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Silent Night. Rodney Gibbons. Nikolai Lebedev. Soviet scouts behind enemy lines during Operation Bagration. Twin Sisters. Twin German sisters separated at young age, one raised in Netherlands and serves in Dutch resistance , other in Germany and married to Waffen SS soldier. Comedy-drama based on Raymond Foxall book.

Amateur improvisational commando raid into occupied France. Lodovico Gasparini. Adman Salleh. Japanese occupation of Malaya. American reconnaissance pilot survives plane crash in Nazi-occupied Belgium and is assisted by Maquis resistance. Survivors of Malmedy massacre during Ardennes Offensive trapped behind enemy lines with vital information. Strange Gardens. Jean Becker. Czechoslovakian Resistance forced into hiding after their group is exposed.

The Aryan Couple. The Cadets TV miniseries. Second Battle of Bohol in Philippines Campaign. Dunkirk TV miniseries. Battle of Dunkirk and Dunkirk evacuation. Edelweiss Pirates. German Resistance and Edelweiss Pirates. The Face of Jizo. Aftermath of atomic bombing of Hiroshima. Freelance Assignment. Vitaly Vorobyev. Head in the Clouds. Dmitry Meshiev. Ike: Countdown to D-Day. Il Duce Canadese TV miniseries. In Enemy Hands U-Boat. Peter Lydon , Thaddeus O'Sullivan. Occupation of the Channel Islands. Long Dark Night. Croatia under both Fascism and Communism. The Ninth Day. July 20 plot to assassinate Hitler.

Straight Into Darkness. Everything Is Illuminated. Jewish American searches for woman who saved his grandfather during the Ukrainian Holocaust. Freelance Assignment 2. The Great Raid. Japanese occupation of Philippines and Raid at Cabanatuan. The Heart in the Pit TV miniseries. The Last Days. Eric Bryan. The Last Drop. David Teague. Operation Market Garden and secret mission to recover Nazi gold.

Men in White. Comedy horror. Japanese Sixth Army and war photographer in Malayan jungle. Aleksandr Surin. Female Russian snipers [4]. Based on Heikki Hietamies novel. Only the Brave. On the Mountain of Tai Hang. Campaigns of Eighth Route Army in China. Ilkka Vanne. Sophie Scholl — The Final Days. The Strait Story. The Sun. Gary Chapman.

British war pigeons face German falcons. The White Countess. James Ivory. Disparate group of displaced persons attempt to survive Sino-Japanese War. Yamato ' s crew during Pacific War. Aleksandr Atanesyan. Beautiful Dreamer. Terri Farley-Teruel. Amnesiac bomber pilot captured by enemy [ who? Jewish woman joins Dutch Resistance. Days of Glory.

German civilian assists downed and injured RAF pilot after bombing of Dresden. Flags of Our Fathers. Battle of Iwo Jima from perspective of American soldiers. Holocaust in Lithuania. Gianfranco Albano. Catholic priest Pietro Pappagallo , member of resistance , executed in the Ardeatine caves. The Good German. Mystery set in Berlin during the Potsdam negotiations just after the surrender of Nazi Germany.

The Haunted Airman. Chris Durlacher. Kokoda Track Campaign. Die letzten Tage. Oliver Frohnauer. American airmen behind enemy lines cooperate with German deserter to survive arrival of Volkssturm unit near end of war. Der letzte Zug. Cattle train with Jews bound for Auschwitz , Letters from Iwo Jima. Battle of Iwo Jima from perspective of Japanese soldiers. Mafalda di Savoia — Il coraggio di una principessa. Princess Mafalda of Savoy. Military Intelligence and You! Dale Kutzera. The Tokyo Trial. American Pastime. Japanese-American jazz and baseball in Topaz, Utah internment camp.

The Battle for France and Dunkirk evacuation. The Counterfeiters. Jessica Hobbs. For Those We Love. Spy thriller. Occupied Shanghai. The Poet Hearts of War. German soldiers gather information on Eastern Front partisans and Jewish refugees. The Great War. Award-winning documentarian's portrayal of Canada in the battle of Vimy Ridge , with many descendants portraying ancestors and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau portraying his fifth cousin, twice removed, Talbot Mercer Papineau.

Surviving with Wolves. Survivre avec les loups. Drama based on fake Misha Defonseca memoir. Jewish girl searches for deported parents while living among wolves. Jutro idziemy do kina. Polish Campaign , Yunagi City, Sakura Country. Waiting for Dublin. Allied and Axis flyers stranded in neutral Ireland. Australian soldier and British aristocrat during first attack on Darwin. Blitzkrieg: Escape from Stalag Keith J. Horror drama. Italian civil war. Holocaust as seen by two 8-year-olds, one the son of death camp commandant, the other an interned Jew. The Bridge TV.

Wolfgang Panzer. Drama based on Manfred Gregor novel. Youths defend bridge; remake. Broken Sun. Gruber's Journey. The Children of Huang Shi. Nanking Massacre and Three Alls Policy. Zielonka boy scouts resisting German occupation of Poland. Flame and Citron. Danish Resistance team sent to assassinate Nazis and collaborators. Vicente Amorim. Hong Kong. Max Manus: Man of War. Sant'Anna di Stazzema massacre. The Reader. War crimes trial of female guard at Nazi concentration camp. Spring July 20 Plot to assassinate Hitler. Watch on the Rhine. US th Inf. Winter in Wartime.

Drama based on Jan Terlouw novel. Young boy becomes involved in Dutch Resistance , — Drama based on Marta Hillers book. Journalist's relationship with Soviet officer during Soviet occupation of Berlin. The Army of Crime. Manouchian resistance group and Red Poster. Attack on Leningrad Leningrad. Aleksandr Buravsky.

City of Life and Death Nanjing! Anne Frank hiding during Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. Thad Smith. Inglourious Basterds. Jewish-American soldiers on mission to kill Nazis. Into the Storm. The Man Who Will Come. Giorgio Diritti. The Message. Chen Kuo-fu , Gao Qunshu. Valery Shalyga. Nazi invasion of Russia and partisans in forests; prequel to TV series, The Priest. Marek Najbrt. Small Island TV miniseries. Brest Fortress Fortress of War. Soviet defense of Brest Fortress , June Eastern Front. Death and Glory in Changde. Dong Shen. Hunan 's Battle of Changde.

The Debt. Capture of Nazi war criminal and Auschwitz-Birkenau surgeon wanted for concentration camp atrocities; remake of film. East Wind Rain. Yunlong Liu. Shanghai-based espionage and attempts by various agencies to decode coded "weather forecasts" prior to Pearl Harbor attack. Dmitry Cherkasov. Eastern Front Soviet pilots, — A Jewish Girl in Shanghai. Wang Genfa , Zhang Zhenhui. Girl and little brother in Shanghai , with parents in Europe.

The King's Speech. Tom Hooper. The Pacific TV miniseries. The Round Up. Roselyne Bosch.

Sisters: Heroic True life Stories from the Nurses of World War Two by Barbara M

Vel' d'Hiv Roundup , Sarah's Key Her Name was Sarah. Australian nurses taken prisoner by the Japanese during the New Guinea campaign. Spoils of War. Storming Juno TV. Tim Wolochatiuk. Christian Duguay. The Way Back. Adrian Vitoria. British No. Luis Oliveros. Drama based on Diego Carcedo book. The Consul of Bordeaux.

The story of Aristides de Sousa Mendes, a man who issued 30, visas for safe passage to Portugal during WWII, in June , defying the direct orders of his government. Among them were 10, Jews. Webseries: Heroes. Brazilian Expeditionary Force in Italy, Richard Holm. Gandhi to Hitler Dear Friend Hitler. Drama based on letters written by Mahatma Gandhi to Hitler.

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Carlo Carlei. Drama based on Indro Montanelli novel. Petty thief hired by Nazis to impersonate Italian resistance leader. Elisabeth Scharang. Drama based on Peter Turrini play. Hungarian Jews marched to Mauthausen. Carlos Iglesias. Japanese holdout hiding in Philippine jungle for 20 years after war. Petr Nikolaev. Little Iron Men. Jesse Kobayashi. The Lost Valentine.

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Woman's quest for husband declared MIA. South Korea. The Sinking of the Laconia TV miniseries. RMS Laconia incident. Hvidstens gruppen. Regner Grasten. Dancis pa trim. The Flowers of War. Into the White Comrade. Action-drama based on true story. Crashed German and English aircrew trying to survive Norwegian winter in wilderness, Based loosely on the Rachel Seiffert novel The Dark Room , this film focused on five German siblings forced to flee to Hamburg once their Nazi-level parents are presumably killed in combat with the Allied forces. Anthony Hemingway , George Lucas uncredited.

Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed. The Book Thief. The fictional story of young Liesel Meminger. After she finds her first book beside her brother's graveside, she is sent to foster parents. While in the comfort of her new found parents, World War II breaks out and her foster parents shelter a Jewish refugee. Pawel Chochlew. September 1, Adolfo Alix, Jr. The Railway Man.

Drama based on true story of Eric Lomax. Victim from Burmese Death Railway setting out to find those responsible for his torture. Vicente Ferraz. Brazilian Expeditionary Force in Italy.

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The Wind Rises. Animated historical drama animated by Studio Ghibli. Canadian home front and Battle of the St. Dear Elza! The Swedish diplomat Raoul Nordling persuades gen. Dietrich von Choltitz to avoid the destruction of Paris. Allied final offensive in Germany in the view of a tank crew of the 2nd Armored Division , April Mizuho Nishikubo.

Soviet invasion of the Kuril Islands in and expulsion of the Japanese population. A testa alta. I martiri di Fiesole. Carabinieri 's sacrifice to avoid a German reprisal on civilians in Fiesole. The Imitation Game. Alan Turing decoding German cyphers at Bletchley Park. Il segreto di Italia.

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Maud Harris. The Nightingale Christmas Show. Donna Douglas. Annie Groves. The Children's Nurse. Susan Macqueen. District Nurse on Call. On a Wing and a Prayer. Ruby Jackson. As the Sun Breaks Through. Ellie Dean. Nightingales at War. Nightingales Under the Mistletoe. A Nightingale Christmas Wish. Dr Rosemary Leonard. A Christmas Gift. Nightingales on Call. Ambulance Girls. Deborah Burrows. Dial !

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Les Pringle. The Land Girls. Annie Wilkinson.

The True Story of an American WWII Hero - Harry Beeman

Shelter from the Storm. A Nurse's Courage. Maggie Holt. Angels on the Night Shift. Over a Hot Stove. Flo Wadlow. Pedus C. The War Nurses. Lizzie Page. A Nightingale Christmas Promise. On a Turning Tide. The Waiting Hours. Bundles of Joy: Two Thousand Miracles. One Unstoppable Manchester Midwife. Linda Fairley. Tea By The Nursery Fire. Noel Streatfeild. The Nurses of Steeple Street. The Nightingale Sisters. The Nightingale Nurses. The Unmarried Mother. Sheila Tofield. Minding the Manor. Mollie Moran. Memoirs of a Psych Nurse and Other Stories. Sue Mitzel Tourtelot.

A Nurse at War. The Girls from the Local.

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Rosie Archer. Until You Come Home. With a Kiss and a Prayer. A Nightingale Christmas Carol. Sweet Memories of You. Look for the Silver Lining. June Francis. It Shouldn't Happen to a Midwife! Jane Yeadon. Wave Me Goodbye. Confessions of Emergency Room Doctors. Rocky Lang.

Sisters : Barbara Mortimer :

The Factory Girls. Doctors Cry Too! Frank H. It Won't Hurt a Bit. Get Well Soon! Kristy Chambers. Sealed With a Loving Kiss. Blue Above the Chimneys. Christine Marion Fraser. Some Lucky Day. The Anzac Girls.