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Concerning human and productive professional links, the book is a simple and direct essay about the functioning on real estate businesses. Infected with positive vibes, but without being naif, the author talks about the subtle issues one faces when dealing with real estate businesses on a daily basis, showing tips, beliefs and true motivation in a very clear way.

What is the internal and external environment analysis? How to make an environment analysis concerning results? How does the decision making process work involving a person acquisition? Dual distribution - why do big companies use this marketing tool and how to use this process within real estate marketing.

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What is a market leader, a market challenger and a market follower? Which are their strategies and how could they be implanted in the real estate marketing? What is the role of the enlister during the process of the real estate agency strategic planning implantation? Target audience: managers, directors, mediators and enlisters. Marketing Direto. More than 20 prizes in the advertising area. HomeLife promotes convention for Real Estate sector. HomeLife fosters on May 26 a seminar with Rosalvo Barreto, considered one of the greatest experts in the real estate market of the whole American continent.

As the value involved in the deal is normally high, the client expects to have a support? HomeLife gathers real estate consultants during convention. Real estate enlistment and sale were the subjects covered during HomeLife convention in Portugal this year, headed by Rosalvo Barreto, real estate marketing expert. About 40 professionals, including franchise clients, consultants and mediators in the real estate sector, attended to the annual convention held on May 26 in Portugal.

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The enlistment and sale process of the mediation service, as well as the evaluation tools that the real estate market has available, were some of the issues deeply analyzed during this convention, and that brought to Portugal Rosalvo Barreto, one of the greatest expert of the American continent in real estate marketing. The action always occurs annually, late in the first quarter of the year, and has the main purpose to promote the real estate network service quality.

This lecture was created with the purpose to bring a series of answers to real estate entrepreneurs and managers. Several newspapers, real estate magazines, human resources companies, event firms, unions, universities have already held events, seminars and lectures with Rosalvo Barreto having great results. In order to take Rosalvo Barreto to your town click on the link below, fill out the form and our team will keep in touch with you or your company. Top Comercial. Rosalvo Barreto is today the most awarded consultant in real estate marketing in Brasil. As a strategist and writer he develops courses and trainings about dealing, management, enlistment, sales, rentals, personal marketing and real estate consortium, as well as consulting for companies, managers, investors, agency owners, entrepreneurs and businessmen in the national market.

As an active lecturer he has already taken part of important events all over Brazil. Elements like productivity and selling skills are directly connected to relations established between internal and external clients in a company. PURPOSES Qualify professionals involved with internal clients so they can perceive the team integration relevance and use in a productive way such potential transforming it into a fundamental key to conquer new clients and abide the existing ones. But what is this image?

How can my enlisters use the positive sides of their pre-existing image to conquer the clients? What are the main restrictions in the public imaginary related to real estate business and how is it possible to transform them into persuasion to reinforce my enlistment? This market is no doubt one of the tightest and most competitive of the real estate sector and the understanding of the difficulties that afflict the client at the moment of selling his property, either expressed more clearly or subtly, is fundamental to enlist with success.

Similarly, the capacity to add values to the services rendered by your agency from your market rank and the advantages related to the market is an important step towards the conquer of the enlisted real estate. PURPOSES - Give to real estate professionals important and updated notions about the role of marketing on human relations; - Marketing actions we adopt unconsciously; - How to recognize and use those on our behalf effectively, showing a positive, professional and captivating image.

Which are the reasons?

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How to fit in the future professional profile? Which are the main reason we lose a client? Which are the main mistakes of unprepared brokers? How to make the sales a daily routine for your brokers?

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The importance of this course about sales training on real estate consortium starts by the recognition that it is no longer possible nowadays only to explain the function of a real estate consortium for the client, but also to give him the reason he should choose a certain administrator. The real estate consortium administrator in the 21st Century has to put away the concept of bargain negotiation. The bargain, process through which one of the parts in the dealing gives away so the other one can win to down low prices or taxes, for instance is just one of the many possible aspects of the dealing in a real estate consortium.

PURPOSES Give to the real estate consortium salesmen the necessary skills to escape from bargain situations, conducting their efforts towards the dealing closing. Such purpose will be accomplished through three different stages plus a final review, as you can see as follows: 1. Dealing theory with examples from the real estate area 2.

Dealing planning set supervised by instructor 3. Dealing practice game during which the participants may apply what they learnt in the theory 4. Review the course content so the participants may learn better, at the same time they match the theoretical part with the practice game results. What is the difference between bargain and deal? Dealing stage - What is the reason that all negotiation starts with a conflict and how to make it become a cooperation and how to recognize the indications that show in which stage you are during the sale process. The conflict - Which are the levels of conflict?

What are the functions of the conflict? Which are the strategies to manage a conflict and how to drive it to good terms? Dealing ways - What is the gain-lose kind of dealing? Which as the necessary strategies and tactics for this kind of dealing during the process of real estate consortium sale. How to transform a commercial situation into a gain-lose dealing recognizing its processes and stages. Open and closed questions - Knowing how to ask is fundamental during dealing. What is open question? And what are they for?

What are they for and how to go for closing from them. Dealing planning - The participants will learn to create in a fast and practical manner a real estate dealing planning. Therefore, it is increasingly important that rental office attendants have instruments and gear to act efficiently with the client. PURPOSES Qualify professionals not only to transmit data and answer to questions related to specific real estate rental, but also act in a positive way for the business closing in an efficient and active manner.

Updating, evolution, improvement and strategic changes are necessary for the broker and not optional. The proper register alone is no success insurance, including good results perspectives for no professional. The certificate is no longer a guaranty but just a license instead, just a starting point in order to learn more.

Although the change, professional growth and dedication to the client might be the distinguishing factors that will qualify him and produce results. It is not enough to be updated only. Evolution is fundamental. Trying to observe what the market is offering and the new possibilities of action will help to meet the needs and requirements of the client.

The hiring of a Real Estate Consultant gives the client the investment safety he wishes. Once it is the consultant who knows all the subtleness the market presents, the ups and downs, the certitudes and risks. The quality of products and services rendered is the fundamental basis towards the abiding path. That requires the constant commitment with the client, knowing his needs and desires, knowing the differential of what you offer and how this might add value to the client.

Not only specialized companies, but also real estate agencies have been acting in this field, betting in this form of financing and acquisition together with the public. PURPOSES The course has as target-audience, besides consortium specialized companies which might want to improve the acting quality of their real estate consortium salesmen, also the agencies that intend to make operational partnerships in this segment with the purpose to offer this kind of sale.

Similarly, those companies that already have agreements with consortium administrators and want tools to make sales in a faster and more aggressive manner. Solving the conflicts and doubts, in a fast and satisfactory way, is this course motto. PURPOSES Qualify the professional to deal in an efficient way with the landlord, clearing out doubts on, for instance, the average time to rent a property according to the area index, average values of the market and balance the economical needs of the lessor with the availability and acceptance of the lessee in situations such as: price rising desire, empty estate fear, delay to rent, etc.

The price downfall. What is the scenario and what is being expected from this professional in the 21st Century?

PURPOSES The real estate professional needs nowadays to have sensitivity to identify this constant changing market characteristics and create the best solutions and opportunities for his internal and external clients, like, for example, his sales team. To reach the capacity to define properly the company focus, placing it correctly facing a competitive market and, consequently increasing the sales, which is the fundamental goal of this course.

Foi muito proveitosa. Tudo bem? Eu sempre acreditei que realizando os sonhos dos clientes acabaria realizando os meus, e foi muito interessante ouvir isso na sua palestra. O meu muito obrigada. Qual o papel da tecnologia no prolongamento da vida do ser humano. Quais os pontos positivos deste investimento e os riscos? O tempo a nosso favor. Os 4 tempos e os seus investimentos. Compre Agora. Quais os motivos? Como se enquadrar no perfil do profissional do futuro? Como tornar a venda um acontecimento constante no dia-a-dia de seus corretores? E para que servem estes tipos de perguntas?

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