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The next step is to upgrade the Mech and exploit its ability to open locked doors on this floor.

Tower Level 5 Quests

The default code for the old typing device is , which can be read on the note on the left of the Heavy Steel Door. Four pieces are machinery are required to fix the generator.

Note that only 3 of them are laying around spread across the level, while one must be retrieved from the dispenser through a code input. The easiest way to solve this puzzle should be by activating the switches in the sequence as shown in the labelled screenshot on the right. Platform 1 has just a single switch, it must be activated in the beggining to pass to the next platform, and a second time when the other puzzle steps have been completed, unlocking the passage to the Secret Platform 8.

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Platform 6 also has a code to unlock an optional secret platform on the east side. Sign In Don't have an account? Condition Brand New.

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Description The story of a man in his 70 s who searched for a Nazi who was in hiding since the end of World War 2. This man in his 70 s was touched by the memories of men, women and children murdered in Nazi concentration camps whose only crime was that they were Jewish. A fictional thought-provoking account of love, vengeance and justice.

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