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And isn't the reading the whole point of comics? How do you feel that in all the cartoons the Turtles have some type of truck they drive to get to places, like the Turtle Van, Battle Shell, the trucks they used in Next Mutation and the Nick cartoon, etc? I didn't mind that the Turtles were given some sort of vehicle to get around in, though I often thought the "party Van" in the first animated series was pretty goofy. Hey Mr.

I do very quick single Turtle head sketches for free. For more elaborate ones, I charge somewhere between twenty and forty dollars, depending on my mood, though I have been considering raising the price. I don't do full figure TMNT sketches, except in rare circumstances, and those almost never occur at signings -- more so for family and friends.

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So you have previously described MWS as "shutting you and Kevin out early on". Why do you think they did that? You would have to ask those in charge at MWS at that time to possibly get the most accurate response to that question, but in my opinion it was mostly their desire to not have interference in what they wanted to do with the show.

They had an approach that they thought was the best one, and they wanted to do it that way. Was it the best way? Well, the show was very successful Or it could have been less successful. It's impossible to say at this point. I think there may have also been a certain amount of disdain on their part for Kevin and me, these two independent comics creators with their goofy little black and white self-published comic book. Who the heck were we to be offering ideas to people with actual experience in producing animation?

Again, this is just my opinion. Hi Peter, How are you? I have a doubt , what are the age of the TMNT in the original comics, the 2k3. Many people said that Leo is the oldest and Mikey the youngest or they are same age? How they learnt to drive? Where did you get the name Casey for Raph's best friend? It 's not a common name and it actually can be a unisex name. Girls have that name, too. Which I found weird, because I associate Casey as a guy name only. How Donnie developed his gifted intelligence Leo's answer to April about Donnie's job was a kind of a "slap in the face" for all the IT people.

But many of them took it with humor. That job is really horrible. Poor Donnie! What brand is Raph motorcycle in the movie? That's all. Take care! Let's just say they were teenagers in the first volume, but in their twenties or early thirties in Volume 4. To be honest, it isn't something that matters too much to me in terms of storytelling. I don't think it was me.

Dear Peter laird, You probably hear this all the time. But thanks for creating the TMNT you were a big inspiration on me. I just wanted to return the favor so to speak. I had a couple of friends read it they liked it. I spent a few days on it. I am not asking for any hand outs or whatever. That is the last thing anybody wants. I just wanted to say thanks by making the tmnt. If not its all good. Kevin already he saw it.. Anyway, thanks again. Hope you get a laugh or two out of it. I made it really simple for simpler audiences to read.

Sadly a lot of people now a days don't have large attention spans all multi-media driven. Anyway take care Thanks for the kind words, James. I did look at your "ninja turkeys" piece, thought the drawing style was charming, and in fact got several laughs out of it, though I found some of the misspellings distracting. Thanks for the link! Peter you made my day.

Thanks very much. By the way I went back and removed the misspellings. Also, I added some grey "screen print" to the artwork so it helped the atmosphere. I am handing out a few issues for free comic book day. By the way I made a second issue that is almost done. If you want check it out again. If not I understand. Your a busy man.

Thanks again for making my day. Means a lot. James Lichtenberg. Second, throughout each of the 3 main runs of TMNT--late 80s, 2K3, and now--there has been a glut of merchandise, some truly bizarre and some absolutely fantastic. Thanks for your time, and one more, know that I appreciate all of your work through the years. Adam, thank you for the kind words. There have been some less-than-stellar TMNT products over the years, but to be honest, none at least right now jump out at me as especially terrible. But on the "especially brilliant" side, I have to say the NECA figures were really great -- it was such fun to see the original comic book TMNT look reproduced in three dimensional form, and in really well-sculpted and beautifully-articulated action figures.

For example, the Mirage site would be used to read stories by creators online, and only 10, will be printed for the collectors depending on the popularity of the story. Exactly how you did with issue I would imagine there would be a selection process for quality control, that way people would want to come back to read new stories. I'm by no stretch of the imagination a business man, so I may be very naive in asking you that question. I just think something like that is very fitting for a studio with the name "Mirage". It would also be a great avenue for creators like myself to get their stories seen, and possibly find other creators to collaborate with.

Thanks for your time Peter. Hope all is well, and keep enjoying life! That doesn't mean someone shouldn't try it, though I don't think Mirage Studios will. Also, we did not print 10, copies of issue 32 -- we printed copies. Hey Peter, Yeah, you definitely got a point there. Thanks for the reply! So it seems that Hun became the break-out character of the 4Kids series, seeing how he appears to be the one character from that series everyone is using now.

Why do you think he got so popular? Laird , I got in contact with Dan and sent in my autograph request. It was actually delivered on April 22nd to the Mirage Studios. I was just wondering when you're going to be back in Northampton to sign my item. I might be able to shed some light.

I met Steve Barron a few years ago and asked the same question. He said he didn't like that the studio wanted to go with a lighter tone or something like that. In short, creative differences. PL Is there anywhere you post signings or do you post them with a few months notice? It's on my bucket list to meet you and get a few books signed but I need to make sure its economical with work and school and family.

James, I don't do a lot of appearances, although I have been signing at Steve Lavigne's "Shellback Artworks" store in Wells, Maine once or twice a year for the last couple of years. Typically, I try to post an advance notice about any such signings here on this blog. Hi Mr. Laird, Forgive me if you've answered this question before.

Is there a comic book that if given the opportunity you would consider a dream project, if that's even a possibility considering the success you had with your own creation? I asked Kevin about this, he said he was exclusive with IDW now, so the answer was pretty much no. But, I was wondering if you would like to make an issue of the "Third Aged Mutant Ninja Turkeys" or take control of the property to create a new series with me.

It would really be cool to see one of the creators of the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" parody their own creation. Of course I am really "a no name" so coming from me is a bit strange. But as they say no question is a dumb question. Even through its a bit strange.

Anyway thanks for your time. If no. Its all good. I'm late to the game thinking that once you sold TMNT there were no more comics, but am so excited that I was wrong. I see the last two are posted here and I found 29 at the Mirage site. I was wondering though, since I could not find them, where if they are online, are earlier issues posted?

I don't see a good chunk of them even available to order through Mirage. Hi Peter! I was wondering if I have a piece of TMNT memorbilia and I would like to somehow get it signed, is that even possible? Would I send it to you? Do you charge money? I grew up with the TV show and the comics and I just thought it would be really cool : jamieboe gmail.

As a less intense question, perhaps, you said previously that Don's favorite sci-fi movie would be The Day the Earth Stood Still. Would would be the overall favorite movie or genre of each of the turtles? Donny Osmond has been saying that you and Kevin named Donatello after him. Is there any truth to his statement? The idea that we named Donatello after Donny Osmond is ridiculous.

Not sure if you're going to see this post, but is your lack of blog activity in the last couple of months a sign you're getting bored with this blog? I remember you used to have a new post just about every other day either about what you were doing in life or something TMNT related, and now both blogs barely have any new activity. Just merely out of curiosity, have you grown uninterested in blogging online? I'm not really disinterested in blogging, per se, but at least with this TMNT blog, given that I am no longer involved on a day-to-day basis with the Turtles, I don't have much to say about them.

Just wondering? Why four turtles? Did you and Kevin have plans for less or more? Also was there an alternative to Master Splinter being a rat? Maybe a squirrel, snake, or alligator? In large part, it may very well have been that when Kevin penciled that first group shot of the "Ninja Turtles", to which I added my inks and the two words "Teenage Mutant" to the title, he employed four Turtles, possibly because it made for a good composition Four Turtles always seemed to me to be a good, solid team number to me -- like the Fantastic Four, you know?

As far as I can recall, Splinter was always going to be a rat. That is really cool Peter how you guys hammered out the turtles. I have always loved how things come into being and are formed by creating. In your case and Kevin's how one thing Like Daredevil, satire and turtles all formed a new creation.

Myobatrachus - Wikipedia

It lives up to its name "Mutant Turtles" It Evolved. Its a kind of magic! I believe its that same kind of magic that helped the franchise sell in the first place. What I understand you guys didn't think you would sell a single issue. That makes me a laugh. It was a kind of magic! Yeah your right Four is a solid number for a team.

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Seems to work with a lot of stuff like you said with the Fantastic Four. As for Splinter you are right He was always a Rat. I also wanted to say also how the TMNT reminds me a lot of those old Chinese stories about people shown as animals. I think they were political satires they would show leaders as animals and stuff so they wouldn't get in trouble. Its the whole animal Anthropomorphic thing I guess. Its like the soul of the old Chinese stories transformed its soul to your creation Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles.

I hope that made sense. Anyway thanks for the reply. James L. Mr Laird. I've recently picked up an early tmnt group shot you pencilled and Kevin inked done in You have it listed as your blast from the past 85 titled, 'Tmnt fight a robot'. I'm trying to place this piece in the tmnt art timeline. Do your remember if this piece was done before tmnt 1? Anything else you might remember about the piece? Hello Mr. He and I have been together for 8 years, long enough for me to become quite familiar, if not another expert of the comics, TV shows, and movies.

He was so inspired by your work that he became a successful comic illustrator and has shown his work at the San Diego comicon, NYC and Raleigh. We are getting married in a month, and if it is not too much trouble, I know that he would appreciate a few kind words of advice from you, his creative hero. Her mother — never! Literary Luck. OCARS of travel, like scars of war, are generally looked upon as badges of honor. We would be ashamed to appear In pub- lic wearing scuffed-up and down-at-the-heel Bhoea; but a battered old suit caBe, with aa many stickers on it as a bill- board, is a source of great satisfaction.

The runaway boy, who has begged his meals at back doors, slept beside camp fires with tramps and drunk beer from a tomato can, will brag with more authority if he flaps an empty coat sleeve. She who has climbed to the top round of the social ladder will be held in higher esteem as a trav- eler if she concludes her story with a sigh for what she has missed of home life.

A scholar may be believed to know more about the world than the rest of us, if it is evident that his eyes and lungs are particularly weak. We're a funny lot, but the notion that it is possible for any human be- ing to see enough of the face of [this earth to form a decent conception of the plan is in the vein of "genuine humor" recognized by professors of English literature — that is, the mirth that walks arm in arm with pathos.

Abners Preparations. Abner, who worked for the summer residents, told Mr. Bums one morning that he was soon to be married. I suppose you've made all the preparations and got your wedding finery ready? This plagiarizing must stop! Winter Travel. But, say, now, when the winter Got there and froze the ground. And sleighing was the travel That always took us round. By heck! With robes and warmers plenty And Susie in the sleigh. She had the golf fever. Gramerey — 4 4 You 'll find the weather lovely and warm in the Medi- terranean. It is merely due to the fact that under no civilization, from the Adamite pippin eaters down to the age of Moosevelt, have infants ever been provided with pockets at that stage of their existence.

But— say — it's got to be good-bye; 1 like you far less still. Jkfcttdtaf H'lrtfmrfi. The collector of the port is not inter- ested in the wine business. The goodly minister saw one of his parishioners running rapidly down the road, trying to keep In sight of a re- treating form ahead. And you were following the Scriptural admonition to give him your cloak also, were you? Hod Durnitt, upon being interrogated by a friend while awaiting the arrival of the west-bound train at the railway station in Polkville, confessed.

Instead, I am going to hang my harp on a wilier tree, as it were, and light out for Arizona; that is, if the widder don't get here before the train does. I was out there a couple of hours ago — it's a good place, too, and she's a fine cook and all that ; but — well, while we was setting there on the porch, talking of our future happi- ness and the like of that, a couple of the dogs got to fighting. She might take a notion to come there. He Was Justly Suspicious. I let a smooth talker sell me a uni- cycle one time.

He said it was the last word in conveyances, and when I paid the freight on it from Chicago, I found I had purchased a wheelbarrow. Slimkins leaned back in one chair, and putting hia feet wearily upon the cheap desk in front of him, sighed a aigh of real ennui. Gazing around the bare room, hia glance paused to invert the black letters on the outside of the froated glass in the office door. Why, of the melodious art of whistling, plain or fancy, as taught by a guaranteed course in h i 8 new correspondence school. The postman entered and de- posited a great stack of mail on the desk, and Slimkins greeted him graciously, with a comment on the fine brand of weather, to which the genial postman re- sponded with a remark about heavy mails and good business conditions and the discomfort of getting settled in a new office, as he departed.

Turtle Gives Frog a Ride on Their Back - 1035855

Professor Slimkins no longer sighed at the bareness of the room, for he knew that he had no time to tarry, though his cunning precaution in advertising only in remote places gave him a temporary sense of security. It was not such a long way to Canada, after all. When the wary agent called the next day to investigate the stillness of the Course. I have the money. Now you whistle. If you do not do some fancy whistling now, you may as well give up trying.

See Europe First. Buying a book? He had been to ancient Cairo and the Cape. He was never known to bungle on the aubjeet of the jungle, or the habits of the mongoose and the ape. He had traveled with the Switzer and the Polak and the Fritter. He had freckles from the burning midnight sun. He had dallied in Sienna and delighted in Vienna, where the life of song and dance is never done. He had chased the festive scarab with a donkey and an Arab, in the lend of Cleopatra and the Sphinx.

He had skirted the Canaries and the coast of Buenos Ayres. He had scaled the Mongol summits of the Chinks. He had idled many days at Singapore. He had flitted down to Rio and jinrik- kied round Tokio. No, there never was a hotter, more per- sistent old globe-trotter to be found at any time on any map. From Columbus down to Peary, in their travels wide and weary, you could never find the equal of the chap. And his fate? Ah, what a pity! And a frozen corpse they found him, with his Baedekers around him, in the shadow of the house where he was born! She was going in for theosophy when 1 saw her last.

But you cannot make him drink; You may send a boy to college. But you cannot make him think. You may'preach some men a sermon. You may tell them to be banking. But they'll never save a cent; You may urge them to be building. You may lead some men to business. You may dress some folks in satin, But you'll never change their looks; You may give some folks a bookstore. But they'll never read the books. You may lead a horse to water. But you'll find this true, I think. Zip I Bang I Squash! Some natures seek softness and warmth. Some save as their store may afford, For ever the bird will fly south, And ever the squirrel will hoard.

He — " Darling, here, away from the rash and turmoil of the rest of the world, I want to bring my wooing to a climax. Don ' t throw me oxer. His friends, of course, asked him how he liked living in Duluth.

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Billy, while being reprimanded by his teacher for some misdemeanor, sat down, leaving her standing. She reminded him that no gentleman should seat himself while the lady with whom he is conversing remains standing. This is a rapid age, you bet! And we, as sure as fate. Will soon evolve some scheme to get Divorces while you wait. One on Solomon. Her Politics. Knicker — "Is your wife a Democrat? Raising Cain. The loose tack. Tilting the lid. Powder-mill explosions. Shifting the waist line. As seen by the highwayman. When your hair stands on end. When your heart is in your mouth. Poet betaking himself to attic retreat.

That operatic voice in the apartment below. All those little ones that have a mean- ing all their own. She dropped her eyes just as we met. There's no joy in my cup. I tripped and fell, to my regret. Trying to pick them up! Why, sure it's cold! And windy, too. Glad spring seems far From me and you. His Chance. What are you waiting for? Worth fifty bucks, the farmer said. The Latest Invasion. An I tn possibility.

Crabbe had almost succeeded in dismissing Mrs. Traveler — " This country doesn't seem to advance much. When I was a boy there warn't no road through here at all. We sob when it sobs, and. We pity the chap who has landed in prison — would gladly exchange all our pleas- ures for his'n. But where is the fellow with pity to feel for the soul in the coop who is turning the reel? Had to rattle for the Bmokes, With some members of the bunch; Spent an hour relating jokes.

And then hustled out to lunch. Hustled back at half-past two, Twice as busy as before; Then he had a lot to do. Telephoning for the score. The man who borrows trouble is con- tinually in debt. Never Gets There. No amount of milk pas- teurization will off- set the effect of a dill-pickle upon the immature di- gestive apparatus of a child of that tender age.

It is rather evidence that even in matters of courtship the average male citizen of Greenland is a sufferer from cold feet. A date-bearing tree and a calendar bearing dates are somewhat different. The whistling coon. The Rocky Mountain canary. The automobile jack. The switch frog. The land shark. The momentarily bom sucker. Champ Clark's houn' dawg. The Easter bunny. The scant cov- ering of this one made us violently blush. Don't believe your doubts.

More Nature-faking Animals. The fond gazelle. The "chicken. The golden buck. The end-seat hog. The purple cow. The vegetable oyster. The goose of the golden egg. The tailor's goose.

Oodle the Turtle vs. Fred the Frog - Kindle Fiction

The mock duck. The mock turtle. The stool pigeon. Including a Vacuum Cleaner? Have you gone about it in the right way? Butterflies of fashion. The wrong steer. The camel with the straw-broken spine. The official seal. The fly cop. The P. Undressed kids. Blind robins. Blind pigs. Blind tigers. Social lions. The Idea! Next time yon come, General, won't yon please bring youi army f Tommy an' me wsnt to bco it.

Farmer Jones comes to town and meets a stranger who tells him he can win thousands of dollars by a secret system of wire-tapping if be will learn the game. The stranger introduces to Jones the chief telegraph operator, who. He sees a way to suddenly become a millionaire. No Bite. He dropped a line. He failed to bait with gold, and so Went otherwhere to fiBh. Jones is advised by his friends to put his money on Honey B. They tell him he can't possibly lose, be- cause Honey B bss already won, and they alone know this fact.

Settlement Work. It is bounded on the north by Arctic blizzards, on the east by bursted water pipes, on the south by overdue Christmas bills, and on the west by a demand for more coal. During its thirty-one trying days, its northern inhabitants are in a state of freeze, those in the central part in a state of wheeze, while those in the a n u a r y south are reduced to one continual sneeze.

Other less doleful days in the month are mother-in-law's birthday, rent day and the day the furnace re- fused ta work. The month of January is productive 3 The stranger and the operator take Jones to a fake pool room and advise him to bet two dollars on a horse. Jones wakes up I Envoy. The play was over, and the Fool In sadness did repine. While he who masked as Tragedy Kept tryst with Columbine.

Most citizens spend the month in getting on and off the water wagon, blowing the noBe, cursing and com- plaining, overdrawing bank accounts, taking medicine, renewing leases and insurance, paying and dodging bills and bill collectors, and knocking the weather. Back in the old legal days, Mr. Marshall tried and won a divorce case for a little Irishman named O'Brien. The little man gasped, and then his face blossomed like the hats at Eas- tertide. The Rev. Parkhurst knows many good stories from real life. Her grandmother was her especial guardian in all matters of conduct, and toward the end of the dinner, feeling that the child had been up too long, she told the little girl to say good-night and go to bed.

The following morning, at breakfast, the child said ahe had had a horrible dream. Both the mother and grand- mother tried to get her to tell what it was, but she hesitated. She said she did not want to tell her dream. Hill, the maater builder of the Northwest. A friend of the lat- ter, shaking hands with Mr. Hill, complimented him on having such a worthy son and competent helper as Louis W. Hill, and said that the son must have inherited the elements of a strong character from bis success- ful father.

Joining in the conversa- tion, Mr, Baker made this comment! I believe that a man who makes a great banker, railroad man or business man would succeed in any line of work in which he actively and earnestly engaged. It is the man who makes his opportunity more than the opportunity that makes the man. Mary Garden, the opera singer, at- tended a dinner in St. Petersburg, and among the guests was a noted Russian general, who was placed next to Miss Garden. The general was very dignified and cold in manner.

Mias Garden found him rather hard to converse with, which fact was no- ticed by the woman on her other side.

Toy Safety and Recalls

It might make him less chilly. The Usual Trouble. The colonel finds fault with the meat; His wife just wonders why. With fruit as plenty as it is. Miss Green thinks salads are too scarce; Miss Brown derides the cream. They all lived, when they were at home, In luxury, 'twould Heem. They pay Misa Mifflin "ample board" — At least four dollars per!

They want it back, with not one cent Of profit left for her. It's forty cents a pound! Oh, your summer suit you mav dye in the fail. And make it look newy and nobby and all! Oh, your winter' suit you may dye in the spring— But who in the world would attempt such a thing? The boy hastened to the door to ask for help. When the minister an- swered his knock, he began to explain about the mishap ; but the cordial preacher cut him short by insisting that he come in and share their dinner — the upset load of hay could be attended to afterward.

Not knowing how to refuse, the boy ac- cepted the invitation. After the meal, he pushed back his chair and looked at the minister appealingly. Regretting the Cost. Henry never knew stairs could be so frolicksome and alpine until that mid- night. He had reached the turning point of hia perilous journey, when his wife appeared, armed with the well-known candle and poker. Tourist - — How did yon find your way out when you got lost in these Rockies? Guide I never did get out. I 'm still lost. The Kicker. Until the date the landlords set for it. He kicka if, at some entertaining play. He finds a ponderous pillar in his way; He kicks if, in the Bubway, some one dares To stand upon his feet, instead of theirs.

And is he killed or punched or filled with woe? With deep regret I sadly answer. No I He shuts the neighbors up, he gets the heat, The subway trespasser gets off his feet. A Tip. Gladys — Helen certainly looked happy in church this morning! Mae — Evidently she had nothing on her mind but her Easter hat!

Second 'waiter — It s the same girl. Digitized by Google Protectors: A Fable. Her mother, busy with various social duties and ambitions, eliminated her daughter from much of her life, from fear of mere rivalry, as some modern mothers do; and her father, ab- sorbed in affairs, was of the opinion that he did hia whole duty in a generous allowance to them both. This damsel, young and daily growing more beautiful, had the roving eye of youth and the curiosity of her sex.

But she had no immediate companiona of her kind, preferring the free- dom of her absolute independence, and loving most her two dogs— animals that reciprocated her affection and were unhappy when not at her heels. When, as it sometimes happened, her mother questioned the wiadom of the damsel's going about alone, the damsel replied that when she went riding she needed no company and that when she walked her dogs were her protectors. It happened that the damsel walked much, and one day, when she met an impressive man who was struck by her beauty and youth, she rebuked his admiring glance with a frown.

Her faithful dogs, noting her attitude toward the man, growled at him menacingly. Walking the next day in the same place, the damsel strangely met the man again, and when, despite the dogs, he looked at her more in admiration than before, she glanced aside with less distaste, and the dogs did not seem to know whether to growl or not.

On various succeeding days the damsel walked again and again, always meeting the admiring man, to whom at last, grateful for his admiration, she bowed, and with whom one day she talked, while he fed the dogs things which dogs like, brought in his pocket. This was a beginning. The young woman began to walk without her dogs, and finally, after an absence, returned home strangely unhappy. Rover," said ahe. If you had been faithful dogs and had growled at that man every day as you did the first day, I should not have been deceived in him. We should have growled at that man every day had you continued to frown upon him.

Each reader may pick his own. Thrift, industry, economy. Its letters big applaud. The virtues of his sire Left him the priceof board and clothes And frequent rubber tire. And as he glideB along at ease, He thinks, complacent quite, "Whatever other faults I have, I picked a father right! A Clean up. He — If I call pa "pop," why can't I call ma "mop"? She — If you do, she'll wipe the floor with you. Newlywed from a new cook hook. I can only cook this egg once! Smelled Powder. How about Lobsters?

Cried he, "It is war! The conquest was over! The maiden was his! The powder he smelled was the pink on her phiz. A Tightwad. Gerald — Pratley is an awful tight- wad I Geraldine — Is he? Gerald — 1 should say as much! Employer — Mr. Hirrm , ray wife wants me to go shopping with her. Employee — Thank you ; you are very kind, sir. Too fed! Crawford — You seem to know every- body out here. They must be all regular residents. Suburbs — Yes; the new arrivals are generally cooks. Bom, Pittsburgh, September 19th, , devoting most of his boyhood days to the study of the Bteel industry of his native town.

His first words as he took in his first breath of the ambient atmosphere of the city of his birth were, "This soots me. I may be wicker, but I'll never be sham. A serious foundation having thus been prepared, he was permitted to enter Lehigh University, at Bethlehem. Studied law in Philadelphia, learning there that the race is not always to the swift, after which he embarked upon legal pursuits in the city of New York, a flourishing settle- ment on the banks of the Hudson, never darken mt door ac. Appointed Attorney-General in the political family of President Taft in , and, while clean- ing out the pigeonholes of his predeces- sors in that office, discovered there a dusty document, long forgotten, entitled the Sherman Law.

Sending for a vacuum- cleaner, he promptly removed the cobwebs and other accumulations from the parch- ment, and discovered it to be a first edi- tion, whose edges had not even been cut and of whose existence nobody else in the department seemed to be aware. After a careful Btudy of its recipes for the at- tainment of higher ideals, he brought it to the attention of a number of legal gen- tlemen who had attained to some degree of distinction as judges of instruments of that sort, and has devoted the bulk of his time ever since to gaining from them an interpretation of its hieroglyphic mean- ing, with such results that even the In God We Trust has been removed from our national coinage.

Became largely inter- ested in large corporate enterprises and has added materially to the prosperity thereof without disturbing the delicate balances of the cost of living. Is said by hia critics to have been largely responsi- ble for the division of the Republican party into its subsidiary corporations, by means of which it has ceased to be, for the time being anyhow, a holding com- pany.

Is also said to contemplate an early return to private practice. Recreations, hunting the slipper and golf, in the lat- ter of which he iB especially strong on the putting green, having frequently got- ten into a hole with a single stroke. Temporary address, Washington, D.

All mail received after fourth of March to be forwarded. Digitized by Google Mrs. Corbin Reads the Riot Act. She had caught me by the arm, and I could feel the anger that was throb- bnig within her as her little fingers tightened their grip. Visitor — " Hello! No, sir; it was forgotten, John Corbin! Ha, ha! Thought you were alone. Pretty clev- er! The way you flirt is something abominable! The way you rubber at every pretty face you see is an insult to me!

It has got to end! I saw you wink at that — that little cat back in the cigar store, and when we went into the department store you kept behind me pur- posely — so that you could make eyes at every girl who would look your way. You're fit for nothing but a Turk or a Mormon. And you bought that razor strop! And then — what then, John Cor- bin? And that handkerchief in your pocket! Traveler—" This country doesn't seem to advance much.

We sob when it Bobs, and, in turn, laugh aloud. Told by other busy men. Had to rattle for the smokes, With some members of the bunch: Spent an hour relating jokes, And then hustled out to lunch. Hustled back at half-past two, Twice as busy as before; Then he had a lot to do, Telephoning for the score. Placed a bet or two, of course ; Signed a voucher for his pay; Came home blowing like a horse — Father's had a busy day. Digitized by Google A 1. I want to brine; my wooing to a climax.

Two years later he made a visit to his old home. Perry — 44 Solomon himself admitted that ho was puzzled by 4 the way of a man with a maid. Remember, before you give way to your woe. In your struggle for fame and pelf, That the fellow who says, " I told you so! Her furious father's foot. Natural Question. I tripped and fell, to my regret, Trying to pick them up!

There is a congenial company of six, theater-bound.


Who would believe, un- less sure that he were not dreaming, that those semi-ancient, half Crecian and half Egyptian, shapes are not antiques? They are simply modems expressing the latest syllables in modish dress. M I sometimes wonder, with MonUtgne. Or skin or hair on every body stows. Clothes are simply a habit. But who can imagine the development that sextette represents in the short space of a generation or two?

The supremely fashionable woman who spends her time religiously studying and following infinite details of her drapery and accessories has little time for even the lesser turpitudes ; and the man who can tell you the exact expanse of foot a certain sort of leather should cover, and whether it shall be fastened by so many buttons of an inevitable fashion or by such and such a thong, is not one whom Satan would spend thought upon or regard as profitable prey.

All try to convince him that his clothes look ill right for another season. This is the figure be cots after the others are togged out. He wakes up I Tie Wtys of Chivtlpr. Bustle, drones, bustle! The Happy Family. Scrapptngton — "After all, only a very small percentage of men squander their money on chorus girls. Scrapptngton — "That is because the percentage of chorus girls is very small compared with the number of men. Took him to a moving-picture show.

He'd never been to one in his life. Speak louder!