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Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Director: Brenda Jallits.

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Writer: Brenda Jallits. Edit Storyline Wilbert, a grumpy old man, books a senior cruise to take his wife's ashes to a remote spot in Alaska, all hell breaks loose when he and his retirement friends discover it is a cruise for COLLEGE seniors. Country: USA.

Add the first question. Edit page. Clear your history. IMDb Everywhere. Follow IMDb on. DPReview Digital Photography. Audible Download Audio Books. It was hot on that train; all the windows were already open and Rose felt quite stuffy and constricted in her jeans and top. They all started wedging their bags in the overhead racks. Rose, being quite short, had to stand on tiptoes to do hers and on the final shove went careering into a gentleman in a turquoise cagoule who was sitting below her.

Do you remember? The veil had fallen off again and was now sitting on the table. They opened their tiny bottles and started glugging the wine. The rows of terraced houses outside the window were starting to flash past them quite fast now and the sun was coming out and glancing off NASA-sized satellite dishes.

JoJo shrugged off her raincoat; Rose slipped her feet out of her court shoes. It was so hot on here! She seemed to have quite a thirst on her and had drunk almost half her bottle in one gulp. So, how is everyone?

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What have you all been up to recently? Any gossip? They all fell silent for a second. JoJo shrugged; she hardly ever had gossip, Rose knew, unless it was something salacious about a client. Sal looked. Guilty, a little bit cheeky? A smile was curling at the corner of her lips in a suspicious manner. Are all the preparations done?

Right, so you know all my news — how about yours? Somebody give me something! How are the girls, Rose? The Sisters of Sass. As Rose had packed her bag, all three Sisters of Sass had lolled on her bed. So charming. Rose often wondered who these alien creatures were and where had they come from.

The Crabby Old Git on Cruising by Phil Kingsman

They were so big. They were so loud. They had so much stuff — so many clothes, so much make-up, most of which they were wearing, all at once, layer upon layer of it. And they were so contemptuous. It was a good job she loved them so much, otherwise she might resent being a rather despised and worn part of the furniture — squishy and unkempt and thoroughly sat upon. Jason was having a catch-up nap and a bloody good snore. He had a varied repertoire; never steady, rhythmic snoring that could be tolerated by a co-sleeping human, but the spluttering, intermittent kind — a frustrating orchestra of misleading lulls and great, trumpeting trumpets.

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They never slept in the same bed because of the Philharmonic Snorechestra. Rose had coined that phrase and her daughters, for once, actually thought it quite funny. Jason had arrived home this morning after yet another work trip to Hong Kong — it had been five years of this now; that land reclamation project was taking a really long time. It was predictable, non-romantic fare for two pedestrian, rather careworn ships that passed in the night, or rather, the morning.

Same old same old.

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He breezes in now and again, like Prince Charming, to save the day, and to do nice things. They adore him because of it and just tolerate me.

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All three of them had ambushed him on the landing this morning, showering him with kisses and hugs and risking creasing their lovingly ironed by Mum cropped tops and leggings. It was the same thing every time. A train sped past them in the other direction, with an elongated toot and a flash of people sleeping or raising plastic coffee cups to their mouths. When had he started calling her that? Ahmed taught me that marijuana doesn't really hurt anyone and we'll be growing it for us and trading it with his friends for all the cocaine and ecstasy we want , source: Saint Norman read online.

Online Books Page has a large collection of links to the humorous works of P , e. Offers updated columns, personal photos, biography, and merchandise for this Southern icon. The humor of Carole Moore, family-friendly, original, and true to life as we know it! Carole Moore's monthly e-zine is a showcase for her work as a humor columnist, as well as some serious human interest stories and articles of a timely nature.

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Carole Moore is available for hire as a freelance writer ref. Thomas Aquinas, for instance, shows a markedly greater tolerance of laughter than does John Chrysostom. Drawing on Aristotle, according to whose Nicomachean Ethics wit eutrapelia is a virtue, Aquinas argues that the lack of mirth is a vice.

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Perhaps Spencer could argue that at a certain threshold the pent up energy jams the gates such that humor is unable to provide a release. Humorless people make the bumps bigger. Jackie Disaster: A Mystery read pdf. Denounce Newswire - Parodies of company press releases. Laughsend - Fake horoscopes and political satire. The ass saw an angel standing in the way with his sword drawn, but Balaam saw nothing.