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Read more. October 23, October 7, Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary.

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September 27, Led Zeppelin x Led Zeppelin August 30, August 28, To see the list of selected August 26, August 22, July 10, Work In Progress Led Zeppelin By Led Zeppelin book. July 3, June 21, Work in progress! June 15, June 8, Led Zeppelin - Record Store Day April 19, March 16, February 27, Led Zeppelin to release two unheard tracks for Record Store Day February 1, January 24, December 21, Coming December 10, September 16, Having just returned from a visit to Montreux that summer, Gilles would soon be seeing Led Zeppelin again at the Paris Olympia on October 10, The Montreux seed was planted in Gilles and he could already sense the impending change there.

Led Zeppelin would be the first major band to refuse to play France until it cleaned up its act.


But after the concerts, of them six of which were cancelled , the band would not return. Montreux would be a golden opportunity to invite the French media outside of the Paris venues and pamper its elite on the Swiss Riviera. Claude Nobs engineered the whole thing.

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Not an easy task. And by the time he brought Zeppelin three consecutive times to Montreux, I had already moved to the Swiss town for good or so it seemed, temporarily. Like San Francisco in its hay day, Montreux offered a choice of lifestyles and music to suit your mood", recalls Gilles.

Celebration Day

Like the Newport Jazz Festival, Montreux became a crossroads for many artists in the seventies. Led Zeppelin, among others, would set the trend for the diversification of the music to be heard in Montreux.

Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven Live

The tiring and hectic life on the road would be a golden opportunity to invite groups and pamper its elite on the Swiss Riviera. The numerous unique qualities of Montreux added something special to every live performance. Recordings of the live shows offered a chance to capture some of the magic that Montreux helped to create. Top-of-the-line equipment ensured the best sound reproduction possible. How Peter Grant agreed to these conditions, with his paranoia for bootleg recordings at a growing stage, remains a mystery.

In fact, the only bootleg in circulation of Led Zeppelin in Montreux is the concert, while all others exist under lock-and-key.

Robert Plant Predicts ‘Celebration’ for Led Zeppelin Anniversary

An excellent audience recording considering the era has been released on numerous bootleg albums and compact discs and a segment of a soundboard radio broadcast has also made its way among collectors. Attending Zeppelin live at stage level could be detrimental to your health but nothing felt better than a numbing of the ear drum at the Casino". By , thirty live albums had been recorded in Montreux. The Rolling Stones found refuge in to rehearse their up-coming tour at the Kursaal Cinema, a local movie theatre adjacent to the Kursaal Casino in total incognito.

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