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The reason why the determination of the origin of fire is important is because it has the greatest probability of having ILRs left from the fire accelerant usage. Logically, accelerants are the first material ignited since they tend to lower the ignition temperature compared to other materials.

When they are found, it is the duty of the fire investigator to find out if they were used at the scene. This can be done by conducting a visual inspection of the scene and especially its origin. Among other factors to be looked at are pour patterns, and intense localized burning. There are two tools that can be used at crime scene to detect accelerants and explosives. These are; accelerant detecting canines and use of portable hydrocarbon sniffers. Accelerant detecting canines are used for identifying if the accelerants were used at the scene and at the same time, they can be used in pinpointing the location where it was used.

The canines are trained in detecting the trace levels of ILRs hence helping an investigator at the scene to a specific area with the highest likelihood of containing ILRs.

The Art and Science of Criminal Investigation

Portable hydrocarbon sniffers are the current method being used by the investigators. They are handheld devices with the capability of sampling the vapors at scene and can measure the amount of hydrocarbons that it detects.

When the concentrations of hydrocarbons have been detected, it is compared with the known values of ILR in areas that do not have any. The samples are then taken from areas that with the highest concentrations McGraw-Hill Book Company, What are the major objectives of a fire scene investigation? One of the major objectives of a fire scene is recognition, identification, and analysis of fire patterns. This objective can be accomplished by the investigator through understanding the fire dynamics that produced the fire patterns.

Another objective of the fire scene investigation is the determining if a crime occurred in link with the fire. Check out our full coverage. A private school in Westchester County will hire a diversity officer after black students were cast as slaves during a mock slave auction organized by a fifth-grade teacher. Some water fountains in Queens parks have high levels of lead contamination. The hottest piece of real estate in Harlem is a prison with spectacular views. The police were still looking for a Connecticut woman who was reported missing on Friday and involved a divorce battle.

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Fire Investigation

In fall , I was single and I decided to have a party where single men and women could meet. The caveat was that everyone I invited had to bring an equally unattached friend, presumably someone they were not romantically interested in. The party was a great success, and at around 10 p. I opened the door to two men dressed in dark clothes.

A Guide for Investigating Fire and Arson

I introduced myself as the hostess. I started to offer to turn the music down while apologizing for any inconvenience when the younger of the two officers stepped into the apartment. To my surprise, he took my hand and started dancing with me. Around , the younger officer returned. He ended up being one of the last guests to leave. New York Today is published weekdays around 6 a. Sign up here to get it by email.

Fire Investigation – The Forensics Library

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