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Farmer , Mr. Powell's Bill contains abundant powers for suppressing the vile nuisance known as the American Devil [steam whistle or hooter].

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Pindar Peter to Tom Wks. Irving Sketch-bk. Griffin Collegians xiii, The drumstick of a goose or turkey, grilled and highly spiced, was called a devil. Andrews iii. Irving Salmag. Hook G.

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Gurney vii, Four devils or wild-fires, such as we were in the habit of making at school. Burnes Trav.

Bokhara ed. In India these phenomena are familiarly known by the name of devils. Note Common in the plains of India, where they are called by the natives Bagoola. Paterson Another Trav. Peacock's Wks.

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Wilson Noct. Surtees Sponge's Sp. Tour liv. Apollo III.

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V , iii. Men, Napoleon Wks. Bohn I. Surtees The dwille he hang you highe to dry! Malverne Contn. Higden Rolls IX. Wilson Rhet. Kingsley G. Mallock Rom. Surtees What the deville is this? Heywood Prov. Poesie iii. Cardinals i. Milton's Def. Lebrun's Mons. Botte I. Out, harow, fulle wo is me! Hatchet Biij, She is dead: the diuell shee is. He cried out, Who can bear it? Aims, Comic Wks.

Bohn III. Dunbar The deuill a gude thou hais!

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But if they did, yet not more then the ceremonies of the olde law. Perth xxvii, The deil a man dares stir you within his bounds. Penilesse Aiij, Masse thats true: they say the Lawyers haue the deuill and al. Centlivre Love's Contriv. Sharpe's Corr. Twist xx, I needn't take this devil-and-all trouble to explain matters to you. Walker Idiomat. Between the Deel and the deep sea ; that is between two difficulties equally dangerous. Gibbs Colloquy on Currency You must remember that he was between the devil and the deep sea. Fonblanque Eng.

I'll make you a fine present one of these days. Ay, when the Devil is blind, and his eyes are not sore yet. Lover iii. Parrot Yet the date of ower Lord And the date of the Devyll dothe shrewdlye accord. Scarron's Comic Rom. Kent The olde Proverbe how well the Divell loveth holy water. N—, as the Devil loves Holy Water. To hate——, as the devil hates holy water. Farmer , And then there will be the devil and all to pay. Carlyle Lett. Birrell Res Judic. III , i. Hawker Diary I. Simple xxxviii, Salt water plays the devil with a uniform.

Talk of the Devil, and see his horns. Kelly Sc. This would appear to apply to Reese and Finch, who must choose between allying themselves with Elias and helping him maintain his role an organized criminal, or staying out of the situation and letting events transpire as they may, regardless of the consequences. The events in this episode are in Samaritan point of view. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. POI Carl Elias. Contents [ show ].

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Your Last Breath 4. Stay of Execution 5. Break the Ties 6. Shattered Silence 7. Let the Pain Take Hold 8. Master of None 9. Searching for the Sun How the End Shall Be Broken by the Cold Eye of the Tiger Bonus Track I Am Alive Bonus Track