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Be neither lion nor sphinx when teaching your students how to drum! Source: Pixabay Credit: Sarah Richter. Whether you teach the drums or any other instrument, and even if you teach academic subjects, there are a few qualities that every teacher must have:. That last is crucial when teaching people how to play the drums: imagine what you would learn from someone who has never so much as held a drumstick! You must be patient because the very reason prospective students seek you out is for your ability to play the drums.

However, they might soon be on the lookout for another master should you not instruct them clearly and concisely , or if you are of the irascible sort. You must remember that your students come to you for knowledge, not fantastic displays of ire! Here, we would caution you against a common phenomenon of the expert or experienced teacher, called tunnel vision.

It refers to the propensity of some instructors to assume that pupils will grasp every intrinsic detail of a concept without being given any foundation or background knowledge of how the concept came to be. So much for the generic counsel on teaching; let us now talk specifically about teaching the drums! Source: Pixabay Credit: Guoyakun. Do you have formal training as an orchestra percussionist? If so, you might want to teach at a conservatory or other music school.

To take a formal teaching position, you will most certainly need higher education; at least an undergraduate degree!

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Do you have years of experience on the road, either as a fill-in drummer or a member of a band? Are you a long-time studio musician? You could take on students in your own home or teach them in theirs. You might also set up workshops to share specific aspects of drumming or being a drummer, such as cleaning and maintaining a drum set or tuning drums. Planning for such a seminar would be much easier than for ongoing lessons because you could safely assume that any attendees know a bit about the drums.

Unless you plan to teach Drumming , in which case you might cover only the ways of holding drumsticks and perhaps a few rudiments! Planning such lessons would be easier also because such sessions focus on one topic exclusively , with all of the allotted time dedicated to its exploration. Being a freelance teacher of drums will put heavy focus on your organisation skills.

Nobody will structure your curriculum for you and, because the lessons will hopefully! That can only happen after laying a solid foundation in drumming technique for any beginners you may teach! Children under the age of 7 have too short of an attention span to learn the drums. Drum teachers will need to be flexible in their approach. For the most part, children 2 to 6 years old need to be taught in short digestible segments, which move quickly from one to the next. A minute lesson might have to be broken up into parts. As the student gets acclimated to the lesson environment, their attention span often gradually increases.

I find that young drummers often catch on more quickly to this than older students, especially with hand technique. In general, they are a group of very coachable students who can easily learn to play the drums in a relaxed, efficient manner. Drums are not the optimal instrument for young kids. Instruments such as the piano and violin are the way to go. Nothing against piano and violin, but I feel that the drumset along with the human voice is the optimal starter instrument for young kids.

They can immediately get a sound, learn simple patterns and beats, and gain coordition in very little time. A positive start will catapult them to future drumming or success with another instrument. Here is portion of another page from Drumset for Preschoolers , showing how I combine singing and approximate melody with learning to move around the kit and a little bit of humor. The drumset is too big for a young child. I speak to this at length in the book. In general, the drumset is not too large for a young person.

Switch drums, and switch up different pieces of the drums to use. The last kind of fill is very VERY complicated. I call them triplets but they are quads. Practice with the single pedal first. First what you do is play snare and one of the toms, and as fast as you can, play the bass. So you get snare, tom, bass, in a very quick motion. Get it evenly timed, and it will sound very neat. Once you get timing, instead of just playing the single pedal ,play a double hit on the double pedal.

Then play a solo using this kind of fill. To be honest with you, I have been practicing this technique for about 5 months, and sometimes I still have trouble getting the timing, but I almost have it down. Instead of having everything on the same beat, you can add hits in between hi hat hits. Now take the first first first first beat I taught you and play the pattern once.

On the second time, instead of playing 1 bass hit hit You do that by playing the double hit fast. So you get a bass hit, an immediate bass with no other drum, then hi hat and snare. Play bass, then snare, but then we switch it up. After the snare hit play this pattern: bass, hi hat, bass, then hi hat and snare.

Play that pattern faster than the rest of the beat, but the same as when you double the bass. You will get this Bass and hi hat snare and hi hat bass and hi hat immediate bass alone hi hat and snare bass and hi hat snare and hi hat bass immediate hi hat immediate bass snare and hi hatt repeat. The way this beat is written, it looks complicated, and seems long. But remember, some parts are fast. Do not forget, you can also do this to the snare.

Use the beat I showed you with the three hi hat hits in between snare hits. Play that as many times as you want, and after you hit the snare with the hi hat, you hit this faster then the rest of the beat: hi hat snare hi hat snare hi hat and bass hi hat and snare If you play this you may recognize this beat and realize you have heard it before in many songs. One last thing you can do, are fast snare doubles. Just play 2 fast snare hits in between any 2 beats. When doing this play the doubles a tad softer Now, there is a beat that is disco-ish.

Teaching Kids To Play Drums | Learn Drums Now

It involves a constant roll on the high hat. This beat can start off with a roll of 3 hits, 4 hits most common , and other hits. But after the beginning hits, there is a snare hit.

Following that are usually 6 hi hat hits, snare, 6 hi hat hits, snare, etc. Add bass wherever you are comfortable.

7 Must Know Gospel Drum Beats - Drum Lesson

It will sound like ticka ticka ticka pfff ticka ticka ticka pff. The last beat will be with double bass. It is very simple Play this at a steady pass and you will have a simple yet effective metal beat. If you would like to check it out, I wrote a very easy to follow, step-by-step book for beginner drummers called Drumopedia. It is 23 chapters. Reply 2 years ago. Hi thanks for the instructable it has been really helpful. But hopefully you see what I mean. However this is a minor comment, and your tutorial has been a great help Reply 9 years ago on Step 6.

Videos have been removed? And as a drummer myself, this is a good tutorial, but the cymbal section could use some work. Maybe add something like sizzles for hihats, or how to determine a good sounding cymbal from a bad one, etc.

Your guide to becoming a successful drum teacher

And pretty much all cymbals have bells except for flat rides. Not just regular rides. Reply 9 years ago on Introduction. I have a few so i'll just give you a link to my channel.

What You Should Know Before Teaching Drums

Next time I can get some new stuff for my set, I will look into that. But first, my dad is taking me out to get hi hats one of these weeks. I have been waiting since summer started. And I'm glad you liked it!

About to start teaching drums, please give me tips

I did enjoy your instructable! I have always wondered about drum sets and how different sounds are put together. You did a great job demonstrating how a beat sequence is built up from individual hits! Thanks for your efforts!! Thanks again! Reply 9 years ago on Step And if it isn't too much, can you please click the Vote Now button at the top? It would mean alot. Vote done. Another Justin!

Didn't notice that before Keep up the practice! Haha, too many Justin's I've known.