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Everyone in Shana Callahan had long ago given up wishful thinking. A single mom with a checkered past, she knew to be grateful for small gifts. And what Landon Kincaid had given her was far more than that. His unexpected job offer had provided And to pay her tuition, she takes a job as a housekeeper for a professor -- and soon realizes that her new boss might prove Becca Sheridan was desperate. The high-powered businesswoman had lied herself into a corner, and now she had to hire someone -- in a hurry -- to pose as her husband! Handsome and charming, Gavin Callahan was just the sort of man her overprotective br He was her high school sweetheart -- until their differences tore them apart.

Ten years later, Melina Lawrence still isn't over Raphael Mendoza. And when the devastatingly attractive attorney comes home Even though Dixie Callahan had been in love with Joe McCoy since they were teenagers, she knew he'd never be happy living a small-town life, as her small-town husband.

So she had to let him fly. Even if it meant Having a secret crush on her boss was definitely taboo -- especially when tall, dark and hunky Ted Bonner didn't even know Sara Beth O'Connell was alive! And now she'd agreed to be a corporate spy to save the Armstrong Newly minted father Donovan McCoy had to give it a try -- he owed it to the little boy who now called him "Daddy.

Fortunately a safe haven beckoned: Jake's hometown of Chance City. Too bad he was Never in a million years would Denise Watson have considered such a proposition. But tycoon Gideon Falcon needed a wife--a real wife--to clinch a business deal. And he had decided only Denise would d Businessman Noah Falcon was gorgeous.

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This fact had not escaped Tricia McBride, even though she was busy caring for his four children. In fact, since she started working for him, the attraction between them sizzled like water hitting hot oil. Cattle rancher Tony Young was seeing stars. It was a strictly temporary business arrangement.

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But ever since they shared a dance and a night of incredible lovemaking, T Tycoon David Falcon needed a wife. Not someone to actually marry, but a superefficient, multitasking woman who'd keep his household humming along smoothly. Single mother Valerie Sinclair seemed the ideal ca Divorcee Lauren Wright opts for a Bahamas Christmas getaway--only to be stranded at the airport by weather. But a very personable fellow traveler makes the time fly--and temperatures rise. Bahamas or no Bahamas, things are about to get steamy Maureen Hart had never had a summer so crazy Now her life was on track with a steady boyfriend and a big promotion looming.

That one passionate night in Atlantic City had been an aberration, but one Saturday, September 22 1. Get a dog cat. Get a man. Get adventurous go skinny-dipping! Get a life! She'd been the pampered and protected wife. Now she was a widow with both daughters off at college and she was suddenly d Interior designer Selene Winston had arrived to remodel his mansion, not tangle in the sheets with her brutally handsome new boss. And yet the reclusive Adrien Morell haunted her dreams; his fantasies played through her mind.

Soon she found herself s The handsome millionaire was supposed to be her protector, but under his watchful gaze she felt more exposed than ever. It didn't help th Almost two decades ago, James Paladin had agreed to be a sperm donor to his best friend's wife. With three conditions: 1 Caryn Brenley was not to know who really fathered her child. Desperate to locate the missing newborn, he hired privat Hired to keep Claire Winston's sister under surveillance, Quinn Gerard was stunned to find he was following the wrong woman when he and Claire came face-to-face Knowing Claire would eventually lead him to his quarry, the daring P.

Her past was filled with questions, and private investigator Arianna Alvorado was determined to find answers. But she needed certain police files The problem was, the fiery p After more than a decade apart, he was suddenly back in her life, her only chance at It wasn't for real, of course. Sexy P. Nate Caldwell was in a jam and his shy secretary was only too happy to oblige.


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The very pregnant woman standing before J. Ryker couldn't remember who she was - or the name of her unborn baby's father. But Gina Banning was the one woman J. The last time he'd seen her she'd told him she hated him - and Fortune's Children: The Brides Meet the Fortune Brides - six special women who perpetuate a family legacy greater than mere riches! BEN a. So they'd parted, as "just" friends. And now their life together was but a distant memory. Gabriel Marquez had a mission, and society princess Cristina Chandler was his pawn.

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