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Well keep them she has, wearing them sideswept at her wedding , and lately letting them hang heavy down past her brows. But what I really want to talk about is Jessica's current haircolor. She's had some brown-to-blond fade happening for a while, but her hair was looking much more deliberately ombre at a Good Morning America taping yesterday.

Looks like she's lightened her ends more, for sure.

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And this slight change, plus the long bangs, makes her hair stand out so much more. It's like hey, just 'cuz I'm married doesn't mean I'm going to get a boring soccer-mom bob anytime soon! Ask students to share incidents they know of that illustrate the true application of these attributes. Ask students how they would like to be treated by their neighbors in each of the following situations:. You have been in a car accident and will be spending several weeks in the hospital. You are the head of a household and have lost your job because of a cutback.

You are part of a very small cultural or religious minority group in your area.

Let This Be a Lesson to You: The Snakebit Life of Nathanael West

Ask students to think of people they know who have experienced similar situations. What does the Lord expect of us in relation to them? What should we expect of ourselves? Discuss the collective message of the scriptures. Whom does the Lord desire to receive the gospel and obtain its blessings? Does the Lord desire anyone not to receive it? Why does the Lord feel that way? What should be our feelings about it?

What can we do about it? Chosen for what?

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Show Hide. God cares for and watches over his children. He created the earth and furnished it abundantly for our benefit. He provided the means for all to be free and to obtain salvation.

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He will not allow the enemy to overcome the righteous. The world is corrupted and is in great need of the gospel.

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Those who are prepared need not fear the future. All should practice virtue and holiness.

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Each should esteem his brother as himself. Saints should care for the poor and needy and administer to them. Every Saint should declare the gospel warning to his neighbor.

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Ask students how they would like to be treated by their neighbors in each of the following situations: You have been in a car accident and will be spending several weeks in the hospital. A member of your family has just died.

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  6. I was very sad to have learned that a Nazi salute was directed toward the local Democratic Party float during the beginning of the PrairieFest parade that our community holds each year this past Sunday. How such an action ever came about is unimaginable and displays a great deal of ignorance, intolerance and total disregard toward our community.

    The Nazi salute that was apparently used "Sieg heil" while motioning the Nazi salute was one that was used to honor victory at Nazi political rallies and honoring Hitler. Is this what we are down to now, comparing the worst of the worst in human history to our neighbors, community members, as well as our elected officials in such a horrific way? Tragically, these actions are becoming commonplace and normalized in this country as it seems to be almost a daily occurrence in the national news.

    "Let This Be A Lesson To You" (Original)(1977) Tommy Ellison & The Five Singing Stars