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    Heater Case. Abbey Kypner. Sometimes, this is something people realise after playing for a couple of years, and they have to jump back to basics to work on this. It's best to work on this from the very beginning, that way it's ingrained in your playing for life! We suggest buying a metronome! This is a device that clicks at an even pace, so each click can represent a beat in the bar. Let the metronome do the counting for you, and aim to play exactly on each click of the metronome.

    Every musician has to learn to do this, and it's so worth the hard work! Having an excellent grasp on the fundamentals is what separates a good player from a great one. Something you can't explore fully within your bass guitar lessons is playing with a whole band of other people - this is definitely recommended though! And when taking bass guitar lessons in Birmingham, there's really no excuse as there's so much to get involved in! In a pop and rock context, the bass takes on a unique role that almost has more in common with the drums than the guitar or vocals.

    Together, the bass and drums make the 'rhythm section', and they lead the band together. For example, you may play the same rhythm as the bass drum, or you might elaborate that with some of the rhythms from the snare or toms. Although a simple concept to understand, it is difficult to master playing perfectly in time with other insturments. But like everything - we get better with practise! Often the Bass takes the role of sitting behind the guitars and vocals, acting in a role that is halfway between being melodic and percussive.

    However, there some iconic examples of the Bass being used to supply the riffs and key hooks of a tune. Here are a few examples you could start to look at:. Here are three tips for maintaining and optimizing your bass. The Neck: The neck of the bass should curve ever so slightly away from you when holding it in the playing position. It may look straight even though it is correctly set up. This can be adjusted with the truss rod which is a long metal rod positioned inside the neck which can be tightened or loosened in order to relieve tension on the neck.

    If the neck is too straight, the strings will buzz on the frets and the truss rod should, therefore, be tightened. Seek help from a professional if you do not have any experience in adjusting the neck on your bass. If you tighten or loosen the truss rod too much, it can break the neck.

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    Action: The distance between the fretboard and the strings and therefore the amount of pressure required to make a clean sound is described as the guitar's 'action'. Some players prefer a high action because of the sound it gives the instrument. For beginners, a lower action is recommended. Action can be altered by adjusting screws that determine the height of the strings on the bridge. When the strings are low but do not buzz against the fret, the set-up is correct. Being one of the biggest cities in the country, it is no surprise that Birmingham has had and still has a thriving music scene.

    Birmingham also boasts many different music venues, some of which are small and some of which hold several thousand people. If you're dreaming of performing here, MusicTutors. We are here to help you further your playing and no matter your level we have the teacher for you. At MusicTutors, we are always there to help connect students with their perfect tutor.

    If you have any questions about bass guitar lessons in Birmingham, call us on or get in touch by e-mail info musictutors.


    We look forward to hearing from you! We are always looking for talented music tutors all over the UK. Think you're the right person for the job? This website uses cookies to remember your settings and for statistical measurements of visitors. If you navigate further into this website, you accept that we use cookies for these purposes. Read more here. Toggle navigation. Use the search bar below to find high-quality tutors near you!

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    Bass Guitar Lessons in Birmingham. Bass Guitar Lessons in Birmingham Do you want to learn bass guitar? Flexible Solutions at MusicTutors. Looking for Lessons in Another Instrument? Check out some of our other Birmingham music teachers: See our Birmingham guitar tutors here!

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    See our Birmingham singing tutors here! See our Birmingham drum tutors here! See our Birmingham piano tutors here! Our Customers Love MusicTutors "This is just an amazing company and run by some pretty awesome people. Simply choose your favourite teacher and send them a direct message by pressing the blue button on the right hand side of their profile!

    Then you and your tutor can chat to arrange the date, time and location for your first lesson. How Do I Pay? Once you have agreed on the details of your first lesson, your tutor will create a booking on the site.