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The material from the site spans from the end of the Middle Paleolithic through to the Evolved Aurignacian around 32, years ago.

Eugene Morin - Archaeology - Trent University

The possibility of contamination was also raised by Ofer Bar-Yosef and Jean-Guillaume Bordes , and more recently, by Brad Gravina and his collaborators In general, the Middle Paleolithic levels show a prevalence of bison Bison priscus and horse Equus caballus , whereas reindeer Rangifer tarandus is the common species in the Upper Paleolithic levels. One of the important results from the new excavations concerns the stone tool assemblages. In fact, Middle Paleolithic stone tools are more abundant than Upper Paleolithic tools in EJOP, a finding that raises issues concerning the process of object accumulation in this layer Gravina et al.

Another important result relates to the fauna.

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The current zone of excavation for the Upper Paleolithic comprises many large reindeer antler fragments, and surprisingly, many large ribs fragments from wooly rhinoceros Coelodonta antiquitatis , some of which show cut marks made by a stone tool. The goal of the next field seasons will be to shed further light on the origin and function of this unusual faunal accumulation, a type of assemblage rarely encountered in Southwestern France.

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Life in the Stone Age: An overview of the Upper Palaeolithic

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Description The contribution of Neandertals to the biological and cultural emergence of early modern humans remains highly debated in anthropology. Particularly controversial is the long-held view that Neandertals in Western Europe were replaced 30, to 40, years ago by early modern humans expanding out of Africa. This book contributes to this debate by exploring the diets and foraging patterns of both Neandertals and early modern humans. Eugene Morin examines the faunal remains from Saint-Cesaire in France, which contains an exceptionally long and detailed chronological sequence, as well as genetic, anatomical and other archaeological evidence to shed new light on the problem of modern human origins.

Table of contents 1.

The research problem; 2. Human origins and the problem of Neandertals; 3. Foraging theory and the archaeological record; 4. Saint Cesaire; 5.

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The fauna; 6. Taphonomy; 7.

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Seasonality; 8.