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The team of researchers believes for a fact that the first part of our DNA code was not written on Earth and according to them it is verifiable. The implications of these scientific findings reinforce claims by other individuals and observers that claim to have had contact with aliens that look like humans.

Human-like aliens could have provided some of the genetic material necessary for human evolution. Quote from News. One theory is that our DNA was limited by the Anunnaki in order to keep us in submission, control, and conformity with our Anunnaki masters. Many authors claim that the Anunnaki—who could be the gods mentioned in numerous cultures that promised to return one day— have total control over us since they are the creators of man.

Simon Parkes—a ufo researcher—says we have 12 strands of DNA and each strand is related to a specific galactic race. Hypothetically, if we can find a way to ignite the latent codons in our DNA, we could practically do anything, such as healing every person on the planet instantly, as well as the healing our planet. More or less correct version of our Ancient Beginnings. Quite — exactly as The Scriptures have foretold even though the names of the role-players have changed. Other than the ones that have already surrendered to the Light forces, the Anunnaki are not returning… Luciferian daydreams.

How do YOU know? There is more convincing evidence that they did than some skybeard doing it. Magic Marlio strikes again. It is completely unsubstantiated. A good story but based upon nothing. In Arrival the ships never landed, this is from something else. And i saw Arrival and i agree its not the best movie from , but its not so bad neither. The concept was a good one but it was just plodding along. The final meeting was a little ambiguous too. Could have been so much better.

Then, after forty days, the rains and storms stopped, and the waters began to recede. The vessel came to rest on the mountain known to the Sumerians and Akkadians as Arrata. The first thing that the earthlings did when they emerged from the boat was build an alter and offer a sacrifice of a ewe-lamb in thanks and gratitude to EN. KI for having spared their lives. The Anunnaki, hovering above the earth in their sky chariots saw the smoke rising from the alter and traveled toward it in order to determine its origin.

LIL was furious when he realized that some of the earthlings had been spared from destruction. He raged at EN. KI for having told the earthlings about the coming flood, but EN. KI responded that he had not broken his oath to avoid speaking of the impending disaster with the earthlings; he had only told the wall of the grass hut, and Ziusudra must have overheard him.

LIL continued to rage, and only then did EN. KI reveal that Ziusudra was his own son. LIL finally relented and his fury subsided like the waters of the Deluge after smelling the meat cooking and being so hungry.. The descendants of KA. IN had survived also and EN. The Deluge marked the end of the period known to the Anunnaki as the Olden Times which, as noted above, had begun with the kingship of AN on Nibiru..

We know this place as Goebekli Tepe. Baalbek is used as a tempoary base for the Anunnaki. The valley drained by the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, which is today occupied primarily by the country of Iraq will be allotted to EN. LIL and his children. The peninsula that will be occupied millenia later primarily by the country of Saudi Arabia is given the name Tilmun i. To the west, in the valley of the Nile river, and stretching southward across the continent which will later acquire the name of Africa, EN. KI and his son, MAR. DUK and their descendants take control.

The new site will exist on the lands drained by the Nile river, and which, many centuries later, will be known as Egypt. The largest of the two structures is given the name of Ekur i. Inside the Ekur are chambers and galleries in which crystals from Nibiru are stored.

The crystals will be used to shine as a beacon to incoming spacecraft. One of the first animals to be domesticated circa 9, B. The global population is estimated to have reached 5 million people by this time.

Sumerian Texts: Do These Tablets Reveal Secrets About Alien Life? - Ancient Explorers

The coffin is sealed tightly and cast into the sea. She obtained some semen from the dead body of her husband, and impregnated herself with it. It encompasses ten acres of land within its massive stone walls. Man is continuing to domesticate a variety of animals and plants through this period. The form of wheat known as einkorn is sown outside its natural habitat in the region that is occupied by the present-day country of Syria.

The plant, normally found to grow naturally in the Taurus and Zagros mountains was found at Tell Abu Hureyra and Mureybat on the banks of the Euphrates river, providing evidence that the inhabitants of this region intentionally cultivated the plant. Whether they have traveled from Asia across the Bering Strait landbridge is conjectured by many scholars. Blind, and in bonds, he is taken by HORON before a council of the Anunnaki, who pronounce sentence on him that he should be allowed to live, albeit blind and heirless. NAR, and granddaughter of EN.

But their love is doomed, the events of which lead the descendants of EN. LIL into war with the descendants of EN. KI gave to DU. DUK, DU. DUK and told him all. DUK laid out a scheme to cheat DU. MUZI in order to be impregnated by him; in Anunnaki tradition, the child born between a brother and sister had greater legitimacy in terms of inheritance than one born between non-siblings. MUZI dreamt that he was punished and his kingdom taken from him. DUK would find out that they had lain together, he would assume that DU.

MUZI had raped his sister. In his flight, DU. MUZI came upon a river, and slipping on the rocks, he was drowned in the torrent. MUZI, was beside herself with grief. KIGAL, reigned. So to the Abzu she traveled in order to retrieve the body of her lover. GAL, and promptly chained her to a stake. KI should punish MAR. DUK for his role in the death of DU. KI replied that although MAR. DUK might have initiated the events which drove DU. MUZI to his eventual accidental death, he could not be held responsible for murder.

LIL sent a message to EN. KI demanding MAR. KI refused. Utilizing spacecraft armed with what must have been nuclear type weapons, the two families fought each other. Throughout the lands inhabited by the Annunnaki there was much destruction, and many innocent Anunnaki and earthlings were killed.

DUK through its corridors. Within the upper chamber of the Ekur, MAR. DUK lowered the sliding stone locks in order that his pursuers might not be able to follow him any further. But with him inside the chamber, EN. They slid into place sealing MAR. DUK inside the chamber. DUK, went to EN. KI and begged him to set her husband free. KI directed her to go NAN. SAG to mediate. It was her decision that although MAR. DUK should be punished, he did not deserve to die. And so it was decided that MAR. DUK would be released from his prison-grave, but that he would have to go to live in a land in which no earthling resided.

DUK from its bowels. When told of the terms of his release, MAR. DUK became enraged. In fact, he assured his children, there were elixirs which would cure the ravages on their bodies that the changes in planetary cycles had caused. ANU confided to his children that it had become apparent to him that it was the will of the Creator of All that the Earthlings, not the Anunnaki, were destined to inherit the Earth. The First Region was to encompass the lands where the Edin had existed before the Deluge i.

LIL and his sons were appointed to shepherd the Earthlings there. The First Region was also known by the name of Ki-Engi i. KI and his sons were to shepherd the Earthlings there.

The Third Region was to encompass the lands to the east of the First Region i. The Fourth Region was to encompass the lands on the peninsula known as the Place of the Chariots i. This Fourth Region would be reserved for the Anunnaki.

Sumerian Texts: Do These Tablets Reveal Secrets About Alien Life?

DUK had been banished. There they found the son of EN.

DUK, and so declared that he should be free of his banishment. The Enlilship i. The proliferation of pottery appearing widespread circa 7, B. Certain metals, such as copper and gold, begin to be discovered and refined in parts of present-day Europe and the Near East. Pigs are domesticated at this time in the region encompassed at the present time by Turkey.

Cattle are domesticated in the Aegean region by 6, B. Communities appear along the Danube River by 5, B. It encompasses some thirty-two acres. In another thousand years, a related species of the plant will be cultivated in the western hemisphere. At roughly the same time, the Nile Valley is colonized.

By 2, B. The working of precious gems, such as jade begins. During this period of time, the peoples living in that region are forced to migrate eastward to the valley drained by the Nile River, or southward to the region drained by the Congo River. At about this time, ANU comes to Earth once more.

The city of Unug-Ki i. The concept of the calendar was established, and appeared first at Nippur. The accounting of time in Earth years is begun. The Anunnaki began to teach the Earthlings the arts of science, mathematics and religion as ANU had decreed. The Earthlings bestowed the name of Lofty Lords on the Anunnaki, and the habitations of those Lofty Lords were given the name temples. The city of Kishi was the first to be established specifically for the Earthlings. The name Kishi meant Scepter City. It was there that NIN. KI, bestowed kingship on the Earthlings and appointed the first human king.

Jealous of NIN. KI, so that she might bestow kingship on the Earthlings of the Third Region, whom she had been given the duty of shepherding. She traveled to EN. When he discovered what had happened, EN. KI called on EN. He directed that when the term of kingship at Kishi should expire, the right of kingship should pass to Unug-Ki. KI and his sons were given the charge of shepherding the Earthlings. DUK would rule. He named the city Bab-Ili i. Babylon, the Gateway of the Gods. This occurred in the th year since the accounting in Earth years had begun i.

There are roughly twelve cities in the Mesopotamian Plain which comprise Sumer. Culture also flourishes in Sumer i. Shinar, Shumer. The widespread use of the plough here is evidence of an agrarian society. The development of the wheel here is evidence of the intelligence of and skill in use of mathematics of the Sumerians.

The cities are nourished by a system of canals and dams which exhibit a high degree of planning and mutual coordination from the various cities. The city of Sippar was re-established by UTU; from there he would dispense knowledge of justice to the Earthlings. The city of Adab was established for the use of NIN. SAG as a center for healing and the promulgation of medical knowledge. The temple in which NIN. The city of Urim was established by NAN. KI should rightly serve as the Lord over the Second Region. In order to make peace between the two, EN. He establishes a new accounting of time.

The use of pictographs to convey communication spreads from Mesopotamia eastward to the region known in the ancient world as Elam i. Before 2, B. From Elam, the use of pictographs will spread further eastward into the Indus River valley civilization, and later on to the Asian cultures developing in present-day China. The Egyptian hieroglyphs will be spread to the Peloponnesian island of Crete, where it will evolve, by 1, B.

The Egyptian hieroglyphs will also spread eastward into Palestine, where it will evolve as the Canaanite alphabet. Meanwhile, the Sumerian cuneiform writing will spread into Asia Minor i. Anatolia, or present-day Turkey , where it will evolve into the Hittite and Hurrian forms of cuneiform.

The Sumerian cuneiform will also be spread into Palestine and the Levantine region i. His reign marks the end of nearly years of chaos in the Nile valley. His reign is the first of thirty-one dynasties to rule Egypt for two and a half millennia. His father, EN.

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It was named Mena-Nefer i. Another part became known by the name of Aratta, the Wooded Realm. MUZI would someday come back from the dead to be with her eternally. She created the Gigunu, a House of Nighttime Pleasure, to which she would lure young men on the night of their weddings. There she would lay with them, and in the morning their lifeless bodies would be found. One young man did not die after a night at Gigunu. This son questioned his mother about the mortality of Earthlings and the immortality of the gods, the Nephilim, of whom he was descended.

UTU knew that EN. One thousand Earth years after the count of time began, the kingship is taken away from Unug-Ki. Prior to this time, the hero, Gilgamesh, embarks on his epic journey to gain long life. The cities of the First Region, of Sumer, flourish under their guidance, and civilization spreads to the surrounding regions. The kingship is not held in any one city; it rotates throughout the region.

Imhotep builds the first pyramid, a stepped structure, for his king, Zoser, at Saqqara. Sargon the Great. A capital city is established near Kishi, and is named Agade i. The Akkadian Empire, which is the first empire in world history, stretches from the Zagros Mountains in the east to the Mediterranean Sea in the west. In order to counter MAR. LIL and his children were determined to groom an Earthling king to safeguard their interests. They chose Sharru-Kin i. Thereafter, trading sectors appear in most of the cities throughout Mesopotamia. DUK had attempted to build a tower to reach the heavens.

DUK traveled, and with the help of his son, NABU, and other followers, he began the construction of a new Babili, or Gateway of the Gods, on the site of the tower that he had attempted a thousand Earth-years before. The devastation and loss of lives was said to have been the worst in the history of the Earthlings. DUK, to leave the First Region, of which he was not rightful heir, in order that the bloodshed would stop. DUK eventually relented and left the region of Mesopotamia.

Terah will eventually be the father of Abram i. Terah would die circa 2, B. LIL to provide the seed for a great nation of Earthlings. DUK would replace EN. Finding that EN. LIL, and enraged, he returned to the lands of the four regions. By that curse, Naram-Sin soon after met his death by the sting of a scorpion, and the empire of Akkad was thrust into turmoil. The kingship was moved from city to city, both those of the Earthlings and those of the Anunnaki.

Finally EN. Ur , and Ur-Nammu was appointed as king. The Earthlings view his untimely death as a betrayal by EN. LIL and the Anunnaki, who are increasingly absent from human affairs. Shulgi is known as one who is eager for battle; to that end he enlists warriors from the mountain-lands i. Elamites who are not under the domination of NAN. According to Hebrew tradition, upon the death of his father, Terah, Abram was again approached by God, who told him to cross the Euphrates River and travel southward into Canaan i.

Establishing an encampment at the valley of Moreh, God again approached Abram and gave him a promise that his seed i. The Hebrew tradition does not clearly explain why God had made the promise to Abram; what Abram was to do, or had already done, to become the recipient of such a gift is not stated in the Hebrew Bible. The Sumerian texts, on the other hand, state that EN. The tale relates how Anu, the ruler of Nibiru the captain of the Mothership? In his final decision, Anu puts Enki in charge of the gold-mining operations in Africa, and Enlil in charge of the refining operations and the spaceport in what is now the Middle East.

Enki, though he joined in swearing to keep the decision a secret from Mankind, was not happy with the decision and sought ways to frustrate it. Let heralds proclaim a command Loudly throughout the land: Do not reverence your gods, Do not pray to your goddesses. As the situation grows worse and the catastrophe day nears, Atra-Hasis persists in his intercession with his god Enki. In the end Enki decides to subvert the decision of the Council of the Anunnaki by summoning Atra-Hasis to the temple and speaking to him from behind a screen.

This event is commemorated on a Sumerian cylinder seal showing Enki giving him instructions for the building of a submersible boat that would withstand the avalanche of water. Enki advises Atra-Hasis to lose no time, for he has only seven days left before the catastrophe happens. To make sure that Atra-Hasis wastes no time, and Enki puts into motion a clock-like device:.

This little-noticed bit of information reveals that time was kept in the temples and that time-keeping goes back to the earliest, even pre-Deluvial, times. In the same story as told in the Epic of Gilgamesh , a Babylonian named Utnapishtim was approached by Prince Ea, who opposed the decision to destroy his creation, Homo Sapiens. Ea told Utnapishtim that the other Gods planned to cause a deluge to wipe out the human race. Ea, who is described in other writings as a master shipbuilder and sailor, gives Utnapishtim instructions on how to build a boat which would survive the flood. Utnapishtim then loads the boat with his gold, his family, and his livestock, along with craftsmen and wild animals, and hoists off to sea.

The feat of building an Ark in seven days is nothing when compared with some of the other accomplishments that these beings were capable of. The platform itself was awe-inspiring, built of immense stones laid out, some five million square feet in area, resting upon massive stone blocks that weigh hundreds of tons. Three stone blocks, weighing more than a thousand tons each, and known as the Trilithons , were quarried in a valley miles away where one of these colossal stones still sticks out of the ground today.

Not even in modern times is there equipment that can lift such a weight; yet in bygone days the Anunnaki moved them and placed them with great precision. Baalbek became a sacred site to the Romans, the Greeks, and to the Canaanites, and temple upon temple were built atop the original platform. In the Moscow Literary Gazette of February , Professor Agrest, Doctor of physical-mathematics, gave his opinion that it is not inconceivable that it may be the remains of a landing-ground constructed by astronauts arriving from the Cosmos.

The Bible says that the total time of the Patriarchs from Adam to Noah and the flood was 1, years. Sitchin figures, however, that Noah was born some 49, years ago using year SARs, which would place the creation of Adam and Eve considerably before that time. This is not correct. The Flood. In the Atra-Hasis , the Mesopotamian version of Noah, the deluge was preceded by a long period of worsening climate. Increasing cold, reduced precipitation, and failing crops.

It was a cataclysmic flood whose waters, rushing at the rate of million cubic feet per second broke through in a foot-high wave. Coming from the south As Sitchin correctly surmises, this is the time, directly after the Flood when Antarctica was clear of its ice-pack for the first time in eons, a time when the maps of showing the details of an ice-free Antarctica were made which later became available during the 14th and 15th centuries in Europe around the time of Columbus.

Rivalries continued between the two half-brothers, Enki and Enlil. Enlil voting to let the humans be destroyed, Enki going out of his way to save them—at least some of them, by informing Noah of the coming disaster. The fact that they were willing to let there creation die, if not will it to die, again is reminiscent of the desire of Dr.

Frankenstein to destroy his own creation. Also, realize how few Anunnaki there were on the planet at that time compared with how many worker-slaves were being born. This is a problem many countries have faced throughout history and currently face today—the influx of too many migrants who reproduce faster than the original race.

Rather than see themselves so heavily outnumbered and the proliferating slaves cause trouble such as Rome had with Spartacus, Enlil would have wiped the face clean of human beings. In both instances, it was not only the jealousy or whatever it was that Enlil felt toward Mankind and the Anunnaki males and even females, there was also the fact that he knew what was causing the more rapid descension of the planet into the 3 rd dimension. These were the same kind of aberrations going on in Atlantis at this time that helped bring about its decline as well—a lower astral or 4 th dimension that the world was passing through and has been again recently on its way back up the ladder.

And thus came the Fall of Man again, symbolic of the fall of the entire planet into the 3 rd dimension:. My heart chakra has not been fully empowered since the fall of Atlantis, nor has yours. When Atlantis fell, all beings who lived here began to experience the planet from a limited, third-dimensional point of view. It was not an overnight process, as has been said before, but when the final time came, the Flood wiped the face of the Earth clean except for Noah and the Ark, and those who survived on the mountaintops of various places scattered around the planet.

The Flood, however, was not just a lot of water. Just as scientists studying Pterodactyls say they could not have flown unless the atmospheric pressure was twice what it is today, so the atmospheric pressure changes also as the dimensions lower. It was almost a knockout blow to the human race on Earth.

The original purpose of coming to earth, the sense of mission, the dedication to the task—were dissipated and gone. The good life seemed to be the main concern of the Anunnaki—and with a race of hybrids to boot! This blame would be written into the Bible as Eve being tempted by the serpent and then in turn tempting Adam to partake of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in mating with Anunnaki females, thus causing the Fall.

Herein sex with the gods truly was the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Only the Fall was the fall in consciousness of humans, and woman had no more to do with it than did the gods themselves, or likewise Adam for that matter. As Sitchin translates the story of the Flood from the Sumerian texts, the Flood was created by the arrival of Nibiru near planet Earth on its orbit around the sun.

So Where are They Now?

This is not true. The disaster was purely a natural force, although the events taking place on Earth only served to speed up the process of lowering the planet into the 3 rd dimension. The Anunnaki had felt the effects coming long before the flood, especially on their own bodies, which had speeded up the aging process. But after the flood they were dealing with a whole new dimension, literally. After the Fall. After the flood, there were not that many people left inhabiting the Earth, not that many survived.

Everything went back to a state of primitiveness as had not been seen on the planet for many thousands and thousands of years. It was like wiping the slate clean in order to begin again, and this is the way it was symbolically translated. The consciousness of much of civilization was lost as man struggled to stay alive in the primitive circumstances in which he found himself existing. As Churchward suggests, civilization led to savagery, not the other way around. It took much time to get things going again. The Anunnaki and other star nations helped with the reimprinting of the human race who survived, otherwise it would have taken many hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of years to rebuild the peoples of the Earth to where the race had been prior to the Flood.

Still, there was not a desire among the spiritual hierarchy to rebuild Mankind to the level of the Atlantean stage again, for it had grown to a place where Atlantis was about to destroy the planet and perhaps a large part of the solar system with its experiments in nuclear and crystal energies. The Anunnaki had mated with the animals prior to this time, and there were able to be mixed breeds of creature upon the planet to whom soul would not stick—these were the soulless ones often written about in channeled materials.

There was a necessity for these to be destroyed so that the whole of creation would not be fouled by their presence on the planet. No there was not another flood of 6, years ago as some suggest— it was in the time around 9, BC as Edgar Cayce and others rightly confirm. All records of that time prior to the flood have been erased as it were, although many will again come to light as the Sphinx and the Pyramids are able to share their secrets. Their true abode was in the heavens, Man always knew:.

But those of the Anunnaki who had come and stayed on Earth, Man also knew, could be worshipped in the temples. It was at this time, around the rise of civilization in Sumeria that the Sumerian King Lists describe kingship as being lowered from the heaven:. With the gods now living on a different dimensional level, things indeed needed to be lowered from heaven, from the 4 th dimension where the gods resided, to the 3 rd dimension on which lived the humans.

This is precisely because the alignments which allow the Anunnaki to travel to and from their true home planet happened every 3, years. Even after the Fall, the Anunnaki still needed the use of wormholes to travel the great distances across space from the constellation of Taurus to planet Earth. These cultures left to posterity a rich artistic heritage of paintings on cave walls; the most famous of these cave paintings are at Lascaux in the Dordogne region of southwestern France, which include those of UFOs.

Immediately after the Flood when Man was thrown back on simple ways just to be able to survive. After the Floods, as the temples were rebuilt,. In addition to the Spaceport and the guidance facilities, there was also a need after the Deluge for a new Mission Control Center to replace the one that had existed before in Nippur. The gods were still 4 th dimensional while the Earth plane was now 3 rd dimensional. Just as we now cannot see the 4 th dimensional beings known as ghosts or astral entities unless we are psychically gifted, so too could ordinary man now not see the gods their ancestors had once been able to see.

Instead, other forms of communication became necessary. Man and his gods met in the temples , but in a different way, and the knowledge and rituals and beliefs that resulted are now called Religion. Instead of existing in present bliss, Man waited for a return, and the possibility of that return became less and less real to each succeeding generation. It did set up an archetype of waiting for the gods, or God , to return which we still carry with us today. Enoch , born of a priestess who received a god, continued the lineage of the elect, of the demi-gods, the blue-bloods of the Earth - half Nibiruan, half Earthling.

Enoch is said to have lived a thousand years, a very Draconian age. Their construction was not supervised in person by the gods, but instead plans and models manifested out of thin air. At first he saw it in a dream, for dreams and visions are one way the 4 th dimension still interacts with the 3 rd dimension. An angel also appeared holding a tablet of lapis lazuli and drew a plan for the temple on it. Even the kind of bricks to be used were ordained:.

As we should by now be able to see, temple technology is a very precise artform, just as is the Creation of a Universe—every piece playing a specific part within the whole, just as every individual Soul plays a specific part in the grander plan of the FATHER. Virgins were chosen while young, and from the beginning their diet was watched, they were isolated from other polluting influences, they were guarded by eunuchs so there would be no temptation, and their degree of spirituality was carefully watched so their vibration could be kept high for their passage into this mixed dimensional world.

These traditions were kept, even after the gods had left, and in places such as South America, these virgins were brutally murdered after being forced to have sex with the priests, a stand-in for the gods in this horrible instance. The Kumari peoples of Nepal still keep young girls from the age of four until puberty in the temples where they are worshipped and treated as goddesses. When Kingship was transferred from Kish to Uruk at the beginning of the third millennium BC, Uruk consisted only of a sacred precinct, the Kullab.

This sacred precinct probably takes its name from exactly this planet which shall play a much larger role in our story towards its end. To get them, she seduced Enki.