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Institutional investor purchases : residential property sales to non-lending entities that purchased at least 10 properties in a calendar year. Short sale: a sale of a property where the sale price is less than short the combined amount of loans secured by the property.

ATTOM multi-sources property tax, deed, mortgage, foreclosure, environmental risk, natural hazard, and neighborhood data for more than million U. Media Contact: Christine Stricker Data and Report Licensing: Please contact us if you have questions about the underlying data referenced in this article, or would like to have access to that data in the form of custom reports, API, Bulk File or DaaS. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Contact our experts with questions about any of the data and analytics referenced in our articles. You make big positive impacts on the lives of people in need. I underwent surgery to stabilize my neck, spent ten days in intensive care and four months in rehab at Craig Hospital. When I got out of the hospital and back to my old bed, I realized how uncomfortable it was and I was very concerned about getting pressure sores. My Purple 3 mattress was built using technology specifically designed to prevent pressure sores and skin break down. The mattress is soft enough that I am finally able to get a comfortable night sleep and it is firm enough that I do not sink down and I am able to move around to reposition and transfer myself.

The adjustable base is a great feature allowing me to raise and lower my head and feet into multiple positions which is nice for circulation and comfort. It is hard to put in words how much I appreciate the Travis Roy Foundation for their financial help and making my life so much better. I received assistance from your foundation a year ago and I just would like to say how thankful I am of all your help.

I just would like to say thanks a million times and I will be forever grateful of your support!!!!! If there is anything else I can assist with please contact me as soon as time permits!!!! Chuck and I would like to thank you for your generous gift of a seat elevator for his new wheelchair. I would like to take the time to thank you and the foundation for providing the funding help for a comfortable bed and making it possible to get rid of the two hospital beds and purchase one split king size bed that has an adjustable base and will perform just as well as an hospital bed would but will allow my spouse and myself to sleep together in comfort like any other couple.

Gratefully, Mia. I would like to thank the Travis Roy Foundation for their generosity for the grant for my son, Michael Adams. This grant enabled him to have hand controls put in his truck. When my son received the email approving the grant, we were elated and felt so blessed. This grant has given him the independence he needs to continue to be the son, dad, brother and wonderful person that he is. We are humbled by the generosity of the foundation and how they have and continue to help SCI people. Words will never express the gratitude we feel for this amazing gift.

Within 2 weeks of my wife submitting a grant request to the Travis Roy Foundation for a ceiling lift we received notification that our grant was approved. I was blown away with the generosity and speediness of the request. The ceiling lift is the single most used piece of equipment every day. We are so happy we have had the pleasure of meeting Travis 2 times in the past year and have been able to personally thank him.

He is such a kind and selfless person and we are so grateful.

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On July 3 rd I broke my neck at the C6-C7 level which resulted in a spinal cord injury. During the months of rehabilitation that followed, the importance of being vigilant for and preventing skin pressure wounds was emphasized over and over. My Sleep Number bed plays an important role in accomplishing this task.

The bed equalizes the pressure on my skin along the sleep surface, I can adjust the firmness of the bed for activities such as dressing and I can lift the head of the bed to make activities like reading and watching TV much more comfortable. Thank you again for making this possible and helping me toward achieving my goal of independent living. Please relay my thanks to the folks of the Travis Ropy Foundation for providing me with funds to purchase a Smartdrive for my wheelchair. I am very grateful for this technology and it is, and will likely continue to be, a positive change in my life. I would not have had the opportunity to experience this assistance without the TRF funding.

After over 40 years as a wheelchair user, my wrists, elbows and shoulders are pretty well shot. This transition from an active life to a more sedate existence has been difficult for me psychologically, however, this device allows me to continue to get out and about without further degrading my arms. It gives my arms a bit of a rest and that helps me regain and maintain a positive attitude! I am very grateful for you financial assistance.

Thank you again for helping me purchase this device. This gift has enabled us to modify our bathroom for our son Kiland. In , Kiland suffered a serious spinal cord injury level C6 in a diving accident. He is unable walk and has limited use of his hands. After his injury, access to our bathroom and the use of the shower was extremely difficult and frustrating for him.

We took off the doors to our walk in shower, but he st ill had to transfer to a bench. Now, at 18 years of age, he is wanting more independence and privacy. With the modification and roll in shower he is able to take a full shower without my help. He simply rolls his shower chair into the shower and relaxes in private.

He can also use the sink with ease. The modification has been life changing for him. Kiland is so happy, that any family member who visits, he wants to show them his new bathroom. We cannot thank the Travis Roy Foundation enough for its support of Kiland. Our family will be forever grateful. Sincerely, Kyra Holland. We want to say Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for the generosity the Travis Roy Foundation gave Christopher in allowing him to become more independent. Thank you for your compassion and understanding and helping keep Christopher moving forward, focusing on getting stronger, independent and hopefully one day to walk again.

I wanted to share my excitement upon opening the letter of grant approval I was floored and in shock. Through your generosity the ability to travel with my power chair which I need to become independent within my community as well as enjoying my outside hobbies with my family. This equipment will help to shape the way I live from this point on.

I am truly humbled I am looking forward to go fishing in the spring. Thank you again for your generosity I am truly humbled. If there is anything I can do to help going forward please let me know. We would like to give you a huge thank you. She talks with and sees the grandkids every several days. A few months ago I contacted the Travis Roy foundation for grant.

Since then I have used the money to make modifications to my vehicle so I can drive myself and not have to depend on someone for a ride every day.

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I wanted to take a moment of your time to express my gratitude for the Travis Roy Foundation. As some of you know, the road I face as a quadriplegic is not going to be easy. There are many things that I am going to struggle with and some things that I will not be able to achieve, especially on my own. To me, getting back on the road was one of these things. Driving equipment, although helpful for someone in my shoes, is very expensive. The money I received from the Travis Roy Foundation made it possible for me to achieve this milestone.

Once again I just want to say thank you. Your generosity humbles me and alters my perception. Hi my name is Tyrone Cook Sr. And would like to thank the foundation for their support and the grant I received for my hoyerlift. It is such a big help with transferring in and out of bed and my chair, it makes a big difference in my life.

I live at home with my wife and two of my three children. I have been paralyzed from my chest down T7 level since August of This grant will help me get back to work. Please excuse the tardiness of this thank you. I cannot thank you enough for your generosity.

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The elevator allows me to access all levels of my home and to enter and exit into and out of my home through the garage with ease. Words can not express my sincere appreciation to you for your assistance in providing me this privilege and giving me this liberty. Your kindness and generosity will remain with me forever.

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  6. Because of this great gift, my parents do not have to carry me inside the house. I feel more independent because of this great gift.

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    People do not understand that everyday things such as going inside my house became an obstacle. Dear Travis Roy Foundation, you have done a wonderful thing! I was surfing the web looking for help me and a friend. My life was different after my injury. My son introduce me to the web, something called Webtv. I wanted something a little more advanced, so when I surfed and found the Travis Roy Foundation which help people with spinal cord injuries.

    The Travis Roy foundation has blessed me with a grant to have a computer and a naturally speaking dragon. This has giving me more independence it has made a great impact in my life! I can communication with my family, close by, and long distance. Now I feel part of the world through the internet. Travis thank you very much! Keep the great work up helping me, and others, may God continue to bless you and the people who are responsible for helping you with this foundation.

    May I say thank you Travis Roy Foundation for getting me a new roho cushion for my back up wheelchair. One chair is powered and the other is a manual that I often switch back and forth due to going out or staying in. As expensive as these cushions are I did not know where or when I would be able to get one myself but you came to my rescue. What a difference it has been having two cushions again. So thank you again Travis Roy foundation you have truly made a difference here. First of all I would like to thank [the] Lord for making Foundations like yours help people like me. Thank you for granting me the grant to get my lift replaced.

    It came just as it was getting worse and breaking more. Now I can keep my independence, and keep trying to find work. Again Thank You from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much for your kindness. The computer will be very helpful to Kelly. You have made a difficult year that much better. Thank you very much for the grant to pay for my platform lift. It has truly changed my life. I was not able to get out of my house by myself, and now I can get out anytime I need or want to.

    Once again, thank you very much. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for your organization. People with SCI are blessed to have you to help out in our time of great need. In fact, it is more than a computer that I got. It is the materialization of the love and care of the noble Travis Roy Foundation towards vulnerable people.

    On October 27, , we were stunned with the unimaginable, a football injury resulting in a catastrophic spinal cord injury to our son, Sterling Thomas. We found ourselves in need of your support and you came through for us. Thanks to you, Sterling is able to luxuriate in what most of us take for granted…a steamy, warm shower! Yes, Sterling is glad to have a shower chair which allows him to perform his personal care with greater independence and dignity.

    I appreciate you for the experience, ideas and energy you possess, and am looking forward to talking with you further next week. I appreciate you for your depth, your knowledge, your ability to make wise choices, your fundamental fairness, and your vocal support for this event. Your work will help to keep memories fresh, and show some of the atmosphere and abundant interactions at EventCamp East Coast. What more could we have asked for? Thank you! Hostess Beth Brodovsky , what a hostess you turned out to be for our Friday night party!

    I appreciate you for graciously offering the use of your home by fifty strangers, and for your unflappability as we moved furniture from one room to another during the party, stuck paper all over your living room walls, and prepared food in your kitchen. We all owe you a big vote of thanks!

    Letters of Appreciation

    You supported EventCamp East Coast enthusiastically and we all benefited from the relationship. I thank you, as do all of us who attended. My fellow organizers Almost last, but far from least, are my two fellow organizers, Traci Browne and Lindsey Rosenthal.

    When she asked me to help create a regional EventCamp, I accepted immediately.