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John Crow Collections: Ballad and Song Collection

Courses Undergraduate Postgraduate Part-time undergraduate Executive education. Lasting connections F A PB The historical songs of Ireland. Strange histories F A Chettle, Henry Kind-heart's dream: containing five apparitions with their invectives against abuses reigning; edited by Edward F.

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Benmayor writes:. I am immensely excited and gratified that at long last, these ballads can return to the communities from whence they came and be disseminated across the globe. In and , I traveled to the Sephardic communities of Los Angeles and Seattle to collect these precious Spanish ballads romansas , preserved in family oral traditions for over years.

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My visits became occasions for family memory, as these lovely and generous elders sang the songs they learned in childhood from their parents and grandparents in Turkey or Greece. This field collection became the basis for my doctoral dissertation, and was eventually published in Spain.

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Yet, the book was written in Spanish and while largely known to Romancero scholars, it did not circulate among Sephardic communities. There they flourished thanks to a system that granted cultural, social, and educational autonomy to ethnic communities. In the final leg of their journey —to America—, they became virtually extinct.

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The cultural and community practices that kept these ballads alive for centuries are now a thing of the past, making collections like this one a last vestige of the Sephardic ballad oral tradition. The themes include historical events, tales of kings and queens, reunited lovers or unrequited love, murders, absences and returns, trickery, and social taboos. Each of these ballads can be traced back to medieval origins, but the Sephardim gave their versions special twists, making them relevant to their lives in exile.

In some versions of Tarquino y Lucrecia , a classical tale of Roman origins, the adulterous queen prefers to die by the sword than to sleep with a Christian!