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Mimi Holliday

I know lots of customers were being kept waiting for orders, refunds and email replies around this time the busy Christmas sale period and the brand was trying to recruit a new customer service person, so hopefully it was just a blip. Still, I think they could have handled both the product design change and making customers aware of the delays better.

Hide N Seek is a mini sandbox game that you hide and seekers try to find you!

Anyway, enough of the bad stuff! Like the absolutely gorgeous packaging they now ship all orders in as standard:. This cup-and-strap-in-one shape is one that Mimi Holliday is particularly known for, and a bra style I only occasionally see elsewhere. I love that it really makes a feature of the eyelashed scallops, not to mention it shows off the rest of the lace to full effect too. I wish the knickers had matching charms at the front but alas, none of the 4 or 5 available brief designs did. The Shoulder Bra is an underwired, unlined design with a single dart at the bottom of the cup for shaping.

Mimi Holliday: Hide and Seek Star Knicker - Red

The straps are made from matte, adjustable elastic at the back, and the band is relatively narrow with a single-row hook-and-eye fastening. The mesh is super-soft, and of a thicker powermesh variety on the bra band for support. I like that the knickers subtly combine three trims — the eyelash, a fancy picot, and a floral galloon along the back half of the leg openings. The gusset is lined with soft cotton. Both pieces are made in China and are expertly sewn, with zero skipped stitches or loose threads.

I bought this set in my usual sizes of 30DD and XS.

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And I am so impressed with the fit of the bra especially. The band is firm without being overly tight, and despite the very little stretch to the lace cups, that elastic strip pulls the edges completely flat and the dart creates exactly the right amount of depth. They fit like a dream! The knickers fit great too. The bra and knickers are both hand-wash only.

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I bought the set in December and everything so far is holding up perfectly except for the galloon lace trim on the knickers, which is starting to show lots of little elastic threads and fluffy edges. I find that to be a very fair price for such lovely lace fabric, perfect construction, and an exceptionally great fit on the bra. Though do note that they are also picturing the incorrect suspender style! Also, this game has great graphics, as you can see in the screen shot, it almost support all blocks as PC edition.

In the game, you can set the FOV, view distance and many options. Simple controls: - Touch DPad to move. Also you can choose the hide the DPad graphics, and set "lefty" if necessary. Game Features: - Support world wide multiplayer, each room can has up to 24 players. You can see the real screenshots below. Reviews Review Policy. You can backup your game data in "Account" Panel.

Hide and seek with axel , mimi and samboy

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