overly zealous good intentions. And even the best of intentions. Maybe a reality in Idaho, or Wyoming, right? During the last month, their phones have been ringing off the hook with landlords lowering prices. Vacancies are up more than percent from last year, according to Allison Vogel, director of customer service at Homefinders, a Berkeley-based referral service.

As of Oct. White said some landlords have to drop prices three or four times before a tenant moves in. The landlord offered one month free, but it was a duplex, and Spaull wants a single family home. Jobs were plentiful, but competition for scarce housing was fierce. October and November are typically slow months for rentals, said representatives from all three referral companies. But the volume of vacancies is much higher than in years past.

White said she began to see signs of a slowdown as early as June. Some rents were dropping in August, which is typically peak season as students return for the school year. San Francisco has seen the impact of a softening market for several months. Postings to a housing forum on the web-based craigslist.

Some existing tenants have also been able to ward-off rent increases. He said he rented an apartment in North Oakland last month just three hours after placing an ad. Meanwhile, the student-run newspaper, The Daily Californian, received numerous calls from landlords wanting to change the asking price listed in advertisements. Indeed, many properties have languished on the market for months. Chun-Xian Sung has had a vacancy in large two-bedroom apartment in posh North Berkeley for three months.

The year old Chinese immigrant is worried; rent from the eight-unit building supports him in his retirement. Sung has advertised with Homefinders, eHousing, and Cal Rentals. These agencies said their phones are ringing off the hook from landlords, but not necessarily from tenants, whose subscription fees sustain their businesses. Both Mohammed and Jesus, I am sure, would be pleased. Just making the warning, rightly or wrongly, accomplished a terrorist goal, the disruption of normal life, said George Vinson, the special security adviser Davis named Thursday.

They release information, they make threats, they want to create anxiety among people. Because federal investigators released information about the threats to various West Coast law enforcement agencies, the information might have become public without Davis. Announcements, however, can make the public more vigilant, said University of California, Irvine political scientist Mark P.

Petracca, who defended Davis. As Ridge mentioned, some of the information was already leaking out, said San Francisco Police Chief Fred Lau, adding that he was preparing to release the information himself Thursday after learning that East Coast corporations were already warning their western employees of the threat. Davis on Friday again defended his decision, which he said was based on written warnings from three federal agencies. This is not an easy line to walk. On Friday, traffic flowed normally across San Francisco Bay Area bridges during the morning commute, amid noticeably higher security.

Several commuters who decided not to alter their plans said Davis overreacted. But Bechtel Inc. Officials should limit the number of announcements they make to avoid crying wolf and diminishing their future credibility, said Rep. Nancy Pelosi, a San Francisco Democrat whose district includes the potential targets.

But they held out hope that state attorneys general could make the deal more restrictive. Microsoft and the Justice Department presented the settlement to a federal judge Friday, saying it would end the antitrust case in a way that would help the sagging economy. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly agreed to review it and gave the 18 states involved in the case until Tuesday to decide whether to accept the plan.

Several competitors called on the state attorneys general to insist on making changes to the settlement. Sun Microsystems Inc. Paul T. The state attorneys general had been pressing for stiffer penalties, but on Friday, several said progress had been made. For example, some rivals point out that Microsoft has kept secret key technical details of its Internet initiative, known as. NET, in hopes of making it the de facto standard system for Web transactions. Some competitors say. NET programs should be made to work with their own Web interfaces. IBM Corp. Neither would Oracle Corp.

One reason few large technology companies are willing to openly criticize Microsoft is that Microsoft is so far-reaching, even its competitors likely will need to work with it at some point. In fact, the industry has changed so much since the Clinton administration first sued Microsoft in — alleging that it unfairly forced PC makers to sell the Internet Explorer Web browser — that even formerly unabashed rivals now find themselves aligned with Microsoft. For example, Netscape Communications Corp. Bre-X Minerals Ltd. Potential investors stopped buying Global Diamond, leaving the company with no way of financing a deal to tap a new mine in South Africa.

So, Global Diamond went looking for private investors, a search that led to Al-Qadi, one of 39 people and groups named by the U. Treasury Department Oct. Also, it illustrates how some accused of helping bin Laden can have legitimate activities while also allegedly backing terrorism. Global Diamond officials found the Saudi millionaire a charming, honorable businessman who filed the appropriate regulatory paperwork and provided essential financing. Behind the scenes, U.

With the help of a London-based investment firm, the company met in May with executives of the Bin Laden Group, a Saudi conglomerate. It has also severed ties to Osama bin Laden, a man the Bush administration calls the prime suspect in the Sept. No direct evidence has surfaced to tie the Saudi exile to the company. But it was through a Bin Laden Group executive that Al-Qadi joined the board, interviews and court records show.

One was Al-Qadi. He also is listed as chairman of the Caravan Co. Basodan and Al-Qadi have also split, de Villiers said. No one in the company has ever talked to Al-Qadi, he said. The Al Murjan Group was represented on the board by Dr. Microsoft and the Justice Department presented the settlement to U. She agreed to review it and gave the 18 states involved in the case until Tuesday to decide whether to accept the plan. A California appeals court ruled Thursday that using the Internet to publish software code that decrypts and copies DVD movies is protected by the First Amendment as an expression of free speech.

The awards recognize those who encourage the adoption of technological advances in health, education, environment, economic development and equality. The winners include Joseph DeRisi, an assistant professor at the University of California, San Francisco, who worked at fighting malaria; the Audubon Center for Research and Endangered Species in New Orleans for reproduction technology to save threatened species.

They want new bathrooms built inside the classrooms. The district has already put out bids for a contractor to renovate and clean the existing bathrooms — a task another parent demanded. But Superintendent Michelle Lawrence said Wednesday that the question of their location offered no easy solution. The two bathrooms face McKinley Street, which is blocked off to traffic but easily accessible to the public.

A five-foot-tall chain-link fence separates the building from the sidewalk, but a gate is open to the street 20 feet away. Rita Kimble, the school principal, said she installed that chain-link fence two years ago, when she began working at Washington. Parents had expressed concern at the time.

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On Wednesday afternoon, several first- and second-grade students bounded around the building in their Halloween costumes to use the bathrooms and lingered afterwards for a few moments on the stairs up to the doors, watching the sunny street. The parents started writing letters to Kimble, the first-grade teacher, Avis Minger and district administrators soon after the school year began. Aside from decrying the bathroom location, they also described the conditions inside the bathrooms in terms reminiscent of an underdeveloped country. They cited flooding, lack of soap and paper, peeling paint, and faucets so tight that girls have had to ask boys to come in and help operate them.

In a letter responding to the parents, dated Sept.

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She noted that flooring and painting work had already been initiated and said coded locks would be placed on the bathroom doors. Kimble also said she would ask teachers to take their classes to the bathroom as a group. But in a Sept. The bathrooms were added within a year to handle the expanded school population, she said. Laura Nader, Ph. A hands on workshop in a local garden built from local native plants, restoration gardening, philosophy, ecology, design, local plant sources, and home propagation.

How do we count the living spaces in the downtown? The the building boom — the bedroom, loft, and studio building boom — now underway should leave some public record of what it has accomplished. The General Plan on page 12 in its Land Use Element gives a beginning: a table of 10 residential mixed-use projects recently or nearly finished, each one listed with an address, the project type rental, condo and the number of units.

But a living space is better measured by the bedroom than by the unit, and with the assistance this week of two diligent city planners this information is not usually part of the necessary public record , the bedroom count for seven of the 10 can be given: for the seven projects, units and bedrooms including lofts and studios.

The other three still need research. Among the seven projects is the Gaia building, which led in both units 91 and bedrooms , but its leadership may be short-lived. On Oct. Its developers want to call it Library Gardens, but with units and — are you sitting down? And Gardens or Village, it will be right next to the Central Library.

All this may be news to you, particularly the size of the project, which has moved very quietly through the permitting channels, though it has taken a year and a half. The quietness is partly due to the noise elsewhere in the Berkeley construction scene involving Gaia. But it is also because the Central Library has been absent from its home on Kittredge since October, Without patrons and supporters coming daily to Kittredge, a developer the Use Permit application for the project is dated May, might imagine that the library building is the library.

Not so: only a library in residence is a library. And a library in residence is its own best — and I think only true — spokesperson. But infilling implies filling — with people. The downtown will suddenly have a population it has not had, and that population will be first in line to use the new Central Library.

If the demand is heavy enough, Central may unofficially become Downtown, though it has been redesigned to be Central — to all of Berkeley. Will the extra local demand require a future expansion? My guess is that it will, in 10 to 15 years. But also, if I understand the design of the project next door at Kittredge, no expansion will physically be possible. What a problem: pressure, and no way to release it. Is there a way to challenge The Village? The ZAB process allows only a short appeals period, which for this project expires at 5 p.

Tuesday Nov. Someone with more insight than me into the project and the appeals process might want to take up the challenge. This project may be the largest one downtown since the trenching for BART in , and with people my estimate, a low one, I think , will shift the center of people gravity significantly southwest. Televising ZAB meetings will allow both public scrutiny and the scrutiny of the process of public scrutiny. ZAB most certainly followed the procedures, but it would have been much better if more people could have been watching and commenting.

And more should be watching and commenting now and in the near future as this great change of downtown to mixed-use residential is contemplated, planned and executed. The folklorist begins notetaking, and this ornate floral-smelling tale of how a certain Rusalka came into being unfolds. This Rusalka, a mythical creature who lives in the river and leaves at certain times in order to fertilize crops, was originally a young virgin named Valasha, who was simply too sweet for this world.

At one point, the villagers try to pay off the Vodany with the sacrifice of a gleaming strong horse, that they tie up and drown in a quite vividly-described passage. The Distones Jazz Sextet All shows 8 p. Cal got strong guard play last year from Courtney Johnson Last season, Cal had a 12—16 8—10 in the Pac—10 record to tie for sixth in the conference.

The media poll picked the Bears ninth. Stanford earned the top spot in both polls. They bring in nine newcomers, but two of the brightest — sophomore center Olga Volkova and freshman guard Jackie Lord — enter the season recovering from ACL injuries. Volkova, a 6—foot—4 Ukrainian center, injured her knee last year while playing for Merritt College in Oakland. The status of her knee really right now is uncertain. For the foreseeable future, Horstmeyer will operate with just one true post player — Forney — in the starting lineup. The council resolution would continue an emergency housing contract with the Flamingo Hotel, located at University Ave.

Generally, items on the consent calendar are approved unanimously in one vote, without discussion. Maio has scheduled a meeting with the Health and Human Services officials so she and neighbors of the hotel can learn more about the state program, formally known as Integrated Services for the Mentally Ill.

The program, which provides counseling, drug rehabilitation, food and clothing to the chronically homeless, has been housing clients at the hotel since March. Harvey Tureck, manager of the Mental Health Division, said he is confident the contract will be approved because the program participants who use the emergency housing at the Flamingo Hotel are not troublemakers.

millionaires club 5 to 8 collection 2 word erotic collection Manual

In September , Gov. The Mental Health Division, which manages the program, has hired seven social workers who have mostly been working the streets to gain the trust of the mentally ill homeless. Tureck said trust building is essential because the people the program is meant to help are often mistrustful and wary of all government agencies.

The need for housing this particular homeless population is especially great, because it brings some stability to what is often an otherwise chaotic existence, according to Tureck. He said the 72 clients currently being assisted by the program are now living in residency hotels, long-term care facilities and independent housing. Tureck said the Flamingo Hotel provides clients with much needed transitional housing until arrangements can be made for long-term housing, which is the primary goal of the program.

The governor approved the bill based on three pilot programs in Stanislaus and Los Angeles counties and the city of Sacramento. Maio represents District 2, where the Flamingo Hotel is located. She said she expects the contract will be approved on Nov. What a shame. How dare Lee fail in her commitment to stand behind our country to fight the zealots that killed innocent men and women. I hope that the City Council in Berkeley is run out of town on a train as well as Lee, and for Danny Glover to support her is another one of the signs of how the Democrats got us into this position.

President Bush would have never had to resort to war if the Democrats had started the man hunt and stopped Osama bin Laden when they bombed the foreign embassies. It seems that once again the Hollywood Democrats are on the wrong side of justice as well as environmental movement.

Lee and the City Council should be ashamed and apologize to the families of missing loved ones and the men and women of the armed forces trying to give you back your comfort and freedom from terrorists. They have no other source of weapon shipments to fight a sustained war so they are relying on the American people to fight amongst ourselves to stop the attacks. They hope to outlast us while they sit in their caves waiting for responses from people like Berkeley to cause in-house feuding, see, you are playing right into their hands.

Rachel is pregnant, Ross is the dad, and viewers are anxious to share the experience. Not bad for a show that many worried was creatively spent. Crane believes that shortchanges the producers, writers and actors. The show does seem infused with a new energy. And it was introducing two plot devices — marriage and pregnancy — that for many television series are signs of creative desperation, he said. Clearly, America loves the Ross and Rachel combination. Does that mean the ratings-hungry Zucker will order that the characters played by Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer — currently on the outs romantically — get together again?

Its peak was a second-place showing in The show was the fifth most-popular series during the last two seasons. The program has always existed in a fantasy version of New York anyway, with impossibly beautiful friends living in impossibly large apartments. They may never get the chance. Crane resists that talk. Zucker wants the show to continue. The six actors banded together in past contract negotiations to demand more money. If they do it again, NBC might have a wrenching decision to make with the collapsing advertising market making money tight.

If, for whatever reason, this is the last season, knowing we went out on top also feels really good. But Thursday, they beat their toughest league opponent for the second time this year, extending their winning streak in league play to 24 games and clinching their second straight league title.

Their only cold streak came in the third game, as they allowed the Jets to come back from a deficit to win the game. Outside hitter Vanessa Williams had 13 kills and 11 digs, while outside hitter Amalia Jarvis had eight kills. Encinal, on the other hand, had no player other than Randolph with more than three kills. Randolph was virtually invisible in the first two games, managing just two kills and two blocks.

She led her team back from to with several nice digs, then drove two kills to make the score When Berkeley managed a side out, Randolph answered with another kill, then served the last five points of the match, including two aces. Williams came through with three kills early in the final game as Berkeley jumped out to a lead and never looked back.

Caraway said his team played its best game of the season on Thursday, passing and serving better than any game this year. Caraway admitted that going undefeated two years in a row would be an impressive feat, no matter how uneven the competition is. But you never know what will happen on any given day.

Gray Davis set off a flurry of mildly panicked inquiries Thursday when he told reporters that terrorists may be targeting California suspension bridges for a terrorist attack somewhere between Nov. The announcement came at a press conference in Los Angeles, during which Davis presented FBI veteran George Vinson as his new special advisor on state security issues. Davis is in Los Angeles for an economic summit to be held in Burbank Friday.

Davis also appeared on Larry King Live Thursday night and said he received warnings from three separate federal agencies. Nearly every government agency in the state was flooded with calls from reporters and worried citizens all afternoon. They seemed caught off-guard by the statement and much less concerned about the threat than the governor. Caltrans referred calls to a wrong number for the California Highway Patrol; the CHP took messages and promised to return calls.

A spokesperson for the CHP said there are no plans to close any of the bridges, or to search crossing cars. Asked if the Davis should have made the threat public, his composure snapped. Davis said people have to decide whether or not to cross the bridges, just as they have to decide if it is safe for them to fly. An average of , cars cross the Bay Bridge each day, and about , use the Golden Gate. Not to be outdone, Davidson came charging back after the intermission with two quick goals. A minute and a half later, the Wildcats scored on a penalty corner as Kathleen Fenn belted a shot from 15 yards out.

At , the Bears regained the lead as senior Erin Robinson scored on a corner with assists from Sara Hunt and Wald. Forward Strickland completed a hat trick for the Wildcats with two more goals to knot the score again, both from assists by Elizabeth Schoening. The second came with just three minutes left in regulation. We had a hard time getting on track.

Everyone who passes through, though, is bound to notice a prominently-placed sign at the counter:.

Vivian Kahn, acting deputy director of planning, said on Thursday that the sign, which has been in place for the last few months, is there for a reason. The sign is the public face of the scrap of city policy that exists for the regulation of medical marijuana clubs. Only later did the city find out that the applicants were operating as medical marijuana clubs. However, that effort was suspended when the U. Supreme Court ruled in May that Proposition did not invalidate federal laws, under which marijuana is an illegal drug.

Worthington said that regulation through the permits department was far from ideal, but still workable. At the same time, it would cause a lot of controversy, and a lot of unwanted attention from the federal government, if we had of these things in Berkeley. Chris Conrad, a cannabis expert who has testified in many court cases involving medical marijuana laws, said that Berkeley was on the right track when it was looking at broader zoning regulations.

Conrad said a more equitable approach would be to designate certain districts in which clubs would be allowed to operate, and to develop other guidelines, including distance from schools. There are three medical marijuana clubs currently in operation in Berkeley — one on Shattuck Avenue, one on San Pablo Avenue and one on University Avenue. The Daily Planet received a copy of this letter addressed to residents of Berkeley and the City Council,. Barbara Lee. I lived in Berkeley for a decade during the ls and now farm outside Sebastopol in Sonoma County. Years later, when we look back on these dark times, Berkeley and Rep.

Lee will shine in history for their bravery - as Rep. Jeannette Rankin and Sen. Wayne Morse do for their opposition to previous wars. Many of us here in Sonoma County and throughout the United States and the world look to Berkeley for leadership. Leadership is not always easy. We love you, Berkeley and Rep.

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New Mexico won the tournament at the par 72, yard Kapolei Golf Course with an , and Arizona was second at Junior Vikki Laing led the Golden Bears, tying for fifth with a after shooting a 73 in the final round. Sophomore Sarah Huarte tied for 22nd at , and sophomore Anna Temple shot a to tie for 89th. The 27 voting media members picked UCLA to finish first, with the Bruins getting 25 first-place votes. Stanford was picked second, USC third and Arizona fourth. Cecil Williams, Hatem Bazian. The session is the first of a series of three events designed to inform the community about critical world issues.

This has strengthened our conviction that Berkeley, Albany and Emeryville need to confront all the different kinds of racism within our communities. The events of Sept. The program will address whether religion itself is part of the cause of the current turmoil or whether, instead, religion is being invoked rhetorically as mythic clothing. Meet at the columns at the east end of the lake, between Grand and Lakeshore avenues. Near Grand Avenue exit off freeway. Most well-known nearby landmark: Grand Lake Theater. It's sad to see Berkeleyans attacking their City Council for a desire to stop the violence - over here and over there.

I grew up in New York. My mother still lives there. I went to school with people buried in the rubble. Of course, its a terrible thing. The question is whether cluster-bombing Afghanistan, supporting the Israeli occupation and denying Iraq medicine for curable diseases makes it more or less likely that it will happen again. People keep saying they don't want to understand why. But then the United States had better be able to defend ourselves a lot better than we have been able to so far, because I doubt the attacks will stop.

New recruits to the Jihad are streaming across the Pakistani border every day. A generation of Afghans and Palestinians and Iraquis holds us directly responsible for the loss of their loved ones. They're not running out of suicide bombers. Me, I'd rather try to figure out what we can do the change the foreign policy of our government. I much prefer that to dying over it. This is to express my gratitude and support for the very reasonable resolution the Berkeley City Council recently passed regarding Afghanistan.

I can't understand why anyone would object to a simple request to seek lawful ways to bring the perpetrators to justice without bombing innocent civilians, or unnecessarily risking the lives of American military personnel. If other city councils — and elected officials in counties, states, and Congress — would follow the courageous and wise example of the Berkeley City Council, the benefits to the country and the planet would be incalculable.

His fellow poets had gathered to celebrate Halloween, Day of the Dead and the Celtic new year, but Fonda wanted to talk about modern politics and real-life terror. Sitting in a corner wearing a faded denim jacket and white T-shirt, he told one George W. Bush joke, which involved Bush, Bill Clinton, an attractive blond and a large woman. Fonda said he has no problem raising tough issues, whether he is composing poetry or campaigning for a spot on the school board in the struggling district.

Fonda does have some distinct issues in his platform. He wants to bring poetry to all California schools, thinks students should be studying how to balance checkbooks, and believes Emeryville can help fight terrorism by protesting the recent Berkeley City Council resolution calling for a quick end to the bombing in Afghanistan. His pro-boycott stance has earned him criticism from local political activists, like Dana Engen, a member of the Emeryville Green Party.

Competing candidates said they feel there are more pressing issues that need to be addressed by the board. After the state take-over of Emery Unified in August, three former board members were recalled. The school board recall occurred less than a year after former superintendent J.

Handy was arrested for misusing district funds. Fonda has had previous success organizing, and his current campaign is not his first foray into local politics. He campaigned to encourage term limits for the official California Poet Laureate, a position that had been a lifetime post. Gray Davis signed the poet term-limit bill into law on Aug. Fonda said he is thrilled with his political success, and is urging the governor and senate to pick a California poet quickly.

The seat is currently vacant. He has visions himself with teams of other poet laureates, teaching in schools all over the state, and around the nation. But the others have been very involved. Lining Upper Sproul Plaza at lunchtime, the booths were set up as part of a week of events geared to inform the public about South Asian culture. A domestic violence booth was sponsored by campus volunteers from Narika, a community based nonprofit organization dealing that with issue in South Asian communities in the Bay Area.

Fliers at the booth included information on both domestic violence and hate crime awareness. Kamat has been volunteering for Narika for more than a year now, and had joined the group with a desire to help other women. She went on to explain the importance of recognizing that domestic violence goes beyond issues of country, race and ethnicity.

South Asian women are especially at risk because of cultural attitudes about gender roles. Women are traditionally expected to be submissive and not struggle, especially with a husband. These women are doubly jeopardized if they report incidents of domestic violence — they may be deported if their husbands abandon them and may not be accepted back into their own families after separation from their husbands. Because of the legal and social issues involved in such a situation, most women are reluctant to put an end to the violence, Kamat said.

The issue of domestic violence is also not generally addressed in the South Asian community. The number of students, especially South Asians, stopping by the booth was limited, although many passed by and paused to either watch the dancers or to get a Mehndi tattoo. Kamat said this may be because there is still a lot of wariness in the South Asian community about domestic violence. Arti Agarwal, a third year UC Berkeley graduate student of South Asian origins, came by the booth interested in finding out more about the organization. She said she had not realized there were Narika student representatives on campus.

She also expressed an interest in becoming involved with volunteering for the group. Jennifer Yin, a third-year student, commented on the importance of having such booths. She added that some communities make women feel that domestic violence is their fault. While there is more of an emphasis on fun during South Asian Awareness week, Kamat underscored that it is also important to let people know of the more serious issues facing the South Asian community. The board is expected to vote later this month at its regular meeting in San Francisco.

Where comprehensive review comes in is in deciding which student goes where, in particular, which students go to the highly competitive campuses such as Berkeley and UCLA. Campuses are now required to take at least 50 percent of their students based on academic factors alone. The remainder can be considered on grades plus four supplemental factors, which include such things as overcoming poverty or a difficult family situation.

Comprehensive review would allow campuses to view all applicants on academic and supplemental factors. Regents set the 50 percent academics alone requirement in , at the same time as they banned considering race or gender in admissions. In May, they repealed that ban. However, it did open the door to reconsidering the 50 percent requirement.

Some have criticized comprehensive review as a backdoor attempt to reintroduce race-based admissions. After race-blind admissions took effect in , enrollment of blacks and Hispanics dropped sharply. The numbers have since rebounded to affirmative action levels systemwide, but not at flagship Berkeley. Comprehensive review is the latest in a series of admissions changes or proposed changes at UC. In , regents guaranteed eligibility to students who finished in the top 4 percent of their high school, based on UC-required courses.

This year, they approved expanding that guarantee to the top UC President Richard C. Atkinson also has asked faculty members to consider dropping the SAT I achievement test as an entrance requirement. Each station also has factoids that explain how the body works — with plenty of grossness piled on to keep it interesting.

Branzei got the idea for her book a few years back while cutting her toe nails and observing what was left behind. Answering questions like those propelled her to success. The phrase, stale now, is still hard to beat. In the garden, variety is the name of the game. Foremost in the sponsorship of new varieties, a non-profit organization called All-America Selections makes yearly awards based on nationwide trials. Thirteen flowers and vegetables have been picked for Other winners are a vinca, a geranium, a cleome, a pansy, a rudbeckia, a basil, a cucumber, a winter squash and an ornamental pepper.

One of the pumpkins, called Orange Smoothie, aims at the child market. The dark orange skin is described as ideal for painting Halloween faces. The fruit mature early, about 90 days after sowing seeds. Beyond decoration, Orange Smoothie has sweet meat for pies. Of course, they also can be carved and painted and used for pie filling. They mature about days after sowing. It takes about days from sowing to harvest. It bears large two-inch, lavender blooms on ground-hugging plants that spread up to four feet. This petunia was described as particularly suited for sloping gardens, hanging baskets and window boxes.

The other petunia, called Tidal Wave Silver, sports silvery white blooms with dark purple centers. The grower can decide on the height of the mature plant. If spaced six inches apart and given trellis support, they will reach heights of two and three feet.

Neither petunia needs pinching nor pruning to flower all season and both resist severe weather and the disease, botrytis. Ann Rule. Sharon M. Catherine Coulter and J. Book 1 of The 7 Habits of Happy Kids. Book 2 of The 7 Habits of Happy Kids. Kristina Ohlsson. Kate Rhodes. Book 4 of Shakespeare's Personalities. Harold Bloom. Kat Howard. Part of Fix-It and Forget-It. Phyllis Good. Book 3 of Mia Mayhem. Kara West. Tell us what you like, so we can send you books you'll love. Join our mailing list! Showing results for: Available For Sale Now. Books 1 - 20 of 41, Bestsellers See more.

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