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By: Lynette Austin.

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Released December 4, and September 3, Forever Yours. Source: ARC's provided by the publisher. Somebody Like You. Maverick Junction 1. Lynnette Austin. Forever Yours. So when Boston beauty Annelise blows into town on her Harley, Cash can't help wondering if she's the sexy, leather-clad answer to all his problems. Giving her bodyguards and the paparazzi the slip, heiress Annelise Montjoy comes to Maverick Junction on a mission to help her ailing grandfather. But keeping her identity hidden in the small Texas town is harder than she expected—especially around a tempting cowboy like Cash.

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But will the secrets they both keep ruin their plans to ride off into the sunset together? I have never read a Lynnette Austin, but like a true British girl, I'm in love with cowboys and Texas ssshhh, don't tell my Pennsylvania Husband. The story is about heiress Annelise Montjoy aka Annie , who has come to Maverick Junction, TX, to find her dying grandfathers long lost half-sister, but what she didn't expect to meet was this smoking hot cowboy. But Annelise hasn't revealed her true identity to anyone, least of all Cash Hardeman, aka the smoking hot cowboy.

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But Cash has troubles of his own. But add to that lies, wills, and YouTube videos, you just know it's going to be explosive! Somebody Like You is an enjoyable read, and the characters are likeable, but I found it a little choppy, which at times was frustrating, but it didn't distract too much from the book, although, I do wish it was smoother. I give Somebody Like You 4 stars.

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Nearest Thing to Heaven. Maverick Junction 2. Sophie London hates Texas.

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The longhorns freak her out and the wide-open spaces are more unnerving than a Chicago alleyway at night. Maybe fate is giving him a second chance.

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  • Somebody Like You (Maverick Junction, book 1) by Lynnette Austin.
  • My fault. The jolt was instantaneous, and she knew he felt it, too, when he momentarily broke contact. Cash fed the machine enough coins to fill a good-size swimming pool. All those quarters.

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    All that music. Why waste it? No way to avoid it.

    He had to think the worst of her anyway. She refused to so much as look at her cousin. Refused, for that matter, to meet any of the eyes in the restaurant watching them speculatively. A slow number came on and Ty turned her to him, put his other arm around her waist, and drew her in. Her heart hammered as Ty very skillfully swept her along to the music. Intense was the only word she could come up with to define the aura surrounding him.

    Totally unfamiliar with country songs, she listened to the words over the beating of her heart.

    Somebody Like You

    He was right. The words were captivating. Intense, just like him. And, oh, so romantic.