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Page 75 - Principle 6.

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Page 83 - Principle 7. Page 93 - Principle 8. For more information about Les, the Power of Focus System and his coaching, speaking and training work, visit www. Page 94 - Principle 9. Page - Principle We were honored to feature his story in the pages of the 10th Anniversary Edition of the book and hope his story will inspire you. Principle To learn more about the Unstoppable Foundation and to support their work of educating children in Africa, visit www.

Telephone: Visit www. Principle Martha Ringer is the productivity coach who helped Jack Canfield organize his desk and work-flow. Read more about Martha at www. Principle For more information on the work and vision of Weston Spirit, visit www. Principle Visit www. Telephone: or Visit www.

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Principle For more information about the Inside Edge, visit www. For more details on Ivan and his latest book, Networking Like a Pro, visit www. Principle Ivan Misner also makes valuable suggestions for effective networking, whether you are at a designated networking event or at a potential networking event like a Chamber of Commerce meeting, conference, convention, or trade association meeting. His tips for increasing your visibility, knowing your own value statement, creating small groups that are open for others to join, and much more are detailed in t his downloadable PDF document.

Principle One of the all-time great professional mastermind group facilitators, whom Jack Canfield has personally trained, is Robert MacPhee. Robert can facilitate ongoing mastermind groups by phone and Skype or Google Hangout—and can travel to conduct day-long and multiday groups in person. You can contact Robert by emailing Robert heartset. Principle Click here and here for a complete kit for assembling a mastermind group and conducting mastermind meetings—complete with the seven steps and a helpful worksheet. You can also obtain a copy of the Heart Talk Book.

A bright-red card-stock heart is inserted in each book, with the eight key agreements printed on the back side for an easy reminder before having a Heart Talk. If you are an educator, there is also a complete classroom curriculum guide on this subject entitled More Teachable Moments.

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You can learn more at www. Principle Strong emotions actually facilitate the growth of thousands of new microscopic hairlike filaments on the ends of the dendrites of the neurons in your brain.

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For more information on the brain science that supports this — from Doug Bench, a clearinghouse for the latest brain research — visit www. Principle Our favorite password-manager application is LastPass at www. LastPass will prompt you to save your logins, generate new passwords, save Profiles for online shopping, and more. Click here to download it. Principle Before you hire a reputation-management service, there are things you can do on your own.

This downloadable tutorial and checklist will help you through the process—and includes a list of reputation management companies that can eventually take over the process from you when the time comes. If you share a picture of where you're headed—and share the meaning behind the goals and direction of the business—empowered employees can then chart their own course without close supervision.

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Trust the intentions of people to do the right thing, make the right decisions, and make choices that while maybe not exactly what you would decide still work. When employees receive clear expectations from their manager, they relax. This allows them to focus their energy on accomplishing results, not on worrying and second-guessing. Make certain that you have given people all of the information they need to make thoughtful decisions. Don't just delegate the drudge work.

Why Women Still Can’t Have It All

You need to make work enjoyable, so be sure to delegate some of the fun stuff and assignments that you know a person is interested in. Some of the fun, interesting work you can delegate includes important meetings, committee memberships that influence product development and decision making, and the projects that people and customers notice. Provide frequent feedback so that people know how they are doing, both in terms of meeting expectations and where they need improvement. When a problem occurs, ask what is wrong with the work system that caused the people to fail, not what is wrong with the person who had difficulty with the task.

If you determine it is the individual, not the system, try to resolve the problem with the employee first, before heading to HR. Provide a space in which people will feel free to communicate by listening to them and then asking them questions. Guide them by asking questions, not by telling them what to do, like you would a child. When an employee brings you a problem to solve, ask, "what do you think you should do to solve this problem?

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