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You made more money than if they had just bought book 1 by itself. The when question is actually far more significant than you might think. But no book stays at the top of the rankings forever unless you have an unbelievable marketing budget! Books naturally drop down the rankings, the longer it is since their release. And the further down the rankings your book goes, the more your income drops.

End result — the author makes more money, especially as the extra visibility created by the set will drive the individual books to improve rankings again. Another excellent question!


Here are some options:. A collection of clean romance titles across various sub genres if you have more than one pen name, this is very useful as an approach to get readers onto your other pen names. This can also work with any other grouping of style of book, clean romance is just an example.

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A collection of stories around a common theme. Or just a collection of works by the same author, showcasing the diversity of their writing. And every one of those will boost your visibility as an author, and boost your income, because each of them is a new way for readers to find your work. You can construct your files using your preferred book formatting tool I use Word for everything — yes, even very complex paperback files — Word, Vellum, or any other tool you prefer.

What changes a bit compared to a standard single book is the order of what you put in there. Here is a simple description of how you go from three books to a single file for your boxed set. Healing the Soul of a Woman. Four Blood Moons. John Hagee. Worry-Free Living. Before Happiness. Shawn Achor. Believe in Yourself. Joseph Murphy. Albert Ellis. Living Beyond Your Feelings. What I Know For Sure. Oprah Winfrey. God Has a Plan for Your Life. Charles F.

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Kenneth Copeland. Receive as a Child, Live Like a King. Living a Life You Love. Jesus Today.

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Sarah Young. Perfect Love. The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth. John C.

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Break Out! It's Your Time. Become a Better You. Next Level Thinking. Daily Readings from Become a Better You. Daily Readings from It's Your Time. But that doesn't stop us from recommending non-4K shows too. Alias , for instance, is simply too much fun to ignore. Available to stream in 4K. Passive-aggressive bosses, the best intentions, uneasy inklings, unforeseen consequences, full-on paranoia — and an empty tank where goldfish used to be.

Heidi Julia Roberts and her warm, well-meaning smile, work at Homecoming Transitional Support Center, a facility helping soldiers transition to civilian life. In , four years after her tenure at Homecoming, Heidi is working as a waitress and living with her mother.

Even when questioned by an investigator from the Department of Defense, Heidi has difficulty remembering much of her time at the facility. After stating that she has no knowledge of Walter Cruz, a military serviceman she clearly met and counseled in , Heidi isn't the only one left in doubt over the true nature of the work she's done with the support programme.

The ten-episode series is based, not on a book, but on a podcast of the same name created by Eli Horowitz and Micah Bloomberg, who also helped as writers and executive producers on the show, and it's now into development of its second series. Roberts is mesmerising in this psychological thriller, which will keep you on the edge of your seat and give you the occasional jump for good measure.

Did you catch the first ten-episode season of this white-knuckle thriller? You did? We've got great news: on 14th June a second series was released on Prime Video. What should you know? Well, our central character is an FBI agent Emily Byrne Stana Katic and according to the authorities it's a tragic case, but whatever happened to her during the six years she was missing which involved a terrifying tank it changed her. The once-respected agent — declared dead in absentia while tracking a notorious serial killer — is now back with us, but violent and extremely dangerous.

Or is she? Byrne struggles to define herself as a mother and survivor of years of torture, trying to rebuild a relationship with a son who's being raised by her husband's new wife. She even enlists the help of a police detective to investigate her history, but that goes to dark places fairly quickly. Available to stream in 4K UHD. If you're a fan of 80s sunglasses, synth music, slow camera zooms, tennis puns and slick Gillies Gothic Bold neon captions, then you must watch this show.

Actually, we're underselling it.

It's Your Time and Become a Better You Boxed Set

And Jennifer Grey is here. Never taking itself too seriously, there's gloriously delayed-gratification humour on offer here, such as when Wheeler Oliver Cooper laments his looks by moaning, "Look at me. I'm not exactly Val Kilmer". Remember now, this is The third and final series contains only six episodes, but it's an affectionate nod to the 80s; a time-capsule the likes of which are rarely made.