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A spectral old-fashioned s police vehicle looking like something out of Z Cars has been seen in the Queensway Tunnel at all hours in the morning, and there have also been intriguing reports of a golden futuristic vehicle overtaking cars at a phenomenal speed and vanishing into a section of the tunnel wall.

In recent years, an increasing number of Beatles fans from across the world have reported seeing the ghost of John Lennon peering from the bedroom window of his former childhood home on Menlove Avenue. Mendips, a semi-detached property dating back to the s, was the home to the Beatle from the age of five until world fame beckoned him at the age of 22 in A fan who camped out in the wee small hours even claimed to have captured a ghostly figure at a bedroom window of the property with a night-vision camera.

Formerly the Neptune Theatre, the building currently housing the Epstein Theatre named in honour of Beatles manager Brian Epstein has a long and chilling history of hauntings dating back over the century it has stood on Hanover Street.

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There were a number of suicides at the hall, and in the s the ghost of a man with a broken neck was seen in the dressing rooms of the theatre. His appearance is said to herald misfortune or death and one actress who saw the reflection of a pale-faced man with his head lying sideways on his shoulder in her dressing room mirror later died during a simple operation. James Street Station opened in and like many railway stations it has been the scene of suicides and fatal accidents over the years, but to date no one has determined the identity or history of the ghostly soldier who rides a train from Birkenhead Central to James Street, where it sometimes disembarks on the disused side of a platform.

Penny Lane lollipop man James Davidson told me back in the s how he had seen the ghost on the train one day and had been intrigued by its flatness, as if it was just a cut-out. The ghost has a pencil-thin moustache, stands very straight with a swagger stick under its arm and never speaks.

A medium claimed the ghost was of a soldier who committed suicide on the line after returning from the horrors of WWI, but no one knows the real story behind this repetitive apparition. Set in 2, acres of land which contains the famous safari park , Knowsley Hall, once the grand ancestral home of the Earls of Derby, has about a dozen apparitions of both people and, strangely, motor cars that belonged to one of the former occupants of the hall. The grounds of Knowsley Hall and several roads near the estate are haunted by two ghostly vintage cars with unusually bright headlamps, but no drivers to be seen.

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These paranormal vehicles have caused motorists to swerve from them and, on one occasion, a ghostly car went straight through the limousine of a visitor to the hall. Ghostly butlers and staff dressed in Victorian attire have been seen in the hall, but the most intriguing ghost is a wailing woman in white with dark eye sockets who roams the grounds of the hall around 4am.

In a paranormal group from Wales apparently captured a blurred picture of this ghost which had appeared to them as an orb. Two members of the group later died a week later and so the ghost has probably unfairly been deemed as a banshee. Les was a former caretaker at the theatre and it's a matter of record that he died after a fall while working on the building's roof in the s, but the staff of the building still feel his presence.

The theatre is also said to be haunted by a crying usher dressed in s style clothing, she has been seen by several visitors. Others have reported seeing an apparition of a lady in red and the ghost of a man wearing a Cavalier costume, and two cleaners reported seeing an apparition that they described as looking like the Grim Reaper. You are in the spotlight right now, and everyone is interested in what you have to say.

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