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The Art Print Residence provides accommodation for artists while they research and create their work at the studio. The rural setting provides a quiet space for you to live and work. Artrooms Fair is the first international contemporary art fair offering free exhibition spaces to independent artists, innovating the way artists and buyers meet. Artists will exhibit in hotel rooms to be transformed into their own creative and intimate studios.

It is a great opportunity to share your vision, meet collectors, curators, and to be scouted by galleries. WHO: Artists from all over the world, from all different backgrounds and media. Artists must attend the fair and be present during opening hours. Learn more about the application process here. WHO: Emerging and established artists 18 years or older may apply.

Five Points will only accept submissions through CaFE. Artists are invited by Fusion Art to submit their best art and photography for an online competition depicting natural scenery and the physical elements of landforms such as mountains, hills, valleys, deserts, farmland, trees, rivers, lakes, ponds, forests, wilderness, polar regions, rainforests, islands, and tropical landscapes. WHO: All artists, regardless of location or experience, are encouraged to submit their best work in any medium.

There is no theme for this competition. Aeolian Dust is an international contest for pastellists — artists who draw with pastels. Only pastel artworks are accepted. WHO: Pastel artists worldwide. This winter, Creative Time is inviting artists to submit proposals for a public artwork. They are most interested in ideas that take unconventional exhibition formats, speak to a pressing social issue, and engender public dialogue.

WHO: New York City-based artists at a critical career juncture, who have not yet received a public commission or substantial support from a major cultural institution. In addition, the selected artist will receive an artist fee based on the scope of their project. Applicants cannot be currently enrolled in a degree program.

While the concept of the decisive moment is often associated with dynamic, synchronic activity captured in an instant — it may just as well apply to the photographic image that records a thoughtful moment of fleeting solitude or calm. Praxis Gallery seeks the submission of photographic works that explore this intersection of form, function, and significance. WHO: Photographers worldwide. Husby Art Center would like to invite printmakers to participate in a mini print exhibition opening. This exhibition will feature small-scale works in all printmaking mediums.

WHO: All artists over 18 working with fine art printmaking. All traditional printmaking techniques are acceptable. No drawings, photographs, or direct reproductions are eligible. This exhibition will display artistic approaches as diverse and unique as the souls they are used to represent. Charles, MO. Fusion Art is once again celebrating women artists! This is an international online competition so any subject matter and any media is acceptable.

The work can range from realism to surrealism to abstraction, and all women artists over the age of 18 are encouraged to submit their best 2D and 3D representational and non-representational art and photography. WHO: Women artists. Las Laguna Gallery proudly presents Matters of the Hear t. Just as the discussion about the heart is a subjective matter, so too is the interpretation of the theme for their February show.

They invite the artist to take a conceptual, literal or emotional approach to matters of the heart. In addition to portrayals of the heart, they ask, what do you love? WHO: Artists worldwide, working in all mediums. Fragmented art, whether it be collages, abstracts, splintered art, or fractured art allows the viewer to see what the artist sees, in pieces woven together in a mosaic to narrate a story or a perception. It makes no sense at first, and yet, it makes the ultimate sense. WHO: All professional and amateur artists worldwide. FINE PRINT: All art mediums will be considered in this call for submissions, from photography, wall sculpture, ceramics, fabric, mixed media, all paintings and drawings including, oil, acrylic, pastels, ink, graphite, etc.

Photographers from all over the world are invited to submit photographic works for a group exhibition that tell and document situations and conditions inherent to the current natural world by touching the theme of environmental protection and pollution. Particular consideration will be given to those photos that will be able to valorize the natural environmental heritage. Looking for art created of any subject that is enhanced by the use of the color blue, whether it is a single dot of blue or a completely blue image.

WHO: All artists and photographers, 18 years of age or older. Journey: a traveling from one place to another, usually taking a long time; trip; passage or progress from one stage to another; to make a journey; travel. No additional costs or membership are required. This fee helps cover exhibit labor, marketing, and reception. A juried exhibition featuring artists under the age of Zimmerli Art Museum Curator, Donna Gustafson will make final selections and 30 artists will be selected for the show.

WHO: Artists under the age of This two-day event showcases a range of original work in glass, jewelry, leather, photography, printmaking, painting, sculpture, wood, ceramics and fiber art entirely designed, created and produced by artists from around the country. WHO: US-based artists. Do you travel for luxury or necessity?

This show by C Street Gallery explores the way humans travel across the planet for asylum, weather events, luxury, exploration, or the need to relocate. WHO: All artists. FINE PRINT: Mediums accepted include: painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, mixed media, small constructions or installations limited to 5x5x5 ft , short films in. To support emerging artists in their practice the Cafe is excited to be able to offer this space to exhibit their work. Each month we offer an artist the opportunity to exhibit for one month.

There is no cost for exhibiting and no commission of artwork sales is taken. The Cafe is open late for a private view on the first Thursday of each month and they offer support and promotion across our social media channels. The Politits: Art Coalition is honored to announce an open call for our 3rd annual juried exhibition. Place Setting is inspired by the idea of the dinner table, a place where artists are welcome to join in conversation, to share, reflect and organize during a time of unrest.

Place Setting is focused on supporting artists who have historically been underrepresented in the arts. WHO: Underrepresented artists worldwide. This show is for those who are feeling unheard, fed-up, full of rage and are looking for support from their fellow creatives. FRESH: not previously known or used; new or different. A juried show by SoLA Gallery. WHO: All artists and all media. Opening reception on February They are our innocents, our beasts, our wild. They are caged, they are hunted, they are tamed, they are dissected, and they are forgiving.

In this call for artists, Linus Gallery asks artists to depict the beauty and majesty of our wild beings, animals. The aim is to raise awareness about contemporary art in its different languages. WHO: Artists working in painting, sculpture, photography, installation, art video. Required: photos for each submitted works in high solution jpg with a complete tagline title, size and technique , artist biography and telephone number. This call from Limner Gallery is for a thematic exhibition dedicated to abstract art.

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The exhibition is open to all forms of abstraction, from the geometric to the lyrical, from the precise to the raw. WHO: All working artists in any media. Wall mounted works must not be taller than 96" no wider than ". Sculptural work must fit through a standard height, 36"wide entry door. Our fourth edition of the All About Photo Awards invites photographers from around the world to submit their best work for consideration.

WHO: Photographers worldwide, age 18 and older, professional and amateur. Illustrators are invited to submit work made in the calendar year. WHO: Illustrators, commissioners, agents and tutors worldwide. WHO: Regional, national, and international sculpture artists. PHOTO21 engages with artists whose work actively pushes the boundaries of traditional photographic and visual expression thereby forging new ground in the practice of the photographic medium.

What is the future of the photographic object? This exhibition explores this question through the 21st century artists' eyes and mind. WHO: Photographers. Las Laguna Gallery is seeking works from women artists. This exhibition is dedicated to the spirit and creativity of all women artists, past and present. WHO: All local, national, and international artists, professional and amateur. PAPER exhibition features pieces by artists working in paper broadly considered. The aim of the exhibition is to highlight the vitality, diversity, sense of experimentation and skillful execution and the many ways in which contemporary artists approach this material.

WHO: Paper artists. To be considered for the Best in Show Prize, artists are required to enter a minimum of three works. Displayed in a grid, each work will be different from the next in medium, subject matter and style. Up to artists will be selected to exhibit. Artists should have a substantial body of work in one category. WHO: Artists working in the following art media: painting, sculpture, two-dimensional mixed media, three-dimensional mixed media, drawing, traditional printmaking, photography, digital art, ceramics, glass. Additionally, visual performance artists and demonstrating artists are invited to call show staff about exhibiting.

The projects will result from collaboration between eight artists and the host sites they are partnered with. WHO: Public artists, emerging and professional. FINE PRINT: There are no residency requirements for this opportunity, but applicants should be aware that the program requires site visits and in-person collaboration with partners.

Movement in visual art is actually very hard to depict.

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Motion is not something given to the flat medium. However, when we are able to represent motion it tends to blur or flutter. Our human brains can interpret it in a visceral way, sweetly. In this art call please create motion, blur, or gesture to show the challenge of movement. It must be a human instinct to create with mud. If you take earth, wet it, shape it, and fire it, something useful, beautiful, and elemental is formed.

From this invention, mud bricks, drinking vessels, and sculptures were created. The artwork in this exhibition will be comprised primarily of clay. Selected artists will each take over a hotel room for the course of three days to present a solo show and will have an opportunity to expose their work to a myriad of collectors, curators, gallerists, and art consultants who will be in the city for a weekend of contemporary art. WHO: Figurative artists worldwide. WHO: Visual artists, theatre producers, choreographers, curators, creative technologists, architects, designers — all creative disciplines are encouraged to apply.

Americans for the Arts Public Art Network PAN is accepting submissions for public art projects that were completed and open to the public from January 1 st to December 31st, The PAN Year in Review annually recognizes outstanding public art projects that represent the most compelling work for the year from across the U.

Past projects have ranged from temporary projects, site specific permanent pieces, artists in residencies, social practice work and more. WHO: Public artists. To access past projects, visit the PAN Year in Review Online Database that holds the over past projects that have been selected by previous jurors.

Artists from across the country are invited to submit applications for the 48th juried Midsummer Festival of the Arts. Extensive event marketing draws collectors and buyers from throughout the Midwest. WHO: All artists 18 and older. Excellence, regardless of medium, will be the determining factor. Finalists will also be exhibited at Chester Arts Fair Crested Butte, Colorado, is home to one of the U.

The Sausalito Art Festival Foundation invites you to apply to participate as one of premier artists showcased at one of the top outdoor fine art festivals in the country. Booth fee includes: white canopy, assisted load-in and load-out. The sculpture will serve as major visual anchor points that will enhance and activate community spaces and generate interest in public art.

If multiple pieces are selected from one artist a separate grant will be awarded for each piece. Arcadia is looking for artists interested in creating immersive environment installations to promote sustainability. The artwork will be displayed during a collective event.

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The event will be promoted with strong marketing strategy where all installations and their creators will be highlighted. The Carriage Barn Arts Center hosts its 29th annual Spectrum Contemporary Art Show that will showcase multiples — a pair, diptych, triptych or group of pieces that relate to each other.

Selected works will highlight the juxtaposition, contrast, comparison, expansion, connection and separation between the pieces. Jurors will be looking for submissions of two or more pieces that make statements that are both subtle and obvious, complementary and conflicting. WHO: Artists working in all media. There is no size limit, but dimensions of each individual piece must be noted.

This is a unique exhibition opportunity to display artworks in a serene, ocean view site that is a popular attraction for Newport Beach residents and tourists from around the world. Ten artworks may be selected and prominently showcased for two years in the heart of Newport Beach in Civic Center Park. WHO: Sculpture artists. Las Laguna Gallery is seeking works that explore plants. Works that show flowers, plants, trees, leaves, cactus, succulents, etc.

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  • WHO: All local, national and international artists, professional and amateur. The 58th Toronto Outdoor Art Fair takes place at Nathan Phillips Square and attracts over , art enthusiasts and collectors locally and internationally. It is a need made known since the most remote past that of man to illuminate his streets, squares, contexts of social life and community.

    Today are the neon, the illuminated signs, the lights of shopping centers, of the streets, squares, buildings, etc. This call will collect works that tell of the world of today urban contexts, in the relationship between man, his environment and the means he created to give light. WHO: Artists working in photography, digital graphic and visual design. Artists are invited to submit 1 to 3 artworks addressing the theme.

    Submit here. Spartanburg Art Museum is seeking proposals for solo and group exhibitions for All media and themes will be considered for exhibition. DATES: - Selected artists will receive prizes and opportunities that will grant invaluable exposure, boost recognition, and promote career growth. In addition to cash prizes, other awards include participation in the collective exhibition, featured magazine profiles, valuable PR opportunities, and an honorable mention. This conference will feature the annual ISC littleSCULPTURE show, ARTSlams and breakout sessions, engaging panel discussions, evening parties, hands-on workshops, a keynote address, open studios and gallery hops, optional art and culture trips, public art tours and visits to nearby sculpture sites, and more.

    International Collective Exhibition during the art fairs in Basel, is now open for applications and proposals. Performance and lecture may form part of their program as well. WHO: Plein air artists. FINE PRINT: Accepted artists can look forward to a champagne registration, hosted paintouts, a plein air painting demonstration, and cash prizes in two painting competitions.

    Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens invites artists to submit an application to exhibit their original work. This celebration of creative expression, gorgeous gardens, music, beer, wine, and food attracts as many as 1, visitors each year. WHO: Artists working in all mediums. WHO: Artists worldwide working in realism. Artists may enter in one or all 11 categories, see categories here.

    This is an open juried competition to showcase the beauty, richness, and versatility of colored pencil through two-dimensional works. WHO: All artists, 18 and over. Images produced by drawing over a digital reproduction and reproductions of artwork giclee, print, etc. The New York Center for Photographic Art NYC4PA invites photographers world-wide to submit images using any photographic process print, image transfer, emulsion transfer, encaustic, black and white, color etc. This call is not about "still life", "landscape", or "posed portrait" images. WHO: Photographers worldwide, amateur or professional.

    However cash awards are larger in lieu of the gallery show for Prize Winners and Juror Selections. The Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum is calling for artists to submit artwork.

    Gennifer Weisenfeld

    Labels will be provided by LMMM and attached to the artwork. The play on words creates a discourse on coincidence, conscious decisions and the random events that determine our fate and future. FINE PRINT: Artists may submit to the following categories: painting, drawing, graphics, photography, plastic, sculpture, street art, installations, media and action art. Some dreams are happy. Some are disturbed. Some are blatantly obvious. Some are hard to interpret until you look deep within the work.

    The gallery will accept art on this subject that is either representational or abstract. Taking place the weekend after Labor Day in scenic Rochester Municipal Park, this three-day fine art festival includes over fine art vendors, over 14 live performance groups and free kids art activities throughout the weekend, and twenty food vendors from across the continent. The top scoring artists will receive cash prizes based on design, execution, and aesthetic appeal of the work, as well as booth presentation.

    During the last few years, Zebrastraat Ghent has developed into a stimulating knowledge centre with a strong interest in art. The exhibition of achievements of the selected winners is a compass that orients you to the relevant temporal and resilient use of technology in the artistic sector. WHO: Artists of all ages and nationalities. There is no artist fee. Free accommodation for the artists is available in Zebrastraat. The London Art Biennale is now open for artist submissions.

    Held at the Chelsea Old Town Hall, previous editions of this event have seen artists from 50 nations around the world brought together in this fantastic event that attracts thousands of visitors each year. WHO: Artists worldwide working on canvas, sculpture, drawing and digital art. Palm Springs Mural Festival is requesting muralist or muralist group proposals for large-scale murals to be displayed throughout the city of Palm Springs.

    Words are powerful. They have the ability to inspire, motivate, and persuade, or to discourage, dismiss, and dissuade. They have chosen 14 of the most inspiring and profoundly relevant concepts that speak to the fundamentals of what it means to be human. Artists are being asked to submit proposals for both temporary and permanent display. DATES: Selected works will be on view for months depending on the assigned sites and their locations. Fees are negotiated based on a combination of typical festival rates, experience, profile, wall size, painting duration, travel, accommodations, and other factors.

    The Wooster Green Steering Committee is seeking to commission a work of public art for the newly developed community space situated in downtown Bowling Green, Ohio. The committee will seek qualified artisans to propose a sculpture incorporating the theme of education, teaching and learning. WHO: Public artists worldwide. For this competition from Fusion Art, artists are invited to submit their best art and photography in any subject matter and any media for an online exhibition. The artwork can range from realism to surrealism to abstraction.

    WHO: 2D and 3D artists worldwide. Best in Show and 2nd through 5th Place awards will be given. A juried exhibition of small works hosted by Trestle Gallery. Images must be in JPEG format, pixels on longest side. WHO: Artists worldwide, professional and amateur. This is an open call for art that uses language as a medium and tool.

    Accepted Open Panels - 4S NEW ORLEANS

    Language should be considered beyond just a visual element. Artists should consider language in its broadest definition and more than simply a system of communication. Email submissions and questions to: elsotanoartspace gmail. Vital to Earth and all known forms of life, water holds awesome powers of creation, destruction, and transformation. This exhibit invites artists to submit works that explore the power, meaning, and majesty of water, from its chemical composition to its economic importance, to its terror and allure.

    All media welcome. Cash awards to be presented. A national exhibition hosted by the National Association of Women Artists. All drawing and pastel artworks are eligible. WHO: Women artists in the U.

    DIG ToolKit

    Artists are tasked with creating original works of art inspired by the items in the collection. A juried exhibition of original art hosted by the National Art League for artists working in all traditional and non-traditional 2D and 3D media, including sculpture. WHO: All artists, 18 and older. Installation art or performance art are not accepted. No crafts such as jewelry or kit work.

    Exhibitions in each of the galleries explore the breadth of contemporary art featuring emerging to mid-career artists. An exhibition hosted by the International Photography Museum. NOAPS has been showcasing the talents of oil and acrylic painters since WHO: Oil and acrylic painters worldwide. The landscape is one of the most pervasive sources of inspiration for artists.

    As long as cameras have been around, the landscape has been an integral part of their history. Specto Art Gallery wants to see your exploration of landscape, or whatever scape, you want to share with us. Open to straight landscape photography, created landscapes, abstracted, composite worlds, etc. Specto prints, mats, and frames all works exhibited, at no additional cost to you! This means no worry about the exorbitant cost of shipping! The 19th Annual Small Print Show is a unique, juried art show of matted hand-pulled prints. Artists are eligible to submit up to 3 original prints to exhibit and sell.

    WHO: Printmakers from the U. Prints are judged, and up to are selected for display and sales. The Edge Effect describes an ecological phenomenon in the border area between disparate habitats, such as a meadow and a forest, which results in exponentially greater biodiversity.

    The Katonah Museum of Art recognizes that a museum creates a similar environment where works from artists with diverse backgrounds and locations are brought together to foster dialogue and spark creativity. Just as a border area is teeming with life, an exhibition can be a fertile place of ideas and images.

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    This exhibition will solicit submissions in all media, of all subject matter, and from artists throughout the world. Green is associated with the free pleasures of nature with its vibrant flora and fauna. It is a positive Earth-friendly stance connected to our environment. Green can be a sickly complexion or the flourishing growth of the Spring season. Green is associated with luck in the Irish shamrock.

    It conjures images of money and materialistic wealth and negative feelings such as envy and jealousy. Or at its most basic form, green is simply the color located between blue and yellow on the color spectrum. Show us with your art! Entries can be most media incorporating the theme of GREEN: collage, photography, sculpture, painting, textiles, etc. This is an opportunity to exhibit your work for one month at ViewPoint Gallery.

    The competition is open to all subject matter. Winning entrants agree to give ViewPoint Gallery permission to print and exhibit the work and to use the submitted images in publicity and media promotion. The Federation of Canadian Artists has made an exhibition that significantly reduces these costs. We present an entire show of artwork delivered in envelopes.

    The Dutch Art Gallery is seeking 2D paintings and drawings for a juried show. Employ symbolism in a new way. Use optical illusions or a unique application of paint. Paint It! WHO: Plein air artists worldwide, 18 or older. A pop-up exhibit and sale of work completed during the Quick Draw is fun for spectators and artists alike. Threaded is an in-depth look at contemporary craft, textile art and fiber art as unique fine art or installation art. Each entry must include fiber somewhere within the piece. WHO: Fiber artists worldwide.

    Participating artists are asked to create an original piece of artwork that utilizes some sort of found object, or unusual recycled medium as the base for the piece. Target Gallery invites artists working in all visual media to submit to Habitats. In this group exhibition, Habitats will explore the relationship between humans and nature creating a dialogue on the impact that we make on the earth and our environments. In this one-day workshop, learn skills in communication, marketing, branding, social media and networking with artboss, a Denver-based company dedicated to helping creative entrepreneurs thrive.

    With plenty of targeted guidance and conversation surrounding business struggles, celebrations and how to effectively juggle it all, this is an investment into strengthening your business and getting your work out there. For this competition, both 2D and 3D artists are invited to submit their best art and photography using Black and White and the nuanced shades in between.

    Conception Art Show is now accepting submissions for the newly added Seattle edition of our popular and exciting group Art Exhibition. Join us for our first show ever in the Pacific Northwest! We are accepting submissions of 2-D mixed media, digital art, photography, paintings, jewelry design and drawings as well as 3-D submissions for sculptural work, woodworking and more.

    International call to artists over the age of 18, open to all disciplines with no theme. All medias including oils, acrylics, pastels, watercolors, prints, drawings, mixed media, sculpture, video, installation, photography, and digital art. Gallery Night is an event that occurs twice a year. They are our most popular openings of the year were we anticipate more than visitors in a single night. Runners Up: A group exhibition. Hidden Talents is an art exhibition displaying the work of artists from across the UK.

    We are looking for artists who work in paints, mirrors, lights, metal, installation, animation and artists who love to work with vibrant colours. The Auxiliary Project Space is seeking six proposals for three-week exhibitions to occur between May and May Artists on the fringes and cross sections of artistic disciplines are highly encouraged to submit.

    Proposals that are experimental, challenging and involve a high level of artistic risk-taking are also highly encouraged. Work may be either already completed, work in progress or proposed work. Landscapes are one of the long-time subjects for artists taking in the beauty of their surroundings and representing what they see. But how has it changed in recent times? What new connections to our surroundings will be found or lost? Three Square Art is looking for all types of works—painting, sculpture, photography and more—works that show off the vision for landscape artwork.

    GlogauAIR is looking for artists, curators or collectives with a clear cohesive concept propose projects and ideas for exhibitions in their sqm project space. Every three months, during the Open Studios events, they additionally host a two-day guest exhibition in their Project Space, inviting local artists, curators, and collectives to join them for these 2 exciting days, which receive over visitors, celebrating new ideas in art and creativity. This competition will result in an award of 4 monthly solo art exhibitions. People with dreams and ideals innovate themselves and, eventually, manage to change the world.

    That is presumably because one cannot fulfill a dream alone: one needs to communicate to the world. By presenting the artworks that showcase a wide array of individual dreams, it is our wish to create an opportunity where we can all remind ourselves the meaning of the dream in the age that is often criticized for the absence of true dreams and dreamers.

    There are references to trees all around us - in music, literature, proverbs, etc. But they are also an iconic visual. Send us your images of trees as you experience them. The San Diego Watercolor Society was established in and is one of the largest and most active in the United States. For over three decades, the International Exhibition has been one of the highlights of the year for SDWS and attracts entries from hundreds of water-media artists worldwide.

    The viewpoints and experiences that come with age are invaluable lessons to us all on how to live life — and live it well. For this call, Las Laguna Gallery is now accepting original submissions of artwork by those 50 years of age and older. Since ancient times the concept of "game" has been taken on by countless philosophers, artists and writers, pouring into it a philosophical and conceptual value. Artists, photographers and visual designers are invited to propose works that address the theme of the game in a new perspective, which reconsiders the theme through aspects that mark the contemporary: globalization, new interactive media, gambling addiction, etc.

    Learn more about the themes here. Alternative Perspective is a juried exhibition for cyanotype, gum bichromate, tintype, van dyke, bromoil, lumachrome, albumen, gumoil, lumen, mordancage, or any other alternative photographic printmaking process. WHO: All artists both professional and amateur, working in all non-digital photographic mediums and styles. International entries welcome. Traditional digital or traditional silver prints will not be accepted.

    Mane Gallery invites submissions for its next online juried art exhibition Fins Feathers Fur. Animals have been a source of inspiration for many artists. From art about rural life and growth to myths and legends, animals are used in art in many different ways. Art can help us explore our relationship to wildlife and can help us think about how we care for animals and the environment. We invite you to submit work that best represents animals, wildlife, sea life and pets. Both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional art is accepted.

    Pacific Art League invites artists of all levels to submit artwork for their current calls: Abstraction and Watercolor. A national competition of paper works by b. Accepted Media: Works made of, on or about paper, including cut paper, folded paper, woven paper, glued paper, drawings, paintings, pastels, printmaking, photographs, paper sculpture, 3D, bound books, collage, mixed media, video, and installation. Your artwork will use renewable energy technology as a medium of creative expression and will provide on-site energy production consistent with the master plan of the city.

    To ensure that the proposals are constructible, this will be the first LAGI design competition that will provide a capital cost restriction as a part of the design brief. Small Works offers an excellent opportunity for artists to experience stARTup Fair in a smaller, more approachable framework that taps into a unique collector market. Up to 60 artists will be selected to exhibit in the gallery. As artists, most of us find our voices by examining similar ideas over time.

    Upstream Gallery invites artists working on paper or making paper-based constructions to submit work from their own practice that speaks to the idea of theme and variation for our 7th Annual Juried PaperWorks exhibition. Photography is not eligible for this exhibition; they hold a separate show for photographic work. The mural will be located on the Fairview Bridge underpass retaining walls.

    The mural is expected to last 5 to 8 years. Over the last decade, Modern Panic has spearheaded London's most provocative, controversial and surreal annual art exhibition and featured over artists from around the world. They are now accepting submissions for artists to feature in our 10th show. For this call to art, Mona Niko Gallery is looking for paintings, drawings or photographs that capture personality, character, expression, spirit or mood. Your portraits can use traditional or non-traditional styles and mediums but the main focus should be on the face.

    If this is the first time you are using EntryThingy please allow up to 24 hours to set up your free account and familiarize yourself with the system. Fusion Art is pleased to announce it is now accepting entries for the 4th Annual Cityscapes international art competition. Works may depict actual architectural forms, or may approach the theme less literally by incorporating grids or other structural lines.

    Harlow Art Trust is currently inviting submissions from artists to add the latest work of art to Harlow Sculpture Town. Harlow is home to an eclectic mix of over 90 public sculptures by both world-famous and lesser known artists. This is an opportunity to be the first artist or artist team to create a public art Gateway of a size and scale that has never before been done in the City of Lake Oswego!

    This project will produce a public art work to define the Northeastern gateway entrance into Lake Oswego. This artwork will be a marker of boundary as people cross from one place into another and shall invoke a sense of place and be associated with the identity of Lake Oswego. Though accessible mainly by vehicular traffic, there are also bike and walking paths adjacent to the proposed site. As always, we are looking for an unconventional, original look, fresh and unique ideas for photographic projects.

    We will consider works that can offer a vision of modern urban peripheral realities, in which both environmental and social aspects will emerge. True abstract art not only utilizes flexibility and freedom; it also employs bold uses of color, line, pattern, form, process and composition. Art JuXtapose presents the thematic exhibition: Homage. Homage refers to an act of showing respect or tribute towards someone or something in public. In the context of art, the term refers to a painting, movie or another work of art where the artist adopts the content or features of another artist or work as a mark of respect.

    All forms of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, graphics, etc. The exhibition was created in to give a voice to emerging artists. FINE PRINT: All mediums are accepted including, but not limited to, painting, sculpture, design, glass, metalwork, photography, video, performance, mixed media and installation art. Transform into something you would like to present as a public image of yourself. It could be a self-portrait that transforms you into who, what, or how you would like the public to see you, or whatever your alter ego may be.

    Works allowed in the art competition are: drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographs, graphics, mix media and video. A great opportunity for the artists, which can win a cash prize, have the opportunity to exhibit the artworks in Rome and much more. The following types of works are admitted: Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Mixed media, Digital, Video, Graphics, Net art, other all visual works that can be reproduced through a picture are allowed.

    The competition offers artists from Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain, Portugal, the Latin American diaspora and foreign artists living in Latin America the unique opportunity to present their art to an international audience in the famous art district of Chelsea, in New York City. Moments will be an online contemporary and fine art collection focusing on the concept of time. One of the most inclusive and diverse open submission prizes in London, the Sunny Art Prize offers unique exposure for both emerging and established artists to an audience spanning two continents.

    The Northville Art House presents this open juried exhibition to showcase contemporary artworks and artists that push the boundaries of art imagery, practices, and theory. Artists are encouraged to explore and employ new techniques, technologies, and media to create compelling two- and three-dimensional artworks. Significant consideration will be given to artworks that defy expectation, may provoke strong responses, or challenge social norms.

    Visitors will find themselves surrounded by all types of artists of diverse fine art and original disciplines, including painting, drawing, clay, photography, fine jewelry, sculpture, metal, leather and more. Organized by the North Gwinnett Arts Association, with a year history of running the successful springtime Arts in the Park, this festival is now a two day fall festival with a focus on high quality, fine art.

    What is the price range of the items you will be selling? What other fine arts shows do you participate in? CONDUIT will be an influential fine art collection, of all art forms and genres, that will exemplify creative journey and process. Friend of the Artist is a quarterly book dedicated to elevating the work of emerging artists around the world. Our publication releases in a hardcover art book every quarter and includes the work of artists who work in a variety of mediums, informative articles, and interviews. Accepted artists will have a four-page spread of their work, information, and artist statement.

    FINE PRINT: Accepted artists receive 3 works published in Volume 10, complimentary digital copy of publication, social media posts of work, discounts on books for family and friends, and free digital access to future publications. Aqueous is open to all artists working in water soluble media: watercolor, acrylic, casein, gouache ink, and egg tempera.

    This is an open theme exhibition and all subject types will be considered. From traditional landscapes, local views, abstracts, wildlife, pets, figure studies, seascapes, harbors, beach scenes, or more. Understanding that we need to adapt to the impacts of climate change, we also recognize the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that accelerate climate change and resulting impacts like sea level rise.

    Sanchez Art Center, Pacifica, CA, seeks socially engaged artists to create site-specific community engaged public art reflecting on sea level rise, to support the community to civilly engage in authentic conversations. Artist Spotlight highlights individual artists who have an overall body of work to showcase. There is no theme and any subject matter and any media are acceptable.

    Art JuXtapose presents the thematic exhibition: Music. This theme incorporates artwork that is inspired by music: sound, making tone visible, music culture, your personal connection between art and music. Explore what art and music have in common. Music has the power to take us back in time and connect us to a memory once forgotten. Music can bring us joy, sadness, can snap us out of misery or sink us deep into an abyss. Tell us what song or genre is depicted in your submitted artwork. Art JuXtapose does not take a commission from sold pieces.

    Kingdom Animalia includes over 7 million species of both living and extinct creatures. Every animal is a member of the Animalia kingdom, ranging from the smallest at 0. The Animal Kingdom is about as diverse as it gets. Our relationship with Kingdom Animalia is anything but simple. This show welcomes animals of all shapes, sizes, and mediums. Work must remain on view for the duration of the exhibition. The Southside Art League will retain a Atlanta Photography Group APG is now accepting entries of photographic based images or projects for their On The Verge exhibition, highlighting beginning and early career photographic artists.

    ATL has an average of , visitors a day, making this an opportunity to have your photographs seen by literally millions of travelers from all over the world. Artists will be responsible for only producing prints; APG along with Hartsfield Jackson airport will handle the framing and installing of the artwork. Explore the portrait and make it more. Who is this person we are looking at? What are they like? What do they do? Help us to imagine what it would be like to have a conversation with this person. Give context clues in the details, background, clothing or use of mediums. Be expressive and show us your style and interpretation of the human image.

    They will be looking for portraits that focus on the identity of the individual. There will be an open voting segment of the show for the Popular Vote award. This is an annual national juried exhibit which honors Faber Birren, renowned color theorist and author. It is the only artistic event devoted to color only. The juror is Dr. Meredith A. Artists are invited to enter their small, original works of art in any of the following mediums: oil, acrylic, watercolor, gouaches, pastels, mixed media, graphics, hand-pulled prints or sculpture using any materials — wood, stone, metals, plaster or clay.

    The Blueproject Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Barcelona whose main aim is to support and promote national and international artistic creation. This call is open to any artist interested as an individual or on behalf of a group or company, regardless their age, nationality or creative discipline. Those selected from the open application process will each take over a hotel room for the course of three days to present a solo show of their work.

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    Abrams, Inc.