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Some were considered scandalous and those paintings were supposed to be burned in the streets. I wanted to be certain that the artists I chose matched the fate of the paintings I depicted here. Absolutely lovers the book! Anyways my question is that what happens to the fifth painting? Because in the ending of my book kat drives off in the limo with hale and then it finishes and it never says what happens to the fifth painting?? Hoing to be seperating them!?! Oh and this is just train of thought is someone well..

I mean gabriellle going to make kat prety as in kat has a low -low self-of-stem , as in get her to do heels instead of flats and well all in all appreciate herself? You are an inspiration to me and I hope to be an author someday. I would love to meet you sometime if at all remotely possible. I love your books and was hoping to know when Heist Society three was coming out? I am dying to know what happens!!!

Thanks a ton! Is there any possible way that you could end up writing more than 6 gallagher girl book????? Hey ally, I am doing a presentation on you for the olympics as we are learning about inspiration in school. I have chosen to complete a presentation on you as you inspire me and i have read all of you books.

One thing i wanted to ask was, what inspired you to start writing? Hope you get back to me. Is it possible that with enough amount of begging you might reconsider writhing perhaps a 7th GG novel? Sarebbe davvero bello!!! And also will hale and kat get together and then get separated.

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Your email address will not be published. Hey everybody, In the aftermath of the complete and total technology failure for the Heist Society chat, I opened up the comments section of this post to questions and then went through and added my replies. Comments hi ally i was just wondering are hales parents thieves or just rich?

Will Taccone come after Kat? Is Nick going to come back into any of the books? Hey, Are we ever going to hear the story about how Kat and Hale met? Is there going to be a movie? And how many books will be in this series? Were any of the paintings you wrote about real paintings? But that being said, I would never rule out something much, much shorter just for fun. I wanted Uncle Eddie to be my homage to Nero Wolfe. Most Read in Culture. Short stories. Deus Absconditus, a short story by Mary Costello.

Transatlantic Railroad, a short story by Mary M Burke. Locksmiths, a short story by Wendy Erskine. Book reviews. Hit Factories: How the industrial cities of Britain gave birth to extraordinary pop music.

Rise of the Ultra Runners: Long-distance journey to the centre of the self. New poetry. Poem of the Week: Pledge. Poem of the week: A Plumber in Aleppo. Brought to Book. Women writers Putting Irish women writers back in the picture. The characters are a little flat view spoiler [but Jake does an excellent Deus Ex Machina hide spoiler ]. So, it's a little fun to read - but not too much fun - and not something I'll buy, even secondhand. But if you want a 2-hour beach read, go for it. Just know this: the fascination with death-by-tweezer is never explained. View all 9 comments.

May 27, Savonna Brockman rated it really liked it. Then you have the basic premise for The Heist. She takes Nick down when he attempts to steal the Crimson Teardrop, a rare two-carat red diamond. But with the help of paper, paint, and a tape recorder, Nick gives U. Marshals the slip on his way to jail. Kate's bosses give her a choice: Help Nick find the bad guy, or track down video pirates committing copyright infringement.

Though Kate's not crazy about joining forces with an accomplished criminal, it beats the heck out of shaking down old ladies copying videos at the retirement village. Though not altogether original, The Heist is a pleasant diversion that a few will rave about, but many will enjoy. There's never much question that Nick, Kate, and their quirky crew will bring their man in. The good stuff, of course, lies in the details of how they do it. The Heist is just good fun, and I look forward to Evanovich and Goldberg delivering an equally entertaining second installment.

View all 4 comments. I read the first book of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plumb series right before this book and I think I enjoyed the characters in this story better. A woman detective along with a conman she has been trying to catch in the act for years, must work together running an elaborate con in order to catch a thief that has embezzled half a million dollars.

It was fast moving and had original characters.

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Shelves: on-going-series , its-so-fluffeh , paperback , humor , adult , foreign-setting , review , gesundheist , hot-and-funny-hero , welcome-to-the-jungle-beach-island. Mostly because it offers up the possibility of slick camera-work, interesting characters and situations ripe with possibilities of humour and wit. Mixing that with the sexual tension between the FBI agent who has been relentlessly pursuing the charming con-man just makes it near-impossible to resist for me.

While I certainly did enjoy The Heist for certain stretches, it still leaves a lot of room for improvement.

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Sombeody mentioned Leverage and I whole-heartedly agree. This had a lot of the proper ingredients available in in half the measure that is appropriate to make the perfect dish. I liked the off-the-bat pop culture references and I always tip my hat to fellow Casino Royale fans the online poker player named Le Chiffre did not go unnoticed. She's also effortlessly attractive without putting much stock on her appearance. These are quite tricky to pull off and not make the heroine annoying but somehow she works well enough for me.

He did come off charming and convincing as a con-man, but his chemistry with Kate came across half-hearted. I do like the promise of his character background. It offers some intriguing possibilities, what with all the Harvard history and the too subtle glimpses in the life he leads outside his profession. I can only hope for better depth and personality beyond the mildly amusing comebacks and the twice-brushed set of pearly whites as the series goes. Because with how this went, I got more laughs reading about Kate bantering with Jake her father than with Nick.

After being caught by Kate, Nick manages to finagle a deal with the FBI higher-ups to help them catch a Bernie Madoff kind of villain, through his extra-legal talents in exchange for his freedom in five years. The best part of a heist story for me is the recruitment of the team players in the act.

The choices here were a little too obvious: a frustrated, uncompromising method actor, a special effects guy trying to survive in the digital age, a failed Amazing Race contestant and Tom Underhill. This ofcourse requires you to believe that given the option of committing a crime to bring down an embezzler, people will agree with very few conditions.

I still like my fluff with a dash of believability but your mileage may vary. So entirely fluffy, serviceable chemistry between leads with some above average secondary characters here and there. But with enough entertainment value and potential for me to be hopeful for the next book. Jun 19, Janet rated it really liked it. This was a fun read. For those who like Stephanie Plum, it had some of her fun but this is a smarter read. There's an attraction there so it will be interesting in future books to see if it's acted on. Maybe a bit like Moonlighting? View all 3 comments.

This was like the book equivalent of sitting in a Saturday matinee, eating popcorn and having just an afternoon of mindless fun. I love the tv show Leverage and this book is exactly in that vein. It is book that relies on the work of a long con to get the bad guys. Nick is a handsome, charming thief who is always thinking ten moves ahead. He has perfected the art of the grift. Kate is the ex-military FBI agent who has been chasing Nick for years. H This was like the book equivalent of sitting in a Saturday matinee, eating popcorn and having just an afternoon of mindless fun.

He knows this and taunts her each time he slips away from her, not in a mean way but in a sexy "til the next time you almost catch me" way. Kate finally catches him but in typical Nick fashion he oozes his way out of it. He convinces the FBI to use him as a way to catch even bigger, more elusive criminals. After all as the old adage says: it takes a thief to catch a thief. Kate is along as his beleaguered watcher and reluctant co-conspirator.

Their very first case is to catch a guy who embezzled half a billion dollars and escaped to parts unknown. They must find him, get him back on US soil and recover the money.

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Like every self respecting con artist book, movie or tv show, they have to assemble a team of people with a different skill sets to help them pull this off. It was fun watching Nick pull in the crew and get to meet them. The book is very light hearted and full of funny lines and great personalities. Kate and Nick couldn't be more different and I liked each one of them for different reasons.

Kate is the no-nonsense person who loves being FBI. She's good with guns and hand-to-hand combat. I just adore the fact that petite Kate is basically the muscle. Whereas Nick is the twisty brains behind everything. He likes his luxury and creature comforts and even in a cave in the middle of an Island he manages to set a great table. The supporting characters are great fun, but since this is a first book and we only meet them halfway through at first most of them tend to be background.

I imagine as the series goes on we'll get to know them better. But of the crew I enjoyed Boyd, the method actor who really takes his part seriously and Kate's dad, Jake. Jake is also ex-military with a colorful, dangerous career that we only hear in bits an pieces. This is all globe-trotting adventure with lots of banter and guns and fun character moments. Very little romance although Nick and Kate are very attracted to each other. Nick is down for it, obviously, he's a guy. But Kate still only sees him as her arch-nemesis, a criminal she is forced to work with.

But I would guess at some point they'll get together. The signs are too glaring for it not to happen. Edited to add: I listened to this in audio and the narrator was great. He has a nice rich voice and is good with accents. And he didn't do that really annoying thing that some male narrators do by doing a high falsetto when doing the female character voices. This was a fun, light read. The premise is basically a White Collar-style setup. A charming conman is given a deal by the FBI: Work with them to take down criminals, and they'll give him a get-out-of-jail-free card.

Legal immunity and all that jazz. Nick and Kate are basically what happens when Chaotic Neutral meets Lawful Good, and the ensuing hi 3. Nick and Kate are basically what happens when Chaotic Neutral meets Lawful Good, and the ensuing hijinks were amusing and exciting. Think Zootopia for adults.

Kate is Judy Hopps, and Nick Fox is Nick Fox. Throw in some car chases, tropical islands, sexual tension and a hint of romance and you have a recipe for a fun read. I'll continue with this series - it's a perfect light read for summer. Jun 02, Heidi rated it really liked it Shelves: goal , mysteries.

I needed a totally fun read and this was it. Hijinx and mega cons follow. Fun stuff — and just what I needed!! Classic Evanovich characters and banter but better action scenes and exposition!! Jun 30, Kathy rated it liked it. I am a huge fan of Janet Evanovich and I am not sure why so many are raving about this book. Frankly, the characters were, for the most part, flat and not well developed.

In earlier novels, the author does stretch the truth, but, for the most part, the experiences and actions are believable. In this book, there is very little credibility and the experiences of Kate and her team are I am a huge fan of Janet Evanovich and I am not sure why so many are raving about this book. In this book, there is very little credibility and the experiences of Kate and her team are just too impossible to believe, and this may be due to the story line or how the plot unfolds.

I wish he could have played a bigger role in the novel. Frankly, I think he would be better than Nick was in this book. Finally, I wonder whether the author, who has provided her readers so much in the past, has finally reached her apex and is possibly now going beyond her limits. View 1 comment. Aug 21, Susie Kline rated it it was ok. You know I'm a giant Evanovich fan. I count Stephanie Plum and Lula as some of my best friends.

Sure, they only come around when I open a book Lee Goldberg is a television producer and he produced Monk, which is one of my favorite shows. Still, The Heist just doesn't come through. She's dedicated and ferocious. And she's determined to nail the elusive con man and thief, Nicholas Fox. But Fox is wily, as well as sexy as hell. Maybe she wants to do more than put him in jail. When she manages to snag him--albeit by running into him with a bus--he escapes in a dramatic, theatrical way and she's on his tail once again. When she finally catches up with him again she finds that nothing is what she thought.

Can she be trusted to work with Nicholas Fox without letting her attraction for him getting in the way? This isn't a bad read, but it lacks the spark of earlier Evanovich works. The characters are boring. Even Nicholas Fox the super con man seems like a cardboard cutout.

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Kare O'Hare is dull, but her father is the one character I really liked in the book. The settings are exotic. The geography lessons intense. But the overall novel is meh. I'd love to hear what you think about this one! Let me know! View 2 comments. This book was fun!

The introduction to the main characters, which can often be tedious in the first book of any series, was humorous. There was a bit of a lag while the premise was being set up, but once the actual "mission" got started, it was fascinating. The mystery is not the resolution, but how they got there and they fooled me.

The writing duo of Evanovich and Goldberg seem well matched. Mar 13, Kara Beal rated it it was ok Shelves: mystery-thriller.

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This book is part Oceans 11, part Clive Custler--but with women in mind as the target audience. It was easy to read, and entertaining, but only if you're willing to check your feminist card at the door before you pick this up. The main character is smart, tough, accomplished former Navy SEAL , ambitious, in great shape and can take care of herself. She is also tall, blond, beautiful, can overeat at every opportunity and never gain an ounce, frets over how to wear her hair, throws up after a big This book is part Oceans 11, part Clive Custler--but with women in mind as the target audience.

She is also tall, blond, beautiful, can overeat at every opportunity and never gain an ounce, frets over how to wear her hair, throws up after a big professional accomplishment, hides in the ladies' room at work to avoid her male co-workers, has a huge crush on a dashing con man who taunts her--because he is a dashing con man who taunts her. Oh, and, despite her amazing accomplishments, view spoiler [ she has to be saved at the end of the story by a man! OK, ok, it turns out to be her dad, which is actually kind of sweet, and at least is better than her being saved by the con man.

But I kept being distracted by how this character, who should have been completely in control, fell apart whenever a man was in the vicinity and immediately relinquished control to him. C'mon ladies, we should be able to come up with better heroines, even for escapist fun. May 24, Amy rated it really liked it Shelves: and-a-half , heist. And did it ever. Basically, imagine the TV show White Collar except the FBI agent is a gorgeous female who thinks "relaxation" means going to the shooting range with her Dad. Actually, she strongly resembles the heroine from Louisiana Longshot.

Who needs high heels when AKs are a thing? She also, of course, comes with a strong dash of Stephanie Plum because, bless her heart, Janet Evanovi 3. She also, of course, comes with a strong dash of Stephanie Plum because, bless her heart, Janet Evanovich does basically one female personality. Because this is Janet Evanovich, the book does contain quite a bit more vulgarity and sexual innuendo than I would like. But, since she co-authors this one, it gets toned down.