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Now you will be the first to receive updates on the hottest new arrivals, top designers and all the extraordinary goings on at Selfridges. However, both of the chosen directors were busy, working on My Neighbor Totoro and Grave of the Fireflies respectively. The character design position was given to Katsuya Kondo , who was working with Miyazaki on Totoro.

Hiroshi Ohno , who would later work on projects such as Jin-Roh , was hired as art director at the request of Kazuo Oga. Miyazaki chose Sunao Katabuchi as director. Studio Ghibli hired Nobuyuki Isshiki as script writer, but Miyazaki was dissatisfied by the first draft, finding it dry and too divergent from his own vision of the film. Their main stops were Stockholm and Visby at the Swedish island Gotland. Upon their return to Japan, Miyazaki and the creative team worked on conceptual art and character designs.

Miyazaki began significantly modifying the story, creating new ideas and changing existing ones. Kadono's novel is more episodic, consisting of small stories about various people and incidents Kiki encounters while making deliveries. Kiki overcomes many challenges in the novel based on "her good heart" and consequently expands her circle of friends. She faces no particular traumas or crises. However, in order to more clearly illustrate the themes of struggling with independence and growing up in the film, Miyazaki intended to have Kiki face tougher challenges and create a more potent sense of loneliness.

This event is only loosely paralleled in the novel, in which Kiki's broom breaks and merely requires her to fix it. After her visit to the studio, Kadono decided to let the project continue. Miyazaki finished the rough draft of the screenplay in June and presented it in July It was at this time that Miyazaki revealed that he had decided to direct the film, because he had influenced the project so much.

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The company not only approved the use of its trademark, though its permission was not required under Japanese trademark laws, [32] but also enthusiastically sponsored the film, as the company uses a stylized depiction of a black cat carrying her kitten as its corporate logo. This dub is only available in the Ghibli Laserdisc Box Set.

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Kirsten Dunst voiced Kiki in Disney 's English dub, released in This dub was also Canadian-American comedian and actor Phil Hartman 's last voice-acting performance as Jiji before his death in It was released to VHS on September 15, A few weeks later, Disney released another VHS of the movie, this time with the original Japanese soundtrack and with both English and Japanese subtitles. A Laserdisc version of the English dub also became available at this time. Disney 's English dub of Kiki's Delivery Service contained some changes, which have been described as "pragmatic".

The extra pieces of music, composed by Paul Chihara , range from soft piano music to a string-plucked rendition of Edvard Grieg 's In the Hall of the Mountain King. The original opening and ending theme songs were replaced by two new songs, "Soaring" and "I'm Gonna Fly", written and performed for the English dub by Sydney Forest.

The depiction of the cat, Jiji, is changed significantly in the Disney version. In Japanese culture, cats are usually depicted with feminine voices, whereas in American culture their voices are more gender-specific. Jiji's personality is notably different between the two versions, showing a more cynical and sarcastic attitude in the Disney English version as opposed to cautious and conscientious in the original Japanese.

In the original Japanese script, Kiki loses her ability to communicate with Jiji permanently, but the American version adds a line that implies that she is once again able to understand him at the end of the film. However, when Disney re-released the film on DVD in , several elements of the English dub were changed, reverting more towards the original Japanese version.

Several of Hartman's ad-libbed lines as Jiji were removed, and Sydney Forest's opening and ending songs were replaced with the original Japanese opening and ending songs. The English subtitled script used for the original VHS subbed release and the later DVD release more closely adheres to the Japanese script, but still contains a few alterations.

Tokuma mistakenly believed the Streamline dub was an accurate translation of the film and offered it to Disney to use as subtitles. As a result, several additions from the dub appear in the subtitles regardless of whether or not they are present in the film. The film was re-titled Nicky la aprendiz de bruja Nicky the Apprentice Witch. A manga book series using stills from the film was published in Japan by Tokuma Shoten. In , a musical version of the story was produced. Yukio Ninagawa wrote the script and Kensuke Yokouchi directed the show. Akasaka was replaced by Katsuyuki Mori within the year.

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A cast recording was produced by the original cast, and the show was revived in and Kiki's Delivery Service premiered on July 29, in Japanese theaters. The film proved to be a financial success and was the highest-grossing film in Japan in On September 4, , Entertainment Weekly rated it as Video of the Year, and on September 12, , it was the first video release to be reviewed as a normal film on Siskel and Ebert rather than on the "Video Pick of the Week" section. Andrew Johnston critic wrote in Time Out New York : "Although the story has a clear moral about learning to develop self-confidence, Kiki is never preachy.

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The story is given time to unfold at a natural pace From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the anime film. For other uses, see Kiki's Delivery Service disambiguation. Japanese theatrical release poster. Studio Ghibli. Anime News Network. February 10, Retrieved July 28, Retrieved on