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You have no items in your shopping cart. Undivided: Developing a Worldview Approach to Biblical Integration Too often, teachers feel ill-equipped to present a compelling, integrated biblical worldview. Steppingstones for Curriculum This resource explains how a Christian worldview affects everyday classroom planning. Open Doors This interactive CD provides a rationale for welcoming international students to Christian schools, steps to start an international student program ISP , information on how to work with students and host families, fillable forms, and handbooks that are ready to use as is with your ISP.

Encyclopedia of Bible Truths This comprehensive index to the Bible lists a wide variety of subjects covered and defined in light of Scripture. Click to View the Product Catalog. Contact Email: sales csionline. All Rights Reserved. Life Science.

Human Biology. Sex Education. Physical Education. Death Education. Completing the Notebooking Pages:. Each day, you will select for your children which subject will be the focus of that day's discipleship study. You may simply want to rotate subjects as they appear in the Encyclopedia of Bible Truths. Once you have selected the subject for the day, choose the specific Biblical concept and Scriptural support to be studied.

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Discuss the Biblical concept and support with your children. Write down any information they need on a large whiteboard to help guide the Bible study. For example, you can write on the whiteboard the Biblical concept being studied.

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You can also write out the quote of the day which supports the Biblical concept being studied. The students will copy the quote in their best penmanship on the appropriate Quotes Notebooking Page. Some quotes appear in the Encyclopedia of Bible Truths.

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