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There are between 36 and 56 questions and a 60 to 80 minute time limit depending on the length of the passages and the number of questions. The second section gauges your ability to understand the English language when it is being spoken in a classroom-type environment. You will listen to lectures and other classroom interactions, and then answer questions. You are given between 60 and 90 minutes to complete this section.

Note: The accent of the speaker in this section can be from North America, the U. The third section measures your ability to express yourself in the English language. There are two parts to this section: integrated speaking and independent speaking. The integrated speaking section requires you to respond to questions based on written or verbal content, while the independent speaking section requires you to speak on a topic that is familiar to you.

The total time limit for both is 20 minutes. Overall, there are six activities in the speaking section. The writing section is also broken up into two parts: integrated writing and independent writing. In the integrated writing section, you will read a passage and listen to a lecture. You will then be asked to complete a writing task based on what you read and heard. Conversely, the independent writing question will simply supply a prompt, and then you will write an essay that agrees or disagrees with the statement or question.

The total time limit for the writing section is 50 minutes. Certain universities require higher scores than others, and some might expect a higher score on a certain section, but allow for a lower overall score. Generally, an overall score of is required to attend American universities.

Once you take TOEFL, a detailed scoring report will be sent to you and can be sent to the universities that you are interested in attending. In order to effectively use these prep courses, you need to be an intermediate or advanced English speaker. We were careful only to recommend quality courses, but there are plenty out there that are either scams or just overcharge and underdeliver. We started the process of choosing the best prep courses by developing our list of contenders.

In order to research effectively, we decided on the most important features of online prep courses. Once our core metrics were established, we identified specific features that were used to evaluate the courses further. The second type of sub-metric is a comparison between all of the courses. For instance, the actual cost of each course is comparative, and the availability of study plans is a yes-or-no question. Once all of our research was completed we used the following process to get the overall score for each online prep course:.

The average of all of the sub-metrics in a single core metric was used to give each prep course an overall score for that core metric. Each core metric was assigned a weight that reflects the overall importance of that specific core metric. However, we did include metrics that give extra points to courses that guarantee a specific improvement for repeat test-takers. English Success Academy. Kaplan Test Prep. Best for: Budget-conscious individuals who need help with all four sections and vocabulary. BestMyTest was clearly the best online prep course that we reviewed.

Another great feature is the guarantee that those who complete the course will increase their score by at least seven points. While BestMyTest performed very well on our top three core metrics, it placed in the middle of the pack in the last two core metrics.

Instead, you can choose from four different mini-courses that focus on unique skills and sections of the test. This allows those who are struggling with a specific aspect of the TOEFL iBT to spend their time and money on material that exclusively covers what they need to work on. For instance, the Advanced Speaking Guide solely focuses on the speaking section.

English Success Academy is the only course that allows you access for an unlimited amount of time as opposed to the average months that are the typical time limits. This allows you to start preparing a year or more in advance if you so choose. Another helpful feature is the option to get additional help with online tutoring from the same site that provides the prep course.

However, you should keep in mind that online tutoring is much more expensive than online prep courses. It also had a very small variety of practice questions only Best for: Those who are starting their preparation months in advance and want access to a large number of practice questions. One of its best features is the amount of time you can use this course for: six months.

The answer to that question depends on your unique situation and budget. Take a look at some pros and cons for personal tutoring when compared with online prep courses. The first and cheapest way to get a personal tutor is online. There are two basic types of sites that offer online tutoring. The first type is full-service tutoring sites.

These sites provide a wide variety of online tutoring for all sorts of subjects Math, Science, etc. This type of tutor requires a face-to-face meeting, and finding a tutor that specializes in the TOEFL iBT may be challenging depending on where you live and your proximity to a large city. In order to find a quality tutor, you can check websites that allow individuals to advertise their services. One example of this type of site is Craigslist , which may or may not be heavily utilized in your area.

You can also use social media to ask for recommendations from friends and other acquaintances. Be sure to consider your personal safety when finding and meeting a tutor in person. Remember that your goal is to get a high score on the test, learning English is part of that, but you also need a tutor that can help you develop strategies and good habits specifically related to the TOEFL iBT. Be sure to verify ahead of time that the tutor you select has personal experience with the TOEFL iBT and has previously helped other students be successful on the test.

While some may have no other choice but to opt for online tutoring due to location or other circumstances , there are some important factors to weigh if you are trying to decide between the two. Take a look at the benefits of online tutoring and those of in-person tutoring. Unfortunately, they are often quite expensive as well. Take a look at the following pros and cons to see how language schools stack up against online prep courses.

Many language schools offer a group class that may be similar to a language course at a college or highschool. Some language schools may even have classes specifically designed to prepare students for the TOEFL iBT — these are the best choice if available.

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Many language schools also offer one-on-one tutoring, but it may not be advertised. You can usually expect a higher quality of tutoring from an instructor at a language school when compared to that of a random person you found on the internet. However, personal tutoring from a language school is usually quite a bit more expensive than private tutoring from an independent tutor. The advantages and disadvantages of prep books compared to online prep courses are listed below. Another problem with using free resources is that they can be out of date, and have information pertaining to an older version of the TOEFL.

The following sites have been vetted and can be used to supplement preparation. Note: Watch out for ads that redirect you to another site. Click carefully. This site allows you to access countless samples of fluent English speakers. Recorded lectures are especially useful in preparing for the test since the TOEFL iBT will require you to listen to these types of clips and either answer questions or write a response based on what you heard.

There is a large variety of resources in this category. Some sites provide flashcards or vocabulary lists, while others offer interactive quizzes testing vocabulary or grammar proficiency.

TOEFL Practice Test - The Reading Section (2019)

Like the reading section of the TOEFL iBT, these types of resources will provide an essay or excerpt for you to read, and ask you to answer questions that gauge your comprehension. The following is a list of resources for you to utilize:. While ETS provides official guides that you can purchase, the company that administers the test also has four free resources that you can utilize during your preparation. There are two ways to approach vocabulary-building: passive learning and active learning. Passive learning is all about immersing yourself in as many environments where English is being spoken as possible.

The idea is that the more you are around the language, whether through reading or listening, the more your brain will pick up on the English language without you having to do anything at all. While passive learning is great for those who are starting their preparation well in advance, those who need to gain a larger working vocabulary quickly will have to take an active role in building up their vocabulary. The following are six steps that will help to learn useful vocabulary, which should result in higher scores on every section of the TOEFL iBT. The first step is to identify groups of words that will be useful to study.

Many study guides and online prep courses can assist in determining important categories of words to study. Here are some examples of a few:. Once the categories of words are established, start creating sections beneath each main category. Such as:. Once you have your main groups and sub-categories established you will need to continue to add to these as you think of more , start filling in each sub-category with words that you already know. I'll try it now.

Jul Master's Degree Early Bird Discount! Because we want you to celebrate independence by getting into the grad school of your dreams! Claim it now. Get ahead of the game now and score big this application season! Ends July 19th. The three practice tests on CD and in the back of the book But none of it is perfect, oddly.

The description of the test comes with almost no strategy or advice. For example, there is nothing about skipping a text in the reading section or looking at the first question before you start reading. And one of the practice tests in the back is old and imperfect, from just after ETS had started making iBT, before they made small adjustments to the format. But there is still no better way to get realistic practice tests for a low price, and especially to get them on the computer, like a real TOEFL iBT. In the book itself, there are hundreds of pages of skill-building materials.

Take, for example, the process of writing a full essay paragraph. First, you need a main point. Cambridge has an exercise for that. Then, you need an explanation of that point, preferably with specific details. Cambridge has an exercise for that, too. Then, you need a transition into another detail. Some practice material is too difficult, and not well written. In order to use half of the skill-building, you need to buy the set of 8 CDs. The Complete Guide to the TOEFL Test iBT edition For a student who is studying for over a month and needs some more substantial practice, the Complete Guide is the fastest way to get more high-quality practice material and good skill-building material.

The biggest problem is that there are no answers in the book—you have to buy a separate answer book for that. The book also presents detailed advice on ways that students can expand their English language vocabulary.

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They will find helpful tips on using a dictionary and a thesaurus to expand word power plus practice tests with answer keys. The tests are designed to help students evaluate their expanding word-learning progress and increased vocabulary in English. The book presents an organized list of vocabulary words with definitions, sample sentences, and practice exercises for need-to-know words. It also provides detailed advice on ways in which students can expand their English language vocabulary.

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Students can test their mastery of TOEFL vocabulary by taking the included practice test with answer key, which is designed to help students evaluate their progress, and increase confidence in their vocabulary skills. The course format works very well in the classroom and for independent study.

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Ample practice builds the skills and confidence that are keys to success in an English speaking environment. And the essay, also known as the Test of Written English, is the hardest part of the test-one that keeps many test takers from succeeding. Cracking The TOEFL IBT In Cracking the TOEFL iBT, The Princeton Review will teach you how to Use our preparation strategies and test-taking techniques to raise your score Focus your reading and listening to identify the key parts of passages, lectures, and conversations Improve your command of spoken English and your use of good English grammar and vocabulary Write top-scoring essays by responding to the specific question asked and organizing your ideas clearly Test your knowledge with review questions and practice drills for each topic covered All of our practice test questions are just like those on the actual exam, and we explain how to answer every question.

This compact disc-and-book package provides the audio versions for the Listening Comprehension sections of all model tests.