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I've got so much already. View 2 comments. This is full of adventure and so much snark that the genius of Klune consistently shines through! Sam is still Sam. Kinda oblivious, definitely talkative, one who finds himself in all the crazy situations one can dream of and then some, but when push comes to shove, he is a man of honor and goodness. Right by his side is the ever faithful Gary, Tiggy I love him 4. Right by his side is the ever faithful Gary, Tiggy I love him so hard!!

Ryan is dreamy as ever, and I reveled in his jealous claiming or being claimed as it were whenever the need called for it. Was this a little long winded? Over the top? Absolutely ridiculous and shameless? Of course!! Funny as all get out! Omg yes!! However, throughout all the zany shenanigans this still had heart at its core.

This was made all that much better by the amazing fantastic narration from Michael Lesley who brings these unforgettable characters to life! View all 7 comments. If you thought the e-book was good You really, really need to listen to this one on audio When this was first released back in June of this year I read it I'm pretty much convinced that with the second book Mr.

Lesley has exceeded my expectations. While I would have loved being able to listen to 'TLSH' again before jumping into the second book time just didn't permit that luxury but Michael Lesley's recreation of the voices for TJ Klune's unique characters in this series easily and effortlessly took me back to Verania with all it's magic and intrigue. I still don't profess myself to be any kind of an expert on anything other than what I like or love as the case might be in this instance. I truly couldn't imagine anyone else capturing the feel of this story better than Mr.

Lesley has. I was so incredibly surprised by how much I enjoyed the audiobook I'd already read the book so I knew I'd like the story but Michael Lesley's narration took this story to a whole new level for me so needless to say I read 'A Destiny of Dragons' and loved it and then I heard from a certain persistent friend that once again Michael Lesley was going to be the narrator I was so on board to listen to the audiobook. I truly didn't think it was possible.

I was wrong because this one wasn't as good for me the audiobook was even better. I know the third book in this series has been released and I am very unashamedly waiting for the audio edition of it because once again it's going to be narrated by Michael Lesley so I have zero doubt that once again it's going to be fan-freakin-tastic! Jul 02, Jenni Lea rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , crack-for-me , smarkity-smarkity-smark , unicorns-fairies-and-dragons-oh-my , bmbr , haha-lol-lmao-rofl. A Destiny of Dragons is my most anticipated read of Did it meet my expectations?

It exceeded them. This story has a more serious tone than TLSH. And, to be honest, I think I liked it better that way. I loved that we got to know each of the characters on a deeper level. My favorites were Ryan and Kevin. So many layers to these two! Ryan is a bit of a douche, but in a fondly exasperating way. His jealousy was hella entertaining to read about.

My favorite part of the story has to be the scene in the desert when Sam discovers just how awesome he really is. My heart was in my throat the whole time I was reading that part. And Tiggy! We got more of Tiggy and I gotta tell you, that half giant is so amazing. I love him so much! Fierce protector and lover of brooms, Tiggy is wonderful and I would be proud to call him my friend. So, go read this book. Jun 28, Ann rated it it was amazing Shelves: families , heart-slayed , audible , pnrs-shifters-ghosties-scifi-etc , boymeetsboy-review-books , mm-rereads , completely-fun , best-banter , fantasy-and-fairytales , all-time-favorite-mm.

Edited to add my review for the audio. I honestly had some trouble starting this review.

The Destiny of Dragons Series

I stand by it all and then some. Listening to A Destiny of Dragons is not a Edited to add my review for the audio. Listening to this book is an event that is all encompassing in the best possible way. I listen to a lot of audiobooks and am a huge fan of quite a few narrators. Some though, some can just make the words come alive and when the perfect match between book and narrator come together, the book gets elevated and as listeners we get to experience the story on a more intimate level.

Michael Lesley is simply amazing. They have completely unique personalities, rapid fire interactions and the entire gamut of emotions from start to finish. Klune audiobook. One of the best experiences in the world is loving something with your friends. I bought the audiobook for another friend and he and I have listened together and texted back and forth throughout every chapter. I have to say a big thank you to both T. Klune and Michael Lesley for giving me something to love so hard with my fellow book and audiobook pals.

Thanks guys, see you in the next book! All the fabulousness was present, all the snark and all the dysfunctional unconditional love. We can all agree that Lightning Struck Heart was basically the most fun a person can have reading a book, agreed? So much bigger. Sam is. I felt like a part of the adventure and I took myself off the grid while I read because these moments were all about Sam, Team HaveHeart and me. And while there is a lot to absorb and all the elders are all vague and whatnot, as prophetic destinies are destined to be, the plot is so well paced and tied together it flows organically and easily.

The humor is front and center too, because how could it not be, but it does balance perfectly with the rest of the story. Sam is nothing if not loyal and as Sam matured his loyalty grew to encompass everything his destiny is calling on him to protect. All the moments and conversations that Sam had with new characters were always fun to read, because, Sam, but they also had a ton of meaning and I ate them up.

Ryan is delicious and immaculate, of course and Tiggy is quietly and unassumingly brilliant. Morgan and Randall broke my heart on a lot of different levels, for their past pains and the inadvertent pains created. The King is the leader we all wish we could have and the Prince is growing on me a little more every time he makes an appearance. The banter is delicious as expected and I snortled out loud repeatedly. I anxiously await meeting more dragons, skipping out on RL and joining the adventures of Sam and his band of heroes.

Jun 29, Karen rated it it was amazing Shelves: here-be-dragons , books-read , read-mm. If you read 'The Lightening Struck Heart' than Seriously what are you waiting for? You need this book in your life. For one thing because it's awesome and secondly because you can't read 'Destiny of Dragons' without reading 'The Lightening Struck Heart' first and who wants to miss out on 2 awesome books when they don't have to It's pages of humor and feels that sucker punch you in the best possible way when you least expect it and best of all Kevin is back Destiny of Dragons, Sam has a destiny to fulfill and it involves Along with all the awesomeness that we were given in TLSH, we get to meet a new dragon We also get to meet the white dragon who lives in the middle of the Dark Woods Hopefully there will be more of the white dragon and we'll finally meet the mated dragons who live in the mountains But, I'm getting a bit ahead of myself here because this story is honestly worth reading for more than the dragons Seriously, we need to get you therapy But now's not the time for that let's go back to the book because it's way more interesting.

Aside from the humor in this book and trust me it is laugh out loud funny, there's Tiggy who EVER meet. Gary the unicorn Kevin the dragon see pic a top of review , Kevin is seriously unlike any dragon I've every encountered and I gotta' say folks the only thing bigger than Kevin is his libido and that's all I'ma gonna say about that. Lastly is Ryan I loved how much Ryan we got in this book and how much we got to see him and Sam interact.

Their relationship has grown and they just seemed to be so comfortable with each other and it's not a rose colored glasses thing going on here. These two see and love each other warts and all and it's so obvious in this book how strong the connection between Sam and Ryan is and this is all topped of by moments of feelz that had me grabbing for the tissues. Honestly I would have to write a book to explain how much I loved this book Ok I think I've rambled on enough for now. I know I haven't really said much about the book but that's what blurbs are for and most importantly I wanted to keep this spoiler free so that if you've read this far and you haven't read the book yet I've not written anything that will keep you from enjoying this story as much as I did.

Sep 06, Angela rated it really liked it Shelves: audiobook , mm. Where does the fan club meet?! View all 6 comments. The writing and the acting together, makes magic… I thought about reading A Destiny of Dragons when it was originally published. Klune is a brilliant writer. His stories come to life and you see each character, the world they live in and the lives they lead.

I know I could have read with my own little eyes and experienced that wonder and been completely satisfied. However, I knew that if I added in Michael Lesley and his fantastic voice-acting…well, I would be treated to a masterpiece. One w The writing and the acting together, makes magic… I thought about reading A Destiny of Dragons when it was originally published. The humour is OTT, crass and completely camp. I found it almost freeing that the characters were able to talk so openly about their sexual experiences and feelings. Sure, Garry and Kevin take everything to the next level, but you come to appreciate it for its comedic value.

Morgan and Randall are still around, sighing and harrumphing at Sam and his motley crew. Justin is still sulking after Ryan stood him up at the altar. We also get to meet some new characters that will put a smile on your face or bring a tick to your eye. I loved and hated them exactly as I was meant to. They all came alive for me. The story sucked me in from start to finish. I hated that real life kept interrupting my listening time and I squeezed in as much ear-bud time as I could at every opportunity.

My heart was pumping, my smile stayed plastered and my mind was whirling through it all. Special mention really must go to Michael Lesley. Every character has its own original, slightly quirky and completely lovable voice. Klune writes magic and Michael Lesley performs the heck out of it. Jun 09, Chris, the Dalek King rated it really liked it Shelves: love-bytes , mc-pairing-mm , owned-ebook-or-audio , uniforms-and-private-dicks , fantasy-mm-ff , magic-and-supernatural. This story picks up a little bit after the close of book one.

Sam and Ryan are finally happy and in love, and the world seems to be coming up roses and hornless unicorns. And Ruv might seem like a nice hot guy, but there is nothing and no one coming between Sam and Ryan. Not even world-ending catastrophes, sparkly dragon constellations, or an ancient evil with familiar connections. Even if everyone seems to be saying otherwise. It was so unique and funny, yet it had such heart to it, that it will probably always be one of my favorite books by Klune.

There was something about that first story that really dug into me. Sam having to rescue Prince Justin so that he can marry Ryan, the man Sam loves, it was written so incredibly well. It was personal and heartbreaking. Even when it was also fucking hilarious. There was something about the way that this book tried to become this huge world-encompassing thing, that made it really hard for me to care about what happens.

Being the only one who can save the world from an ancient evil…not so much. For all that Ruv might be an alternate, there is no way he would be. So that made this whole subplot feel like an unneeded addition that helped drag the pace of the story down. Which is sad because I do think there was a good core element that could have really shone in this. Ryan is mortal, Sam is mostly not. There were moments, scenes in this book that really worked for me.

Zero was great, and I think that scene at night when it was just Sam and him, was one the best scenes in the entire book. It felt more grounded, less jokey. It made me care about these characters in a way that had been really lacking up until that point. In fact my favorite parts of this book were when the book stopped trying to be funny, and focused on being real and honest. Klune can really bring the heart break and I really wished that there was more of that here, because when it did show up, it made the story like times better.

It felt like every time we got to a huge scene or to a touching moment, then it would almost instantly revert back to butthole jokes.

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It seriously dragged down the pace of this story; and for a book that is only really a third of an overarching story, I found that to be a huge problem. I think I came in expecting it to be just as great, and it never really reached that mark. And I certainly enjoyed it enough to go on reading the series. I just hope that the author will focus a bit more on the heart, and bit less on the laughs. Go there to check out other reviews, author interviews, and all those awesome giveaways. Click below.

Jul 02, Susan rated it really liked it Shelves: mm. And I feel so sad about it. TLSH was funny, upbeat and just such a happy book. This book was all gloom and doom. Yes, there were the jokes, but it was hard to really get into the fun of it when there was the constant threat of death and betrayal, and then more death. What I loved about the first book was the bo 3. What I loved about the first book was the bonds between everyone. I loved how Sam was with Gary and Tiggy, how he treated Morgan, how sassy he was with Randall and how much he loved Ryan.

Well, the love thing with Ryan was still very strong in this one, so I absolutely did love that. And I do have to say that Gary, Tiggy and Kevin were still great friends. But I hated how there was a lot of hurt and pain focused on Morgan and Randall. There was this constant feeling of sadness throughout this book. This just made me feel sad while the TLSH made me feel so happy. In TLSH they went on this quest, but it was a happy quest. I mean, Justin was never in any real danger, so it was not depressing in any way.

But here with the prophecies about death and destruction left and right… yeah, not a happy book. I hated the prophecy where it is being said that view spoiler [sacrifices have to be made. Definitely a 5 star scene. Of course it could totally be this is all necessary so that the other books can be amazing and Sam will show everyone how great and badass he truly is.

Why couldn't this series just remain my happy place? Slowly, and painfully. What a bitch. Re-read audio January 31, Just as full of hilariousness and feels as the first time. Getting to hear all my favorites' own "voices", brilliantly performed by Michael Lesley, is always a treat. And of course, it was. There's no way that's not going to be hilarious and so much damn fun. But the tone of ADoD is a lot more than just outrageousness. So much happens in this book. Sam is living happily with Ryan. Into all this happiness, Sam's Gypsy grandmother suddenly appears, who Sam has never met because his mother was exiled from her clan for falling in love with and marrying Sam's father.

Grandma is not just visiting, she comes with the news that it's time for Sam to face his destiny One of the things I loved here is that no matter how many times someone tried to shove the future down Sam's throat "Look, here's what is going to happen, and there is nothing you can do to change that", Sam refuses to buy that bullshit.

He'll do the right thing, but he is determined to make his own destiny. I loved it. I laughed and giggled my way through the whole book and there was plenty of feels mixed in with all the funny. I don't think there's anybody out there that can balance that like TJ. There's lots of Gary Diva-Bitchiness, Tiggy wisdom and Kevin being a perv, as well as some great new characters, both good and terrible.

However, though this one doesn't pull the heartstrings too hard, there's things that make me sure that somewhere in the next 2 books, TJ is going to bring the pain. For the life of me, I can't help but be twisted enough to be impatient as hell for that! November is sooooo far away!! Oct 03, Sanaa Z. That ending though. I love this series. I'm being so serious when I say this, but this series has changed me. What do you read after this? I can't wait for the next book. But until then, you'll see me sulking around, missing the crap out of these guys.

Jul 03, River rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , m-m , 5-stars. That time T. J gave me my favorite character. Reading this book was like visiting your friends that you love but live in different states and when you see each other yo are so excited that you can't stop smiling. I loved every line in this book, there is not a single thing that I would change.

Sam has a destiny, he needs to make a decision about what he is going to do about that destiny even if he hates we call it a destiny and That time T. Sam has a destiny, he needs to make a decision about what he is going to do about that destiny even if he hates we call it a destiny and might punch someone in the kidney if he keeps hearing that word. Sam learns the truth about a secret, a secret that involves him and might affect the way he sees his world. And of course, Sam, Gary, Tiggy, Kevin and knight delicious face are going to go on an adventure, like in the hobbit but you know, with more sex talk involved.

I loved how this story progressed, I don't know about other people but I am the type of persons that is always trying to guess what's gonna happen next, in this story I didn't, first I dind't expect the turn things were going to take and second you really can't think of anything else while reading because the story absorbs you. The book it's still funny and it has hilarious moments but this time around there is a more serious undertone, there are such beautiful scenes not just with the main group but with other characters that warm your heart and make you tear up and at the same time you want to kick T.

J in the shin because why are you messing with our feelings? I love every character, Sam has a story that is honestly very complicated, he has secrets and decisions to make that are really hard. Ryan is there to support Sam and love him and be all dashing and inmaculate as usual. Gary is still our gary, he is a beautiful sassy bitch that is going to cut someone if they mess with him or his friends. Kevin gives us some very beautiful scenes in this one, don't get me wrong, he is still very creepy with his sex comments but in here you see another side of him and realize that there is still a lot we don't know about him and maybe he is more wise than you expect.

Then there's my precious baby Tiggy!!!! Tiggy is such an amazing character, we know so little about him but every time his story is mentioned you know something awful happened and you just wanna protect him and hug him and for the love of Gary someone give this precious baby a broom! Fantasy Adventure Action Comedy - Drama. Aaron Ehasz Justin Richmond. Villads Spangsberg Giancarlo Volpe. Retrieved July 21, Retrieved January 13, Retrieved April 16, Retrieved January 18, Retrieved March 17, Callum is Harrow's step son.

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A Meditation on Art, Destiny, and the Power of Choice

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Promotional poster. Official website. Giancarlo Volpe. A prologue explains the setting: Long ago, humans used dark magic and were driven off by dragons and elves. The news hit Shulien hard, though.

She gasped for breath, even though she rarely thought of the old friend, or even of the treasure that he had hidden. But now it all came back like a torrent of dirty flood water that overtops the dike, despite the efforts of the farmers. Once the first defense breaks there is no stopping it. She had to leave. She had to go to Beijing. She felt a stab of panic.

The Green Destiny: who was protecting it now? Felt shoes, a rush jacket, silver coin, her swords. As she searched she felt Mubai in the room with her. His ghost haunted her, and all the incense she had burned did nothing to quieten it. The duke is dead, she imagined him telling her. His ghost stood over her. He was quiet, calm, impassive. He liked the casual air it gave him, even when fighting for his life. He had been nonchalant about his safety; his brilliance and talent got him killed.

She had loved and admired him as a man, but his ghost had a detached and patronizing air. I gave him the Green Destiny. It must be taken and hidden. You know the power of the sword. You know the power it has. She ignored him and his voice became reprimanding. Shulien, you must protect the sword. How could you let the duke die without securing the sword? Shulien, you must go and protect the sword. She was angry at the voice for nagging her, and angry at it for going silent now.

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She imagined the ghost was still with her. I was there. You died defending that sword. A month or two, she thought. No more. Like a crouching tiger, the saying went, or a hidden dragon: she would slip silently back into the world of men and hide her true nature, unless imperative demanded. I have to protect Green Destiny. It and I will retire here. Then the kingdom will be safe at last.

Shulien turned her back; the hut was silent. It had a bedraggled air. Melting snow had soaked the roof thatch. A gray droplet fell from the end of a stray straw. It sparkled as it fell and disappeared into the winter mud. She held that image in her mind, and turned and walked back into the world. She could not know it then, but every reassurance she had given her hut was wrong.