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Adicione o poder do Cambridge Dictionary para o seu website usando nossos Widgets de caixa de pesquisa gratuita. Cambridge Dictionary. How would you rate his work on a scale of 1 to 5? B2 [ C or U ] the relation between the real size of something and its size on a map , model , or diagram : a scale of , He was building a scale model of the Empire State Building.

Mais exemplos Films are rated on a scale of poor , fair , good and excellent. Like all reading book schemes , these books are on a graduated scale of difficulty.

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On a scale of one to ten, I'd rate his latest book a five. The new salary scale only refers to company managers and directors. Measurements in general. Mais exemplos He doesn't seem to comprehend the scale of the problem This is a story about theft , fraud and deceit on an incredible scale.

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If the drought continues , deaths will occur on a massive scale. They enjoyed success on a scale unparalleled by any previous pop group. This century has witnessed environmental destruction on an unprecedented scale. Mais exemplos She weighs herself every week on the scales in the bathroom. Step on the scales. Are your scales accurate?

Her last baby tipped the scales at ten pounds. According to your scales I'm half a stone lighter. You should practise your scales every day. The team first captured high-resolution photos of every angle of the heads of 15 young Nile crocodiles Crocodylus niloticus , and created 3D models of their heads. All the details were then removed, except the border between scales. The lines were analyzed using pattern recognition techniques. All of the signatures indicated cracking.

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The scientists then followed the embryonic development of crocodiles in nine eggs to see how such patterns would emerge. Scale primordia developed on the bodies of the crocodiles as expected. On their heads, the primordia never appeared and the developmental genes normally upregulated during scale formation remained off.

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Instead, mounds of thicker skin developed. These structures contain receptors that aid crocodiles in detecting vibrations in the water around them. In late embryonic development, grooves began to appear.

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What I say may be in a language incomprehensible, but there is a time for that, and it is right now, because this is a monster's creed. It is for the cobbled-together, the sewn-up, the grafted-on. It is for the golden, the under-the-earth, the foreign, the travels-by-night; the filthy ship-sinking cave-dwelling bone-cracking gorgeousness that says hell no, I am not tidy.

I am not easy.

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I am not what you suppose me to be and until you listen to my voice and look me in my eyes, I will cling fast to this life no matter how far you drive me, how deep, with how many torches and pitchforks, biting back the whole way down. I will not give you my suicide. I will not give you my surrender.

This is for all of them with teeth. It is time to look the monstrous in the eye.

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It is time. It is time to say that we are beautiful in our fierceness, and that we are our own. We are not the rejected of what we can never be. We are what we were meant to be. We are not pieces of wholes thrown together incorrectly. We are not mistakes.