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Lund Wedding Two Antennas got married - the wedding was lousy, but the reception was outstanding.

Contributed by Chris Wantuck Lost Two atoms are walking down the street, and one says to the other, "Wait, wait, we have to go back. I've lost an electron somewhere. Are you sure? I'm positive. Is it oscillating? Lund Math Q: How many mathematicians does it take to screw in a light bulb? A: One. He gives the assignment to six blond Zen-Buddhist graduate students from California, thereby reducing the problem to a finite series of earlier jokes.

Lund Negotiations 5 year old: "Mom, can I sleep with jumper cables under my pillow?

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Lund Containment Define "Flashlight" "A containment vessel for leaking batteries. Lund Tour de force Ed. Resist trying to read it to your co-workers, serious bodily harm could result. Reward Offered: A reward of four bits is offered for data leading to the lightning arrest of this desperate criminal: Hop-a-long Capacity. This unrectified criminal dissipated discharged himself from a Western prism where he was held in soliton confinement in a primary cell , clamped in ions awaiting the quartz decision between the gauss chamber or death by lethal induction.

He tunneled through the schottky barrier and punched-through an insulated gate, thus avoiding the mesa's guard ring. Waving Debye , he then beta swift retreat in a stolon standard model alpha.

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His last meal was to have been erg and pawn curie. He was charged with the interference, impedance and induction of an 18 turn air-core bobbin, n-sine Millie Henry who was found choked, gapped and robbed of valuable joules , which really erged her and caused her brother Mike O. Though still fit for continuous duty the attendants opted to carrier away on a liter her CO2 had centiliter. She exhibited reluctance to being shunted away like an invalid, crying "Mind your own bismuth , I'm not dyne " Though later she emitted "It really Hertz. Hop-a-long, who said he couldn't resistor , is armed with a carbon rod heater, has high mobility and is a potential killer.

He wanted Abelian to set her free. The cholesteric Capacity is also charged with arsenide , and driving a dc motor open-loop over a Wheatstone bridge and refusing to let a band-pass , crushing their mascot woofer beneath a rolling average. Use cation if encountered, he has the capacitance to offer series resistance.

If beta captured tie with a phase lock loop , conduct him to the nearest secondary cell and telluride to transmitter wire to the police. The detector Sherlock Ohms and the localized force , officers Newton and Slug, were catalyzed by the gravity of his crimes and spent the night probing for him in a magnetic field , where he had gone to earth near the symmetry. They report nothing positive and believe he has returned ohm via an unintended ground loop path. They are anxious to run him to ground so he can be passivated and recharged with nu crimes. Please contact them with feedback no matter watt-hour , especially if you hear shot noise.

A native of PN Junction , Hop-a-long will often on a faraday ride a cyclotron a Carnot cycle or rho an arc with his short girl friend Eddie Current who plays a harmonic. He drives with a heavy photon the accelerator , making him a super collider. He may flyback to his ohm town where he sometimes Gibbs free energy in the Lorentz district. Lund, , extensively expanded from an earlier story that has been much reproduced, but whose author remains unknown to us.

Gift Ideas First he gave his mother-in-law an electric toothbrush. Then he gave her an electric blanket. Then he gave her an electric carving knife. He's working his way up to a chair. Alternate version: I gave my mother-in-law a chair for her birthday, but my wife won't let me throw the switch. Lund , More Gift Ideas What to give your favorite electrical engineer for his birthday?

This joke should be in the public domain if it isn't. EuroIdiot Click on the thumbnail to see the full picture. A few things to notice is that they are using European plugs, so the voltage is VAC, and don't forget to notice the flip-flops used as a flotation device. I am sure that this picture was staged, so no Italians were actually in danger of electrocution. Bootlick Q: What is the most sycophantic resistor?

He inadvertently programmed himself. He didn't notice any difference until he got to the grocery store and started shifting registers.

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A robot walks into a bar, doesn’t get the joke: struggling to teach humor to AI - Los Angeles Times

Lund It Happens The red wire said to the black wire "Why are you so sad? Lund Growing up Little motor: "Grandpa, why do you have 4 wires and I only have two? Wilkerson , used with permission Photon relations One photon to another: I am sick and tired of your interference.

Lund Luck A man was complaining about his life to his clergyman. I was frugal, living carefully, saving my money, and I was happy and content. Then one day I fell in with some shady characters and I got suckered into a high-stakes poker game.

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That was my ruin. Now I am anxious, stressed, and miserable. Lund Lesson As Entrepreneurs we tend to want to teach our children the lessons that we have learned. Sometimes this is confusing to them. One entrepreneur sat his four year old son down and said "It's time for your lesson. The little boy said "Two plus two is Six.

The Joker/The Killing Joke

Lund Teamwork An engineering manager was once asked his definition of "Teamwork. Lund Invention If necessity is the mother of invention, why are there so many unnecessary inventions? This joke is in the public domain This one is too cute and topical to pass up. Enjoy providing power for! Nine volts power! Last very long! Keep providing power until die! Give power and power and more power until cannot give power anymore! Enjoy very much giving power! For the complete story click here Salt There was the engineer that was putting sea water in his batteries without the boss knowing.

He was arrested for salt-in-battery , but even though the charge wouldn't hold up, he is sitting in his cell serving two current sentences. Contributed by Doug Elliot, used with permission Bats Scientists have found a way to inject Bat genes into students. They ended up with engineers who like to be kept in the dark! That said, it could on the other hand be a good deal. Personally wouldn't buy an amp without trying it first anyway.

Tootpado Real Looking House Gecko Rubber Lizard and Cockroach Toy - (Pack of 4)

People slag off Behringer and Zoom gear as a matter of course and out of hand. My experience with their stuff is not bad and with Zoom gear positively good. On the other hand I've had bad experiences with Boss gear, hell, most of the Boss pedals are 25 years old or more.

I say check this amp out first though. If it sounds good then buy it. Behringer offer gear cheap because it is produced in large volume. But that doesn't make it necessarily inferior product. Let us know what you think. All I know is I never played a cheap halfstack that I liked, and I've had a bunch. You never know tho.. I own a lot of behringer stuff, no problems with any of it.

Technology's come a long way, so maybe it sounds great. Not a gamble I'd be willing to take tho, I'm never buying an amp I haven't even heard. Join Date Apr Location www. I haven't tried the specific product mentioned, however I reviewed one of their keyboard amps and am currently reviewing one of their powered PA speakers for FrugalGuitarist. What's wrong with half-stacks? Seriously, I feel like I'm missing some inside joke here! Alright just a lamer's question then - can you GIG with that thing?

I mean it's not just for studio applications is it? I mean, with a W cabinet and all :? Originally Posted by wbcsound. Originally Posted by Mish.