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Puzzle Hero. Jewel Quest III. Legend of Ali Baba. Hidden Wonders of the Depths. Little Farm. Lost Treasures of Alexandria. Golden Sub. Totem Quest. Heroes of Hellas. Gem Shop. Rainbow Web 2. Magic Match. Coffee Rush. Magic Match Adventures. Around the World in 80 Days. Flowery Vale. Age of Emerald. Flower's Story - Fairy Quest. Pizza Chef. Season Match. Caribbean Riddle. Thank you so much for reading this. I'm trying to remember the author or the name of a romance novel about a divorced woman and her son moving to a small town in Alaska to her childhood home that her deceased father left to her.

When she gets there she finds her high school sweetheart living next door with his daughter and son. Looking for a s circa book, about a boy and a deer. I am looking for a book I read as a child in the s about children that lost both parents and an older child in the family raised them. I think it was called something and then Palace bubblegum29 comcast. I think it is a YA book but it could be an adult fiction. They have to sleep in the same bed for some reason, and because the friend likes the singer, he starts thinking about her sexually while sleeping next to her. As if reading his mind, the girl turns to him in bed, takes his penis and starts to jerk him off.

Im looking for a book I read about a girl reluctantly goes with her friends to a cabin in the poconos for the weekend for her friends birthday. The story starts to unfold with something about a mental hospital near the cabin and an escaped patient from that night. I'm looking for a book that is about a girl who was in an accident. I think her parents are scientists. She is saved and made of blue or green goo now. Her memory is saved on a computer that she ends up finding. There is something about butterflies I think.

Orange Coast College or Goldenwest College courses. I'm looking for a thriller about a woman who slowly transforms herself into a man by buiking up her body mass and changing her appearance and her sex. I read this book when I was in high school and I cannot remember the name of it. It was a fantasy book. The main characters brother is sick and I think died in the hospital. I work in a public library and a patron just requested a copy of a book about a young boy who journeys to Alaska in search of a male relative dad? She thinks the boy's name was "Lincoln" and he ends up living with the local native people, hunting with them and learning their ways.

She thinks the title had the words "water" and "sky" in them maybe? Any help would be appreciated, because her grandson is going to Alaska soon and she thought he might enjoy reading it on the trip. I'm looking for a book I read when I was in elementary school in the 's. I used to check this book out a lot. All I can remember is the book had a dark blue fabric cover over hardback. It was about a young girl, possibly 12 or 13, who went to stay with an elderly, sick relative in California on the coast. The household was made up of the elderly relative, housekeeper, maids, cook and the child.

It is not the Secret Garden, nor is it Heidi. I want to say the title had something about Candle in it Not sure when it was written. I loved this book and have been wracking my brain for years to try and remember it. He gathers his friends and they all go search for it.

Looing for a book that has orange cover and about teens in high school the main character has an enemy and a best friend the book is small in size and is a series. I'm looking for a s book with a cabin that basically when you stayed in time stood still and the outside world kept going at an accelerated speed. It was two brothers.

One stayed and the other went outside. Searching for a book that I read in the early 's about 12 children known as the Big Six older kids and the Little Six at summer camp. There was a ' Fairy Ring' in a clearing in the woods. The children cooked and took care of themselves. Assassin type series Author "Eisen???

I read that around and remember some similarities to what you describe.

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But it was not precisely what you described. Looking for a romance book about a girl who meets a guy that was kicked out of his old school. He saves her from getting hit by a car. He rides a motorcycle. They fall in love. He is protecting her from something.

She gets weird things sent to her. Looking for a book about a kid in London who is maybe part of a detective agency with his older brother not sure about this? I know he deals with gangs or something and is almost thrown into the thames with cement shoes. There's a scene in the book where he's in a train yard or something and he's tied up, but when he's tied up he remembers to tense his muscles beforehand so he can escape the ropes later.

This is very vague, but I just remember it being a good, kinda funny book. Looking for a book I read years ago. I can't really remember what it was about but it was something like a son or grandson retelling the story of his dad or grandpa who designed the nuke or something? Since every time she wears it good things happen. The strike up a Summer romance. And since I never finished the book, due to my sister snagging it, I have no idea how it ends. Looking for short story, supposedly an English class book about a young boy who travels on a bus then meets a punk looking girl in a bar waiting for the bus to be fixed so he can travel home.

I'm looking for a sci fi series I read as a kid. The main character is an enhanced super soldier who's turned against his compatriots, but his enhanced abilities are only activated by proximity to his former comrades. Looking for a book about 2 boys who travel through history as famous historical figures. Lincoln and Grant, Marc Antony and Cesar. I remember the book being sort of old looking with a green hard cover.

I want to say it was written in the 50s or 60s but can't be sure. The title had something to do with Lost, Forgotten, or Time but not sure about that either. I've come across the typical Land that Time Forgot but that is not it. It was children stuck in this other world and I think they arrived by some sort of door through the brush. Thank you!! Looking for a book where a young boy climbs a waterfall and then he makes friends with a young girl.

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  • After many years he climbs the waterfall to win her hands. I read a story once, the catlike woman whose tribe fed on dreams was kept by a worker on a mine planet. Her kind was forbidden, the dream feed caused eventual death but was pleasant to both in the dreary world. Have been trying to find that short story for almost 40 years now. Sound familiar to anyone? I want to read it again. Looking for an old Penguin book about some half-dozen historical social reforms in Britain.

    Each chapter was about some social ill that was finally ended or mitigated. Three I dimly recall are the abolition of man-traps to catch poachers, some safety improvements in large sailing ships, The title was something along the lines of "They'll never fix this one". I think it's A Spring to Remember. Childrens book with many stories that were illustrated one was about poor man who meets a witch and she gives him a horse who she says he can't feed he gets rich off the horse and one day feeds him the horse turns into a man and spares him for the crumb he gave him but burns his house down and takes his riches the witch comes back and turns the man into a horse.

    Looking for a book my mom 88 read as a child. True storyThe story was about a young boy who was lost in the woods of Maine. He fell a lot as he was trying to find his way out. He was cold at night. His shoes wore out and so he was barefoot. He walked through creeks and froze his toes.

    He ate berries to survive He prayed a lot. He finally came to a lake, he had fallen and could not get up. He felt someone pick him up He saw a light across the lake and wanted to swim towards it. He was so exhausted he could not and again he felt someone helping him Anyone have any clue as to what the title of this book is??? He even gets someone to deliver his newspaper to his bedroom lol. He is in the music industry, possibly a jingle writer and he plays the piano and taught his daughter. The author may have an Irish sounding name?

    Please help me find it again! I am looking for a book my boyfriend read 4 years ago. The book is written in the first person, published before The protagonist is an American professor visiting England and begins on his journey back to the airport in a taxi. All the other tenants in the guesthouse are strange with their own stories to tell. You, as the reader, are lead to believe the other guests are either entirely mad or dead. The protagonist spends a good portion of the middle of the book trying to distance himself from other guests to find signal on his phone but can't to call his girlfriend.

    At the end of the book it's heavily hinted that the protagonist actually died in a plane crash and has been dead the whole time. The book was billed as a thriller but had rather humourous moments if you like dark humour. The author of the book seemed to be English and possibly had a double barrelled surname. The cover may have been yellow on the hardback edition. I am looking for a children't book I used to read as a child. It was a short read about a young girl who wanted to purchase a black stallion but couldn't afford it.

    So she ended up purchasing a beat up old black horse instead. Essentially, this book is the ugly duckling book about a horse. It would have been published prior to the early 's. That is when I remember reading it. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a book that is about a Havard student. When he passed away, his friends came to his funeral and they decided to have a speical sign for their children.

    His son grew up and he got the help from his father's friends to take revenge for him. Please let me know if you know any information about this book. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. He then set out to find his family along the way he comes across a man and a women in a house and he uses the words full of spunk to describe her.

    He also uses a bike mask to be protected from the air. And he has a picture of his daughter in his pocket. Along the way they come accross a hospital where a nurse and a child have been hiding in an X-ray room where they were protected from radiation. The kid was wheeled around in a wheel barrow I do believe.

    Looking for a book about a girl who lives in california who is goth but carries around a doll and falls in love with a surfer who works at a juice bar and her mom and boyfriend send her to her father on NY an she meets her half siblings. The cover is pink and yellow-orange stripes with a combat boot and a doll.

    One is about a man who proposes to his girlfriend with a green ring, next to a dock or some water, and a sea monster like pops out and steals the ring. The man jumps in after it. He eventually gets it back and returns. He gives the ring to his girlfriend and she says she'd like it better if it was blue or some other color. Might be called Suburbia? Looking for a book from the s I think, about a girl whose teacher stays with her while her parents are away.

    I don't remember much except she had a party and the teacher made a "cake" with tuna in the middle of a loaf of bread and frosted it with cream cheese. I know it's odd but that's the main thing I remember to this day lol. Published prior to One leader eventually disappears when not a diamond using magic.

    Underground cult uses magic to overthrow system and a leader eventually achieves lifetime ambition of disappearing into a diamond. In looking for a book i read to teens. It's about a young girl camp counselor that took misfit teens camping. They had a volunteer grandma with them. Along the bike they encountered a group of motorcycle guys that followed them and caused trouble.

    If I remember right, it's categorized as a Young Adult book. It's about this girl and boy who I think they used to date, but for some reason they split and part their own ways, but they keep writing letters to each other that's how the book is narrated; with the letters i can't remember but i think the girl stops writing and the guy is struggling to keep up with growing up and becoming a responsible adult. I think the girl goes of to college and finds someone else. I am looking for a play theather play that I watched many years ago. It is about two boys raised by their parents in very different ways.

    Like a psychological experiment. The parents or one of them is a psychologist. One is raised in the attic, locked and isolated. And the other is raised freely, regularly registered at the school. I am looking for an illustrated children's book I read 30 years back. The publisher was "Treasure Press". The title had the words "The Golden Monkey" I forget whether it was Legend of the Golden Monkey or Tales of the golden monkey or legend of the golden monkey.

    Any clues? I am looking for a book that i used to read when i was very young. A male assasin partners up with a female assasin and they start to save people instead. One novel involved an Eastern European police officer who the mob killed and sold the young ballet dancing daughter into sex slavery for revenge and fear to the village. The daughter ends up being trafficked to Las Vegas and main characters save her.

    I am looking for a book from the 90's. It was a young adult book. There's a girl who loses her virginity to the town bad boy then runs away. She hitchhikes to California and works as a waitress or maybe in a resort. She meets a guy and they fall in love. She finds out she can't have kids because of some STD the bad boy gave her. In the end she uses a payphone to call her mother.

    The cover had a backpack, postcards, and a red bra in sand on it. I am looking for an anthology of sci-fi short stories. One story I remember is about a girl who rides her bike beyond her block and discovers a gas station. Later she can't find it. It turns out the town is just an elaborate facade.

    Her parents aren't her parents. Something dealing with a pumpkin shows a glitch in the false reality. Looking for a girl born given to her sister. Has two ballerina outfits on it and a person hugging the girl. Am looking for a children's book I read in the s. Great aunt Jane was going to the airport and had a flat tyre. I remember the phrase "as flat as a pancake". Hi im looking for a book who had the drawing of a crocodile on front on the french version anyway I think it was an american teen novel but with mystery and murder. Two bad? A tree house where a kid witnessed a murder, a cleaning lady.

    Its all a big blur i tking i read it in bit it might be older. Looking for a children's book about two sisters who are at the beach when the beach is evacuated but they are left stranded. An old woman who lives at the beach beckons them to come out of the oncoming storm. The main character gains abilities from small figures that he found, all i can remember is that one of the figures was a necromancer. It was only one novel not part of a series of novels.

    Hello, I am looking for a children's picture book about a boy who was trying to find a friend. He tried to make a friend out of a tumbleweed, and out of a cactus. Finally he rode across a rainbow, and at the end found a friend. This was from the late 70's, early 80's. Thanks for the help! Christine Amaryllis. Hi, my son is trying to find a book he read about 5 years ago but cannot remember the name or the author. It's about game hunters in Africa that get stopped by 2 children. Not much to go on I appreciate this but it is worth a shot.

    Thanks Gaz. Cutbytheshell22 If you're still looking for the crow book it might be Trickster's Choice by Tamora Pierce. Gypsiegately The book you're looking for is Haunted by Meg Cabot. It's the 5th book in the mediator series. I used to love it and really want to find it so my kids can read it. I'm looking for book that is a series. It was about a girl who is human AMD half sky spirit.

    She meets a boy who turns in a loupe which is the french word for wolf. I cant remember the name of the 1st book but I remember that if the wolf gets touched by sun or transforms during the day he stays that way forever. Help I loved the series. I was reading it when I was in middle school. I cant remember the name of a childhood book I've read! It has a girl character that never wanted to bathe and she was so dirty, flowers began growing out of her skin. I'm looking for a book I read from the older young adult section when I was in elementary school.

    For some reason, white tennis shoes seem really relevant to this book. Trying to find a book about a boy set in a medieval time period who finds out he has illegal powers where he can control an invisible force. He leaves his home on a journey to find his traitorous brother who is like the advisor to the king.

    The brother is also an illegal mage who tries to kill the king but the boy saves the king. I'm trying to remember a romance book I read about 7 years ago or so. It takes place in the modern day, and went back and forth for main characters by a vampire and a human woman who was a vet. She had a birthmark that when the vampire saw it know she was his soul mate but only saw it after he attacked her when he needed blood. She also had a power to heal at will but tried to keep it hidden except for one time she healed a dog who was going to die. Later in the story she met other vampires with their mates who also had the same birthmark as her and they each had different powers too.

    He ended up at a small cottage on the ocean. Swam a lot, layed in the sun a lot, and began to heal. At some point he began to keep some special kind of bees. Any thought on the name? I read a book in that was about an elderly man who took his money out of the bank - bought a car perhaps a Cadillac and drive off.

    It was quite amusing. I would love to know the name of the book. Thank you. One day the boy was driving the car down a country road and he either hit a little girl on her bicycle or swerved to miss her. The boy ended up on crutches and the grandpa was not seriously injured, but I think the little girl was. The grandfather claimed it had been him who was driving the truck, and he was arrested for reckless driving or something like that. The rest of the book revolves around the main character, the grandson, struggling to decide whether to tell the truth that he was the one driving or let his grandfather take the fall for him.

    I remember some minor details such as the main character begins dating a popular girl named Maxine, Justine, or Georgina, something like that. I also know there was a certain country song that was playing when the car accident happened and the main character hears it on the radio several times throughout the book. I remember that his dad has been a firefighter and was killed trying to save a little boy who had fallen from the ice.

    I have spent years trying to Google the name of the book based off details I remember, but have come up with nothing. If anyone recognizes the book, please let me know. There's a book I remeber reading in the beginning of highschool. It was about a vampire that had bitten this boy? Anyways the plot I remember is that he resists biting someone and its a really big struggle.

    There's a specific scene I really remember it's when the family is cooking a steak dinner. He asks for his steak rare and his older brother is grossed out. I remember it ending on an ambiguous ending, where he shuts himself in his room. He struggling a lot and I'm pretty sure he was getting weaker and weaker as he wouldn't drink human blood. The cover was black and had a yellow smile face, I think there was fangs and it had blood on the fangs.

    Please help? I read a book a long time ago in middle school and a very important theme was the main girl wears purple lipstick and always blotches them on a napkin. She and this girl have been competing for ever and I think at some point the main girl figures out her boyfriend was cheating with the other girl. So the boyfriend ends up dead with a purple lipstick mark on his cheek and everyone thinks it's the main girl. She fights to prove she's innocent and shows the other girl was keeping her purple lipstick blotches napkins in a drawer and convinced people she used the napkin to frame her.

    The other girl ends up in a psych ward, main girl ends up with her male best friend and confesses she truly did murder her boyfriend and framed the other girl. In the 's or early 's I read a book about a teenage girl who lives with her single mother and younger sister. Both the mother and sister seems to look to the teenage girl to take care of them emotionally. The teenage girl meets a boy and develops a relationship while the younger sister is promiscuous and ends up pregnant.

    The younger sister lies about how far along she is so a nice boy thinks it's his and married her. The younger sister husband leaves after discovering baby isnt his, younger sister baby is removed and they expect teenage girl to fix it for them. Girl decides to leave for art school and let her family and her clingy boyfriend to care for themselves.

    Anyone remember this book? Its driving me crazy trying to remember the name of the book and the character names. They try to go into the city by jumping onto a train and they end up finding they need to get her on a boat to get home, so they have to either swim across a ocean or pay to cross the bridge. There is also this beast who I believe left his master, he ends up fighting an alligator and winning, but just barely, after he accepts death. I can't remember the name of the book I read about a girl in a dystopian world may have had a mother and Brother die in very beginning, don't remember but she comes across a group of men and to protect her from a severe rape and possible death, one of the men "gently" rapes her and she either escapes or the men just leave since they successfully got her; and she ends up pregnant and has a baby girl.

    Years later she is living in a cave society and ends up meeting the father of her daughter and learns h e had done what he did to try and save her from worse, and they end up falling in love, though there is more to the actual book story. The book was the first in a series. I cant remember the name of this book I read. Its about a girl who is in art school, her dean tells her shes failing. She goes to look for this like retired artist who could mentor her. Hes an alcoholic. He lives with this younger guy whos like a bad boy. And the mentor had been in a relationship with her mom before her mom died and she found letters in the mentors house.

    I think the girl had a really unique name and went by a shorter version. I think she had drawn the bad boy the first time she met him and he kept that drawing. They I think started like dating and she got jealous of some girl who I think was his step mom or sister or something. Looking for a young adult book I read around It had 2 plots, one that took place during the present day and another during an s type time period. It was a conservative rural family and the baby conceived out of wedlock - so consequences from the abusive father were dire and the stakes were high. In the end the older sister ended up having the baby but it died and she put it in the river.

    Im searching for a book about this little boy who gets abducted while waiting for his mom.

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    This female detective moves into town and tries to find him. She finds a dairy of maybe the abductor and in it the person describes how they watched a grown police man throw up at the sight of the dead body. So its also about a group of people who have been killing since they were kids.

    Looking for a book about a women whom travels into a new neighborhood that is run by a mafia. She has caught the eye of the mafia boss and he protects her sometimes when he see her. IN this book, I believe they have powers in the mafia that allows the mafia gang to shadow creep into places that normal people can not. I'm searching for two books. The first is a book about a group of college women and their lives after graduation. Not a movie. May have Club in the title. May be by Jeanne Dixon.

    Looking for a book that the cover is a theme of purple and butterflies. The boy spends his whole life trying to get her out and succeeds in the end. Looking for the title of a novel about a black funeral home director who must find a wife. The wife he is advised to choose should be submissive, dark-skinned, the perfect color, in order to carry on the tradition as his father did. I believe that the story is set in the late 19th or early 20th C. Would love to find this book--thanks! Plot was angel torn between Heaven and Hell, not feeling worthy Monks take bad men to a monastery and basically torture them?

    In it, an angel fell to earth from his cloud and landed on earth, in a big city. He explored a department store, and was taken home by an old woman who gave him a bath. It was regularly read aloud by Captain Kangaroo, on his TV show. I am looking for a book that I believe is only a picture book or at least very few sentences, about two gorilla families.

    The illustrations are marvelous but also contain some weird elements like trees turning into light poles, bowler hat clouds etc. From what I remember the main characters are two child gorillas from very different households one being rich and distant parents, the other being poor but very loving parents. They meet at a park and play together. Looking for adult book about characters Blue and Pink in kids book.

    Spider weaving web on porch. Old woman fies. Settling estate. I'm looking for a book that was about this boy with his father not having a good relationship his father is a doctor I believe and is rich. The father has a bodyguard and the son I believe has is taking summer classes due to his father. They own a house near the beach and the boy plans a party with his group of friends not knowing that the word of having a party started to go around like wildfire. Then later on in the book he and his girlfriend and guy friend go on an airplane trip to France to find more about his father or the bodyguard secret.

    When they arrive there the main character the guy goes into a car dealership he tries to get a car but fails after being a minor in France. Even though in America he isn't a minor. They then bribe the worker to file fake documents in order to get a car. They go to this hotel near a beach that you can go to fully nude at the beach But it appears that they are being followed by somebody. The main character tries to get more information about the one specific man.

    Says who are you looking for and the main character lies that he was eager to find his dad after years of trying to find him. Looking for a second chance mc romance about a female realtor who gets beaten up by a potential client. She then runs into her biker ex and his club , she knows his club, at a wings restaurant on bike night. This is a very remote chance and I dont have a lot of info but Im looking for the names of a trilogy written about a girl growing up in a religious school and coming to grips with her catholism???

    Have a feeling the names of the books were something to do with the seasons but could be wrong. Looking for a book about a teenage girl who if I remember correctly was called either Deliah or Delilah. She had an older brother who ran away from home due to her finding out he had a drug addiction. Her best friend was this Indian girl who ended up sleeping with her boyfriend Adam, the son of a police officer. Her mother was a clown and the book was within a series all focusing on Delilah and her brother. The first book ended with her brother calling her to tell her that he was alive.

    Please help, have been searching for literally years x. I'm looking for a book about a motorcycle president and a woman hiding her past. She was raised in a group home that her father sold her to when she was a very young child after her moms death. The group home is abusive and the heroine protects the younger children. The lady running the home beats the heroine or locks her in the dark basement for says. A young girl shows up with no memory and the heroine protects her. They killed off a lot of us and did a fairly good job of destroying our culture although our culture persisted none-the less , all to make themselves feel important.

    And the reasons are several, really. We could wait, of course, to be reincarnated, but then, we had things to do, desires of our own that drew us into the material world and we selected the best bodies and situations available at any particular time. Two, some of us, particularly those of us with a bit of pixie blood in us, thought it might be humorous, as well as efficacious, if we were born to the descendants of the Men who persecuted us and then gave them hell when we became teenagers.

    And then, as we matured, we began preserving our elven heritage as best we might through fairy tales and lore, as well as, subtly affecting the way they viewed the world. At the very least, offering them some alternative ideas. We elves have always been the oddballs, the weirdos and crazies of our families. For we are elves. We are supernatural beings. If one understands our magical nature, the essential enchantment of our being, then one will also understand that we can adopt whatever bodies we desire from one life to the next as purpose and destiny incline us to do.

    And if you enjoyed the article above, we think you may very much enjoy reading our most popularly read book on the wisdom teachings of the ancient Elven titled Through the Mists of Faerie :. And for further reading on your elven, faerie, otherkin tribe:. Please click on the titles listed above to go to the pages on this blog that are dedicated to each book, where you can read more about them, view excerpts of sample magical narratives and also the table of contents from both books.

    Be sure and click on the title links and read a few of these magical narratives. Perhaps, you will find your people as you read through these two books, or kindred quite like them. And now for a bit of elven fun! It is set up somewhat like a choose your own adventure book and a fun way to explore your specific magic while all roads lead to Elfin. You may enjoy other pages on our website including reading some of our Magical Elven Love Letters or taking our Elf, Fae or Otherkin Survey and we will happily gift you a beautiful narrative about your magical tribe this is not an automatic response but instead is especially written for you based on your responses and our own elven intuition.

    Enter here the Elven Tree of Li fe Eternal. The Silver Elves invite you to come join us in some of our elven and magical otherkin Facebook groups where you will find our elven-faerie-fae otherkin community interacting and sharing the Elven Way:. The Silver Elves have several original Elven divination systems that have been created to be used by Elfae and all other interested diviners, including The Elven Star Oracle , Elven Geomancy , and our most recent oracle system Sticks and Stones, Feathers, Charms, and Bones:.

    You may ask of the oracle to give you a general reading of what is to come in your life, in which case you will use all the tokens. Or if you want to know what is behind the situation, what karma or fate has brought you to this circumstance, then the Small Stone might be the wisest choice. But for a balanced reading, it is perhaps best to throw all the magical objects, either together or one at a time to see the various aspects of the situation and get a full view of what is going on. A number of our Silver Elves oracle books are filled with elven mantras for specific magical uses.

    If you truly like using elven mantras for magick, elven mantras accompany each of the oracles in our book Elven Geomancy: An Ancient Oracle of the Elfin Peoples for Divination and Spell Casting and are written in our magical language Arvyndase with the English meaning also given. These mantras can be strung together to form a spell to increase the magic associated with the answer you receive in this oracle. And these mantras may be used along with the mudras also given in this book for each outcome to form a sort of impromptu ritual that you can perform in order to increase the potency of what you wish to achieve.

    And for further reading on the Elven way and following the Elven Path, we suggest:. We Silver Elves are happy to announce today our latest book publication! Some of the specific questions answered in Manifesting Elfin are: Are Elfae human? Did all elves come from the stars? What do elves see as the difference between spirit and soul?

    What will elves be like in the future? What is Paltareon, the far memory of the Elves? What effect do our magical body parts wings, elf ears, tails, scales etc. Can we become elves? What is the difference between the Elven Way and the Fairy Faith? Who are the Shining Ones and how do we communicate with them? Are all otherkin fae?

    How often do elves do magic? Do elves heal with crystals? What are the secrets of the elves? Can an elf have a soul mate who is human? How do we elves deal with the discrepancy between the reality of our manifestation and the legends and lore about us? Do elves think that Magick has gone away? How do you gently awaken a sleeping elf kin? Are elves compatible to Druids? How do elves deal with our homesickness for Elfin? Do Elves meditate and, if they do, how?

    Age 3–5 years

    How do elves raise children? Are elves and faeries part of the deva kingdom? And, Are elves a fiction-based religion or a spiritual path? See the Table of Contents of Manifesting Elfin listed below this introduction for a complete list of questions addressed in this book. So if you are curious about modern elves, particularly about The Silver Elves and their philosophy and magick, then you will surely find many of your questions answered in both the first volume, The Magical Realms of Elfin, and also many more in this volume two, Manifesting Elfin. Did all elves come from the Stars?

    How do I find out about my elfae tribe? What do I do with the elfae narrative about my magical tribe that The Silver Elves gifted me? What is the difference between Unseelie Elves and Dark Elves? What are the Dark Elfae? How do elves form families? Why do we call ourselves The Silver Elves? Why are elves sometimes called the fair folk? What do you think of the idea that people can be part elven or half-elf? Are elves compatible to druids? Are elves and valkyries the same? How do the elves define Otherkin? Can I be both an elf and a faerie? What is the relationship of the elves to the trees?

    Are Elfae human? Part One Are Elfae human? Part Two Are all otherkin fae? Part One Are all otherkin fae? Part Two What do we elves think of all those who say they are elf, dragon, wolf, valkyrie and various other mixtures, in other words, multiple kin types? Do elves and dragons get along? Can anyone do magic? Does elven magic have to be as exact and precise as ceremonial magic supposedly must be? Why is it that in movies super powers or magic are almost always activated by anger or pain and does this accord with reality?

    Do elves do blood magic? Part One Do elves do blood magic? Part Two Do elves do blood magic? Part Three Do elves think that Magick has gone away? Is magic a privilege or a right? Why are so many modern elves so into fashion? Does one have to be brave and courageous to enter Elfin and Faerie? Why do we call it Elfin and not Elfland? How do the elves relate to other mythical lands like Shamballa, Agartha and so on? What are the Secrets of the Elves? Part One What are the Secrets of the Elves? Part Two How do we elves deal with the discrepancy between the reality of our manifestation and the legends and lore about us?

    What is the Elven View on whether we choose our lives before birth? Do elves think animals are lesser beings than humans? Do the elves believe that rocks have souls? What do you do if you are vegetarian but your therian aspect is a carnivore? Part One What do you do if you are a vegetarian but your therian aspect is a carnivore?

    Do elves pray? Are elves a fiction-based religion or a spiritual path? Part One: Are we elves bound to the material world by desire? Part Two: Are we elves bound to the material world by desire? Part Three: Are we elves bound to the material world by desire? Part Four: Are we elves bound to the material world by desire? Why do there seem to be more LGBT people among the elves, fae and otherkin than among the general population? What is the elves view concerning nudity and sexuality?

    Ragana's Magic Shadow Castle Lego Elves Part 2 Build Review Silly Play - Kids Toys

    What do Elves think of Psychiatry, Psychology and modern therapists? How does it feel to write from the perspective of elves? How do the Silver Elves deal with irrational people? What do elves think about Artificial Intelligence? What do elves think of demons and Satanism? Are Mankind and the normal folk the problem? What does the word Kyela mean? How do we Silver Elves deal with people who think we are roleplaying being elves? What do the Silver Elves think of people who are just roleplaying being elves? You may also enjoy reading excerpts from our two recent books on magical tribe narratives over tribes narratives in each book.

    Just click on the titles under the book photos to read a blog post on each book:. As long as they possessed the ring or the ring possessed them they could use its powers, but the power was not their own and as soon as they lost the ring they lost the power. The same idea is essentially contained in the idea of the genie or djinn in a lamp, in which an individual rubs the lamp why not light it?

    As long as they possess the lamp, they can direct the power of the djinn. And this is the essential idea with all sorts of magic objects, rings of power, enchanted swords, cloaks, boots, and so forth. The power belongs to the individual only as long as they have the magic object in their possession. This is similar to the powers individuals obtain when they are elected President, Premier or hold some other official position where they may wield certain powers only as long as they hold the office. The power does not belong to them, it is only on loan, so to speak, it is a privilege but not a right.

    We might say that prayer, which is the evocation of a particular deity, is a form of magick, but in prayer one becomes utterly subservient to and dependent upon the beneficence, grace or whim of that deity. One has given up any magick as either right or privilege and becomes much like villagers who go to the local witch to cast spells for love or success for them. In certain ways, this is rather like blackmail or the coercive practices of gangsters. Is this power a right or a privilege? They have obtained the power to force the individual with power to do their bidding.

    They are still dependent upon outside forces to carry out their will, and usually, we are told, carry it out unwillingly. It is rather the power of the lion tamer. He never knows when they might take exception to his commands. While some might question the legitimacy of power so obtained, few can deny the reality of such power. It is power obtained, even if by force, not power granted, although, uneasy rests the crown. Similar in some ways is the magician or witch who carries out barter with spirits.

    We might call this commercial magic. One is buying what one desires or trading for it really. Magick, as originally conceived, was the evocation of the powers of Nature and setting them into motion through the appropriate formulas. This is magick as being similar to chemistry. If you know the right formula and put the ingredients together in the proper measure and proper order and under the right conditions, things will turn out as you desire. And one might say one uses force, but really one uses the flow and tendencies of Nature. It is the understanding of the power of the fulcrum, the use of magick as block and tackle.

    It is not so much about the application of force but the transference of force. In Buddhist thought, we are ultimately conceived to be one with our environment. We, as magic wielders, command the world and create it in the same way we command our own bodies. We are not forcing something outside of us to do this or that, but moving our own being as we will. Thus, we have people in the Matrix and other films telling someone who is attempting telekinesis not to move the object so much as be the object and then move.

    We elves understand that we are not just channels of the magick for some outer force. Although it is an attunement with the magic of Nature around us, our magick is primarily the expression of our own inner being. The Magic Divine exists as potential in everything, but it is by arousing it within ourselves that we effect things magically outside ourselves.

    In that way, it does not just channel through us but also from us and then we can effect what is around us. Another way of saying this is that we are a part of the Magic Divine, so we just have to find it within ourselves and express it. This is also why self awareness and development is so important, in that we must clear the way within our consciousness in order to reach this potential.

    We elves are primarily enchanters. It is true we have, and do, study all sort of magick, astrology, yoga and various other esoteric studies from various cultures around the world, but our primary use of magick is ever though enchantment, which involves the development of our own charms, personality and beings. If there is privilege involved, it is our privilege in knowing and being associated with such wonderful kindred, on whatever plane they may currently be.

    If there is barter, it is in terms of mutual exchange and appreciation. We never have to fear that they are cheating us, because we will always give them more anyway. So, is magick a privilege or a right? It can be both, but in the end, we seek to have powers that originate from our inner being rather than those that we are simply given or are loaned to us for a time.

    What sort of elf, faerie or other are you? If you enjoyed the article above, you might enjoy finding out more about Elven Magick of the Silver Elves. Our magick practice is unique, as you will see in our book below on using the periodic table of elements to evoke spirits to assist you in life. You may read a sample chapter of this book on our website here :. Taking a new look at the idea of the elements and the elementals, the Silver Elves have once again merged the reality of Science, which is Nature, and Occult tradition and have introduced the elements of Earth, Fire, Air and Water into the modern age of the Periodic Table of Elements.

    It is a new and original view of the Ways of the Ancients as expected of the Elves. The Silver Elves present for your consideration a new and elven way at pursuing the magical art of evocation of the Elements and the Elementals. Their wish is that it serves you well and hopefully evokes your own imagination and stirs your particular and individual style of magick.

    But we do so because we find them amazing and lovely and trust that through our enchantments, they will consider us so as well. It is a dance and hopefully ever mutually fulfilling. If you are further interested in our magic philosophy and rituals, we suggest that you visit our website and read sample pages and the table of contents of our two volumes also both available on Amazon of The Book of Elven Magick: The Philosophy and Enchantments of the Seelie Elves volume 1 and here you will find volume 2.

    In these two books we explore the Elven viewpoint concerning magick and the tools of magic with magical ceremonies that may be adapted for use by modern faerie folk. The two volumes give the complete progression of color magicks and also explore Elven Vortexes and Covens, as well as our theories on calling the directions and dimensions and more.

    The Book of Elven Magick: The Philosophy and Enchantments of the Seelie Elves, volume 1 Please click on the link above to learn more about this book, view the table of contents, read sample pages and also some reviews from readers. We bless you and grant your true wishes. The circle of magic Goes ever round, What we did in the past In the present is found. And spells we do now In the future unfold, In the time and the place That our actions foretold.

    So choose with great care The choices you make, For all you will give Is all you did take. And all that you gift Will be your return To Elfin most fair With the lessons you learn. And for further reading about elven magick and enchantment, we suggest:. It is filled with the philosophy of the elves and how they encounter and subtly transform the world wielding and fulfilling its dreams and desires while guiding it toward a better and more elfin future.

    And here and there about me round They come with loving smiles To dance and play the night away With their enchanting wiles. And where we step the moss springs back No trace that we have been Except in our deep memories Shared among elf kin. And others coming after In the morning light Find nothing of our revelry But a vague sense of delight. Please touch this tiny green star above, dear Kindred, for an Elven Blessing!

    Elves, of course, love and admire nearly all of Nature, and so naturally we love the trees, the forests, the woodlands and every little copse and hedge, spinney, holt and boscage we come across. But we also love the oceans, the seas, the rivers and all their inhabitants. We love the mountains, the skies, the waterfalls, the wind and much else.

    Which is why, while we are on the subject of loving things of Nature, we also love Mankind, even though we are sometimes less than flattering in our description of them. So, of Men, while we admire them at times, much in the way that we might admire a lion in its beauty and majesty, we are ever cautious until they have demonstrated that they are of the friendly sort and not the unnecessary and unreasonable aggressors that they can be.

    But while we elves do tend to admire most of Nature, which in a sense really includes nearly all of existence, we do have our preferences. Wood or sylvan elves naturally adore the trees. We see the trees as our kindred and friends, even if, for the most part, they are rather shy, quiet and meditative friends. Men can be a famously narcissistic bunch and everything in the world centers around them in their own minds. In fact, for the longest time, much of Mankind assumed the Earth was the center of the Universe and the Sun circled around the Earth, which is to say around Mankind, not only because, on the surface of things, it kind of looks that way to the casual observer, but also because Men were on the Earth and thus, of course, the Sun and its rotation was all about them and their lives.

    They even create their gods in their own images, although, they claim it is the other way around. Most of the elves that we Silver Elves have encountered in our lives are wood elves, or part wood elves. So, it is only natural that trees are much beloved to us. But ocean elves especially love the seas; river elves adore the rivers, streams and creeks; lake elves love the ponds and pools; and mountain elves naturally love the high places of the Earth.

    We must say that when we put out our Elven, Faerie, Fae Otherkin tribe survey, we were surprised at how many mountains elves there actually were. At the same time, most of them love the mountain woodlands. They want forested mountains with waterfalls. And many of those elfin and fae who choose the seaside or rivers or lakes as their preferred abodes, also wanted there to be a forest that they could live in near the ocean, by the river, or alongside the lake.

    And yet at that moment, when we happen out into the rural areas, and we look upon the sky at night and see thousands of stars gleaming above us, how can we elfae but feel moved to the depths of our souls and stirred to remember that while we live upon the Earth we also live among the stars, which to our minds are like shining trees in the sky. Thus, we sometimes call them the Earth Stars. But that system, like all intellectual systems, is merely a metaphor for a greater reality and one would be unwise to think that in understanding it intellectually that one truly knows and understands.

    Study therefore the Yggdrasil tree, as well as the two trees in the Garden of Eden that represent the two trees of which Tolkien wrote, one of Silver White, the other Golden, for these are all symbols of the two trees of the Spirit and the Soul, the Tree of Life Eternal and the Tree of Happiness Everlasting, which are themselves but metaphors for the great goals set before us, which motivate every being that lives see the Silver Elves Through the Mists of Faerie.

    While intellect is valued in Faerie, it is but one aspect that is celebrated here. We value kindness more than cleverness, sincerity more than wit, and emotional development and maturity more than great knowledge. But we also value body awareness and development, soulful awareness, vibrant spirit and much else. The intellect is important but though the world may be said to have been cast into existence through the evocation of the logos, the magical word given and creating life, know that it was uttered in the Silence that is the Womb of all things with the power of Intent and Will and it was Sung in Rhyme and Rhythm.

    As the shamans tell us The Way of the Shaman by Michael James Harner the greatest magical knowledge comes from the trees. They are first and foremost Healers. Not only do they provide us with nearly everything we need to heal our bodies, they also provide the revelations by which we may heal our souls, revive our spirits, and bring comfort to anguished minds and hearts. They provide us with the oxygen we breath and without them we would perish from this Earth in the forms we currently inhabit.

    All our sages have said this, go into Nature, go speak to the trees and most of all listen well to them for they are our continual benefactors. But know that when they speak, they speak through their bark, their vines, their leaves, their blossoms and their fruit. But a truly great mind is also an open mind and that opens the door to Faerie, when it is combined with the hunger of the soul that ever seeks to find our own.

    And now for a bit of fun in our elven magical forest! And if you wish to read the Elven Tree of Life Eternal in book form it is the same as our elven forest mentioned above that we have on the website, but just in a convenient book form , please enjoy visiting our website here to read a sample of the book and to learn more about it.

    A Faery tale comes true as Faery tales will do in Faery where the Elder race doth dwell on islands of the sea beneath the banyan tree every lingering sorrow is made well. And, dear Kindred, if you enjoyed the article above about the relationship elves have with the trees, we think you may very much enjoy reading our most popularly read book on the wisdom teachings of the ancient Elven titled Through the Mists of Faerie :.

    It draws all true souls to it.