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Chewing his cud - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

Food regurgitated from the first stomach to the mouth of a ruminant and chewed again. Zoology partially digested food regurgitated from the first stomach of cattle and other ruminants to the mouth for a second chewing.

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Food that has been partly digested and brought up from the first stomach to the mouth again for further chewing by ruminants, such as cattle and sheep. Switch to new thesaurus. Mentioned in?

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References in classic literature? Thus Caedmon, keeping in mind all he heard, and, as it were, chewing the cud , converted the same into most harmonious verse; and sweetly repeating the same, made his masters in their turn his hearers.

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Sometimes you just need to stop chewing the cud and make a decision. Also, chew over. Ponder over, meditate, as in John tends to chew the cud before he answers , or Let me chew that over and let you know.

The first term, first recorded in , transfers the appearance of a patiently ruminating cow to a person deep in thought. The variant was first recorded in References in periodicals archive?

Why Do They Do That? Cattle Chewing Cud

Kosher pork and treife tomatoes: genetically modified plants and animals. Quick Overview The sheep are on the road again, the cows are in the corn, the bank is on the telephone, the pigs are on the lawn.

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The combines standing idle and we cannot get it fixed Be the first to review this product Email to a Friend. Details Farming cartoons and verses from the master of farming humour; Henry Brewis.

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