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Since , this ruggedly romantic gorge has been accessible by means of wooden walkways. Over the years, the Stanser Bach River has carved its way through the Dolomite rock and cascades down to the depths over a myriad of waterfalls, occasionally slowing down to linger for a moment in one of the many emerald green pools. The walk through the gorge and up to St. Georgenberg Sanctuary, the oldest pilgrimage monastery in Tirol, takes around one hour. The Wolfsklamm Gorge is open from May to November.

The admission fee costs Euro 3. The circular trail that leads to the Schleier Waterfall in Hart im Zillertal is no ordinary route. With a 91 metre drop, it is also the highest waterfall in the Zillertal Valley. Tables and benches offer a welcome place to rest. This round walk can be completed in around two and a half hours.

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The nature trail begins around metres south of the parish church, Hart im Zillertal. The sound of water rushing, gurgling and dripping over stone fills the ears. This is a place of strength, power and energy. A short minute walk takes you a under a green canopy of deciduous trees with the creek rushing beside.

The waterfall is a good place to take some quiet time listening to nature and absorbing the wonderful scenery. You can return to the trailhead along the fitness trail with Kneipp ablution pool. From there, the trail to the waterfall is signed and waymarked. Add to travel guide Added to your personal guide book Click on the heart icon to add this page to your list of favourites and create your own personal travel guide.

Read more Show less Measuring 85 metres in breadth, the Grawa-Wasserfall in upper Stubaital is the widest in the entire eastern Alps. Starting point for hikers: Tschangelair Alm, Dorf 12, Neustift. Read more Show less This impressive natural spectacle can be admired at an altitude of 1, metres: Not far from Jochberg, the Sintersbach River plunges down a drop of 85 metres.

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Starting point for hikers: Hintertux, southern outskirts of the village. Read more Show less The circular trail that leads to the Schleier Waterfall in Hart im Zillertal is no ordinary route. This may also interest you. Hikes to Mountain Lakes www. Swimming www.

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Is your inbox in need of a holiday? The protagonist escapes Undyne by hiding in tall sea-grass. After leaving this room through the right exit, the protagonist reaches the third SAVE point. Also in this room is an Echo Flower, a mouse hole, and a piece of cheese. The Echo Flower, which is to the right of the mouse hole, squeaks when the protagonist interacts with it. Continuing right, the protagonist exits the room and sees Sans standing next to a telescope.

To his right is another dimensional box. Sans attempts to prank the protagonist with the red-eye telescope. Exiting through the wooden door on the north wall of this room leads to another small room with the Nice Cream Guy in it.


There is also a Punch Card box, a blue, glowing mushroom, and defiled ancient glyphs [8] in this room. If the protagonist backtracks from this room and travels right from Sans's telescope, they encounter " Loren " and, continuing right, the small bird.

The protagonist cannot use the small bird yet, as they are on opposite sides of a chasm of bright blue water. The room with "Loren" in it spans a large area horizontally and vertically. The color palette reverses in this room, and the water appears bright blue while the land appears black.

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As the protagonist traverses this room, they encounter a few Echo Flowers and can also find the Ballet Shoes in a tuft of tall grass. Before the protagonist crosses a wooden bridge, one of four possible dialogs can happen, depending on what the player chose to tell Papyrus in the second Bridge Seed puzzle room. If they told him the truth, Papyrus calls them again and explains that he told Undyne exactly what the protagonist told him because he assumed the protagonist would change their clothes after being asked such a suspicious question [10].

If they instead chose to lie, Papyrus will give one of two dialogs where he said he chose to lie about what they were wearing so they wouldn't get into trouble, accidentally telling Undyne what they actually are wearing. Continuing, the protagonist enters a long, horizontal room with a narrow black path leading to the right. As they progress down this path, Onionsan appears and talks to them.

The protagonist then leaves through the right exit and encounters Shyren in the next room. This room has two small, white waterfalls that flow from the top to the bottom of the screen and always stay in the foreground. To the north of this room, the piano puzzle awaits the protagonist.

The protagonist opens the door to the Artifact Room by playing the melody that echoes through the area. The Artifact Room itself contains a red orb on a pedestal and glyphs that cannot be read because the protagonist cannot stand directly in front of them. Backtracking and heading to the right from the room with Shyren's battle, the protagonist encounters more ancient glyphs that inform them of Boss Monsters.

Exiting this room through the right exit leads the protagonist to a room with a white waterfall in the foreground, a bucket of umbrellas, and a sign encouraging them to take an umbrella. Progressing right, they walk through a waterlogged room that has many waterfalls and reflective pools within it. Monster Kid walks alongside the protagonist for the duration of this room.

After the duo reaches the end of this room, they enter a two-dimensional room with New Home off in the distance.

The game returns to an overworld scheme after the protagonist exits this room to the right. After Monster Kid helps the protagonist climb onto a ledge, the protagonist progresses to the next room without them after Monster Kid gives them the go-ahead. The next SAVE point is in the room immediately to the right of the ledge. There are also more ancient glyphs on the walls that detail The War of Humans and Monsters. Exiting this room to the right, the protagonist walks on another wooden bridge where Undyne antagonizes them.

After reaching a dead end of the bridge, the protagonist falls into the garbage dump after Undyne slices the bridge in two. Mad Dummy is fought.

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Napstablook invites the protagonist to their house. Small bird may be approached. Napstablook may be spoken with at their house or their snail farm , and offers a gambling opportunity at the latter. Mettaton's house is next door. Gerson may be bartered with, and the river person is present if the protagonist has reached Hotland. A dimensional box is present. Mazes involving lighted paths must be solved, and the Temmie Village may be found.

Undyne attacks, but is inadvertently stopped by Monster Kid.

Monster Kid then falls from a bridge and is saved by Undyne or the protagonist. Undyne speaks to the protagonist. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. The Bridge Seed glitch where the protagonist can walk on the water. Theory: Goner kid is a sister of Monster Kid? I'm assuming we've