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Les CLICHÉS en MUSCULATION (Bodytime ft French Fit Connexion)

He was a member of the Quinault family of actors. He had striking good looks and musical talent, and he soon took over the male leading roles in both comedy and tragedy, and remained the star of the troupe until his retirement in According to legend, the title character was based on Quinault-Dufresne himself, and he lived up to his reputation by refusing to play the role unless his character won the heroine's heart at the end, and would not even look at the author's last-minute revisions.

They signed the marriage contract in Lyon on 20 May , but were already quarreling in the courts by Little is known of his life after retirement.

His daughter Mme de Maux was a friend, and for some time a lover, of Denis Diderot. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Destouches, Le Glorieux , ed. Georges Heylli, Paris, , "Notice", pp.

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I can't seem to pinpoint the difference in meaning between the two versions. A few other examples with a similar sentence construction would also be appreciated to help it sink in.

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S'il vous manque j'aime autant que vous le frappiez. Who is this petri dish? The message is more or less clear insofar as the act of suspecting would qualify no matter what container of prejudices, but the syntax undermines this reading. It's normally the noun phrase closest to the apposition that the latter qualifies. We would gather that "la" refers to some entity that is the petri dish. The context might minimize the probability of this misreading, but it remains valid from a grammatical point of view.


As Laure noted, bringing the apposition closer to the intended target NP makes the correct reading easier from a syntactic point of view:. But in French and English, this construction is deemed awkward, if only for the confusion it tends to produce. Hence one adds a little to clarify it, even in cases where the misreading is impossible. Here's an authentic parental note to explain a child's absence:.

Yesterday you called my boy a bunch of names for the second time.

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If he disobeys you I'd rather you hit him. Because that he understands. Whereas four-letter words he doesn't understand and now he repeats them to everyone like the moron he is. Taken from the collection of Pierre Ferran and published in Le Monde on September 26, , also collected here. That said, one often finds this kind of construction used in spontaneous conversation at least in English; the Francophones will have to confirm for French environments. It's worth noting that in spoken dialogue it's easier to modify your intonation to produce the desired effect, which I'll try to reproduce in writing by highlighting that this name the speaker calls himself is an epithet:.


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Con-gras-tue-les-chiens Con-gras-tue-les-chiens IMHO in the second sentence, as it stands so far unfinished?