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It's been a great start to summer boating, and we have even more wonderful trips planned! Check us out for the White Salmon trip in late July!

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The past two trips have been major successes, but this one is out fullest trip yet! We're breaking records!

Swimming room only! All thanks to our fearless trip leader steahrcase and his incessant promoting! We're so ready for a wet and wild weekend! Great float on the fork with my brother produced over 20 fish including this two foot beast of a brown on a dry. This memory fish from this week last year makes me long for the run off to start tapering. Rivers are still pumping snowmelt full of debris. Needle Juice The morning of the camp.

Set fire and boil water. I like the morning fire. Lord of Plagues and Lord of Contagion gamesworkshop vallejopaints citadelpaints scale75 badger sotar armypainter tabletopgames miniaturepainting paintingminis deathguard warhammer warhammer40k warhammerpainting killteam chaosspacemarines. Suns out, Funs out Cataraft out of storage tonight and cleaned up Have your rafted the kickinghorse river with us? The rapids were fast, shallow with many obstacles to try and miss, I missed some and hit others.

This was only the second river I had run on my boat alone, the Rogue was the first a little over a week ago. I am loving rowing my own boat and hitting the waves and learning how to too control my boat.

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When I was unsure of what to do next I took time to breathe even if it was for 3 seconds, it helped center me, it helped me realize I wasn't in immediate danger, but that I needed to act swiftly yet carefully all in a matter of seconds, I reminded myself quickly the tools I have learned and that have been place in my memory tool box and how to apply them. So without panicking, I pulled back on my oars giving me a second and then like clock work did what my mind knew what to do, I was proud of me for not panicking and doing what needed to be done to get down the Chilliwack with joy in my heart, mind and soul.

Thanks to solarturbines crew for coming out and doing cold water immersion and team building trip with NOVA! Book a trip for your company nova. Some serious fly rethinking. The Beaver River always delivers. Another fantastic run with a great crew of locals. Humble beginnings. Fishing with my best buddies Great day at work! Life is like whitewater rafting: without rocks, there won't be rapids, and that wouldn't be much fun.

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As cheesy as that expression is, I am always happy for the challenge to grow and the unexpected opportunities that turn up. Here's to another successful weekend rafting! We have a few raft ladders ready and can get them to UPS today! Whaddya say? Airbrushes can't do tiny details? Veins on the lich. Unfortunately the rest of the veins are just a video of my thumbnail. Suns out ladders out! Our boat buddy! The work week passes so slowly when you're in the middle of Wenatchee season! Hope to see you on the Wenatchee! I am a proud 50 year old women. During this amazing five days I learned to pivot, steer my boat in the direction I wanted it to go I learned how to pull it away from danger or just to slow it down.

I learned how to control my boat going into and out of rapids.

I am so excited for the rest of the season. Every morning I started with Yoga with Adrian youtube and ended it with yoga with Adrian I am grateful for her teaching style it made it easy for me to follow especially how she focuses on breathing and being consciences of body position. When everyone else was complaining of soreness I was not.

We rowed about 50 plus miles in 5 days, plus loaded and unloaded our boats daily, taking tents up and down as well. I started reading Pema Chodron "How to Meditate" which was also very grounding.

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A few days before I went on this trip I decided I no longer wanted to consume alcohol, and that I want to live a sober life from now on. I am not an alcoholic nor drug addict, I have just chosen to eliminate alcohol and marijuana from my intake as a personal decision. I feel this is a good health choice for me personal. My daughter is one of my biggest inspiration on going for things outside the box. Awesome action shot of our trainee ben. He took on Snowblind like a champ! Our guides in training are looking awesome this year and they're so enthusiastic about the sport.

For me his works has a trippy vibe rolled in an urban aesthetic. Good Times on the Gulf - This time of year we find our way to the water as often as we can. Follow the link in our bio for Bandos to keep you cool or other gear to keep you looking your best. Free shipping on all orders. Did you get your citygirls merch yet? Don't just like this post people; comment. This is me doing product research. Back in Stock! If you are one of the proud few who have conquered this Austin juggernaut, welcome to the club.

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